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Found 23 results

  1. Hello all, I am rather new to MSFS having being a user of P3D. I’ve noticed on FlightSim.to some of the PMDG 737 liveries available have some awesome cockpit decals such as CAT III LAND etc. I was just wondering if I wanted to add some myself is it easy to do? I did try a few weeks back and failed miserably. If someone could outline how to do it that would be great. Thanks, Jonathan.
  2. I’m having an issue with my 737’s where I’ll set the plane on a final approach and anytime I pull up it makes the stall speed very high. I have the flaps at 30 degrees and it still wants to stall at 160 knots. It’s dropping a little fast as well. Do you know how to fix this? It also happens when I pull back a little to gain altitude and the stall speed will spike up to the airspeed that I was just at. The wings on final will flex like the plane is dropping fast. Keep in mind the plane is lightly loaded and not fully loaded.
  3. Hi all - I am just after a bit of advice regarding nose wheel steering in MSFS 2020 with the PMDG 737. I have recently converted over from P3D V5. I am finding it very difficult to make right turns with the tiller. I have it mapped to my Thrustmaster Airbus Side Stick on the twist axis. I am using the Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke for elevator and aileron control and Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals for Rudder and Brakes. I’ve read online that Nose Wheel steering in MSFS isn’t the best. Does anyone have any further info? I’m not sure where to look. I also tested in the iniBuilds A310 and that is the same as the PMDG 737 with regards to ground steering. However, the Fenix A320 works really well. (No yoke connected for the Fenix). Many Thanks, Jonathan.
  4. Hello ! I made a sound package for PMDG 737NGXu. Actually i changed only Engine startup sounds and pack sounds. Now its more realistic. I hope you like it ! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qvoYHxePxevKKvfUQq27u60smgnhN3P6/view?usp=sharing Copy files to: Prepar3D > Sound > PMDG > 737NGXu > Various
  5. Hi, sometimes when I am flying, the LNAV randomly shuts off, anyone know how to fix? Dillon Liftieri
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Fbq5NpvGjnc
  7. Hi everyone, Last time I'm having troubles with PMDG737NGX, but now it is almost fixed, I think. My CD-rom didn't work, that's fixed. But for some reason, my Operations Center appeared. I can't find it anymore, and I need that to download PMDG737 again. Can I download the operations center again? If yes, please send the download link, thanks :)
  8. Does anybody know how to use COM1 and COM2 at the same time for pilotedge and vatsim in the PMDG737? I can get them to work on there own by the mic square boxes under NAV1. I need this so i can pick up atis information while listening to the controller. P3D PMDG737 -Dillon L.
  9. Original Post from F.Skywalker (moved to LINDA Support) Hi Scotflieger, thanks for the update. I use the MCP1.(orig) After this Update the CRS Knob ist only working on the left side. The right side do not work. my Linda Version (3.4) PMDG NGX works smoother. The syncronisation ist very fast.(3.4) In 4.3 when you turn the HDG, ALT, SPD fast it is not syncron whith the Display. You must make very time a little korrection. CRS work only left, if you press right the diplay says right without work. Sory about my bad englisch. Frank Response Hi Frank Thank you for reporting the issue with the latest module 4.3 with MCP1. I have reproduced your question here for answering your support question. I have compared the code between versions 4.3 and 3.4. Apart from the readability changes, the code for HDG, ALT and SPD are identical and there should not be any difference between the response on your MCP1 (or other panels). I did find the _incfast and _decfast functions too vigorous (changed too fast) and changed the repeat count from 4 to 3. Can you try editing your copy of version 4.3 as follows: In SPD, HDG, ALT _incfast and _decfast functions change: for i = 1, 3 do ipc.control(PMDGBaseVar+???, PMDG_???) end to: for i = 1, 4 do ipc.control(PMDGBaseVar+???, PMDG_???) end The CRS R (FO's course selector) operation will be fixed in the next update.
  10. Guest

    No cockpit Sounds!

    Hello, well, i bought PMDG737NGX a couple weeks ago, the first week it worked, but then there were no cockpit sounds, by no cockpit sounds i mean TCAS, GPWS, Cockpit sounds such as flaps lever moving, etc. Ive read everything in AVSIM of and uninstalled it but still don't know what to do, please help. Thanks
  11. Anyone know what would cause a mismatch on the ND of 15 degrees in the heading and path on the Captains sides vs. the FO Side?
  12. I really don't know what's going on with this game [BLACKSCREEN] OUT OF NOWHERE The new PMDG got a blackscreen, but it flies! When we can get a smooth, easy playable MSFS, ASOBO, PMDG ! Watch the video
  13. Anyone else experiencing very loud ELEC pumps in the cockpit and outside (louder than the engines) in the PMDG 737-700?
  14. i've installed PMDG737 ,it's a great plane except that there is no sound warning when i disconnect AP ,I extend flaps,set AT ,and also fire warning bells doesn't work, any one have encountered the same probmes ? any help you could offer ,many thanks
  15. An updated PMDG737 NGX module 4.3 has been released for users of LINDA. A number additional buttons and selectors have been added with full animation. It has been fully tested on P3D v3.2. http://www.avsim.com/topic/341971-pmdg-737-ngx-module-43-new/ Andrew Gransden
  16. Hey everyone, I know this is not totally relevent to PMDG, but this seems like the most active forum around here. Anyway, I am looking for an app for charts, proceedures, kneeboard and calculations when flying with FSX. I also hope to use this in the RW when I start my training. I have been flying the 737NG for a while and always want to be able to have a kneeboard type device to use to see the charts and proceedures accociated with that plane wihtout having to keep switching between windows. I can see in the appstore there are hundreds of apps that have what I am looking for, but they all do the same thing and are different costs. There arent many reviews either. I have an AOPA account and was looking at the FlyQ apps, but I dont have 70.00-170.00 to spend on a subscription. I was also looking at FSkneeboard which looks good, but it too is expensive and does the same thing as the other apps do and the others are much less money. I guess my real question is, what apps do you all have, and what do you like and recommend for me to get. I also have a navigraph account and was thinking about using there charts, but i dont think they have anything for the iPad and they only have 1749 airports throughout the world and not many in the US so.....] Thanks in Advance!
  17. Okay. Where to start... I have the Stream Deck XL and Stream Deck Plus. I am running MSFS 2020. I am using the PMGD 737-800. I downloaded the AAO Scripts and StreamDeck XL & PLUS from Guenseli (https://el.flightsim.to/file/32434/pmdg-737-aao-scripts-streamdeck-xl-profile-alpha) and followed install instructions on his page to the letter. The entire setup fired up and worked great for about ten days. Two days ago, mid flight I encountered this issues I am having for the first time. THE ISSUE: In flight, (and on the ground at least once, so it's not something to do with flight) the Stream Deck will freeze up completely. None of the buttons will respond (not even the image depress animation that you get when pressing a stream deck button). But that's not all... for some strange reason that I can't imagine how it happens, the aircraft autopilot will start to follow a random course in a random direction when the freeze happens. And twice, when this has happened, the aircraft has literally nosed strait up or strait down and the toke is visibly being "held" in a direction. I do not have any buttons or axis' mapped through AAO, I am only running the PMDG 737 buttons scripts and the "PMDG_737MSFS_Data" that was included in the above link. If I disconnect and close AAO and Stream Deck's software, I still do not have Autopilot control until I turn it off, cycle the FDs and AT and then reenable everything via mouse input. This hang/freeze can and has happened when I am not interacting with either the sim or the stream deck, so I am not directly triggering the event. The hang ups in sim DO NOT HAPPEN when I fly without using AAO/Stream Deck, so I am as sure as I can be that it has something to do with one or both of them. THINGS I HAVE TRIED: I have made sure Stream Deck is on my primary monitor. (that was a known issue regarding the stream deck itself) I have verified that there are not any firewalls interacting with either Stream deck or AAO in any way I have verified that the WebAPI port 9080 is open and reserved for AAO. I have uninstalled and reinstalled: -AAO (and all scripts from the link) by removing the application and everything related to it in %appdata% Local and Roaming -Stream Deck by doing the same as above, removing all plugins and files related to the program I have attempted to recreate the event but I haven't been able to reliably or predictably figure out the cause. I am not very sure how the scripting interacts with the sim or stream deck, but in my uneducated state, it seems that there might be some hang up in that interaction. But I have no way to know for sure (obviously). I really enjoy using AAO and the stream deck together, but I am getting really frustrated with it and at this point, I would just like to know if there is a solution or if I need to give up and go back to using my mouse to click the cockpit items.
  18. Does anybody know how to get com1 and com2 working at the same time so they overlap so I can pick up atis info. PMDG737 P3D Dillon L.
  19. Hi, This is my first post, so i apologise in advance for any mistakes. I have been flying the PMDG 737NGX very confident in actually flying the plane, manually and automated, however I'm getting a little bit bored of the same robotic voices from the default FSX ATC. Currently I am manually plotting my flight plan in the default FSX flight planner for the required VORS, intersections and airways, i dont mind doing this, however I would like to know how to get the ATC to allow me to decide my point of decent and how to use the atc in conjunction with my SIDS and STARS. I'm looking at these ATC addons: - VoxATC - PRO-ATC/X - RADAR CONTACT V4.3 Which one would be the best for the most realistic effect of ATC? I am also interest in VATSIM, however I don't have the time or space for myself talking to a computer with other people around. Cheers,
  20. I cannot get autopilot to engage for the ngx. The button will click down, come back up but not engage autopilot, nor will the green bar show as if it is engaged. PLEASE HELP! Avery Hammerman
  21. PMDG 737 NGX Module features: Most of controls are accessible for assignment Most of actions are indicated on VRi MCP display Most of controls have ON/OFF/TOGGLE/CYCLE actions available Download: PMDG 737 module version 4.15b Requires LINDA 3.1.x or later to work correctly Release Notes: Compatibility with VRInsight MCP Original, Combo II (Boeing) and Airbus FCU panels. Added new overhead functions and main panel switches. All buttons now animated. Tested on with Prepar3D v3.2. See Functions list and ReadMe files. PLEASE USE SUPPORT SUB-FORUM FOR ALL QUERIES AND ISSUES WITH MODULE. Installation notes: Download and unzip it and place the two folders into: */Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Modules Say "yes" if he'd like to overwrite anything Your current Combo settings wouldn't be overwritten, but you find in Modules\linda-cfg\aircrafts\PMDG 737NGX files named *.default. name them to *.lua to use them. Changelog: 4.14 --> 4.15 Changes ident.lua simfolder to PMDG*737#NGXu 4.12 --> 4.14 Allows PMDG 737NGX module to coexist with new PMDG 737NGXu module 4.11 --> 4.12 changed GSX door automation. You have to use GSX Lib now! Important: read more here! fixed typo and added seat/signs toggle, thanks RAZERZ 4.10 --> 4.11 added functions for EFIS ND mode and range 4.9 --> 4.10 fixed Ground Power switch operation. 4.8 --> 4.9 fixed Weather Radar panel buttons fixed MCP display for Wx Rdr Gain & Tilt decrement display (4.9b) 4.7 --> 4.8 some fixes reworked Ground connections (on/off/toggle) (users have to assign them new) added GSX Door function you can disable the GSX door function by uncommenting the function GSX_Door_Service () inside the timer function 4.6 --> 4.7 fixed issue with CVR and Cabin Seat lights. 4.5 --> 4.6 fixed display of Flap and Gear position on ground added Cockpit Voice Recorder button functions (NGX_CVR_test and NGX_CVR_erase) 4.4 --> 4.5 fixed incorrect rotation of EFIS ND Mode knob 4.3 --> 4.4 fixed FO's CRS knob functions fixed issue with responsiveness of SPD, HDG, ALT and V/S knob functions fixed Speed Reference display error (NGX_SPDREF_MODE_show) fixed Speed Reference cycle display (NGX_SPDREF_MODE_cycle) added Speed Reference value display (no MCP panels) fixed NGX_LIGHTS_toggle function 'nil' error 4.2 --> 4.3 added MFD Selector buttons (NGX_MFD_SELECTOR_sys, eng & c/r) added Speed Reference selector and knob (see NGX_SPDREF_show, _calc, _inc, _dec, _cycle, _set, _auto,_v1, _vr, _wt, _vref & _arrow and NGX_SPDREF_inc & _dec) added N1 Set selector and knob (see NGX_N1SET_MODE_show, _calc, _inc, _dec, _cycle, _2, _1, auto & _both, and NGX_N1SET_inc & _dec) added Fuel Flow Rate switch (NGX_FUELFLOW_reset & _used) updated Lights switch (NGX_LIGHTS_dim, _bright, _test, _TEST_toggle, _cycle & _toggle) added AP/AT Disengage switch (NGX_AP_TEST_DISENGAGE_1, _ 2 & _off) added Inertial Reference System (IRS) knob position functions (see NGX_IRS_both_off, _align, _nav & _att) shortened Air Temperature Source function names (see NGX_AIRTEMP_show, _inc, _dec, _cycle, _SCnt, _SFwd, _SAft, _CFwd, _CAft, _PckL & _PckR) added Trim Air toggle function (NGX_TRIMAIR_toggle) added All Warnings Cancellation user.txt file removed to avoid overwriting existing user file. 4.1 --> 4.2 fixed issue with Capt's EFIS MINS and BARO modes 3.4 --> 4.1 See functions list text for all implemented functions All buttons and knobs are now fully animated updated code for many functions and reformatted for readability split NGX_APU_Start_or_ShowEGT into 2 separate functions - NGX_APU_ShowEGT and NGX_APU_Start improved Flight Altitude & Landing Altitude synchronization added Flight Altitude functions (NGX_FLTINC_incfast & _decfast) added Landing Altitude functions (NGX_LandALT_incfast & _decfast) added new Air Temperature Control Overhead Panel functions (see NGX_AIRTEMP_SOURCE_show, _inc, _dec, _cycle, _SCnt, _SFwd,_SAft, _CFwd, _CAft, _PckL & _PckR) added Engine Start Knob functions (NGX_ENGx_START_inc, _dec & _cycle) added new Bus Transfer functions (NGX_BUS_TRANS_off, _on & _Auto)
  22. is it common that when we insert a flight plan with too many waypoints, we suffer from low fps? I use p3d v4.5.1 and when i try to file a flightplan from a place to my home airport VNKT with RNV02 approach (this approach has too many waypoints) my FPS comes down to below 10 in both PMDG 777 and 737 but when i use a VOR DME approach it stays normal, please help i dont wanna fly to my home airport with 6fps :( may i know is it only me suffering this or every one, to test set arrival airport as VNKT and RNV02 and see if the same magic happens to you I had tried this tweak but didnt work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEtXkQqdbic Thank you
  23. Hi there, I am running prepar3d with the PMDG add-on for 737-800. The tanks are always full and I cannot adjust the fuel amount in the tanks. If I insert "0" or any other value in the fuel menu, the amount is readjusted, but if I return to flying, I still have full tanks... Any help is highly appreciated! Greetings Berni
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