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  1. MarioDonick

    S50 to KPAE

    Flying in the Seattle area with Drzewiecki's scenery for airport and city, and our own C42.
  2. MarioDonick

    Pilot Figures under aircraft

    The plugin is not loading. 1. Either you have not all required Microsoft C++ libs installed 2. Or you did not activate the plane with your serial 3. Or you did not re-open the plane after activation
  3. MarioDonick

    Ikarus C42C

    Oh. Are there any XP airports available?
  4. MarioDonick

    Ikarus C42C

    Oh, flying that plane in such a weather with such terrain might be critical in real life *gg* Is this xEnviro?
  5. MarioDonick

    Ikarus C42C

    Nice 🙂 Where is this? looks like ForkBoy's US photo scenery?
  6. MarioDonick

    Ikarus C42C

    Oh, cool, thanks for pointing out our release 🙂
  7. Here's a short video of a short flight my instructor and myself made a few days ago (sorry, captions are German only):
  8. On August 6th I will do my first long real-world flight, after 17 hours of traffic pattern training and short flights near the home airport. In a C42C, my flight instructor and myself will fly from Magdeburg to Rostock, i.e. from the center of Germany to the north, near the Baltic Sea, and back again. Overall, we'll be in the air for about 3 to 4 hours (depending on ground speed) and cover a total distance of about 240 nm (or 430 km, which sounds even more). Hopefully outside temperatures will be a bit lower than last week where we had about 38 °C (100 °F). Still, all the nice green you'll see on the screenshots below is not the real state currently. Instead, everything is a dry yellow and brown since several weeks (which you can see in this video). Addons used: Ortho4XP-generated photo textures SimHeaven EuropeXP 2 freeware Simmershome ETNL airport (Rostock-Laage) freeware WorldTraffic 3 payware upcoming vFlyteAir C42 C
  9. MarioDonick

    Monument Valley

    The mountains are great. But to be honest, the areas with buildings (concrete, grass, ...) do look quite artificial. There needs to be more clutter to make the hard texture edges look more natural...
  10. MarioDonick

    Sky! clouds! Earth!

    Great picture. Thanks for using this livery...
  11. MarioDonick

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    This statement is surprising me a bit. The FF A320 does all of its calculations outside X-Plane. Things like REP (in approach similar to AccuSim, albeit not yet in scope) do a lot of their simulation in their own plugins, overriding X-Plane's own limitations.
  12. Which XP11 version do you use?
  13. MarioDonick

    Nils-D BK-117 works in XP-11??

    Is this new in XP 11? Or was it this way in XP 10, too?
  14. MarioDonick

    vFlyteAir SR20 Released

    I see, you want to use landscape oriented charts. This is not so easily possible, because the expected image size is fixed: 675 pixels width, 1035 pixels height. The charts feature is really just a gimmick. I can't really hear a difference in the ADF sound and volume compared to our own plane. Do you use our virtual headphones (center console)?
  15. MarioDonick

    vFlyteAir SR20 Released

    No. User charts were always meant to be customizable by you, the user, in exactly the way mentioned in the manual. In v2.6 of the plane we introduced the auto updater for the plane. This updater compares all the files with a master copy on an update server. If a local file is different from the one on the update server, the updater will download that file from the server, to ensure you always have the most recent version. Which files are affected by this is defined in the file "fileList.txt". We accidentally (!) included the user charts in this list. It's a mistake. Will be fixed.