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  1. Use it with REP (just updated for XP 11.10), then all is fine.
  2. I already posted a link above where you can see new autogen:
  3. Ehm ... I am not Laminar (in case you asked me, because you quoted something that was directed at me), I just posted the release notes when I found them... (I guess this is the danger when people get off topic).
  4. Here:
  5. This is awesome! This brings this half-finished default jet to a whole new level! Now we only need a decent sound set :D
  6. A big update for the Arrow III incl. RealityXP support, and after that an Ikarus C42 ultra light. Other planes will get more updates, too.
  7. Changelog: Updated translation files for select languages. New & updated art assets. PFD & GPS improvements. XPD-8610 MD-82 barber pole and the speed selected bug disappears. XPD-8650 G1000 No way to escape from Direct-To page. XPD-8653 G1000 PFD Diret-to button does not work in some cases. XPD-8654 G1000 CLR button does not work like a BACK button or escape button. XPD-8655 G1000 CLR button does not work correctly on the NRST pages. XPD-8659, XPD-8647 Cirrus Jet fixes. XPD-8662 Restores 11.05 auto-gyro behavior. XPD-8665 Wrong autopilot state after engaging VNAV with AP and GPS override. XPD-8666 Added coarse 8.33 kHz datarefs. XPD-8667 No or partial shadow casting in version 11.10r1. XPD-8668 G1000 Autopilot behavior is incorrect with G1000 system failures. XPD-8669, XPD-8444 Fixed moon lighting. XPD-8671 Latest airport library & objects. XPD-8695, XPD-8526, XPD-8690 OBS fixed.
  8. Maybe refer to that bug number and write it again (maybe also to Ben), because if they _think_ they fixed it already, they might overlook it for 10.20 ;)
  9. In beta 7 something like this was mentioned as fixed bug: "XPD-8408 All prop aircraft with CW rotating props roll right inflight." Is this a different one? If so, is your observation reported already?
  10. Release notes are now updated: Release Candidate 1 Fixed night lighting in .ter files. Fixed colored metals for spot lights as well as sun. Updated translations for Italian, Spanish & French. XPD-7574 Hold brakes left & right now function. XPD-8007 Clouds don’t scale well on 21:9 monitors, look blurry and low-res. XPD-8089 Boeing 747-400 Speedbrake Toggle works. XPD-8152 Bug report: XPLMSetFMSEntryLatLon – inAltitude not stored. XPD-8185 PT6 wrong ITT (no peak) during start. XPD-8349 Turn coordinator ball reversed on Beech King Air. XPD-8414 Fix to C172 G1000 Electrical Bus. XPD-8429 Fire bell keeps ringing even after deploying fire extinguisher and cutting fuel mixture. XPD-8451 Corrected C172SP engine EGT gauge. XPD-8458 FMS brackets [ ] are still visible after finishing a flight and turning off all electricity. XPD-8468 Upgraded C172 autopilot constants. XPD-8479 Crash with multiplayer replay. XPD-8480 Crash when viewing replay that blows up a networked plane. XPD-8489 B737-800 EGT stuck on 150 on engine shutdown. XPD-8491 Fixed convert to current version text. XPD-8519 Improvements to helicopter flight model. XPD-8546, XPD-8563 C172 altitude hold fix. XPD-8548 Fix for typed wind speeds reverting to 1 kt. XPD-8571 Mismatched Network Roles Causes Crashes/dev asserts. XPD-8581 Tower view sometimes goes to wrong airport. XPD-8588 Flap overspeed message with helicopter. XPD-8593, XPD-8614 Fuel flow when engines off in 737s. XPD-8600 Panel brightness reset on every flight start. XPD-8604 Fixed clicking in 2-d panel pop-up gauges. XPD-8611 Fix for inability to drag deer in the map. XPD-8613 Fix for click targets of the table being offset, such that it was impossible to click the “add assignment” button. XPD-8621 Improved debugging to try to track down the HID crash at launch on macOS.
  11. These are for 11.00. Release notes for 11.10 are here: Takes sometimes a few days until they are current.
  12. Very good update. I think every airport should have some 3D people on it, it adds so much to atmosphere. Also thanks a lot for the WT files. Although I somehow can't get WT to generate GA traffic (at every airport. I'm using AFRE and do not generate additional random flight, but have the necessary checkbox checked and the GA slider at about 50%...)
  13. Make sure that in the X-Box app DVR is off: The Windows update switches it on (if it was off before), and this can have a noticable performance impact.
  14. The objective should be to have responsible computer users who understand what all the shiny colorful user interfaces they are touching all day are actually doing for them (and in a wider context, what algorithms are doing to their data), and that it is GOOD to have manual access and control over computers they are using. I also prefer a simple GUI, but thankfully I also know how to get along without one, and I am also thankful that my PC still ALLOWS me to do so. I have already nightmares of a future where this access is not permitted anymore.
  15. In some cases this can be part of the issue, both for one-man-projects and for team efforts. This affects a lot of areas. From my own experience, these are at least the following: The first area are the development skills. One can often see in which areas a developer is capable and in which he's not. In some cases, over time, a team builds around this developer, adding skills in the areas which formerly were lacking, improving product quality. One can see this nicely, when subsequent products are better than their predecessors. My favorite example in this regard is Aerobask, whose modelling skills got better with each release, and also made a HUGE step forward when Lionel joined them with his model of the SkyView avionics. The second area is all about soft skills, and this is not just about being polite, patient and timely. To do proper customer support, the person responsible for support needs to translate between customers and developers, which is esp. important in "extreme" cases. Some customers are not able or not willing to express their requests in a way that can be understood by developers. For such customers it's often "It does not work, I paid a lot of money, fix it now!". In these cases the supports person has to be able and to be willing to help the customers express their request in a useable way. Other customers may be the contrary -- they might have even more technical knowledge (or, in case of X-Plane, flying knowledge) than the supports person; their request may be very detailed and even affect things the developers never even thought about. With both customer types, it's tempting to simply tell them "no, you are wrong" or "we don't support this", to avoid bothering with the request, but of course this was bad customer service. In fact, in my experience (I'm doing customer support both for X-Plane and non-X-Plane related things) these customers may very well have a valid point, even if the supports person does not understand the request fully yet. In these cases, time has to be spent to find a mutual understanding and, in the end, either offer a solution, or a clear explanation. The third are is economic knowledge / skills, esp. if one wants to go "pro" at one point. If it's just a hobby, it's not so important if one sells twenty or ninety planes in a month, and how revenues and expenditures are related. But if it starts to get professional, this gets very critical. You need regular income that has to be high enough to pay yourself, your team members and cover all the other costs, plus taxes. Your product needs to be good enough that people want to pay for it. If you have many customers, you can't spend hours for just one customer request, but your customer support still needs to be good enough that people come back to you and spread positive word about you and your product. You have to decide how long you support a product with free updates, when you start focusing on new projects, or start charging money for updates. This is esp. difficult for X-Plane, because the simulator itself constantly changes and products require updates regularly. These areas are all related and need to be in balance. One important factor for this relation is the priority of the X-Plane project vs. other jobs and "real" life. One-man projects often indeed start as hobby projects. Often, these developers have a main job which has to be the top priority. And sometimes this can be the case for months, sometimes in an unforseeable way. You think you can do the support work, but suddenly you notice that you can't, because you need to be in the office, and also to sleep, eat and care about your family. Then it's good to be part of a team, where others can take care about things you can't. Many team projects, though, also started as hobby projects. Sometimes customers assume that such teams sit in a nice office building working together from 9 to 5, and having dedicated customer support staff, but often these teams consist of freelancers scattered all over the world, working at different times, and basically having the same "fate" as one-man projects (esp. having other jobs, either besides X-Plane or within X-Plane, but for other clients). All in all, it's not easy ^^