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  1. wolke85

    Holy smokes!

    Understandable, however: Although the resolution of orthos is important, i honestly think that the resolution here ain't that bad. It is sufficient and offers a well balanced compromise in regards to price and file size. I for sure will continue using great tools such as Ortho4XPlane or so butas my spare time is limited, i honestly rather enjoy flying around in the sim than fiddling around with any of these (great) tools longer than necessary ... therefore i very much welcome developers offering overall(!) convincing scenery packages for X-Plane, no matter if they are based on photoreal layers or landclass based. If based on photoreal layers though, i also expect colourcorrection to be done accordingly, roads and autogen to appear in a convincing manner and 3D-objects to be modelled carefully. Now all of this is the case here and will be available for an overall reasonable price. No more - but - no less either in my opinion. Cheers
  2. wolke85

    Holy smokes!

    ... the autogen looks alright here in this video i think, and even more convincing at the preview-screenshots shown at the ORBX forums. Sure there is always more that could be (and/or should be) done, but so far this scenery looks very good. I honestly do not care whether X-Plane needs or does not need ORBX as i welcome every developer providing scenery (and/or any other add-on/s) for X-Plane. And, back on topic: In my opinion, so far this scenery package here appears to become one of the most consistent ones available for X-Plane regarding price, size and quality. Only my two cents here though. Cheers
  3. wolke85

    My new address.

    Looking great! Where did You capture this one? Cheers
  4. Good luck Andras - all the very best for your future. Thank You very much indeed for all your time and effort that went into your fantastic "AlpilotX" releases for X Plane. Thank You very, very much! Cheers, Christoph
  5. wolke85

    Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator news

    Thanks for sharing the link to the interview here Jeroen. Cheers, Chris
  6. wolke85

    Wind Tamer...

    Interesting. Will look forward trying it out - and also remain hoping that Laminar will get this "issue" fixed.
  7. wolke85

    Live Streaming of "every inch" of Earth Coming Soon

    It is (as many other issues related to environment) - maybe not that much of a problem in the US and its shores, but in many other areas worldwide it really has a noticeably negative impact - economically and ecologically: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illegal,_unreported_and_unregulated_fishing And that "new" tech here - well, although it was forseeable that one day something like this would evolve, it certainly looks and sounds somehow scary indeed.
  8. It sure will be a fantastic journey! Looking very much forwrad to theses sceneries!
  9. wolke85

    Netherlands countryside.

    Great shots again here Filou!
  10. wolke85

    Friday Harbor to Cle Elum

    A super package of great shots - stunning views, nice little airports... Sure looks like a fantastic flight here James! Thank You very much for sharing!
  11. wolke85

    Meigs by Orbx

    great shots of a great scenery. greatgood to see ORBX working on X-Plane now too. and greatgood to see that there is much more to come in here in the future: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/150659-orbx-and-x-plane-releases-in-2018/
  12. ILS at YBCG - not yet, but on schedule: http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/projects/gold-coast-ils/
  13. Wonderful captures here again James. Remember though: Stay focused on flying - not on the ladies and their phones and try to see it pragmatic: Generation X, Generation Y ... if all goes wrong we may all come together happily again here somewhere in our flightsim world