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  1. Not exactly. The base geometry is the same but there are noticeable differences. It's basically the difference between a 747-400 and 748. You would have to model some parts anew.
  2. "Could they be the miners?" "They seem pretty young to me." "Miners, not minors!" Ahh... Galaxy Quest never gets old.
  3. Are you absouutely 100% positive it did not already update in the background without you noticing? Did you enter MSFS went into windowed mode and looked at the version number at the top left of the window frame?
  4. You could have checked that yourself before asking that question. Simply plug in the coordinates given into the windows "Maps" application and then look a the satelite image. If you had done that you wouldn't have had to ask the user if he had. Because you had seen that the images are absolutely cloud free in that area. 😉
  5. Could be a coincidence if the weather was the same a few days ago.
  6. Are you sure? Did you take a look at the map view and compared how clouds and precipitiation are situated on the globe compared to the current real maps on Meteoblue? Because I just did and the weather is still showing data that is at least two days old. I don't even look at individual airports any longer, I just glance at the map and compare the weather systems. If those don't match up with current real life weather, the local areas won't anyway.
  7. THAT is the title you choose? Did you miss the 2nd item on the list, which is FAR more important than a multiplayer fix? Update to live weather system to improve accuracy globally SMH
  8. Funny that you think there is room on holding off. These things are constantly sold out. I missed the window of oportunity again earlier this month. And now there is actually a production stop because of the current shortage of semiconductors. New units are not expected to arrive before autumn.
  9. You can simply look at your world map. If France is littered with yellow exclamation marks that point to new installed content then it is installed.
  10. I disagree strongly. There were huge patches, for example in desert countries like Bahrain where the desert was basically glowing in the dark, as if there was some huge spotlight being turned on somewhere.
  11. And Jörg has set ambitious goal poasts. He mentioned early on that seasons is more than just changing foliage and colour correcting images. He was also talking about stuff like wet and dry periods and even stuff like bird migrations.
  12. Well in that case I assume UHD to indeed have benefits for image clarity. My standard zoom setting on monitors is usually 70%. Going up to 100% would give you everything up 1:1 scale, but then again you don't look at the world through a 32 inch window, don't you? 😉
  13. Since I fly VR most of the time, no. I assume you refer to a zoomed out state? Because at 100% zoom, which is what you would see in real life, everything is perfectly readable at 1080p.
  14. That is exactly why I didn't buy a 4K monitor. You just don't need it at desk distance. If I were sitting on a couch 6 feet away it would be a different matter.
  15. I know that. But nontheless the aircraft comes with a terrain display function that will give you minimum safe altitutes. So I was wondering why that shouldn't be useful.
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