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  1. Love it! Looking forward to it! This has quickly become my go-to bird for GA right along with Just Flight's Arrows.
  2. Is the Turbo Bonanza a separate aircraft now, or does it still just mod the existing one? I don't want to REPLACE the default one.
  3. Oh yeah, I am not questioning their reasons. I am just responding to the cat who said if anything uses stock Asobo avionics, it should be freeware. 😉
  4. Is PMDG DC-6 included in that? Cause it uses default Asobo GNS430.
  5. I have no issue with stock avionics the way Carenado does it. I DO have an issue the way VirtualCol, CaptainScum, Bredok3D, and MScenery do it. In Carenado's case everything makes sense and is believable. In those other ones, it comes out to be some sort of a Frankenstein jet.
  6. I am just gonna post this here. Here are some pics and my review. This thing is a dumpster fire. New Release: VirtualCol Embraer ERJ-170/175 - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  7. One thing I will warn you about, do not EVER have Steam validate files for MSFS - it will delete your entire installation and only leave the launcher in the "validated" state and ready to go download the whole thing all over again. This happened to MANY people, including myself. So... Forget about Steam altogether other than launching the sim. Everything else is done WITHIN the sim or by buying add-ons directly from developers. Or Orbx Central (which I HIGHLY recommend, they even have some freebies for MSFS)... Also, the in-sim Marketplace has freebies too! The Aerosoft Padderborn airport and some other stuff. Make sure to download all the World Updates. They are FREE in the Marketplace and will greatly improve many areas. But you have to do a free purchase and download quite a bit more content. Enjoy!
  8. Relevant: Gonna try a belly landing in the DC-6 now and see how it fares. 🙂 Not-so-relevant: I am really getting frustrated with how segregated the flight sim community is. Whether you prefer XP, MSFS, P3D, we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. I don't understand this stupid sim war. I have all three and find all of them to be enjoyable for different reasons. As Rob from PMDG always says "be good to one another". Let's make this stop, please. Everyone do your part, I beg ya.
  9. Oh yeah, man... there have been a TON of revisions since release. It doesn't LOOK the same, it doesn't WORK the same, it's been through many improvements! Let me put it this way... As long as you don't expect Carenado or Asobo graphics, you will enjoy. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it has SO much character and flies lovely!
  10. He didn't look like he was even aligned correctly. I saw the video on the phone so didn't spot the landing gear collapse until saw it on laptop. There was a prop strike as a result, I believe too, right?
  11. I HIGHLY recommend both FlySimWare’s Grumman Widgeon as well as BlackBox Cessna L-19!
  12. No worries, Mark. Just trying to help however I am able. Thanks for getting 1.8 out quickly - I was spending some time with the new PMDG DC-6 so haven't had a chance to download this until now. Gonna give it a shot tomorrow and see what I see. 🙂 Thanks again for everything, you rock.
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