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    Started out flighing sims in my teens, my first one was Solo Flight on the Atari 8 bit. I got FS9 a few years ago but thought it was all too complicated. I then purchased FSX about 2 years ago and installed it, i thought it ran horribly and then uninstalled it. Just over a yeat ago I found avsim and realised that FSX has to be tweaked and set up in a certan way so I gave it another try on my old dual core system and was hooked.

    I have just purchased a custom built pc and now feel that its time to learn all over again but it sure is fun

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  1. Yep straight forward installation 😉
  2. Your A2A aircraft will work absolutely fine on the steam edition, not sure re the PMDG 737 as this aircraft is not in my hangar.
  3. Hi Steve It may be easier for you to go for FSX steam edition as I am not aware of an option for you to download and input your key from the DVD version. kind regards Daz
  4. The dotted effect on the ground shadows I think?
  5. If you are running boxed edition of FSX then yes you need to add the fix however i believe steam edition this is not needed
  6. Hey Guys After having this plane for a couple of years for P3D v4 and FSX I want to finally sit down and try and learn how to fly this lovely plane. Can anyone recommend some good tutorials? So far i have worked out how to load a cold and dark panel state but that's about it. kind regards Daz
  7. Hey guys Just thought I would post an update, for some reason DX9 with Nvidia inspector wouldn't work for me. I then remember i bought the DX10 fixer a few years back when i had my old PC. I have installed the fixer and set up the Nvidia Inspector as per the set up guide and now the jaggies are gone :). Am also loving the shadows in the cockpit 🙂
  8. Hi Thank you for your replies i am using version of nvidia inspector which is the latest version i can find and i can also confirm that i have the AA behavior flags set to none( i did have some trouble setting this as it was greyed out to None even when selecting but it now has the little cog icon next to it and set to none) regarding the driver i updated this using the Geforce Experience as am not confident with installing drivers manually. kind regards Darran
  9. Hi I really hope someone can help solve a problem I have, i currently am running FSX Stream Edition, i have updated my Nvidia graphics drivers as they were over 3 years old to the latest drivers however i now have the problem that my ingame AA no longer works. ( i am using nvidia inspector), I have tried deleting my original nvidia profile and making a new one. The AA on the preview screen is working fine however when in the actual sim itself there is no AA. I have spend the last 3 hrs trying different combinations but have had no luck in resolving this issue 😞 My sim is set up as per the AVSIM set up guide. kind regards Daz
  10. Hi Guys I have been using Active Sky16 for FSX for a few years and recently started using Active Sky SP4 for P3D 4,5. I have noticed that when at altitudes 18000 and above the I can see the clouds drawing in, I love the hazy look but I am guessing that i have my cloud draw distance too short? ( min and max cloud draw distance 73 miles plus Max upper visibility 70 Miles). Can anyone recommend some good settings as I am not really sure how each setting works Kind regards Daz
  11. Out of interest how do you port over the aircraft from FSX to P3D? have both FSX and P3D 4.,5
  12. Hi Guys It's been a long time since I made a video after going through a real tough time I am trying to get my wings again. I finally was able to finish the video of last flight that I made. So please feel free to take a seat and enjoy the flight from Manchester to Gatwick. Stay Safe Daz Tappers Let's Fly UK Tour: Episode 16 Manchester to Gatwick - YouTube
  13. Thanks guys, I have picked up the PC12 and the S550 🙂
  14. Can anyone recommend any must haves?
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