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  1. Strange, I experience the opposite, and the latest was the smallest to date. Agreed, it's not bad at all. But I experience what is tantamount to 'white out' outside with the use of AE until things 'settle' which is hardly realistic.
  2. But they weren't full downloads, were they? And I very much doubt if any "prepping" was going on. Regardless of the size of D/L the application of the patch/fix/update, takes far too long for what IMO appears to be very little gain/improvement. Give me back the option to D/L "client/scenery" etc. and install that, all done in a matter of minutes. All the other sims (which I have) update in an acceptable time, which P3D used to do.
  3. But they still haven't! But to be fair it is a LOT better than V5. And I spoke too soon re. the brown horizon, it's still there. As a matter of interest, how long did it take people , roughly, to apply the latest 'fix'? Mine took over 30 minutes.
  4. It appears that the latest CP works fine with the latest patch (for a change).👍 Yeah,maybe.......however there are at least two ways of looking at this...... 1:- They are a concientious team and like to constantly improve things for their customers benefit in a timely fashion, thus giving value for money. 2:- They are not a concientious team and release any old junk without properly testing it with the result it is full of bugs and needs constant patching. The sceptic within me makes my choice fairly easy.
  5. 'Repaired' my installation and it's updating now.
  6. Strange though, before //42 corrected it, they were quoting the V6.0.35 in their updated CP before changing it to V6.0.34.
  7. Why am I getting an error trying to install it ? Wheter I try using the P3D auto update or try to apply the update directly I get a windows error stating :-
  8. Grand, thanks for that. Very strange, I have deleted the BGL in /Global and just left it in /World and traffic works fine. Reverse the above, results in no traffic. No idea why, must have something to do with some addon or other.
  9. I like to know this as well, as my Orbx Central still doesn't want to know about my V6 install.
  10. @jkeye you never said whether you actually have 'vehicles_land.bgl' in root/scenery/world/scenery please?
  11. Thanks. No, as there were a lot of addons and associated files. Both locations at the moment. But will delete from 'Global' just to see.....
  12. SOLVED ! I even uninstalled and re-installed V6 but still no road traffic. Everywhere I read that the relevant BGL is in root/scenery/global/scenery and indeed in there was the 'vehicles_land.bgl' along with the BGLs for airport/water etc.. However when I copied it to root/scenery/world/scenery, voila, road traffic back everywhere !! I cannot understand how or why a full installation did not fix it and did not install the 'vehicles_land.bgl' in that folder. PS> Just a thought, could someone else please see if they have the 'vehicles_land.bgl' in root/scenery/world/scenery please? Cheers.
  13. Yep, tried that as well, did zilch, unfortunatly. Even went as far as installing the full Orbx Vector but still no road traffic anywhere. Cannot, for the life of me, figure this one out. Re-installing V6, if it works, doesn't give me the answer to what caused it in the first place. Thanks for your reply.
  14. Hmm, those RR Trents wont like idling for so long, even more so if you have the Pratt & Whitney PW4000's . You might get away with it if equipped with General Electric CF6-80E engines. 😁😁😁
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