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  1. I'm on the beta, and I just got a whole bunch of updates in the Content Manager - all the World Updates have updates. Feels like the beta build is the final release (as usual), and the other bits are updating now. Build is
  2. Switch to Windows 11 LTSC when it releases. I've been running LTSC versions for years and they are amazing. Yes, you can buy an LTSC license. They dont' make it very clear that you can, but you can. See here. https://www.cdw.com/search/?key=windows 10 ltsc Of course, you can pirate it as well, but I wouldn't recommend that. Just spend the ~$250 and have a clean stable box for years to come. Don't buy Windows 10 LTSC right now, as Windows 11 LTSC is about to come out in a couple months. I am currently running Windows 11 LTSC (the RTM version was leaked and I moved over to it from 10 LTSC) and everything works great - MSFS, the windows Store, Steam, X-Place 12 etc.. it just has ZERO intrusive "features". It's like Windows used to be.. it's great.
  3. Oh yeah, I didn't think it was THAT old.. definitely the bottleneck. Time to upgrade, and you'll really see a massive jump if you were used to a 3060 and I7 990
  4. Something isn't right - a 4070 is a LOT better than a 3060. What's the rest of your machine? Have you updated drivers? If you aren't seeing frame gen options, you may have older drivers or else you may not have HAGS and/or resizeable BAR enabled in the BIOS. Here's a decent video that shows the kind of difference you should be seeing (its a 4070 Ti vs 3060, but you should be much closer to the 4070 Ti and not the 3060) CPU and other factors matter of course, but overall you should see a big improvement unless something isn't setup correctly.
  5. Maybe it has just defaulted to the “New Install” version - if it wasn’t able to download your profile from the cloud, it thinks it’s a brand new first time user, and shows you this.
  6. You cannot install the Xbox version on a PC.. there’s no way to do that. Even if by some crazy bug you think l this happened to you, just check the graphics options. If you can see the various options (antialiasing, resolution blah blah), you have the PC version. The Xbox version (I have both) simply doesn’t show any options cause you cannot change anything. Do you have a game controller connected to this PC? If yes, it may be picking that up and showing you the controller as the primary control type.
  7. You can also choose Off (Group Only) if you don’t want to see multiplayer players. The time and weather will still work
  8. Are you overclocking anything? Memory, CPU, GPU? If you have had issues shortly after getting new hardware (a whole new computer), then it could well be that something is not correctly set up (or overclocked). MSFS is very sensitive to overclocking and things that work on other games can cause it to crash. I would start by running MemTest and a 3d Mark stress test (or other stress tests) to make sure the system is fully stable first. Then look at MSFS specifically.
  9. Nah, wasn't that. It loads.. I click continue on the DB page, and then it goes blank as if the avionics master is switched off (it isn't). But since this is only happening on the Bonanza and not on the Baron/King Air/310r, I'll troubleshoot just that plane. It's not a GTNxi issue per se.
  10. After it worked in the 310, I went back to the BlackSquare Bonanza and saw that it loaded .. and then went blank after I hit continue on the database screen. But it works great on the BS King Air and BS Baron, so really it's something only affecting the Bonanza. I'll try and reinstall that one, but in any case, the GTNxi is working fine on most planes so all good! Thanks all.
  11. It worked in the Milviz 310 so maybe something specific to the BS planes. Never mind, I'll figure it out on my own.
  12. I am going to do that, but thought maybe someone here has run into the same issue and there's a simple fix.
  13. Just bought this, but I get a blank screen in the BlackSquare planes. I checked the manual but there's no specific help for this (not using Avast Antivirus, and already set up an exclusion in Windows Defender). The software is running on my desktop and I see it in the taskbar and can see the settings interface (it says "Connected to Flight Simulator") I must be missing something simple - how do you get the GTNxi working in MSFS?
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