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  1. Hello, Im getting a failure even if I have all of them turned off. The failure is : A sys qty refill req....But like I mention before why Im I still getting failures if they are turned off?? Can someone help me?? Im I missing something?? Thanx for any help..... I appreciated very much thnx.
  2. Hello, Has anyone notice any changes in PMDG 737-800 lights after update?? I have notice that the wingtip strobe lights are blinking slow, also when I turned on taxi light the nose light don't turn on, only the inner lights from the wings. Also, it used to have 4 switches on the panel now I only see 2 for landing lights.
  3. I get a small window that reads PMDG_737-800_MSFS_Paintkit.zip. But doesn't seem to download.
  4. Hello, Is there a paint-kit for PMDG B-737-800? or How to download it from PMDG website I have tried but unable to.....Thanks for any help.
  5. Hello, Last day or so began having issues with PMDG 737-800. The 2 issues I'm keep having is that the Autopilot dont work/engage and also that i keep getting failures when I have them turned off. Yes I have downloaded the last 2 updates. Has anyone have any issues similar to the ones I'm having? Thanx for any info on how to fix it. PS. I have gone back 3 times to recheck nothing has improved or changed...........
  6. As the Title says............If I saw it correctly at their website......
  7. Hello, After updating MSFS with, I can't select Live Weather, only allows me to select Preset or custom weather. Only can select AI or off. and cannot select multiplayer. When zooming to world map it looks strange. anyone have same issue?? Any help is appreciated. thanks.
  8. Hello, As of late I have been having engine failure for the past week or so for the PMDG 737-800 passenger mod. . The same issue engine #2 Fails. How do I fix this issue?? I have have tried to restart engine 2 but unable to. I have also check failures and are off.......I wonder if it has to do with the latest update PMDG release............Any help or suggestion?? Thanks I appreciated......
  9. Even though the B-737-700 is out and just looking at the videos looks amazing, Im waiting for the -800. Also, looking forward to the B-777-200ER. Others Im looking forward to and maybe they will be made is the A-300 I hope someone does this one, the others are the B-727-200, L-1011, B-757-200ER, and B-767-300ER......
  10. I don't. I just have the very basic. I only use FBW A320 with the AA scheme, also the Toolbar pushback and Air tool anouncement. Nothing else.
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