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    Started out flighing sims in my teens, my first one was Solo Flight on the Atari 8 bit. I got FS9 a few years ago but thought it was all too complicated. I then purchased FSX about 2 years ago and installed it, i thought it ran horribly and then uninstalled it. Just over a yeat ago I found avsim and realised that FSX has to be tweaked and set up in a certan way so I gave it another try on my old dual core system and was hooked.

    I have just purchased a custom built pc and now feel that its time to learn all over again but it sure is fun

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  1. Dazkent

    FSX upgrade

    If you happy with FSX then just stick with it. Sure some of the latest airports are P3D only. I still use FSX regularly and it never ceases to amaze me what a brilliant product it is.
  2. Hi Am after some advice and hope someone can help. I have a little HP Notebook which doesn't get much use, it doesn't pack much of a punch as it has a intel core duo running at a mighty 1.86ghz. I would like to put it to good use by using it as a moving map when i am flying and also for it to show me the airport and gates when i land. I don't really want to use the progressive taxi option and hopefully it might stop me from getting lost 😀 Can anyone recommend any good freeware programs that do this, have heard of little nav map but don't know if it will show a zoomed in map of the airport complete with gates when i land kind regards
  3. I belong to a flight simuiator group which includes real life piliots, they told me pillots can't really see more that 75 miles ahead so having it set for 199 sounds kinda crazy to me
  4. After some time away I have started making videos again, we continue our tour of the UK with an early morning flight from Islay to Edinburgh. It would be lovely to have you onboard.
  5. Dazkent

    Active Sky Next

    If you have a fairly modern CPU, running Active Sky Next on a different PC will not bring you a massive benefit. I have mine on the same PC and see little performance loss compared with networking. A better graphics card will help during cloudy or overcast weather. Like Luke said what CPU are you running? kind regards
  6. It sounds like you are over taxing your system What speed is your processor running at and what graphic settings do you have set within in the sim?
  7. Dazkent

    Fsx screen goes total blurred

    You may be asking too much of your system. What speed is your i5? and what graphic settings are you using from within the sim?
  8. Dazkent

    New PC bad perfomance

    You will have to be careful with your settings with a processor running at that speed. Even though P3D does let the Graphics card do more work. High clock speed it still king when it comes to performance. I would say that your performance is about what you would expect running at 3.2Ghz
  9. Dazkent

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    Been reading this subject with interest, I think maybe we are asking too much of the P3D engine to render "full fat" ORBX regions and complex aircraft such as the PMDG and expect smooth perfomance. I don't think we can lay the blame with LM as if you use their product out of the box am pretty sure these sort of pauses do not happen. For professional users like training i would expect they do not worry about add on scenery and so performance is fine. The ball should really be in ORBX court to try and find a solution to these long pauses. I guess you could disable the regions and use Global but these full fat regions are being marketed compatible with P3D and really should not be causing immersion breaking things like massive long pauses. Sweeping the issue under the carpet is not very helpful. As users all we want to do is load up and fly no matter what sim you use be that FSX ( myself), Xplane or P3D. Just my two cents worth. Daz
  10. Dazkent

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Has the AA been improved at all? , this is the issue that is stopping me from moving across to the platform. i run at 1080P and don't want to go 4k just to try and improve the AA.
  11. How do i check they are the DXT version?
  12. Seaching online have found a set called HDEv2 which look pretty good, may give these a try.
  13. Think this has been there from day one, maybe that will change if they ever move to a new rendering engine.
  14. Been using FSX for the last 5 years and am still amazed at some of the visuals it produces after all these years. I upgraded to AS2016 from Active Sky Next a couple of years ago and never upgraded the cloud textures as generally am very happy with them. I know there are various add ons on such as ASCA and Rex Soft clouds but I have heard that some of these produce a rather cartoony look which i am not keen on. is there a "go to" product i should be looking at or shouyld i just stick with what i have. ( Run FSX boxed on one pc and FSX SE on another) Kind regards Daz
  15. Dazkent

    reliable weather engine for FSX

    AS2016 is a breeze to use, I just load it and fly. You have a choice of live weather, historical or you can make up your own if you wish. Now cloud textures is another matter. i don't like the cartoony look of some weather add ons so still using the default ones.