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  1. Now that was a great video to watch! Thanks for posting it here! I don't understand it either why posting this image while adding some "funny" comments to it was necessary. I mean come on chaps – making fun about some people's looks here on Avsim now? Regarding the movie itself – not sure, if TG 2 will be on my "must see list", but who knows, maybe for the sake of it.
  2. Regarding the Tesla which burnt in Austria, it was due to cable fire, if i recall the news correctly and the batteries were not damaged At all. Other than that i think that Tesla was either very cautious about letting anyone get to close to their batteries for whatever reasons of product piracy or so, or it simply was some bad kind of technical support and customer service... i guess though that this kind of behaviour will happen less in the future, once there are more battery driven cars around, but sure it was a bit of a strange behaviour by Tesla. Now regarding the co2 levels and climate change being a big problem, well: lets face the challenges ahead! And we have to start somewhere to move on and get forward. And as this Beaver on top here clearly demonstrates - although, no doubt, being early stages and still lots of work ahead - scientific and technological progress already has to offer a lot ... so lets make use of it🙂
  3. True. But in all fairness: literally all fossile fuels are an environmental desaster too. In the end the source with the lesser impact on the environment should be preferred i think. And the development of batteries is still early stages here so i remain confident that there is lots of potential for optimising still to be discovered. But sure, also lots of lessons yet need to be learned before a real sustainable and convincing solution will be on the table. But at least it seems to be heading in a good direction.
  4. Now that's cool! I agree: the old engines and all that will be missed, but seeing the de Havilland Beaver and eventually other aircraft, which were originally designed almost ages ago, to continue flying in the future with state of the art engines by then, is something that makes me a very happy camper too!
  5. My government did not tell me anything regarding this matter. Not sure what "your government" or your president or whoever may have told you. I really don't care. I am just living here on earth with my family and friends - as all the others of us and i am not willing to leave a devasted environment to my following generations. The earth's climate is changing whith temperatures rising much faster than ever before in all of earth's history due to the release of large scales of greenhouse gases into earth's atmosphere since the beginning of humankind's industrial age. That's a scientific fact. There are proper ways to react to this - let's simply call it progress. Obviously though, trying to defend some kind of life-style which dates back to the 19th/20th century or whatever it is while using statements such as "your government telling you..." and "globale warming is a joke" seems tempting for some... as a matter of fact though, this attitude really offers very little to nothing for adressing problems on earth here and now - and in the future ...sometimes i wonder how we managed to get aircraft into the air, or rockets into space if it is all "a joke" and if science is all so wrong... By the way, wasn't this thread supposed to be about X-Plane, until you obviously had the urgent need to share your political views? This is avsim, i have better things to do too, so i am out here now as well.
  6. Flightsim only here. Thank you. Now why not swim back to Fox news or whatever chanel suits you best and be happy there in your bubble of ignorance?
  7. The JF 152 is a great airplane and i'd recommend over the Carenado 152, which clearly shows its age by now compared to the JF 152 model.
  8. And yet it is one thing to critise a news article for instance by telling what there may be wrong or incorrect or whatsoever in a constructive manner, or by simply blaming an entire news channel by simply calling it all to be "fake...", a phrase that is very much poltically associated these days. Nithing wrong to undertake constructive criticism on media coverage, but it is something very different to just consider it all "fake". My two cents here. Otherwise a very constructive thread really.
  9. ... seriously now? Indeed, can we please leave that "fake... blablabla" remarks as used by wink207 aside and rather continue keeping this discussion reasonable as it used to be. That would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  10. According to wikipedia the pilot of Ethiopian flight 302 was flying with the airline for ten years and had logged a total of 8,231 flight hours. The first officer was a recent graduate with 200 flight hours logged. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethiopian_Airlines_Flight_302#cite_note-re20190310-25
  11. Understandable, however: Although the resolution of orthos is important, i honestly think that the resolution here ain't that bad. It is sufficient and offers a well balanced compromise in regards to price and file size. I for sure will continue using great tools such as Ortho4XPlane or so butas my spare time is limited, i honestly rather enjoy flying around in the sim than fiddling around with any of these (great) tools longer than necessary ... therefore i very much welcome developers offering overall(!) convincing scenery packages for X-Plane, no matter if they are based on photoreal layers or landclass based. If based on photoreal layers though, i also expect colourcorrection to be done accordingly, roads and autogen to appear in a convincing manner and 3D-objects to be modelled carefully. Now all of this is the case here and will be available for an overall reasonable price. No more - but - no less either in my opinion. Cheers
  12. ... the autogen looks alright here in this video i think, and even more convincing at the preview-screenshots shown at the ORBX forums. Sure there is always more that could be (and/or should be) done, but so far this scenery looks very good. I honestly do not care whether X-Plane needs or does not need ORBX as i welcome every developer providing scenery (and/or any other add-on/s) for X-Plane. And, back on topic: In my opinion, so far this scenery package here appears to become one of the most consistent ones available for X-Plane regarding price, size and quality. Only my two cents here though. Cheers
  13. Looking great! Where did You capture this one? Cheers
  14. Good luck Andras - all the very best for your future. Thank You very much indeed for all your time and effort that went into your fantastic "AlpilotX" releases for X Plane. Thank You very, very much! Cheers, Christoph
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