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  1. mjrhealth

    Considering to buy XP10

    Just to think of all those flat airports you will get to enjoy, with great FPS....
  2. mjrhealth

    X Plane on an iMac

    MAC is not a good platform for XPLANe. From what I read Apple have no intention of fixing some of the things they broke. Although XPLANe will be updating eventualy the graphics to work with MAc same time as Vulcan. Teh ORG has plenty of posts on subject.
  3. mjrhealth

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    Maybe instead of FPS you compared VRAM load and smoothness, though my FPS has gone down it is still smooth no stutters and that in the end is what matters.
  4. mjrhealth

    X-Plane shuts PC down

    TI I have stock and no issues. As for big airports thats normal due to the amount of scenery, You may not get much improvement going to 1080, even the new 2000 series are just a very expensive for little improvement as many have seeing, If you are not getting stutters than you have no issues, If you have reflection high turn them down they are a FPS killer.
  5. mjrhealth

    MilViz T310R

    You could push me over the edge when the ATR is done. BEst twin i had was this one https://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-online-digital-aviation-piper-cheyenne-x-download.phtml well ahead of its time when it was released
  6. mjrhealth

    SASL Activation

    Yes they know SASL is broken. its in teh process of being fixed. Silly thing is its not protecting the plane but itself in that when it breaks you cant fly your plane. It uses USB ports and NICS as part of its ID, so it is very easy to break it, just plugging a USB device in is enough to screw it up. It is p...gn a lot of people off.
  7. Simply put, aircraft details is getting far more advance, people are "demanding" more realism better flight modes, realistic FMS. Aircraft computers ie Boeing, Airbus, both behave as they do, quiet differently, all this comes with time, cost, testing etc etc, and the developers would love to get paid for there time. So than you can go buy a $10 plane but dont expect it to come close to the new turboprop just released. If you want a nice plane than you hve to pay for it, just like everywhere else, and if we dont support our developers than we loose out, it is your choice,
  8. mjrhealth

    Naval aviation in X-Plane?

    There is a payware FA18 which is quiet good, but ye, naval aviation sucks in xplane. And i assume p3d got a port over of the work done in FSX which was quiet amazing in the end with the LSO and tracking and grading of landing .
  9. mjrhealth

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    The biggest thing is they have figured a way to do realistic rain without affecting FPS too much, which has always being a problem, teh fact it is affected by prop wash is more amazing..
  10. mjrhealth

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Well they could of just done a nice plane using all the default XPLANE stuff and charged $30 than lots would of complained about the realism. What would you have chargedf if you had spent hundreds of hours on modelling, programming, writing handbooks, testing than realeasing knowing you would have to deal with all the release headache. I could only assume your time isnt worth much... PS Just flight arnt cheap but currently doing some of teh best releases, you get what you pay for.
  11. mjrhealth

    Come on, just release it aleady ...

    This stupid topic is the very reason why developers these days very rarely mention updates, all it does is make upset users more upset. And if they did mentions a day, this is what you get, "but they said". These topics should be locked before they start. waste of time.
  12. mjrhealth

    Come on, just release it aleady ...

    And he will be the first to complain because its broken, oh please there is a thing called patients, seems to have flown out the window lately.
  13. mjrhealth

    Holy smokes!

    F33 was updated to 11, id expect teh 58 to as wellll
  14. mjrhealth

    Holy smokes!

    Wondering how that compares to a 1080, some people just have to much money...whats that $2000 for 5 fps ... I wonder
  15. Its a work in progress, gets better each update DC3