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  1. Early????, according to him its 12 months late. He just said 30 days, fixing some scenery bugs I think he mentioned.
  2. @jcomm Austin did say fixing up the phantom fixed some wing sweep issues. The skyhawk does have similar wing, having a phantom pilot help, should have made the diff. Its one thing having the having the programme its another having the correct info, hence adding the airbus sorted out some engine issues.
  3. Is that xplanes fault, or developers simply not going the whole hog. Just look at Carenado. Pretty but they cant be bothered.
  4. There is a reason why xplane is certified for training and the others are not. Most can do fms take off landing procedures, but stalls, spins, drag etc are a different kettle of fish.
  5. MU2 is still being worked on. Priority is any bugs. Some are preferred options like the ghost throttle function, and some changes that will only work in V12. There is a review on you tube by airbus pilot. Who is very happy with it, but talks to much and doesnt complete his check list, forgot to turn on L gen after engine start, than turns off fuel on left engine when landing, wouldnt be so bad if it was a simmer but he is a real pilot and had already done a couple of flight in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe2wq_vZyH0
  6. Thats the issue, Every one expects the AP just to do what they expect. Some older ones like this dont work that way. Its older tech. I believe you have to trim the plane for the IAS you want than push the IAS button and it will try to hold that, but since it has no auto thrtottle you will have to adjust thrust to suit.
  7. Do you know why xplane came about?? If you dont, time to research. Than you would know the answer.
  8. I have none, your doing better than me. Mind you same goes for apple, google etc etc. But this is about Xplane, isnt it????
  9. @jarmstro Really, geesh. You need a coffee or two. Have none of that and really Ill be happy like most when it gets here, warts and all, than we shall watch the flame war begin, well it never ended.
  10. I can fully understand why Janov doesnt post, dont blame him, this forum seems to be flooded with angry people. You all have the other one we dont need two identical sims. If the other is so good, i dont know why you are here. @jarmstro Im sure I read that Vulcan was 2 years of development before release, thats not sitting on ones laurels. But please get angry if it makes you feel good, gives me a smile. So why are you not on that other perfect sim???
  11. Argument, its an observation. Im not here to argue. Like I said, you want perfect please go make it, like to see your idea of perfection. seems Laminar isnt going to be good enough for you, and the other is , so why are you here.
  12. Like I said, you can go develop, lets see what you can come up with, please we are waiting. Pixel per cm and all to fit on a dvd, and must encompass the whole world. Go ahead we are waiting. Must cover every tree, grass, and bush species, must change with seasons, every different house and building, must be in the correct location, no burnt in clouds. Lets see how you go,
  13. Austin has made it clear, that to make the eye candy too big, will make downloads and distribution difficult. Not everyone has 2gb download speeds, some still have limited data. That he has left to scenery developers. Why are you not developing, its possible you said it yourself. Ill be pleased with what ever I get, and standards are just someones opinion, and we all have different opinions.
  14. Plausible world, its all anyone can do, So many angry people, want pretty graphics. I guess Austin should ditch the decent flight model and giver every one a canvas they can paint to there liking. There is plenty of space for the perfect people to develop the perfect sim I just seem them complaining and doing nothing.. Will you give it a go, Im sure lots of people will complain about yours not being perfect and standard not high enough. This has nothing to do with XP12 and all to do with peoples pride. It doesnt matter what Austin does it will never be good enough, ever and people will just keep complaining.
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