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  1. what ver you using latest is
  2. mjrhealth

    PMDG DC6 and ver 11.25

    No not negative, I am positive they wont, it is the way they are. The only thing that may drive them here, is a slow down is sales as many start putting FSX to bed when they realise you cant keep a dead horse alive forever it just costs you money, one must decide what they are going to invest in.
  3. mjrhealth

    PMDG DC6 and ver 11.25

    I will believe it when i see it. It has to be a viable business model , and i do doubt it is for them, if it was they wouldnt be thinking about it.
  4. mjrhealth

    PMDG DC6 and ver 11.25

    And you left out it wont be cheap,
  5. mjrhealth

    PMDG DC6 and ver 11.25

    As I said, no promises buy at your own risk.
  6. mjrhealth

    PMDG DC6 and ver 11.25

    If you do go ahead and purchase it, be warned there is no current support for it for xplane 11. And they have made no mention of providing any. Do so at your own risk.
  7. mjrhealth

    Mac vs PC

    Mac doesnt use vulcan, its not windows, biggest complaint on forums about macs is audibility and cost. And from what i nave read, so far, no it doesnt run better. Simply because with apple as far as i know, dont think anything has changed, once you buy apple you are stuck with apple. Its called keeping out teh competition.
  8. Austin mentioned quiet a while back that ATC wont be released untill they all agree its good enough, Seems it will be a monumental upgrade. Probably better that way
  9. Nothing stopping anyone from getting WED and updating airports adding road traffic, its fun when you do the first one. And if you keep spending more, its just more to cry over and leess to spend on XPLAne. Had over $3000 of addons for FSX, all deleted thrown away gone removed. XPLANE only now.
  10. I guess even with mesh it would depend on where you are flying. Flying across a flat featureless plain would probably use a lot less ram that flying through teh ALPS which would have a lot more points to render. I could be wrong.
  11. 970 with 4gig ram will do ok on low setting in XPLane , be fine for FSX, far better off with 8gig 1070 not much diff between that and the 1080 as far as xplane is concerned. Also 16gig ram is best bet 500Gig hard drive is enough for both simms. Havxe xplane with no ortho on a 220gig ssd and still has 160 gig free space.
  12. Xplane does have runways follow terrain, but sometimes if the terrain dat is bad it can be a shocker, so there is a flatten airport option which flattens the whole airport. Hoping one day we will be able to flatten parts as necessary and keep the sloping runways. There is always hope.
  13. mjrhealth


    No idea, they havnt updated xuipc in months. Latest https://www.fsairlines.net/downloads/XPUIPC.
  14. When I got into xplane i deleted all my FSx addons, backups, threw away all my diskx for two reasons, im not spending money on 2 sims and xplane is far better, still needs to catch up on the carrier stuff, hope it gets some attention. over $3000 au of fsx stuff gone for good.
  15. Download teh demo and try for yourself and watch the presentation at flightsim expo in another post.