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  1. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi, Interesting read which compliments Steve’s explanations: One question:- Should we be referring to each logical core within a hyperthreading-enabled CPU physical core as a logical core or logical processor? Does it matter so long as we include the word ‘logical’? Mike
  2. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi Pete, Could it be that the developers intended this behaviour? In Process Lasso I noted (and mentioned previously in this thread) that UTLive had adopted/been assigned the same Affinity as I had specified for Prepar3D.exe in Prepar3D.cfg. So far, I haven’t identified any downsides. If this is true then tuning the sim to ensure the main thread activity/load is maintained below 100% should help mitigate against UTLive triggering any performance issues. Regards, Mike
  3. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi Steve, Please ignore that post as my question is in fact without foundation. Just checked and I see no such reference to UTLive in the DLL/dll.xml and Exe/exe.xml files. That's what comes of relying on memory when away from your PC and trying to recall details that are a tad hazy ☹️ The line <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> does appear for the iFly Menu Addon, but I assume you would not wish to change this nor try to assign an AffinityMask. I checked the UTLive add-on.xml and there are paths described for two components: the utl_client.exe and utLive Aircraft. You can't have one without the other so, again, I'm assuming you shouldn't try to start UTLive along with an assigned AffinityMask using a bat file. Is this correct? Regards, Mike
  4. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi Ken, Enjoyed your video! Very nice, and nary a stutter in sight! Little doubt that your overclocked (5.2Ghz) Prepar3D single-threaded performance on Core 0 of your i5-8600K outperforms my i7-5960X at 4.6Ghz. Regards, Mike
  5. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi David, See above regarding assigning LP 3 on Core 1. My preference is to avoid the first 2 Cores thereby allowing the main Prepar3D thread to run on LP 0 of Core 0 and the second Prepar3D task to run on LP 2 of Core 1. However, there is no reason why you should not test a different configuration to find what works best for you. All we are discussing here are the how’s and why’s. You need to experiment to find the optimum assignments that provide the best performance on your hardware/software setup. “Each of the Add-on executables can be assigned LPs 5 and 7” This is simply how I would prefer to do it. I appreciate you are trying a different arrangement. For example I might try AffinityMask=53 (00,11,01,01). That would leave a whole Core (2 HT LPs) free for your add-on executables. This will work but, without trying it you will never discover how well it works...or not, as the case may be. Another example might be AffinityMask=61 (00,11,11,01) which provides an additional LP for loading of textures. Regards, Mike
  6. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi Steve, ....and UTLive? See last para in: Regards, Mike
  7. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi David, There you go! Now, as certain individuals are constantly saying in the UK these days, let me take another stab at it (hopefully with more success than said by first stating “Let me be clear”: With CPU Hyperthreading (HT) Enabled you have chosen to employ an Affinity Mask with the decimal value 85. In Binary this is represented as: 01010101 (01,01,01,01) Each ‘0’ and ‘1’ represents a Logical Processor (2 HT Logical Processors (LPs) per CPU core. The LPs are numbered from right to left along the Binary pattern: 76543210 (76,54,32,10) Core/LP activity, as viewed in Windows Task Manager, is referenced from left to right, 01234567 (Windows 7), and top left hand corner starting with Core 0 (Windows 10). So, from this we can see that by using AffinityMask=85, you have achieved this result: 1. Prepar3D has been assigned LPs 0, 2, 4 and 6. 2. Each of the Add-on executables can be assigned LPs 5 and 7. Probably best to avoid LP 3. Perhaps Steve could kindly share his views on this last statement. Regards, Mike
  8. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi, Judged this to be an appropriate moment to blow me own trumpet (!) and to remind everyone how I decided on 4085 as being the best Affinity Mask for my i7-5960X. Once again, my thanks go to Steve for keeping me on the right path. Also, as you can see, this reserves 2 HT cores (6 and 7) = 4 Logical Processors (LPs) that can be gainfully employed by various add-on executables. I use bat files, as described by Steve, to assign 2 LPs to each add-on, at least those that allow this to happen. I have noted that UTLive, for example, adopts the same Affinity Mask (4085) as defined by me under the Job Scheduler section heading Prepar3D.cfg. As we know, UTLive has been configured to load with the sim and I wonder whether there is a way around this behaviour? I need to check, but could we perhaps be using the manual load entry in the xml by changing it from false to true? Regards, Mike
  9. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi David, 4790K (4 Cores, 8 Logical Processors HT=ON) Affinity Mask 85 (Decimal) = 01,01,01,01 (Binary) In sequence from right to left, Logical Processors (LPs): 01,23,45,67 Hope you don’t mind me jumping in here but, in the interests of greater clarity, I wonder if I could stick my neck out by asking you to go over your experience again for us while referring to the above. I think I followed your drift, but your references to cores and threads made it all a little confusing. Maybe you could simply modify your post rather than having to create another....assuming you aren’t timed out by the forum software. Good to see you are getting worthwhile results from these endeavours. Thanks. Regards, Mike
  10. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi David, Steve has offered a few helpful suggestions here:;t=532 Regards, Mike
  11. Hi Mike,

    Sorry to bother you, but where in PL do I find the area that I place the M in Rule, which I currently have sent for gaming.



    1. baxterbj


      Hi Mike,

      I'm finding that the AF at 61, unlimited frames in P3D, limit frames in Nvidia Profile Inspector to 29.5, FSPS set from 20-30, Vsync on.

      I am pleasantly surprised at the increase in frames, especially in and around YPJT and YPPH in my state of Western Australia, No blurries and quiet Smooth.

      I have PL set to Xhig0-5 as I cant seem to find the M rule anywhere? (Also I'm not that experienced with PL)

      Thankyou for your Kind help.


      Brian (


    2. Cruachan


      Hi Brian,

      Sorry for the delay in responding.

      Sounds good! Looks like you are making significant headway towards getting the sim to perform the way you would like.

      There is a wealth of information here at Steve Waite's website:

      Process Lasso

      As I mentioned in that post, my current rules for Prepar3D.exe are: XihM5p

      If you refer to Help - View Documentation and under Index select 3. -> 2. Rules column meaning you will see a breakdown:

      X = excluded from ProBalance restraint

      ih = Default I/O priority class: High

      M5 = Memory priority: 5 - Normal

      p = Process will cause the PC to enter a particular Power Profile

      I use the Balanced Power Profile option in Windows which allows the system to return to a Power-saving state (Idle) when no longer under load.

      As with most things, what you chose to implement is really up to you. Prepar3D will trigger a switch to a High performance state without any user interventions so it's quite likely that Rule 'p' is not really required. Doesn't seem to have any negative effects which is why I have not removed it. You could argue that 'ih' and 'M5' are not required either because they represent the default states, but what the heck!

      There are very few hard and fast rules where Prepar3D is concerned as every system and sim setup is different. Sooner or later we all discover that it can take a bit of effort to find what best suits our requirements. This is true especially if you have enhanced the sim with numerous addons and customisations.

      Hope this is of some help to you.




    3. baxterbj



      Thank you for your reply, it’s all beginning to come together.

      I have steered clear of the current path that Ray and Steve were going down as I feared Ray would have a shot at my Australian attempt of the English language, something that we in Aussie have changed to some degree. The Forums certainly take some twists and Turns.

      Thanks again, and I will include Steve Waite’s Site in my favourite list.

      Kind Regards 


  12. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    ASL? Sorry, no comprendo. Did you mean UTLive? If so, I wasn't aware it had this feature and, I agree, could be very useful in such situations. Thanks. Mike
  13. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi, I think it’s fair to say that results are somewhat mixed as are opinions regarding its effectiveness. I use it and do find it useful in helping to maintain performance in more demanding scenery but, as you have read, even EGLL is proving to be a step too far without being willing to back off some settings in my sim. Basically there are two ways to configure this utility which loads with and runs alongside the sim. Automatic/Dynamic adjustments of the FFTF value can be based on either desired frame rate range or changing height above ground level. I choose the latter: AGL RANGE FEET = 0-5000, FFTF RANGE = 0.01-0.33 If you don’t mind, I think I will duck this one. Instead, I think you would be better advised to make your decision after having done your own research on these forums. To get you started, here are a couple of links that should prove helpful: This product has been the subject of much discussion over the past year and I believe the general consensus is that it does help, but there are some caveats. Don’t expect miracles, there is always a price to be paid. Additional performance in demanding situations does not come for free. If you can accept this then it could be a worthwhile purchase. The current version is 1,4 (compatible with Prepar3D v4.4) Regards, Mike
  14. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi Ray, I can believe it! In my case that 20fps is not the whole story. During takeoff the frame rate dropped to 13-15. Not my idea of a pleasant experience 😥 They did recover somewhat during the short flight approaching the city, but not by much. Were I so inclined, I guess some tweaking would be required to improve matters. Maybe I’ll give it a go someday. Regards, Mike
  15. Cruachan

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Yes, sorry I should have mentioned that. Mike