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  1. If yo are running the 11.2vr2 it broke teh autogen , update to the vr3. If not running betas it is not the problem.
  2. aa is fixed and roads are back and assume autogen too
  3. They are aware of the issue and looking at a quick turn around, as AA is broke and a few other things.
  4. yes posted that on there feedback, think we might be missing some minor roads as well
  5. YEs seems they are doing an auto update installer, holding yo a lot of there sales, being over a month. But should be worth it in teh end
  6. Well with all these desk top experts around, im surprised someone has not told him how to fix it. Ever had a problem you have had so long you got stuck in an infinite loop. Well maybe he needs a eureka moment to fix it..He need decent input not whining ...
  7. Hi uploaded new ver Invercargil to gateway for aproval. If you have any pics of new airport, especially ground marking, got changed with new terminal, ill update later. Please note airport doesnt have METAR avaliabl;e on line so dont think weather will be accurate. Not sure how xp0lane deals with that
  8. Adding to other post. also fixing up Jet engine model as there are issues with lag between fuel flow itt, etc. ATC they rather use synth voices, tech pretty good now, makes it far easier to add new phrases , saves having to organize recordings every time a new one is added. Ground handling, they have added a restriction on rate of rotation of nose wheel, which is in current ver probably why taxying to much easier, but still not quiet sure what the other issues are, prop wash, tail wind effect etc etc
  9. Only had quick flight. not as nice as teh FSX aerosoft ver,. compared to teh xp10 ver, cant really say. It flies nice. easy to taxi, might have to load up the 10 ver and compare. Can do with some better sounds., start up not realistic, in the aerosft ver it breaks if you dont start it propery, but otherwise its not bad, worth the price,
  10. Actually according to another post on another forum it does... as does teh review here
  11. Unless metalness or PBR is going to make the plane fly any better, can wait. Be picking up today.I fly from the cocpit, thats what its for,
  12. Please understand this, xplane 11 went a long way to try fix issues with the turboprop model, so dont expect any to operat correctly till they have being update to the11.1 relesae. Saab is due next week or so.
  13. working on an update for invercargill will send when i get it done could be couple of weeks since ill be in Perth for a while, plenty of pics on net to get a reasonable rendition Last ver of xplane adds some new objects to the WED lego bricks and a reasonable facade for doing much nicer terminals, can wait for WEd 1.7
  14. Thats because there are none. Open wed and import from gateway see if there marked with 3d if not it doesnt have buildings. Let me know ill do a quick ver for you if you need it. Forgot to mention xplane if teh winds are calm seem to pick its runways from due north, so if the grass is the first from north that will always be the priority unless there is wind. You cannot actually set a priority runway from all i see. My brother actiually lives in Invercargill
  15. We are all part of the team to make Xplane a better product. even if we only get to find the bugs.