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  1. Alistair Logie

    UK2000 sale

    UK2000 are offering 25% off for a single purchase, 30% for 2- 3 and 40% for 4+
  2. Alistair Logie

    FSL A320X FMGC newest problem never seen before

    Did it have that "new plane" smell?
  3. Alistair Logie

    Airspeed indicating going to zero

    Ah. Will check that later. Thanks!
  4. Alistair Logie

    Airspeed indicating going to zero

    I was flying the S340 over the weekend and noticed that at several times during the flight, the airspeed indicator would flip to zero for extended periods. Sometimes the accurate value was shown and I wasn't able to find any way to reliably recreate the issue. Has anyone else seen this?
  5. Alistair Logie

    Recommendation on a non study-level Boeing for P3dv4?

    Some clarification of the "level of difficulty" for the aircraft I'm looking for... I'm thinking of something where I have a chance of memorizing some of the standard procedures rather than having to consult the manual every time. I don't need the Ctrl-E option, but I also don't want to spend more time on the ground than I do in the air trying to turn the damn thing on! 🙂 That's pretty vague, but hopefully it helps a bit. Alistair
  6. Alistair Logie

    Recommendation on a non study-level Boeing for P3dv4?

    Thanks everyone for the responses. Great stuff. I wasn't aware of Flight1's return policy. That's pretty unusual for software, isn't it? That might nudge me in the direction of the iFly 737 NG.
  7. Apologies if this is the inappropriate forum for a question like this. I'm looking for a good looking Boeing that isn't study level and that won't be too hard on my system (Sandybridge (I think) Core i5 oc'd to 4GHz, GTX 1050Ti, 16GB RAM, SSD for OS and P3d, Windows 10 x64). Something around the complexity level of the Aerosoft A318/319 Pro would probably be a good fit. I'm thinking 737, but would be happy to consider any 7x7 if you think it offers a good combination of performance/complexity/looks. I'd prefer something with a relatively modern cockpit, rather than all steam gauges. Thanks, Alistair