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  1. I use Pro-ATC on a networked PC and usually have the moving map display open to make sure I’m hitting all the waypoints. A bit of a pain, but since I’ve started doing that I’ve had very few issues with flying in circles.
  2. I use it and find it very helpful. A few of the things I use it for: Setting affinity masks for P3d and and supporting applications e.g. ASP3d, Aivlasoft EFB, TrackIR, FFTF Dynamic. Starting supporting applications when I start the sim and then closing them when I'm done. Automatically switching to a "high performance" power scheme when I start P3d and reverting to a "balanced performance" scheme when I'm done. I have various profiles with different levels of add-on and scenery active to help troubleshooting. Finding and renaming clashing scenery files. It's a deep product and definitely requires some research and effort to get it completely set up the way you want it, but I started with the basic stuff and then added more over time. Alistair
  3. I had a similar situation with my ASP3d4 and ASCA licenses that I bought from FSPilotshop. I opened a ticket with HiFi including my original order details and they sorted it out in less than a day.
  4. Worth pointing out that if you grab the free Nextgen Citation for FSX, you can get the upgrade to the P3D v4 for half price (EUR11.80 rather than the usual EUR23.60). It’s not an exceptional aircraft, but it’s fun to fly and the price is good even if you get the upgrade.
  5. It looks like the download doesn't include the texture files.
  6. Some of the pricing can be weird e.g. the email I got from Carenado had the B120 at $31.47 but when I went to the site it was $22.48. Worth checking if you're on the fence about a purchase.
  7. Can anyone explain why deleting shaders will fix crashing issues with P3D? This morning I was unable to launch a flight in the Nxgen Cj4x. P3D would CTD just before the scenery loading process completed. After deleting the shaders I was able to successfully start a flight. OTOH, I’ve been unable to start a flight in the Lionheart Creations Zenith, despite deleting the shaders multiple times, even though it appears to crash at approximately the same point in the loading process? I have a lot of add-ones installed, e.g, GSX, SODE, add-on scenery, add-on aircraft, ASP3D, ASCA Chaseplane etc, so I suppose the likelihood of instability increases with the complexity of the install, but sometimes it seems like even the simplest things are fraught with difficulty.
  8. I bought a 34" 21:9 monitor a few months back. The resolution is 2560 x 1080 and to me it feels a bit more immersive than a 16:9 1920 x 1080 monitor simply because of the wider view.
  9. I have a window directly behind me, but TrackIR is fine with the passive clip as long as I close the blinds (or it’s dark😁) and turn down the camera sensitivity.
  10. The Vulcan was too tempting to pass up, so I got the Vulcan, Lancaster and Duchess too! (I already have most of the single engine props).
  11. Also, as far as I can tell, none of the aircraft (except for their Concorde) have a virtual cockpit.
  12. Is there a list anywhere of the aircraft that "natively" support the Rex Milviz WX radar in the virtual cockpit i.e. without having to manually modify the panel files? It looks like a number of the Milviz planes come with the Wx radar already built in, but are other manufacturers supporting it out of the box? Thanks, Alistair
  13. I bought a new PC a couple of months ago and i’ve Kept my old PC running to offload some add-ons (EFB2, Pro-ATC X, PF3, FSi Panel, ActiveSky P3D, ASCA). That seems to be working well, but it does mean my relatively small office now has two tower PCs taking up space, generating heat & noise. What are your thoughts on; a) whether offloading add-ons to a second PC is worth it in terms of improving performance of P3D 4 on the primary b) if it’s worthwhile, can I replace the old PC with something relatively low-powered e.g. i3, 8GB Ram, on-board graphics, spinning disk, maybe even fanless? Thanks, Alistair
  14. I bought a few airports a couple of weeks ago, and have since been back twice... If you buy 4 items you get 40% off them all which is a screaming deal.
  15. http://www.eaglesoftdg.com/Pages/es_discounts.htm
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