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  1. vFlyteAir SR20 Released

    I see, you want to use landscape oriented charts. This is not so easily possible, because the expected image size is fixed: 675 pixels width, 1035 pixels height. The charts feature is really just a gimmick. I can't really hear a difference in the ADF sound and volume compared to our own plane. Do you use our virtual headphones (center console)?
  2. vFlyteAir SR20 Released

    No. User charts were always meant to be customizable by you, the user, in exactly the way mentioned in the manual. In v2.6 of the plane we introduced the auto updater for the plane. This updater compares all the files with a master copy on an update server. If a local file is different from the one on the update server, the updater will download that file from the server, to ensure you always have the most recent version. Which files are affected by this is defined in the file "fileList.txt". We accidentally (!) included the user charts in this list. It's a mistake. Will be fixed.
  3. vFlyteAir SR20 Released

    Hi paulsk, well, I guess we overlooked the fact that the user charts should be customizable and therefore not be included in auto updates when we created the file list for the updater (fileList.txt). We have to update this list obviously. Image size of the custom png files has to be about 675x1035 pixels. If the images are smaller (or if the size is correct, but you have a border around the actual content), it will not fill the area. This does not lead to SR20 images, but a "shared with Carenado" folder. Wrong link maybe? I don't think we use a custom sound for ADF. Is it louder in the default C172? By the way, its better to report bugs in our own forums. I stumbled upon this here just by accident.
  4. Xplane global scenery

    No :D Well, makes sense.
  5. Xplane global scenery

    Question: What is the advantage? Why should I download and install the same tile in two versions? Just to avoid thinking about which tiles I need and which I don't (i.e. easier installation)?
  6. Xplane global scenery

    No. Although you can have more than one mesh for the same region installed, X-Plane will only use the one which has the highest priority in the scenery_packs.ini. So if you want to use UHD mesh for the regions it is available for, it would be a waste of HDD space to also have installed HD mesh for the same region. Please also note that "mesh" in X-Plane is a bit different than in P3D. In X-Plane, the mesh is not just the height model of the world, but includes also all the information on rivers, streets, power lines, railroads, and so on, and all the landclass information. Also, photo scenery (Ortho4XP) is ALSO a mesh of its own. It's just that this mesh has photo textures attached. And you should make sure you have enough RAM (officially, alpilotx always says, at least 16 GB and better 32 GB for HD mesh, and 32 GB or better 64 GB for UHD mesh, but you'll probably get along with less).
  7. High-quality small and slow aircraft for P3D v4

    I love my A2A Comanche. But these are still a different class :) I think I'll stick with the Eaglet for now. Even this is slightly heavier than an UL in Germany (at least now; but they plan to increase the MTOW to 600 kg this year), and has more instruments on the panel than I need, but it's fun to fly, and the dedication the developer has obviously spend on the model is admirable.
  8. High-quality small and slow aircraft for P3D v4

    Indeed. Even the demo version is very good and fully usable, and the price for the full version is way too low, imo.
  9. High-quality small and slow aircraft for P3D v4

    Thanks, but that's a based on a Cessna 206 -- a little bit too big and fast ;)
  10. High-quality small and slow aircraft for P3D v4

    No. I need an engine and a closed cabin. Simply what is called "ultra light" in Germany or LSA in other countries (but not the same a micro light, i.e. no trike or anything without cabin). Oh, this looks actually quite nice. And has a demo version, which I just installed...
  11. Hi all, can you recommend small and slow aircraft which work in P3D v4? In the real world, I'm learning flying in a Comco-Ikarus C42, but from what I hear, the P3D payware is not very good. Any similar alternatives? (For reference: A C172 is already too big and fast; also, no traildragger please). Would also be great if the panel comes WITHOUT artificial horizon.
  12. To all of you who complain about the loading time: Think a second about how X-Plane's scenery system works. You will then see that ANY texture-based seasons addon will have such loading times. Why? Because for seeing a change, X-Plane needs to reload the scenery. And this scenery reload is what takes such a long time. You can compare for yourself: Use the "reload scenery" menu command from the X-Plane menu ("developer" section). It takes also that long. There are only two possibilities to change this behavior: Either Laminar changes how scenery is loaded (maybe in a way that not always the full amount of tiles is loaded, but maybe just the textures in next to your position, and the rest gets loaded in the background; similiar to the background load when you fly from one tile to another). Or Laminar finally introduces shader-based seasons (but I doubt this will come before X-Plane 12).
  13. TerraMaxx - Seasons for X-Plane

    No, I only have 4 GB.
  14. You can read this even in the official product description ;) Basically, TerraMaxx is a kind of texture replacement. It replaces X-Plane's default textures with colored ones (two variants for winter, one for autumn) and optionally adds a MaxxFX-like filter on the whole display. That's why they can't replace orthophotos, because how should they know which orthophotos you have installed? Color-adjusting them on the fly would not be very fast. The alternative approach is what Laminar wants to do in the (far?) future: Do seasons shader based, without the need for special textures.
  15. TerraMaxx - Seasons for X-Plane

    By the way, the TerraMAXX developer has released a free special version of his older UrbanMAXX v3, which makes use of TerraMAXX seasons. Looks like a good addition, to make urban ground terrain more interesting: