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  1. Just copy the "MakeRwys.exe" found in PRO-ATC-SR\mkrwys\ folder to the above named directory. ie. copy "MakeRwys.exe" to C:\program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepared3d v5\ (assuming that is where you have P3D installed) if not just copy it to the root folder of P3D. and click 'Read Scenery' again.
  2. You sure about that? My understanding is that if it's not listed as being compatible with a particular plane then you cannot have your F/O operating flaps, gear, lights,A/T etc. So I think it is very much addon specific if you want help in the cockpit as in RW operations.
  3. Has been answered on FB and the forum :- The bottom line is there is no option to read AS weather either historical or live as there was in the 'X' version. I also, along with other users dislike immensely this move by Pointsoft. You have more or less answered your own question here, this has been observed and noted by quite a few users. While it is far from desirable and is most certainly not true to life it does avoid conflicts, but in a 'sneaky' and bad way.
  4. So, basically you're saying is that you re-installed P3D and all was well afterwards?
  5. "It surely cannot be GSX".....sound familiar ? ☺️
  6. Indeed they do, and quite a lot too, sunrises, sunsets, long haul over vast continents, even unusual cloud formations are all enjoyed by a lot of RW pilots.
  7. Had to laugh at this.......... I gave up on GSX a few years back, got tired of everything being my fault, even ridiculed the way I had setup my drives/partitions etc.. As for that dreadful 'Coualt' environment ........
  8. I suspect the "VC" in this case is referring to "Volumemetric Clouds" Ray.
  9. So it claims, but does it work, NO, not for me and not for a few others on the forum. "X" ver. had the option to load ASP3D weather directly, very annoying that this has been removed. Even using live weather along with ASP3D injecting it's weather into the sim causes anomalies as quite often they differ. Whereas if only one source was used, as before, these anomalies were avoided.
  10. To be fair he seems to have made a couple of appearances since the release of SR and even answered a few questions. Usually alright, however I feel the forum, such as it is, will never aspire to much. Stopping posts appearing until they have been approved by a mod. kills any real exchange of help/advice/chat/flow and usually leads to a site that fairly quickly dies after initial flurry of posts after a major update. Also not having a dedicated SR forum, with sub-forums, makes it harder to have any order as to where one can ask/reply to a particular problem. Yes indeed, and I take my hat off to them and the time they give to it. 👍 Actually 3 patches/hotfixes ( IMHO a bit too generous to term them as updates 😄 ) and I still don't think the Simbrief import problem has been fully fixed. But still very good to see these patches being written. Re. Breath holding, Yeah I fully understand where you are coming from and only time will tell. I am disappointed to see that certain capabilities that were in the X version have been removed from the SR version. Also hate, hate, hate the way you cannot close the "In Flight Window" while using ProATC/SR, even the default ATC allows this. As I have said before, I mostly enjoy using the prg, but am still somewhat peeved at paying a further €40 for what I term as a 'tarted-up' version of ProATC/X that still has the same bugs and has actually removed the option to use historic weather. But I'm sure I'll get over it. 😆😆
  11. Yep, have had to do this for a good while now, probably a few years, never got to the bottom of it. Some win10 bug or other! I went through a phase of maybe about 8-10 months where the sound behaved itself but a windows update put paid to that. 😡
  12. Well, I'd hardly call them 'updates', more akin to patches/hotfixes to eradicate some bugs. But as you say, it is somewhat 'reassuring' ,considering this addon's history.
  13. Is the path correct? Do you actually have ASP3D installed there? What happens, if anything when you run MSFS?
  14. You are aware that this is a P3D forum ? If you are on MSFS why are you even using ASP3D ?
  15. Yes there is and the answer is at the start of this thread, post #2 to be exact :- If you knew the reason (which certainly was not made clear in your post) then you had to know that ASP3D must logoff from their server before you shut down your PC(s).
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