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    Started out flighing sims in my teens, my first one was Solo Flight on the Atari 8 bit. I got FS9 a few years ago but thought it was all too complicated. I then purchased FSX about 2 years ago and installed it, i thought it ran horribly and then uninstalled it. Just over a yeat ago I found avsim and realised that FSX has to be tweaked and set up in a certan way so I gave it another try on my old dual core system and was hooked.

    I have just purchased a custom built pc and now feel that its time to learn all over again but it sure is fun

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  1. Absolutely, in fact i've spent more on scenery and add ons for P3D/ FSX in the past year than i ever have. My ORBX library is beginning to get quite extensive.
  2. I went for the 767 for both FSX and P3D, i have the QW 757 so the 767 will make a nice addition to my hangar. Seemed crazy not too that the price!
  3. Im not really suprised with the survey results, i'm one of those few people that regularly use FSX aswell as P3D V4.5. Im happy with the aircraft and scenery i have and i've probably bought more add ons this year than ever for both sims. I also feel im getting too old to learn new tricks 🤣
  4. What would you recommend for P3D v4.5?
  5. I use v4.5 and occasionally FSX. I skipped v5 and i must admit that i do like the look of the updated v6. I'm very tempted to give it a try. I do have one question will 8GB of Vram be enough? I have a RTX 2080 and run a single screen at 1920x1080.
  6. Thank you for replying. I am using steam edition on this PC. I have a seperate PC that is running boxed edition but don't use SODE on that one. I may just leave it and go for airports that don't need it for now. If i do need it in the future I will go with version 1.7.1 Appreciate the help
  7. Hi I hope someone out there with Sode knowledge can help me I have just installed version 1.8.0 of Sode into P3D and i also selected the option for FSX steam addition, the install for P3D seems to have worked as i can select the required gate from the sode menu ( for example Gate 111 at UK2000 EGKK and all works normally) Something seems to have gone wrong the the FSX install as even though the initial screen let me register and activate for both sims i am getting no SODE entry on the FSX menu. I then select repair from the installer and i am getting the following error message under the FSX entry Registration error exe.xml Sucess dll.xml Success * Simobject Path entries * FSX.cfg (Main) file not found FSX.cfg (common) file not found Just wanted to add this machine has never had the boxed edition installed and the FSX.CFG file is in the right place (Appdata/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX) I really have no idea what to do next 😞 kind Regards Darran
  8. I still use the DX10 fixer with FSX steam edition and really enjoy smooth performance, top quality product!
  9. that bad huh. I could always take my glasses off 🤣
  10. Can you use the sim offline, or does it totally rely on being connected to their servers?
  11. If this is a default helicopter that comes with FSX SE just go to steam and verify the files, you can do this by clicking on FSX on the left hand side in the steam list then select properties/installed files then verify ingretity of games files.
  12. I do not understand this either, In the recent ORBX sale I ended up buying LPPT,ESGG,LFLL and BIFK all for P3d V4. If developers dropped thier prices I would by a hell of a lot more. I got into P3D late after being a long term FSX user ( i still use it on my main flight rig set up) and I am very happy with the P3D platform, I'm also considering purchasing V6 after not buying V5 and am very interested in hearing what will work with V6.
  13. I am very tempted to get V6 and i love flying this aircraft, can you tell me how you installed it into V6 (i'm currently running v4)
  14. One thing i have noticed is that alot of P3D sceneries remain more expensive that the equivalent MSFS ones. I still buy P3D sceneries (the most recent being yesterday LPPD via ORBX) and would buy alot more if prices were reduced.
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