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    Started out flighing sims in my teens, my first one was Solo Flight on the Atari 8 bit. I got FS9 a few years ago but thought it was all too complicated. I then purchased FSX about 2 years ago and installed it, i thought it ran horribly and then uninstalled it. Just over a yeat ago I found avsim and realised that FSX has to be tweaked and set up in a certan way so I gave it another try on my old dual core system and was hooked.

    I have just purchased a custom built pc and now feel that its time to learn all over again but it sure is fun

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  1. Thanks you, ill check them out I am not using any add ons for my clouds textures atm
  2. Lovely images! what are you using for the clouds? . I use Active Sky but with default clouds.
  3. Thanks Guys, really appreciate the feedback and looks like I will go for V2. I like the idea of the configuration utility
  4. Hi Guys There are a couple of things that I have always wanted to do when it comes to flight sim, one is a transatlantic flight and the other is to recreate some of the flights I have done in real life. I have flown from London Luton (EGGW) to Schiphol (EHAM) many times and am looking to replicate this particular flight. I have the UK2000 for Luton and would dearly like to get a scenery add on for EHAM, I gather that Fly Tampa has two versions. I have read online that it can be quite a demanding airport due to it's size so I am not sure which version to go for. I don't mind if its not 100 percent accurate am just looking for something to add to the immersion. Im running a RTX2080 with an I5 9600K running at 4.8Ghz on a single 1080P screen. I'm also using ORBX Global and EU landclass. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Daz
  5. Thanks for the reply, maybe you are right. I will give that a try 🙂 Hopefully someone will be able to tell you how to get it working in V5, i was always put off by flying airlines but i love this aircraft. it has the right mix of realism but also not imtimidating to learn,
  6. Thank you so much for your reply. I gave it another try and unfortunately I am experiencing the same problem, the throttles do not go back to idle on touchdown. The manual advises that if you dont take control the Autothrottle will disengage and the autopilot should disengage around 80knots I made a recording of my last approach. EFHK Runway 15 I can hardly bare to watch it but hopefully it will demonstrate the problem, maybe i should just stick to Turboprops 🤣 I can hardly bare to watch it but hopefully it will demonstrate the problem, maybe i should just stick to Turboprops
  7. Hi Guys I am looking for some advice regarding the autoland feature of the QW 757. I am having a blast learning to fly this aircraft and have just discovered the autoland feature. The plane decends and flares just prior to landing, however i have noticed that throttles do not disengage. this led to a rather unfortunate incident of me running out of runway at EGJJ. Can anyone offer any advice as to what i am doing wrong? Many thanks Daz
  8. It's the full package, you just need to download the steam client which will then download FSX Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition on Steam (steampowered.com) It's regularly on sale for as little as £5
  9. I just fired up (P3D 4.5) and this is my result, they do indeed look square https://ibb.co/Sd39PFr kind regards Daz
  10. Hi Alex Thanks for the speedy reply, looking forward to using it as i have a notebook which will be perfect for this kind regards Daz
  11. Hi I am looking to download little nav map for both FSX and P3D and i am running windows 10. 64bit. The 64bit version advises this is for xplane and MSFS where as the 32bit version is for FSX/P3D. Is there not a 64bit version for FSX/P3D? and if not will the 32 bit version be ok kind regards Daz
  12. I completely agree, i really don't like forced updates. Its one of the reasons why i am still flying with P3D/FSX . I recently have been learning to fly the QW 757 and am really enjoying the whole experience. A platform that offers updates that you can choose to download if you so wish is a big attraction for me.
  13. She sure looks a beauty and with all those dials I wouldn't know where to start!
  14. I would love to experience Earth Simulations scenery packages as I have heard so many good things about them. Shame ORBX didn't republish them,
  15. Hi Bob I am using the earlier version. ActiveSky compatable with V4 only (AS for P3D v4) kind regards
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