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  1. Hi all, Dino from IndiaFoxtEcho was kind enough to give me the upcoming Sukhoi SU-31 to take for a quick ride and I wanted to record my initial impressions and discoveries as I took the aircraft on a quick flight to see how it handles on the ground and in the air. I hope you agree that it’s rather well-done, and though I am admittedly far from an aerobatic aficionado, the work Dino and the team put into their aircraft always shows and this bird is no exception. I hope you enjoy the video. (I think the HD version is still being processed by YouTube, so if you can only watch in SD, give it a few minutes. I am going to bed, it’s 4:57 am.
  2. Hey all! David from FS Academy was kind enough to let me have a spin of this product a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share it with you and show you what you are in for and to those of you unfamiliar with how FS Academy Tutorial products work, the way it’s structured! This is a GREAT compliment to the already-existing lessons: VFR, IFR, and JETLINER, specifically, it’s like a sister to the VFR package. It was exciting enough for me to want to show it to you guys, so I asked David for permission to do a quick video of it. Hope you enjoy.
  3. This is perfect. I love this and it will be what I strive for going forward. His level of explanation is really great and he has a way of relating information to the audience. Thank you for sharing, Dean.
  4. I have spent hours on the phone with this developer. You could not find a nicer, more passionate and dedicated individual to represent what Tu-134 is. He has walked me through all of the quirks and questions I had after I bought the P3D version... I have flown the MSFS version a few months back and it was really coming along nicely. I really do hope this project sees completion. He really needs all the help he can get financially. On his YouTube channel, there is a way to donate. I am sure he would appreciate it. I encourage you all to give this wonderful gentleman all the support you are able to give. I look forward to him completing this project when circumstances allow. Right now, his country is under attack by a ruthless regime. What Putin has done to the people of Russia first and foremost is not the least of his crimes. TU-134 has nothing to do with Putin or Russian Federation as it stands today. Those are VERY different things. I am Russian by ethnicity and though I have left that country 30 years ago this year, it's VERY easy to differentiate Russia and Putin's Russia. Two different beasts. Neither is easy. One has lots of merits. The other is a scumbag and war criminal. He doesn't have any hope of claiming Tupolev's accomplishments.
  5. Hey all, Microsoft/Oliver Moser Dornier Do J Wal flying boat is out. $15 (US).. If you are curious, Here is a quick playlist on YouTube where I review all 3 variants of the aircraft (they have different cockpits, service ceilings, cruise speeds, etc)...
  6. Thank you so very much for the pointers. The idea came to fruition only a couple of days ago and I am making gradual improvements as I go along - there is a new mic arriving today, this video had some audio filters for the first time and wasn’t captured with NVidia’s Experience, I am going to incorporate your suggestions as well! They are much appreciated. I have never minced words regarding things I don’t care for and I don’t expect that to change… ;)
  7. Hi all, I am happy to share my preview of the Wing42 Boeing 247D. In the half hour I cover a very short flight from start to finish - everything from load-in, startup, takeoff, landing, and night lighting showcase. This is on my brand new YouTube channel, so I hope you enjoy the preview. It's not meant to dive into the very detailed systems that are fully simulated - no failure coverage here, no radio navigation - those are separate topics to be covered at a later date. This is simply meant to give you a general overview of the experience. Please keep in mind that this is work in progress and things are subject to change prior to release! Cheers! Wing42 Boeing 247D (MSFS): PRE-RELEASE Review and Full Flight - YouTube
  8. Make sure you use V5 installers. They are different. But I have all of those birds and they work with no issues.
  9. Nice move, FSW! You have just earned a first week buyer. 😉
  10. I have both and love them both. I think the Big Radials bird is worth having. The sounds are great, the visual fidelity is better than the Widgeon, and your engine will go up in flames if you abuse it. There is a LOVELY Bush Trip included that took me 8 hours to complete (and they are working on more for inclusion later). You can't go wrong with that bird. It's also one of the best birds in the sim in terms of trimming and hand-flying. Also, it handles itself in water properly, gets up on the step, etc.
  11. A little on the expensive side for a GA aircraft, especially for a beta. But I will be purchasing it at some point. I love the Widgeon. I DO have a feeling Milviz is gonna price their 310 lower. Price isn't necessarily something that makes it or breaks it for ME, but I imagine a GA aircraft at that price is gonna turn off a bunch of MSFS users. This is PMDG DC-6 territory (and CRJ and Super Constellation). I imagine people will pay that for an airliner. Not so sure about GA.
  12. I agree with this 100%... Also, I went on a binge of watching your reviews last night. You do so well covering all aspects, even when I disagree with you on a couple of things here and there, but it's all SO well done. Bravo!. I am almost tempted to switch my reviews to the video format because of you. Thanks for what you do.
  13. Ah, but I remember now... I have ONLY used P3D since 5.0. So I e-mailed Zinertek to ask them specifically if it's compatible with v5. They replied YES, so that's why I bought it. I used it and I don't remember a marked improvement in buildings, but I do remember the runways looking better, which is a moot issue now.
  14. Maybe I am forgetting something... 😉 In any case, I am not really inclined to re-install it now since the default airport runways look good to me.
  15. One thing - Zinertek's package doesn't cover buildings, only the runways, markings, etc... from what I remember. I do own the product, but don't have it installed. Because since 5.2 (?), P3D's airport textures etc have been updated so that kind of eliminated the need for me to have a 3rd party package for that.
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