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  1. I had a smooth update. Did about 6 small flights, no problems whatsoever. And no CTDs.
  2. I'll take the Redwing Constellation, AH DC-3, and someone please make a Fairchild PT-19.
  3. There won't be a cvt file because the ships have been converted to MSFS native. They were originally designed for fsx
  4. Did you try closing the sim and reopening it
  5. I bounce everytime I land it. I love it though
  6. You get a choice of having static traffic or no static traffic with this update
  7. One thing you could do is use the search function on flightsim.to and check out the liveries available for both aircraft. Which one do you think you'd use more? You'll find that MSFS is great for island hopping but also great for bush flying and just flying from point A to point B and checking out the scenery.
  8. I like both of them equally. I think the BN-2 has been updated more recently. I think they are both good aircraft I fly the BN-2 more often but I think I'll take the Bandeirante out later this evening.
  9. I have them both I'd probably use the BN-2 more for island hopping.
  10. You go play on your simulator and we'll go play on our toy.
  11. Guess I need to delete Prealsoft Vienna?
  12. Looks like they got rid of those annoying flashing textures.
  13. I fly with PG on. I just did a scenic flight over Barcelona and was so impressed with the PG. Of course different areas have less quality but I still leave it on in those areas.
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