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  1. I think Majestic may have to actually update their aircraft to make it play nice with this new P3D
  2. Finally! During the day, just, dusk, and dawn the illumination lights in the cockpit actually work now! That remedies the pitch black cockpits on default aircraft. Finally, they are flyable. Tested on Commander and Mooney Acclaim and Electra. The Electra is a little dark but doable for the most part! Now we are taking!!!
  3. Yeah, it's a thing that pops up shortly before the installer finishes. You did the right thing - it thinks you may be uninstalling permanently. Let me know what you think! Please hop into a Commander or Electra at dawn and dusk.
  4. The tone control settings do help, yes... They also kind of make the outside not as attractive as before. Regardless, the "default" settings by LM SHOULD work. If they don't, they should tweak them... in any case, this is making P3D v6 problematic. Forget vendor support, etc... this is just vanilla sim with these issues. I don't know how it got past initial testing. Do you not see these issues in your sim?
  5. We are still here with bugs. Yes, the gauges are lit up. But the cockpit is still pitch black. I am NOT asking for P3D to be MSFS, but I am wondering how LM is accepting these deficiencies in a VANILLA version with VANILLA aircraft. How is this acceptable?
  6. Dimitrios... It should be easy enough to update installers for v6. Yet PMDG has reported that they tested their stuff and found it unsatisfactory for v6. That's enough for me, though widely reported that it "works"... If the content author doesn't support it, it's dead to me. I am not gonna edit CFG files and rig anything - I am just not a tweaker. Either you support it or you don't. I know Orbx said today they are updating Cental to recognize v6. That's not good enough. v6 is all PBR etc... If ORBX doesn't update their assets to utilize the new P3D tech? I don't want it. Even Vector for v5 was a compromise. You either get behind v6 or you don't.
  7. I believe P3D has its market. It's guys like us... and by saying that, I am not at all disparaging against MSFS (the sim I fly most nowadays) or XP (I own 12 as well). They all have their great but separate points. In regards to Majestic Q400? Its installer actually prompts for the P3D version you are running and 6 is one of them... as a matter of fact, they were the first (and only) that via one of the recent updates let the cat out of the bag that v6 is coming by including the option for v6 installation way before v6 was even announced. And yes, it's fully compatible. ActiveSky is def on my list to buy next week when I do my weekly FSim shopping. Though we shall see how it plays with the most recent Patch 4.
  8. Yes, considering registry tweaks and lighting issues. No official support with limited functionality equals no compatibility. I am not a masochist. 😉
  9. Hey, y'all everybody (Lost reference, just kill me!)... Now that v6 has VERY limited backwards compatibility with old 3rd party stuff, perhaps v7 is the way to go with a whole new engine. I am ALMOST happy with v6. Outside is pretty. With today's patch 4, gauges on default AC are visible at all times of the day. Cockpit is still pitch black, but I have a feeling they will work on that next. So, not knowing how that suits their core base of Pro and Military, perhaps this is the clean break we all needed anyway. I am not doing anything old - no Orbx with no PBR, no scenery. Default is looking better than before. Would love some opinions. I am not ready to give up on P3D as I have all 3 main sims installed.
  10. You and I are about 10 people that are on v6 now. I have faith that they will fix the lighting stuff eventually. Also... here is something to think about long-term strategy-wise... v6 obviously was the breakup release with all the big devs. Now that most stuff is not compatible with v6, it sets up an interesting proposition for v7 - let's just not worry about backwards compatibility. I am not sure how that translates to their core base of military etc, but at least for home simmers, there isn't much to lose. I, for one, am NOT going to install anything that isn't officially supported in v6. Next week, I know I will purchase Active Sky cause live weather is a big thing for me and it IS supported. I never owned ChasePlane, so I am content with default cameras as I am adept to using them to my advantage. I have the Q400 by Majestic and it's officially supported. I also noticed today on SimMarket that Golden Age supports v6 on one of their ancient birds, but that's not really here or there for me. I am happy with default Commander because the gauges are now visible at all times. So, hopefully, v7 is a clean break that v6 was setting up for. I am NOT putting 5.4 back on the system, cause I have MSFS and XP 12.
  11. OK.. It's better now. I can see all the instruments illuminated at dawn and dusk... However, there is more work to do as the cockpit is pitch black otherwise. Can't see the mixture and propeller levers unless I shine a flashlight in there. There is still LIGHT outside, but somehow none of it makes it inside the cockpit... Also, the floodlights on top of the ceiling in the Commander don't really do anything in terms of actually providing light. You can see they are lit up, but the actual lighting level in the cockpit doesn't change. It's better now, but still wonky in terms of the new lighting engine. Outside is pretty, though.
  12. It was downloading when I left the house. Can’t wait to test once I return home from taking my gf to doctor’s appt. Gonna be a P3D night as opposed to MSFS, I feel. It’s always a treat when there is a new version out!
  13. This is all nonsense. P3D's new version has an updated verctor data. Orbx is WAY outdated. They are still using for what would have worked for v4.
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