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  1. Seems like my first 2 or 3 flights are very smooth with high FPS. Then I'll start a 3rd or 4th flight and the FPS drops significantly and going back into the menu even takes a while. I've been rebooting MSFS when this occurs anyone else notice this and is there a fix?
  2. yah I've bought so many addons gonna slow down. Now if a Lockheed Constellation or DC-3 or DC-4 comes along I'm game lol.
  3. The only thing I don't like is the trim on the plane it either climbs at 2000fpm or descends at 2000fpm. Other than that I've been having some lovely flights in it. https://imgpile.com/i/umf5Gr https://imgpile.com/i/umfRHR https://imgpile.com/i/umfTpg https://imgpile.com/i/umfdbc Sorry you have to click on pics Insert image from URL isn't working
  4. I bought it. I like it and will fly it alot with the floats. Thought the cockpit looks amateurish but looked at photos of the real bird dog and that's how it looked. So I'm happy. https://imgpile.com/i/umi7Px
  5. I don't think so. Haven't seen it move off the dock.
  6. OK I bought it, mainly because I was born in Key West. After that we moved to Hawaii haha. Anyways top rate nice to see moving people. Walked all around the airport top notch.
  7. does the time of day affect this? Is there more haze in the morning?
  8. BIG NEWS: saw this from 2 different posters buried in other threads. But you can fix the avionics/autopilot bug by going to options, then graphics then turn generic to on for both settings. Do this and things are back to normal I can ow enjoy my Carenado Mooney with the GPS working the whole flight.
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