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  1. XPLANe 10 is not supported any more. But upping ram to 16Gig may help. If you ever go to XPLANE 11, you will need a minimum 6gig video card. PC specs are fine otherwise.
  2. What will get many to change is $$. I spent thousands on FSX to come to Xplane i had to remove it all, I am not going to spend money on a dead horse, not that FSX is dead, but how much more with they spend before they realise it must end, than where has all the money gone. I could have spent it on a better PC and got xplane, i could have gone to P3d, see teh dilema, we have to make a break someday, and teh longer we leave it the more it will cost and teh more we waste.
  3. It comes down to, Laminar create a Turboprop model, which they have, now a developer may build a model based on that version, and it does what it is superposed to do. Now if laminar update that model they will change the version number, teh developers version will still work when laminar update XPLAne, and than, once the developer integrates teh new model and releases teh update it will work with teh newer version and we should be none the wiser. Also means LAminar will brake things less as the developers will get to test them before we see them and laminar wont have to rush out patches that brake more things.
  4. Only nvidia setting that should be changed is Threaded optimisation to off or it clashes with LAminar workings.
  5. well for australia , the grass is green in winter and we might get snow on our minuscule mountains, but most of it is desert so quiet irrelevant for us.
  6. Les Saab 340A v1.5 for xp11 released

    Nice plane took patch for quick flight, still nice plane godd rendition.
  7. Visual Glideslopes

    Could be worthwhile posting on xplane.org and also suggest posting your log.txt from your xplane folder just in case...
  8. Visual Glideslopes

    Seems you are the only one with that issue...,whats pc specs.
  9. Visual Glideslopes

    no there is no box to check. Did it work before on earlier version. might need to reset preferences. Suinf latest beta and all is good
  10. Visual Glideslopes

    Just tested at YMHB worked fine
  11. Visual Glideslopes

    what airport and is it every airport do you have HDR enabled
  12. Just curious.

    My understanding is the wheel turning has being tweaked so tah t teh turn rate is slower, but it wont work if teh plane has not being saved in teh 11.1 planemaker, which may break other things.
  13. HD Mesh Scenery V4 problem

    If yo are running the 11.2vr2 it broke teh autogen , update to the vr3. If not running betas it is not the problem.
  14. VR3 released

    aa is fixed and roads are back and assume autogen too