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  1. Yeah that's true. I wrote a while ago an article about simming benefits and problems: https://airfactsjournal.com/2021/06/desktop-flight-simulation-and-covid-how-it-helps-how-it-hinders/
  2. DC-6 in Meigs Field, in FS2004 livery. Runway is a bit short, but it worked. 😄
  3. I first misunderstood this thread and thought orbx airports had no ILS frequencies at all. Now I see it is just about autotuning them. Which is certainly a nice feature, but nowhere as critical as you make it sound in your slightly demanding manner in that thread...
  4. I landed on that red gravel strip you can see on the 4th picture. In YAYE, I simply looked in the GNS430 for some random airport about 100 nm away, without any preparation or knowing what that would be. It was very hard in long final to see the runway, but it worked fine. In the last picture I stand at the edge of the runway (turned 90°, runway runs behind the tail).
  5. i think you did not meant to quote me, but another posting?
  6. I had not time to watch the video, but there are two things two note which are mentioned in the official tutorial videos: PMDG says that on approach the throttle should not be touched anymore once set due to the engines not liking that, but instead one should use the flaps to keep the glideslope (vary between 30 and 50 degrees, as needed); maybe that could look like oscillations, but I think it is quite stable actually. And when using the autopilot approaching an altitude, one should softly reduce the climb/sink rate before engaging altitude hold, to avoid pitch oscillation when it holds the altitude. (But again, I did not watch the video, so I don't know how he is doing things.)
  7. Did not get a CTD with that mod in three full flights with the DC 6. Also works fine for me in other aircraft.
  8. You can use the PMS GNS 530 mod (which also mods the GNS430). GitHub - pimarc/pms50-gns530: Flight simulator 2020 GNS530 Mod
  9. And somehow it's like watching the inner child of George Clooney enjoying a new toy 😄
  10. Indeed. You have to develop a feel for the simulated airplane, instead of sticking too tightly to real-world experience. (Of course, avoid a wrong transfer when going back from the sim to reality 😉 ).
  11. Note I never suggested to blindly use tools like CCleaner. But I find it overkill to reinstall Windows if just one 3rd party software does not work anymore but everything else is fine. In such cases it's better in my experience to remove everything of that 3rd party app (incl its registry entries) and then try reinstalling that app.
  12. Here is my take on using flight sims for not forgetting everything when you can't fly in reality for a longer time: https://airfactsjournal.com/2021/06/desktop-flight-simulation-and-covid-how-it-helps-how-it-hinders/ (I wrote that before this thread started, and it is published now. It fits the topic quite well.)
  13. Which error message do you get when trying to reinstall these programs? Have you already tried the following for Creative Cloud? https://helpx.adobe.com/download-install/kb/failed-install-creative-cloud-desktop.html
  14. First of all I doubt that a Windows 10 reinstall is needed just because a few programs don't work anymore. Reinstalling an OS is some sort of desperate last resort. But if your Windows 10 itself is working fine, you should first simply uninstall the non-working 3rd party software and clean your registry. Check your drivers and make sure they are current and official. (And remove any dubious "optimization" software that might be installed...) This said, It would help to know which software does not work and since when. In case you reinstall Windows, you have to download MSFS again from where you bought it. If you bought it in the Microsoft store, make sure you use the same account data you had when you first bought it. MSFS is bound to your account, not your PC.
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