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  1. Hello, I've read many post, I seem to understand some of it. So, Right now I don't have a weather engine. I'm considering wether or not to get a weather tool/app. But surely looking at REX products. Since I don't have any weather tools what is the best way to go if I decide to get REX products?? So, If I buy REX SkyForce do I also need REX Enviormental ?? or what other tools do I need ?? I also want it to be easy not too complicated......Thanx for help/suggestions.....
  2. Whisper202

    REX 5 EF + SF + P3Dv4.5... 19 years.

    Hello, I'm still undecided wether to get AS or REX5, I see that some people use AS,REX,REX EV all together at the same time. I'm looking for weather engine that will give me the actual/current weather. The clouds, storms, snow, winds, ect. needs to look real. I seen REX and AS promo/videos. But I still wonder which one to get. I also don't want to get to complex. I appreciated if you can give me any suggestions?? Thanx....
  3. Whisper202

    Adding liveries to QW 787 and 757 Help.

    Thanx guys appreciated very much for your help...……..
  4. Hello, I'm lost and need someone to point me on the right direction. I have search everywhere and have not found exactly what I'm looking for. I have look everywhere for the Livery manager or something similar to it. In my computer , internet, even search here. I haven't quiet found it yet. Maybe I'm not looking in the wrong area?? I have gone back to QW website to see if I missed anything, but haven't notice anything. Can some help appreciated very much. Meanwhile I'll keep searching....thanks for your Help on this.
  5. Whisper202

    Products for P3D Many Questions

    Thanx for the help/info. Very appreciated.
  6. Hi, Im new to this forum, I don't know if this the correct for some questions and doubts I have for some products available out there. I would like your opinion or reviews on certain products and need help to decide which fits best for me. here it goes: 1 - QW 787 seen videos ect looks great...but my question is : Has anyone bought this a/c and has anyone have any issues purchasing the product thru flight1 and is it safe and secure since they use a wrapper/purchase agent which I never heard of before or used.....?? 2 - same as for Latin vfr scenery MIA and TJSJ they both look great. Any issues buying them straight from their website?? are they safe and secure?? 3- also any good weather engines/programs available I ask this questions because I have never purchase add-ons. Like I said, Im new at this and need some guidance from those who have expierence and knowledge. thanx for any help/suggestions/info/guidance on this very appreciated