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  1. We sent them the update on December 24th and reminded them on January 5th. Maybe you should also contact them about it.
  2. I don't really know, as we are constantly busy with updating older aircraft and can't work on the C42 as fast as we wish. Maybe April.
  3. Our aircraft will all get the basic VR treatment, which involves changing the cockpit manipulators to be VR ready. But besides this, we are in fact using our current model-in-progress (the Ikarus C42) as research project on requirements, challenges and benefits of VR training for real-world flight training, esp. for small flying schools and clubs. Not for replacing flying, or for "typical" simulation, but for enhancing theory lessons, for de-briefings, for navigation planning etc. In last year's DeLFI conference (one of Germany's biggest e-learning conferences) I was already giving a talk about that.
  4. We sent the update to them. We'll check if they received it.
  5. I am obviously not Carenado, and I don't have any insights in their business except that I know Dan Klaue is a very nice guy and very dedicated, but I nevertheless can understand why at some place such business decisions become necessary. The more aircraft you have, the bigger the support effort becomes. This needs time and people who need to be paid regularly, at least if its a real business where people do that for their livings and not just as a part-time job with other (main) jobs securing their living. With just a small fleet, you can handle this by developing and selling new aircraft models and doing updates and support next to the new developments. But the bigger your fleet gets, this gets harder. More and more time has to be spent on updates and support, and less time can be used for new aircraft. This is the point where you may need to charge for updates. And if your fleet is REALLY big (such as Carenado's and Alabeo's), and users expect updates even for the oldest members of that fleet, it may well be necessary to charge the full price, because that's the only way for getting the required regular income -- because while you are busy with updates, you can't develop and sell new aircraft. And X-Plane has the tendency to keep you busy with constant updating over years. It's all not so difficult if you're doing this only part-time, as we do at vFlyteAir. We can still afford to offer free updates, because we only have a few aircraft, and we have other jobs as well, but even we feel that the constant need for updating is a bit ... straining, as it takes time away from working on new models (our only source for vFlyteAir-related income, if we don't charge for updates). If we hadn't our regular jobs, we probably wouldn't be able to offer free updates at some point, too. (First, we had more time to develop and could sell new models, but this would let the fleet grow, at some point leading to the challenge described above). So don't judge overly fast about such business decisions. These are not evil people who are just out for a quick Dollar, Euro or whatever. It's sometimes simply not possible the other way. The alternative may be to drop support for older or less-popular aircraft and only focus on the successful ones.
  6. Just a small correction: We do not own any aircraft at all. Walker goes flying on a Cherokee regularly, and me on an Ikarus C42. That's it with real-world flying experience or access to real aircraft ;)
  7. Since a few days I have the same issue. Hitting F5 only helps partially. Tried with 2 different computers and several browsers.
  8. P3Dv4

    Very beautiful. Makes me want to re-install P3D for having a proper winter atmosphere.
  9. Make sure to view the map in IFR mode.
  10. Hm, I bought these yesterday, and they are good for the price, Minute Man being better than Plum Island. Some people near the buildings would have been nice.
  11. Use it with REP (just updated for XP 11.10), then all is fine.
  12. I already posted a link above where you can see new autogen:
  13. Ehm ... I am not Laminar (in case you asked me, because you quoted something that was directed at me), I just posted the release notes when I found them... (I guess this is the danger when people get off topic).
  14. Here:
  15. This is awesome! This brings this half-finished default jet to a whole new level! Now we only need a decent sound set :D