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  1. I use XP as my other main sim, and FS2004 (on my old laptop), FlightGear (the B707 is quite nice) and AeroflyFS2 as backups.
  2. Just to double check, you also updated the Fenix navdata in the Navigraph Navdata Center?
  3. Most has already been mentioned and for me the decision between Airbus or Boeing is just a matter of personal taste. I preferred Boeing 737 for a long time, but for some reason I now like Airbus more. I think Airbus is more consistent in all it's automation. Still love the 747, though. Whatever you choose, just don't forget that a plane is essentially a tool to solve the problem to get from A to B. To use that tool, you don't just need to know how to operate the tool itself, but have an idea of the problem to be solved and its contexts and circumstances. So before jumping in an airliner cockpit, first learn the basics of IFR flight planning, navigation, procedures and how to fly them, how a turbofan engine works (to understand what N1, N2 etc mean) and so on. Also learn to fly basic maneuvers by hand, before flying the first actual route. This imo will bring much more enjoyment, even in a flying computer like the Airbus.
  4. Works as intended. Note that there exist different kinds of links in an operating system. On Windows, you have shortcuts (basically just a small text file with some data pointing to a location; not useful to _really_ link stuff so other programs can be tricked into thinking they would be actual files/folder), and symbolic links. Symbolic links come in different flavours themeselves. I quote from a good explanation I found: (Source: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/ ) (Actually, the terms used on Windows for symlinks are a bit confusing; Microsoft uses the term "symbolic link" only for soft links, and uses the terms "hard link" and "junction" for two types of hard links.) Anyway, the links Addon Linker creates are hard links, on the file system level. They look and feel and can be used like actual folders and files (that's why they work with MSFS in the first place). They also show a size. But they are still only references to the actual file or folder, not copies, therefore the shortcut icon. Unfortunately Windows uses the same icon for all types of links, regardless of type, which can be confusing. Edit: By the way, the fact that hard links are used may be the reason why you noticed you can't use it with networked drives.
  5. Interesting. A guess: maybe to avoid YT videos showing the carrier and the Super Hornet being used in current real world areas of war? (But such videos would be possible anyway with other addons, so I guess not) Another guess: to stay only focused on the Top Gun movie themes right now, maybe part of their deal with the movie producers / PR guys? Another guess: development just not done yet, but were forced to release it now to match the movie release date.
  6. So what exactly is included besides the carrier?
  7. I want to add that we sometimes also use km/h for airspeed, m/s for vertical speed, BUT feet for altitude. That's how it was in the C42 ultralight I flew a while ago in Germany.
  8. Interesting. Can you elaborate on that a bit?
  9. In some countries, for example where direct debits are much more common, credit cards are uncommon and still mostly used by people travelling a lot, like business people, but not so much for personal use. Edit: Interesting statistics for Germany 2022: Only 14.8 % use credit cards for online shopping; 52.7% use PayPal; 18.7% pay upon invoice, 6.4% pay via wire transfer, and 6.4% with direct debit. Source: https://solobusinesstribe.de/online-shopping-statistik/#12-8-beliebteste-zahlungsarten-der-deutschen-beim-online-shopping- (don't know how reliable that source is, but it matches similar statistics from previous years done by others)
  10. Interesting. I have PayPal in my Google Pay as only funding source, but it still showed "PayPal not allowed" when I selected Google Pay. (But as my i5-5500 CPU is anway below specs, it's only a theoretical issue for me.)
  11. If I understand the post correctly, the 100% is just his baseline for comparision, 100% equalling a (deliberately unstated) FPS value he gets with the FBW A320. So everything above 100% is better.
  12. I assume the external Fenix app which is doing all the system calculations and display rendering does this regardless of MSFS view mode. IIRC the i9-9900K has a builtin internal GPU; if you switch that on in BIOS, you can select it in the app just for the display rendering, so your CPU and main GPU are not that burdened; have you tried that and if yes, did it help?
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