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  1. Look at the back of his Boeing picture. His surname is on there. Has been there for ages.
  2. And if Google Translate has problems try deepl. That usually works much better and gives more coherent sentences as a result. And I don't understand why you jumped down Kevin's throat for telling someone repeatedly to speak english. If I come into a place where one language is most obviously the main and only form of official communication I don't start asking questions in a completely different language without at least using a standard form of apology for my inaptidude to speak the language everybody else speaks. It goes like this: I'm sorry I don't speak english, can anybody help me? And then I continue in my native language. The original poster simply wrote away in italian as if it were the most obvious thing that he would be understood. THAT is rude. Not telling him to speak in english.
  3. Farlis

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    But not right now, since no game supports ray tracing yet.
  4. Farlis

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    I recommend deepl for all translations. It is vastly superior to google translate.
  5. Farlis

    Question about Fuel Prices

    Thanks a bunch!
  6. Farlis

    Question about Fuel Prices

    Hi all, here is a question I have since I want to enter some calculations into my virtual flight planning. What is the unit used for jet fuel prices? I checked out the current Jet A price at KSFO and it says it's $8.38. But per what? Gallon, Liter, Kilogram?
  7. Farlis

    747-8 tutorial

    There is no extra tutorial. The manual has been amended with information on the new features and the EFB has it's own manual.
  8. Farlis

    250kts below 10,000

    Yup, that's us. "It says so on paper, so we stick to it!".
  9. Farlis

    250kts below 10,000

    Indeed, you would probably simply request the restricition be lifted for your flight. I know that Radar Contact used to have this feature.
  10. Not to mince words here, but I very well remember that ACARS was announced for the future in FS9's 737NG. So yes that was not technically wrong, ACARS is here now, but that was a very long future. 😉
  11. Not necesarry. The installer runs the live update automatically.
  12. Farlis

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    PTA always needed updating with every point version.
  13. I see this is still not fixed. I noticed it as well on my setup. Autogen stops loading. Especially in Europe with all ORBX regions installed. Curiously I don't see that problem in the US regions.