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  1. I find it odd, that some who spend so much time complaining about XPLANE yet still use it than tell us how good the other is, why dont they just leave and fly the other one, I can only assume it has more problems than they are willing to speak of, as for those from the other that come here, I can only assume that they are jealous of how good xplane really is, but are trying to save face, its those silly smiley face and snarky comments give it away. Xplane gives me all i need and more so,its a flight sim, after FSX which was getting guiet good considering once MS left it alone, than wating there next 2 mess ups, Yes XPLANE has its problems but MS has nothing better to offer. All I see is a lot of people doing a huge money grab before the fire dies down. XPLANE is here to stay if you dont like it, than let us enjoy what we have.
  2. But thats teh problem its not about flying is it, im surprised how much ** put up with from users, not enough rivets, it off by 2 mm, get over it not even real planes are perfect. Especially after a year or so of service. But people need to complain to justify there existence.
  3. I could sit here and complain about what i dont like, but I got it for flying and when im flying to busy doing pilot stuff to care about scenery, but than Im old and not so fussy. Im happy when I get given something nice.Dont have time to whine.... lifes to short, but than some maybe dont have a life.
  4. Keeps my brain functioning, more fun than brain numbing u tube
  5. Something to do with, if it looks good it must be good, I can imagine all those people who enjoyed there last delicious meal that looked good, till that chicken bone got stuck in there throat. But than thats how most manufacturer work these days, its all about eye candy, gets people every time, just dont open the hood. And so they get away with It. Glad Austin sticking to his guns.
  6. We should go back to the original flight sim than it will all look good. People just got miserable and love to complain about every thing. Nothing is good enough anymore. Another 12 months you will all find something else to complain about, delay that, mid week, something else will pop up. Such a miserable world we live inn no one happy anymore. Apple got it right, I pad, I pone, I pod, . I want.
  7. Its only out of date because you spied a better looking woman and now this one looks ugly, broken many a marriage.
  8. I though the whole point of a flight sim was to fly??? Maybe im just stupid.And I have not purchased any scenery cant see the point, cant see it from 25000 ft. And any good pilot would be too busy landing his plane and concerned about the safety of his passengers to look at teh scenery when landing or taking off.
  9. I think that virus has affected this forum.
  10. Ho Hummmmmmm. Another stuck record. Should go to SSD they dont get stuck they have no moving parts.
  11. I think its this great fear that xplane may do well, I dont know why...It not going anywhere.
  12. If you walk outside your door, you will soon discover the real world looks nothing like the delusional one your hoping for
  13. They still drive model T fords, I wonder when you wont be able to get parts for your car. We have 25 year old transmitters that are more reliable than the crappy new solid state ones we are replacing them with, Yes they may be old, but you can still fix them.
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