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  1. mjrhealth


    No idea, they havnt updated xuipc in months. Latest https://www.fsairlines.net/downloads/XPUIPC.
  2. When I got into xplane i deleted all my FSx addons, backups, threw away all my diskx for two reasons, im not spending money on 2 sims and xplane is far better, still needs to catch up on the carrier stuff, hope it gets some attention. over $3000 au of fsx stuff gone for good.
  3. Download teh demo and try for yourself and watch the presentation at flightsim expo in another post.
  4. HD version can see whats happening
  5. Highlites. Particles for more realistic . fires, smoke contrails, easy to edit on t he fly, Great demo including ligting of teh ground by fires and heat haze. Improved fuselage effects by prop wash. Improved down wash seems the fuselage effects they had where wrong and affecting this too. So hopefully less thumping onto the ground when developers implement it. More stuff for lego bricks airports, more clutter fences etc. 11.25 is in beta and out there with new airports and a couple of better modeled us cities. Vegas and cat remember teh other one New lights with different colours to light your buildings Vulcan might make 11,3 but its a long road. I think thats what they said, but opengl will remain Oteh rbits I cant remeber but its getting so much better
  6. Xplane at xpo hd version on way xplane 11 expo
  7. mjrhealth

    WT3 Moving Opposite Directions

    Weather in xplaine is rather funny. From what I gather, if teh airport doesnt have traffic flow, it will, on load, pick the first runway starting clockwise from North, than once it downloads the weather, it will adjust the runways correctly, but this may take a few minutes till it clears teh backlog of AI that started on start. Always good to take your time before a flight and check to see the runway assigned matches teh weather conditions.
  8. mjrhealth

    Ground speed.

    never noticed, but it ccant be faster unless you are flying into a headwind, and you would need to compare GPS speed with your IAS.. to busy landing to bother with such details
  9. Another one is disable threaded optimisation in control panel can cause issues at times
  10. mjrhealth

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    Ye youll read about the 3 complaints not the 10000 that didnt have a problem. 11.2 is final it should update when you start xplane r4 is the final. And I dont use VR and have had no problems.
  11. mjrhealth

    Serious ground handling issues

    Question is what ver you rinng have you updated to latest. Also teh latest betas seem to have addressed that is bit more.
  12. mjrhealth

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    So many seem to miss teh point, for VR to work, Laminar have to improve frame rates, its not Just a bout VR. All the improvements to get VR to work improve teh sim for everyone. Thats why so many have reported better frame rates and now AMD cards appear to have got a fix.
  13. If you love teh MU2 than you will love this freeware Let 410 Works fine in 11, is in process of being updated
  14. mjrhealth

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    Dont use updater if you are on steam it will break xplane.
  15. XPLANe 10 is not supported any more. But upping ram to 16Gig may help. If you ever go to XPLANE 11, you will need a minimum 6gig video card. PC specs are fine otherwise.