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    Started out flighing sims in my teens, my first one was Solo Flight on the Atari 8 bit. I got FS9 a few years ago but thought it was all too complicated. I then purchased FSX about 2 years ago and installed it, i thought it ran horribly and then uninstalled it. Just over a yeat ago I found avsim and realised that FSX has to be tweaked and set up in a certan way so I gave it another try on my old dual core system and was hooked.

    I have just purchased a custom built pc and now feel that its time to learn all over again but it sure is fun

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  1. Bill is absolutely right, a weather engine completely transforms the experience flying in the sim
  2. Pretty sure the OCI is for P3D only?
  3. This looks really good, excellent work!
  4. Completely agree with you, in these uncertain times i can't justify spending over £1000 for the latest GPU. I gave up chasing the technology game after the 20 series of cards came out. Whatever sim you use if you are happy with it then that's all that really matters. So will be sticking with FSX for quite some time to come. With a few add ons you really can transform the experience.
  5. Absoulutley it will run on it, my first FSX system was an ol Dual Core processor running at 3.2Ghz with an ATI 4750 and i got pretty much locked 30fps with careful use of sliders using ORBX Global and Active Sky
  6. Something is definitely a miss here, you should be getting a pretty stable locked 30fps with that set up, what resolution are you using? Like Bill said your GFX card won't get much of a workout when it come to FSX, my fans don't even spin on mine when flying. While FSX loves clockspeed primarily on a single core your processor should be more than enough to handle it. How did it run before installing your add ons and what do you have your graphics sliders set at within the sim? Daz
  7. I still fly FSX regularly and am very happy with it, some the system depth you get still amazes me to this day, It all really depends on what sort of aircraft you want to fly.
  8. Thanks for the link, thats made up my decision to definitely do the upgrade
  9. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback 🙂
  10. Hi Guys I hope everyone is well. Am looking for some advice. Currently my PC is running Windows 10 1909 home edition and runs my two sims pretty smoothly ( FSX and P3D 4.5). I have now received a notification that Windows 10 2004 version is now available for my machine, I seem to remember reading on the forums that some people had problems with this version though it was some time ago. To be honest right now am scared to update it as really don't want any problems, is it safe to update? My graphics drivers (456.71) for my 2080 are not up to date either but again runs things really well. I have postponed the Windows update for a couple of weeks.for now. I remember when i had a Windows 7 machine I had a CD with the o/s on it but don't have any discs for Windows 10 as it came with the machine so would be unsure what do to if the update failed. I would be really grateful if you guys can put my mind at rest. Kind regards Daz
  11. A very warm welcome aboard the last flight of 2020 for Tappers Airways. We are flying from London Luton to Manchester of our UK tour. Please do take your seats and I hope you enjoy the flight. I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you guys have given me during the year. You have made things much more bearable for me.
  12. Do you have DX10 preview turned on? without the fixer black boxes will appear with orbx sceneries with this option checked
  13. AA is definitely not as good as FSX, i think this is maybe down to using DX11/12 and not DX9. Like you I use a 1080P screen and have to have the AA setting high in order to improve the jaggies. I think this is why alot of people use a 4k screen for P3D, not an option for me at the moment,
  14. Thanks for this, will definitely take a look
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