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  1. You can just erase the discontinuities by picking the next waypoint after it and then clicking on the discontinuity line.
  2. Uargh... it looks even worse in real life. A crowning achievement of bad taste.
  3. The FBW Airbus is capable of importing it's flightplans directly into MSFS. I don't know how they do it, but you'll see that you can actually ask for a clerance from ATC after you finished entering a flightplan into the MCDU. There is no need to load a flightplan in the main menu first. The only drawback is that the Flightlevel you enter into the flightplan will not be read by ATC and it will give you the MSA along the route instead. So you'll just have to ask for a flightlevel change along the route.
  4. OMG, who put that incredibly tacky Holy Mary statue into the middle of the mountains? My eyes!
  5. It works the same way. You tell the EFB your Simbrief ID and that's it.
  6. A rule that they have had in effect for decades is going to fall, just because people complain about it? Not likely.
  7. It's full names, not just first names. Something quite a few people on their forums seem to miss. 😉
  8. Funny, considering he was too, well..., I'm trying to figure out a way to word this without a condescending tone... "overwhelmed" by the Fenix on release that he was unable to program MCDU and use the EFB with the Simbrief integration in the first 48 hours of buying it, that he started to regret buying it out of frustration.
  9. Ermm... I don't know about the laws where you are at, but where I am every vendor is required by law to offer you two years of warranty.
  10. If you had followed their release schedule announcements of the last months a bit closer, you'd have had no such hope. The EFB was never planned to be released this early. They always said: Around the time of the 800 release, maybe before it, or with it.
  11. Gah! I was just about to go fly in 45 Minutes...
  12. Get a longer cable ASAP and do not continue to use the one that came with the yoke. It is too short and will wear out the port it is connected to. Once that has happened no buttons will ever be functional ever again.
  13. Why is that even a question? Aerosoft is a league of its own.
  14. He always is. Yet his release estimates are notoriously off the mark all the time. If you multiply his estimates by 2, then you'll be in the more realistic ballpark.
  15. Unless the snow is part of the aerial image, which I doubt, it most certainly will. As snow coverage is only added through live weather.
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