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Found 63 results

  1. HI, I bought P3d v5 a few weeks ago and recently purchased the 777 base and all expansions, but when i try to install liveries through pmdg operations center, i get this error that is linked. I don't know how to fix it please help! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dFA9TgRXJuvq37Xj5J4mWNOXoXbjTOtW/view?usp=sharing Regards, TG90
  2. Hello guys: I was wondering how to set sq to C mode on IVAP using the aircraft TCAS (without touching IVAP) is that possible? I tried to switch the aircraft TCAS to TA/RA but IVAPs sq still on STBY, any ideas? thanks.
  3. I won't be making changes to this baby sorry its perfect !
  4. PMDG Team could you take alook at the graphics on the arm and the engine of the BA please as it appears blury the rest are fine just the BA one. Not sure if its supposed to be like that.. Thanks Stevo
  5. Does ChasePlane fix the longstanding FSX VC camera bug? I mean the bug which causes the VC camera in large aircraft (777/747 etc) to move considerably based on heading, altitude, and latitude. I don't have ChasePlane yet, and I've been unable to find such a fix listed on the feature list. But it seems to me that, given the complete control it has over the camera, it ought to be possible to build eye-point compensation for this very annoying bug into ChasePlane? Has this been done, or are you contemplating doing this in a future version? Thanks, Farley
  6. Some shots taken with PMDG's great 777 at a flight from Aerosoft's PANC to FSDT's CVYR. All above ORBX’s Southern Alaska and Pacific Northwest Sceneries and some REX textures combined with the latest version of OPUS running in the background (i switch occasionally between ASN and OPUS currently, as i enjoy both engines very much). Furthermore in use: DX10 as provided by Steve's great DX10 fixer, FSDT’s GSX and SweetFX. Everyone, please enjoy! Cheers, Christoph Checking winds and weather and crosschecking the data with the numbers from the OFP as calculated by PFPX in advance prior to the flight. Looking quite okay so far i think. Some view from the outside now again. And into the approach. I must not forget to set the Seat Belts properly next time! :lol: No kidding: There was some rain, but… it stopped just a few seconds before i took this shot. Sorry for the wiper here now, but i was not able to turn it off quickly enough and after i did so, i focused on the final stages of landing rather than taking screenshots. Welcome to CYVR!
  7. One first try in uploading screenshots here. A shot captured while on final into CYVR at night. Please enjoy! Cheers, Christoph
  8. FGZND

    License key

    I installed 777PMDG I my computer, and I have also installed FSX on my notebook.Was wondering if the same license that works both received. thank you!
  9. Name: 777 Crosswinds KIAD (FSX) Category: MS FSX Videos Date Added: 29 November 2013 - 05:54 PM Submitter: doog79 Short Description: A little crosswind practice at KIAD in the PMDG 777. Winds 18kts gusting 22 Just a little video of me getting some crosswind practice in the PMDG 777-200LR. No fancy editing this time. Winds were 18kts gusting 22kts. Autopilot off at 1600ft. This is the last video from my failing GTX580. EVGA 770 on the way and a lot more videos in the future. Addons Flightbeam KIAD picked up in the black Friday sale, PMDG 777, REX Essentials OD Thanks for watching Doogie View Video
  10. Hello i have been looking around on the pics and vids that are available to us to see if PMDG have modelled the nose from the VC. Not very important as the aircraft is beautiful but could someone shed some light on this for me please. Basically sometimes personally i like to sit on the dash and just pear over the nose, nice angel and i wondered if this has been done like on the NGX. ? Thanks Stevo
  11. arunptl99


    Whist at the gate I press control J to have a gate come to the PMDG 777 however the gate only comes a few meters from the entry 2 door, it comes nowhere near the door. Is there a fix for this? Thanks, Arun
  12. I want to know if my mailbox stolen by hackers leaked my PMDG777 KEY then he can activate to use it?
  13. Hi guys I am new here, but is there a possibility that different engined variants like the older GE90 - 74B or the PWs, Rolls Royce Trent 800s being developed for the PMDG 777? Is there also a possibility where older variants like the 300, 200 and the 200ER (I know the 300ER is WIP) would be developed? Yours sincerely Qian Zhe
  14. Hi all! Flew this a few months ago. It was my longest flight so far. Enjoy! Here is the full photo set. UAE226 as a PMDG B77W parked at gate in KSFO Yes, I know SFO usually uses the 01's for departures.. too bad. Climbing through the soup In cruise Sunrise on the next morning Arriving over the desert Landing in Dubai Done! System: -i5 2500k @ 4.7GHZ -16GB DDR3 RAM -GTX 970 @ 1080p -P3D running off a 250GB Samsung EVO SSD Addons used: -P3DV3.2 -Active Sky Next SP4 -REX 4 Texture direct -FS Real Time -GSX -EZDok 1.18.7 beta -ReShade 2.0 -Flight Beam KSFO HD -FlyTampa Dubai (most recent) -FreeMeshX North America -PMDG 777 + FS2Crew
  15. Hi Guys just a few shots of the short trip from Islamabad to Karachi. Nice eventful weather on takeoff and climb, even into cruise, but smooth sailing on the way down. Enjoy.
  16. Hi, I have recently purchased Active Sky Next and PMDG777. I have never be able to get the weather radar working, so thought I would see if my Simconnect is working ok..eg, does it connect between ASN and FSX and the PMDG 777 radar. Is there a way to see if this is working ok? what tell's me, "yep, it works ok"? I do know that the weather reports are downloaded to the FSX FMC ok from ASN. I have FSX. No network(one machine) I use win 7 64 bit With the latest registered version of FSUIPC, it fires up when FSX starts, it's log mentions SimConnect_Open succeeded:waiting to check version okay Trying to use SimConnect Acc/SP2 oct07 Running in Mic..Fl..Sim.. X version 10.0.61472.0 Initialising SimConnect data requests now So, this seems to say SimConnect is working as far as FSUIPC is concerned. I have reinstalled the FSX SDK. I have copies of two logs from.USERS,NAME,APPDATA,ROAMING,HIFI,ASN,FSX............ I have no idea what they mean? From ASN_SimConnectionsLog.txt HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. 3:18:15 PM:0544-FSX Connect Post Attempt: Instantiated = True / mConnected = False 3:18:15 PM:0544-FSX Connection Attempted 3:18:15 PM:0544-Post Connect FS_Connected = False 3:18:25 PM:0104-Pre Connect FS_Connected = False 3:18:25 PM:0104-FSX Connect Pre Attempt: Instantiated = True / mConnected = False 3:18:25 PM:0104-Sim general message:Sim Msg: fsx_simconnect is NOTHING ... 3:18:25 PM:0105-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Connection request sent ... 3:18:25 PM:0116-Sim general message:SimConnect Msg: Data request sent ... 3:18:25 PM:0117-FSX Connect Post Attempt: Instantiated = True / mConnected = False 3:18:25 PM:0118-FSX Connection Attempted 3:18:25 PM:0118-Post Connect FS_Connected = False 3:18:29 PM:0050-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Connected to FS 3:18:29 PM:0657-Sim general message:Sim Msg: Exception received: SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_ERROR From ASN_log.txt 3:16:41 PM:0908-Verifying Active Sky Next for FSX License 3:16:41 PM:0923-AppPath = D:\ASNext_FSX 3:16:41 PM:0923-AppDataPath = C:\Users\Geoff\AppData\Roaming\Hifi\ASNFSX\ 3:16:41 PM:0923-FSXPath = D:\FSX\ 3:16:41 PM:0923-FSXFlightPlansPath = C:\Users\Geoff\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files 3:16:41 PM:0923-FSXAppDataPath = C:\Users\Geoff\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX 3:16:41 PM:0939-ASConnect module load position was modified 3:16:41 PM:0939-ASConnect module installation/configuiration was successful 3:16:43 PM:0951-Wx Station Database loaded: 11903 station(s) 3:16:43 PM:0983-VOR station list initialized! 3:16:44 PM:0029-NDB station list initialized! 3:16:44 PM:0092-Airport station list initialized! 3:16:44 PM:0092-Weather station list initialized! 3:16:44 PM:0123-Loading previously loaded weather... 3:16:44 PM:0201-Bytes in bin section of extended data: 2686320 3:16:44 PM:0217-Map image provider initialized! 3:16:45 PM:0019-SimConnect found and initialized 3:16:45 PM:0059-Local client IP address: - Port: 19284 3:16:45 PM:0069-Weather read complete 3:16:45 PM:0139-SimConnect SP2 instantiated! 3:16:45 PM:0649-Current Version = 1.0.5410.16208 / Latest Official Version = 1.0.5410.16208 3:16:45 PM:0699-Downloading global weather data for 14/01/2015 (05Z)... 3:16:45 PM:0709-Scanning servers for best performance... 3:16:46 PM:0279-http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/ = 773ms 3:16:46 PM:0969-http://stratus.hifitechinc.com/ = 786ms 3:16:48 PM:0219-http://cirrus.hifitechinc.com/ = 1448ms 3:16:49 PM:0599-http://cumulus.hifitechinc.com/ = 1382ms 3:16:50 PM:0429-http://calvus.hifitechinc.com/ = 829ms 3:16:50 PM:0429-Best server: http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/ - 773ms 3:16:54 PM:0109-Using Client ID: A997B8F16FD64E50F14A860531C2FC07 3:17:01 PM:0273-Start Download Content License Result Check 3:17:01 PM:0273-Content Length: 2641130 3:17:01 PM:0273-Finished Download Content License Result Check in 0 ms 3:17:01 PM:0273-Start Download File Output 3:17:01 PM:0289-Saving weather to disk 3:17:01 PM:0289-Finished Download File Output 3:17:01 PM:0289-Start Decrypt/Decompress 3:17:01 PM:0289-Populating weather stream with new data... 3:17:01 PM:0351-Bytes in bin section of extended data: 2686320 3:17:02 PM:0007-Weather read complete 3:17:02 PM:0022-Download complete 3:17:02 PM:0022-Downloading pireps for 14/01/2015 (05Z)... 3:17:02 PM:0022-Using Client ID: A997B8F16FD64E50F14A860531C2FC07 3:17:02 PM:0537-Pirep Data Received... 3:17:12 PM:0896-Loading previously loaded weather... 3:17:12 PM:0974-Bytes in bin section of extended data: 2686320 3:17:13 PM:0644-Weather read complete 3:17:13 PM:0660-World Magnetic Model has been loaded... 3:18:29 PM:0054-FSX connection established! 3:23:46 PM:0644-Building the theme... 3:23:47 PM:0230-Copying theme file and loading to the sim... 3:23:48 PM:0734-Set Mode to weather theme 3:23:48 PM:0734-Aircraft location on theme load: lat = S19° 15' 20.28" lon = E146° 46' 11.72" alt = 31 feet 3:23:48 PM:0734-Ground elevation at aircraft location on theme load: 16 3:23:48 PM:0735-Set dynamic rate: 0 3:23:49 PM:0091-Allocated new memory during radar array creation: 409600 3:23:49 PM:0093-Allocated new memory during radar array creation: 409600 3:23:49 PM:0094-Allocated new memory during radar array creation: 409600 3:32:13 PM:0637-Downloading global weather data for 14/01/2015 (05Z)... 3:32:13 PM:0637-Using current server: http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/ 3:32:13 PM:0637-Using Client ID: A997B8F16FD64E50F14A860531C2FC07 3:32:25 PM:0455-Start Download Content License Result Check 3:32:25 PM:0456-Content Length: 2641159 3:32:25 PM:0456-Finished Download Content License Result Check in 1.0001 ms 3:32:25 PM:0456-Start Download File Output 3:32:25 PM:0459-Saving weather to disk 3:32:25 PM:0460-Finished Download File Output 3:32:25 PM:0460-Start Decrypt/Decompress 3:32:25 PM:0460-Populating weather stream with new data... 3:32:25 PM:0529-Bytes in bin section of extended data: 2686320 3:32:26 PM:0192-Weather read complete 3:32:26 PM:0296-Download complete 3:32:26 PM:0297-Downloading pireps for 14/01/2015 (05Z)... 3:32:26 PM:0297-Using Client ID: A997B8F16FD64E50F14A860531C2FC07 3:32:26 PM:0822-Pirep Data Received... 3:32:28 PM:0762-Building the theme... 3:32:29 PM:0484-Copying theme file and loading to the sim... 3:32:30 PM:0986-Theme reloaded 3:32:30 PM:0986-Aircraft location on theme load: lat = S19° 15' 20.30" lon = E146° 46' 11.78" alt = 31 feet 3:32:30 PM:0987-Ground elevation at aircraft location on theme load: 16 Any ideas would be very welcome, as I am a complete novice "under the hood" Regards
  17. Hi Bryan, just a few things for 1.2 - if possible please: 1. You kindly granted my request for the various voice control measures for "DISPLAY CHKL" etc. Can you also create a "DISPLAY CLEAR" - that way we can have the FO clear the display completely. 2. Can we have the FO update the Altimeter scale on the ground at the gate (with engines running) - nb: I usually fly the 777 with default PMDG engines running at gate at start up. 3. Can you allow the Departure Brief (voice control) to be initiated with engines on at the gate prior to Before Taxi / Flaps Call? (Currently, as I understand it, you can only do so with engines OFF and FO will acknowledge your commands/voice prompt) Much appreciated.
  18. I am asking this question here due to the fact that I have too many variables to put it any of the specific forums. Recently I purchased the 777 from PMDG and the supporting voice control from FS2crew. Around the same time I added ASN to my FSX experience. The issue I am having is that upon touchdown at my destination airport (PHNL primarily due to the low strain on my CPU) once the nose wheel touches down I start hearing an audible "bing" from my computer. As I taxi in it eventually causes my session of FSX to crash. I have tried changing the settings to stop this, initially believing it was ASN downloading on landing but have not isolated it. I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue? With the numerous addons and the updates and patches I have no idea where to start. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Hi guys: I don't know if its me or probably more people are experiencing problems with their PMDG 777, as it loads to FSX Steam, all the electrics are off and unable to use them, because the buttons are unusable. Im also unable to even use the throttle, or anything on the aircraft. Has anyone come with a solution, as why the software is behaving like that?? Irving Vargas Mendoza
  20. hi guys i am huge fan of pmdg but i just bought the pmdg 777 and i found alot of bugs also does anyones when pmdg 777 going land and the plane says 20 and u put ur throttle to idle and flare when it thouches the ground its throttle will gain power by itself and takeoff again but i see is that i did not off the autothrottle i thought pmdg will off by itself by the way i using ils app does any one know how to fix it if know please share thanks you so much for reading this
  21. Hello guys: I was wondering how to set sq to C mode on IVAP using the aircraft TCAS (without touching IVAP) is that possible? I tried to switch the aircraft TCAS to TA/RA but IVAPs sq still on STBY, any ideas? thanks.
  22. Hi ! At First i would thank PMDG for their wonderful "Triple seven" i am a newbie at this forum, so i beg your parden. i was looking for a trouble shooting topic for he 777, but i was not able to find anything(maybe i am still to newbie)But anyway, recently reinstalled FSX from my C: drive to my D: drive. I then tried to reinstall PMDG from my computer. There started my problems. i couldn´t uninstalll it. i could´t remove it either remove it, or do anything. People will now believe that I have done illegal things, but i have bought it from PMDG. so i need some help here. Thanks Vegard
  23. Hey guys! I've been having a very annoying issue with my PMDG 777 lately. On all my last 5 long haul flights, I am experiencing a constant and slow reduction of my fuel remaining at my destination. I am planning all my flights with real time weather in PFPX and activesky. By comparing the estimated wind forecast in the OFP and the actual wind in the sim, I can tell that they match very closely. I already read this: and changed the battery of my motherboard. - doesn't help. I have around 2000 hours in the sim with the PMDG 777 and never had this issue before. Does anybody have an idea about what's going on? Please help me I don't how to continue.
  24. Dillon1431


    Hi, i just baught the PMDG 777 for P3D, and the problem is whenever I try to change a frequency with a .22 in it, there is no way to get to the .22. Example on Gatwick, APPR is 125.22, but the 777 frequency jump from .20, to .25. Any tips? Dillon Lifrieri
  25. Hi guys, I am trying to adjust the pax nbrs/figures for the 777-200. I want to cram 308 pax into the 200, but there are only 234 in the aircraft! I think I just need to adapt the weight for the classes, right? But if I make the math I am getting 134lbs per pax in the Eco and that's not right. When I adapt the weight, for example no first class, does it show in FMC also 0 for first class? How can I adapt those figures for C48 Y260?? Thanks for any tips Greetings
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