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  1. Just look what I wrote about right on this very page. The solution is also in there.
  2. I also had validation issues all of a sudden. I did delete the appropriate .json file, tried to login into my Axis account and it said that I hadn't one. Then I logged into the Axis Account which it said it didn't have and for some inexplicable reason AccuSeason Advanced had vanished from my products in the Account. So I had to add it again and after that could register it again. Strange.
  3. You just have to add the Advanced Edition to your Axis Account using the order number and serial number of your original edition.
  4. Far be it from me to put anyone down. I love the idea that more people get the oportunity to fly in near perfect renditions of their homes or areas they are intimately familiar with. But after doing some extensive low level flying over the U.S. this summer I came to the conclusion that the country is best experienced for it's nature and Geography. The urban areas are a concrete nightmare. Checkerboard layouts everywhere, architecture that doesn't deserve the name, parking lot after parking lot and residential areas that, because they are all single family homes, take much more space than they reasonably should. I have not seen ONE U.S. City that would draw me to visit for its sights. They basically all look the same and are all just designed in the same horrible nightmarish way. So this is for people who live there, and are emotionally attached to it, but for my European eyes, this is not something that I would buy.
  5. Instead of trying every trick in the book to get this to work, and risking a hernia in frustration, I suggest to just wait what ASOBO has to say about this all and when they will officially implement this.
  6. Then why do these Thread titles always sound like unecessary public service announcements instead of invitations to discuss releases? And why do we need a single thread for each tiny update? It clutters up the forums and makes it more difficult to see the actually relevant topics.
  7. I would go even one step furtherr: These kinds of threads should not even be made in the first place. Updates are automatic anyway, so whenever they are released and you fire up your sim the next time you'll get them anyway. So what it is the point in making these threads? You can't miss them anyway.
  8. I second the recommendation of the CowanSim MD500E. It's needs a gentle touch at slow speeds, but it is nimble like a fighter jet. Really fun to fly.
  9. https://www.minitool.com/news/error-code-0x80073d0b.html
  10. I'm aware that not all apps have that feature. But MSFS has. I'm at a loss why on your system it is greyed out. I moved my installation to a dedicated drive just for MSFS with exactly this feature. That's why I keep repeating that no one needs to jump through any insane hoops ore redownload the whole thing.
  11. How many times do we have to repeat this? Use the "Move" function in Windows.
  12. Absolutely not necessarry. Just as others have pointed out: Just use the "Move" function that windows offers.
  13. That's exactly the kind of talk you get from people who still think analogue gauges are preferable to glass cockpits.
  14. They did not. Developers keep on recommending this because it makes their lives easier if something goes wrong and they have to troubleshoot. But it is not, and never was necessary.
  15. There was NEVER a reason to do a clean install. Modern installers do all the work for you.
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