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  1. Anytime from 3 weeks ago to the end of time, but I suspect probably between now and than.
  2. Having FPS in 40s to 50s wiith vulcan has msde Trackir a must, which i have ha since FSX days but only just started using, 27" mointor makes a big diff 2. XP is really showing its true colours, am intrigued as to what else they do that they are not taking abt but its wait and see.
  3. You could just make a copy of teh xplane folder and put a b in the name XPLAN11b, than update that one and try it for yourself. I have 3 copies.11.41, 11.5B6 and just running B9 so much smoother
  4. TA ye happens at night here which is day there, so possibly
  5. Anyone having issues with the ORG i keep getting bad gateways.
  6. you can run multiple copies of xplane simply by copying the whole folder and naming one b6 create new shortcut. Havnt use 11.4 since i went to beta. B6 is so much better.
  7. Fave no issues just yet, but from what I have read, it seems NVIDIA drives seem to have some play in this, so if you have the latest drivers maybe go back one. Running 442.59
  8. What they do updates, naah, must of being your imagination/
  9. Seems getting these plugins to behave will help a lot, Gizmo update seems to have helped a little, though I think he has a little more work to do,I guess B5 may take a litlle longer, but FPS getting steadily better.
  10. Should make a new one to save confusion. Payware planes now load Actually got in a decent flight today. Now we wait on the performance fixes.
  11. Actually being going reasonably well today managed a few short trial flights lets see what b3 fixes.
  12. Wouldnt say it was 2 steps back it fixed a number of things rather quickly, That may be a simple fix and being common mat get fix over night.
  13. Please remove you xplane from programme files, and put it on C\ somewhere else. progrmme files has a lot of security issues. In fact you would be better of doing a fresh install direct to a new folder to ensure there are no locks on any of the xplane files.
  14. I honestly cant see the big deal really.. Ben stated that with FSX there was some to and frooing over new things, than p3d look at them went to 64 bit, now updated textures, it wil be the same when ms comes out. Wont be removing xplane anytime soon.
  15. All the weather engines that do 3d drawing will have issue, once vulcan is released the next thing is to fix that problem. Since xplane clouds are not they will work its in the podcast
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