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  1. For P3D, any of the base aircraft are easily worth $9.99.
  2. I'd probably put the QW in the same boat as the better Virtualcol releases. For $15 you get a decent looking, flyable 757 with several variants included: B757-200 Passenger B757-200 Special Freighter B757-200 Package Freighter B757-200 Air Force Variant (C-32A) B757-300 Passenger All variants are available with and without Winglets. One caveat is that the "Dispatcher" tool doesn't seem to work in v5 so you'd have to install liveries etc manually.
  3. I have the QW 757 running on P3dv5. I haven't flown it a lot so it's possible that it may not be 100% but I haven't encountered any CTDs. I already have the CS757 and 1011 (base packs only), and I'll probably pick up the 767 (and maybe the 737) if they do their usual "Everything s $20-ish for one day" sale again this year.
  4. I just double-checked and I don't see any issues with exterior lighting. Not sure if an uninstall/re-install of the plane might help?
  5. The QW BAe 146/Avro RJs run successfully in v5. For $19.95 the QW Ultimate is a steal. Not as advanced as the 146 Pro I'm sure.
  6. Note that while the JF VC-10 Jetliner loads into v5.2HF1 without issues, the JF VC-10 Professional does NOT.
  7. Glad to hear fixing the pro for V5 is still on the to-do list.
  8. The JF VC-10 Jetliner product (which I don't see for sale on their site anymore) works fine for me in P3Dv5 but I've never been able to get JF VC-10 Professional to run. It CTDs every time.
  9. No complaints functionality, free food or kittens. I’m sure that’s all coming in the next version. 🙂
  10. I’ve had the last week off and decided to give A Pilot’s Life a try. I figured it would be interesting because it’s sim-agnostic, in that I can complete flights in P3D or MSFS. I got a job with Alitalia Cityliner and have racked up flights around Italy as well as Switzerland and Germany. It’s been good fun, and has given me a chance to brush up on a few aircraft that have been languishing in my hangar for a while. One thing I’ve noticed is that for airline flying, I’ve been enjoying flying in P3D more than MSFS. I really don’t miss the MSFS scenery much above 10,000 ft, and I’m usually fairly busy after takeoff and preparing for landing when I’m at lower altitudes anyway. I’m also able to use my preferred ATC program (PRO-ATC/X) and Chaseplane works better for my interior views than MSFS (I use TrackIR but disable it for certain views to make it easier to adjust knobs and buttons. As far as I can tell, you can’t disable head-tracking for individual views in MSFS). I started the week thinking I’d end up flying more in MSFS, but for now, P3D is still the sim that works best for me.
  11. I'm also disappointed that VC10 Pro hasn't been updated to be compatible with v5 at all (I get a CTD if I try and load the plane). The standard VC10 loads but it's much more simplistic than the pro.
  12. Thanks for the additional recommendations!
  13. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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