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  1. Ryan I flew around Manila and Sitka and had no problems hand flying or with autopilot. Lovely flights and livery.
  2. I downloaded that livery earlier I'll check.
  3. Darn I already have that model from BRsim designs.
  4. Alexey says he's not releasing new airports until he can start getting new members again. Sanctions are blocking him from receiving new memberships money.
  5. great shots of a great plane!
  6. Great pics. I get alot of use out of the 170.
  7. I've loved this plane since the early days of MSFS.
  8. Is that in MSFS I searched sim-outhouse and couldn't find it.
  9. Most can't produce airports as quickly as Alexey.
  10. I sent Alexey an email yesterday explaining I lost all my downloads and he returned the email today. He is making efforts to reopen the site. He's attempting to migrate the site so members can download the existing airports but he can't take payment from new members because of sanctions from us and even from Russia who are also imposing sanctions against doing business with the West. Hopefully the world will be at peace again soon.
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