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  1. I seldomly fly long haul these days. If I do I either pick a real world flight that has already passed switch Actice Sky to Historic mode and then use an Aircraft that works well with time compression. Or I do a real time real world flight and just leave the computer and do something else while the flight goes on. Especially during the oceanic and night legs.
  2. That information is usesless unless we know what kind of cooling system you use and whether you run it at stock speeds or overclocked. I for one have just upgraded my mainboard and cpu and cooler but it seems to me that my old casing is not spacious enough to have sufficient airflow. When it is closed I average on about 90°C when P3D is running under VR. When I open one side of the casing the average drops to 70°C.
  3. They probably realised that the new default dataset is at least globaly not half as good as they expected it to be.
  4. And it looked awful and was subsequentially removed by many add-on developers of scenery packages.
  5. Beta testers have no say in what gets fixed before release. They only point out their findings.
  6. It is not exactly a bug. The Aerosoft Airbusses' fly-by-wire is programmed in a way that it needs framerate of 18FPS or above to function reliably. If for whatever reason the frames drop below 18 the aircraft will start to behave strangely. And around 10-12 FPS becomes uncontrollable.
  7. When I go out to explore in Flightsim I always check how the real places look like, either before or after my flight. And nothing bugs me more than the wrong vegetation.
  8. Seems to me that the AI needs to learn about arctic vegetation.
  9. I still use 4.5 almost exclusively because I fly VR exclusively and the VRAM consumption is simply too high to get V5 to run in VR reliably.
  10. There is no need to convert a google maps view to a different format. Just adjust the view in google maps and copy the webadress that gives you as a link. The pan and tilt values are saved. Like this: https://www.google.de/maps/@-33.8792199,151.2268485,762a,35y,322.28h,68.61t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
  11. It is not as encompassing as one might wish. If one quotes one of the users you have on the list, you will still see that quote. So many people not recognizing it really shows what the average age of the flightsim community. Then again it is a creature from the Disney Star Wars. For all I care they don't exist. 😛
  12. There are text to speech programs who know how to phonetically combine syllables correctly. They are used in car navigation for example.
  13. I find that in many cases of more remote places the Jeppesen charts are incomplete or outdated. LIDO not so much.
  14. LIDO charts are much more accurate in many cases.
  15. There is one option missing in the poll: Underclocking your CPU 😉
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