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  1. Hello, It seems that this version still has more bugs/issues. Last time was that the autopilot didnt work/engage. But was able to function once I removed the livery I was using, according to Flybywire website that was a Known issue.......Today just a couple minutes ago...ATC instructed me to climb to 8,000ft after departure. Which I set for the autopilot. I took off and started climbing. During the climb I heard like couple of clicks it seem something turn off or disegage. But all seem ok. After a couple of minutes I notice that the Autopilot turned off and I had pass 8,000FT so ATC instructed me to descend to 8,000FT but the plane didnt respond/autopilot. The plane kept climbing. So I dont know why....Also When I click on the LOC button it doesnt work/engage. Any help is appreciated THANX
  2. This is the link for known issues for Flybywire A320NX v 0.7.0 : FlyByWire Simulations Documentation Dont know if its right, never posted a link. I also notice that the LOC button does not work.....
  3. Found some info....at Flybywire website it states that you need to remove liveries it causes issues. I delete/removed livery and autopiot works..... then I reistalled the livery and autopilot seems to continu to work....
  4. Hello, I have dowloaded the latest version of Flybywire A320 v 0.7.0 stable and it seems that the autopilot when I click on it wont work...... also when I turn off the APU it seems to be on beacause you can see the exhaust coming out the back. any suggestion?? Its problably a glitch but I dont know......Any help is appreciated thanx.......
  5. Hello, As the title says.....unable to deploy spoilers using pc keypad / for FlybyWire A320NX stable after WU6. Anyone have had this issue?? Any info is greatly appreciated thanx.....
  6. I have unistalled MSFS 2020 and disconnected the Thrustmaster Quadrant and Joystick. I have reinstalled MSFS2020 and connected the Thrustmaster Quadrant and joystick. Like I previously stated when starting the engines, the #2 engines turns on normal as it should and #1 engine doesn't. So I noticed that the issue here is the Thrustmaster, drivers and/or SU5. When I try to start the #1 the switch has to be on the off instead on the 'ON' and it has to be done manually instead of using the Thrustmaster. I would guess is a driver issue with SU5. Maybe someone could shed some light on this........Thanx
  7. Sorry but you are Correct is SU5. my mistake thnx for pointing it out..... and one more thing using push back helper on A32NX Dev the tail hits the groung while pushing back out of gate. I dont know if SU5 is causing this or the Hotfixes. or something else.
  8. Hello, After installing WU5 and both Hot fixes. One good thing for me is that I have no issue with Ultra settings up to this point it does stay. As I observed, I dont have to redo everytime. The part that I'm having issue is with A32NX stable and A32NX Development mod. I did download their latest updated model after WU5. But for both mods engine #2 will start normal, but engine #1 wont. has anyone encounter this same issue??
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