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  1. mjrhealth

    Come on, just release it aleady ...

    This stupid topic is the very reason why developers these days very rarely mention updates, all it does is make upset users more upset. And if they did mentions a day, this is what you get, "but they said". These topics should be locked before they start. waste of time.
  2. mjrhealth

    Come on, just release it aleady ...

    And he will be the first to complain because its broken, oh please there is a thing called patients, seems to have flown out the window lately.
  3. mjrhealth

    Holy smokes!

    F33 was updated to 11, id expect teh 58 to as wellll
  4. mjrhealth

    Holy smokes!

    Wondering how that compares to a 1080, some people just have to much money...whats that $2000 for 5 fps ... I wonder
  5. Its a work in progress, gets better each update DC3
  6. The carenado 58 works fine in 11, but i would wait for the 11 release / update so you dont have to pay for it again, when ever that might be... They updated the F33 and its nice.
  7. mjrhealth

    Which drive

    what he said
  8. I think you posted thiss on xplane.org. Untick "display parked aircraft" out side that, if the airport developer has put static aircraft in his scenery, than you may have to read his readme file to find how to remove them, as that is not an xplane issue.
  9. mjrhealth


    Easy, money, all my money is going on xplane, completely deleted FSx and all the addons i had, besides i dont fly enough, spend most my time doing scenery for gateway.
  10. mjrhealth


    You dont uninstall xplane anyway you just delete it. But than if you are smart you have a backup so you can copy it back later when you realise its better.
  11. XPLANE is a "flight simulator" , it was created and used for to teach pilots how to fly. It never promised to be an ATC or Airport simulator. Yes it is nice to have ATC and AI and they are working on it, but in the end it is used by commercial airlines for flight training and in that it blows the rest out of the water. I gave up FSX and the over $3000 i spent on it so I could fly with a little realism, so in the end one has to decide how much they are willing to throw away when XPLAne reaches the goals they want, or will they find they spent to much money on patching the holes and cant afford to leave what they have.
  12. mjrhealth

    Switching to xplane?

    I would of thought the two most important things in being a Pilot is . 1. The ability to fly the plane- which Boeing not so long ago where complaining that due to technology pilots where forgetting how, and 2. Knowing where you are- again to technology- who has to know how to navigate teh GPS does it for you. I seem to see more and more people, who get in the plane - some just want it already started- set up GPS take off, switch on auto pilot, than want to autoland, what is teh point in that. But than Im old, i dont trust technolgy, i guess al those people who followed there car GPS into rivers and farmers paddocks enlightened me.
  13. mjrhealth

    Switching to xplane?

    Its a bit like saying, i love that car, best one you can buy, buy I dont like the colour so ill get the cheap one... ATC is an issue but flying in XPLANE even without it surpasses everything else.
  14. what ver you using latest is
  15. mjrhealth

    PMDG DC6 and ver 11.25

    No not negative, I am positive they wont, it is the way they are. The only thing that may drive them here, is a slow down is sales as many start putting FSX to bed when they realise you cant keep a dead horse alive forever it just costs you money, one must decide what they are going to invest in.