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  1. Well, It’s not an A2A plane, yes WBsim and Bagolu have done a remarkable job improving both the G1000 and the steam gauge C172, but the plane is still lightyear behind the A2A commanche. In MSFS we desperately need a good trainer like the 172 but done to an extreme level of fidelity, even before jumping to plane like Kodiak, TBM, PC12, ATR, A320 simmers need a simple and common plane they can really learn from the C172 is the trainer everyone need, you’ll find it all around the globe almost every pilote have flown it or will, it’s a fantastic aircraft. That is why we need an A2A C172
  2. A C172, I would really like a very good C172, that's the GA aircraft I want the most. I also think that's the GA aircraft MSFS need the most
  3. When their is mission into DCS, "Oh yeah, DCS is awasome!!!!" Career into MSFS2024, "that thing is a word not allowed game!!!!" What a community, really!!!
  4. No threes are smaller, they where to big in MSFS2020 and many complained about that issues. Also, in the distance, on hills or mountain you see threes popping up sometime even before the mesh appears, it sometime break the immersion. looking at that new MSFS2024 trailer, trees seems to be smaller, and real 3D trees they won’t be hudge trees popping through the mesh as I’m describing
  5. To me it’s all procedural, and it all looks consistent, the rocks and cliffs for exemple looks natural in int trailer, but in MSFS 2020 all handcrafted cliffs or rocks are cartoonish, have a look at St Barth, Gibraltar or BoraBora and you’ll see it. I think, the game engine has evolve to procedurally generated great looking terrain asset (rocks, bush, trees, maybe better houses and more building types) based on satellite imagery and OSM map. In the distance you wont see all of that because it fade due to radius stuff as you said. Talking about distances, the trees are also smallers, and they dont seems to appear throug the mesh is the distance anymore. Anyway, to me it’s procedural stuff and in fact MSFS team is not used to showcase handcrafted area in their trailers. In MSFS E3 and release trailer the only handcrafted area is LAX and what you end up seeing in the game is exactly what you see in the trailer. Moreover, except for a few area, that level of detail is consistent all around the world so when I look at this trailer, I’m confident this will look like what I actually see in the game
  6. That is the way Microsoft communicate about heir games, you got to deal with it, MSFS was announced the exact same way, you simply have to wait before jumping into conclusions and making assumptions that’s it
  7. It's true, the negativity is amazing, people think they can wishlist anything and Asobo will magically make it available without sim evolution. "Oh, you want the submarine to fly under the ocean...no problem, MSFS can handle that, the next world update will feature the ocean floor" You know, MSFS needs to keep evolving, improving, better engine, full DX12, Avatar, cleaner ground texture and paint, better procedural and autogenic world, environment affecting prop wash, humans interactions with the planes, many more default planes with deeper systems and door openings, reinvented mission system systems…all of this seems to have been taken into account when designing this new sequel. We don't have any proof of this at the moment, but I'm sure the ATC and AI systems (at least we know more ai models and liveries will be in MSFS2024) have been completely rewritten according to your wish. You wanted something, then made a wishlist, Asobo listened and evolved their own game engine, then started working on a new iteration of MSFS to make it available. BUT NOW you want all that work to be free and limited by the current MSFS technology, right? Seriously think about it, how can flightsim evolve if you don't support the guys who make flightsim but it's weird because in your book P3D and Xplane can release new version but MSFS can't You've seen over the past 3 years how they've revolutionized FlightSim, how much free content and work they've pushed into it, how much they've listened to consumers and developers. I don't understand the attitude here, it frustrates me a lot, but I'm still pretty excited because this new MSFS2024 is going to push the limits again, thanks Asobo
  8. Clearly you don’t have a clue about game development. That new sequel is almost done, nothing you’ll say now will change what it is. Jorg is not stupid as you think and it was obvious from the start that compatibility was taken into account, I even believe the Cirrus VisionJet of the trailer is the same Cirrus we currently use from Flight FX. Without compatibility that new Flight just can’t get any sale….think about it in a buisness perspective…..poring tons of money into an SDK, into free content, then erase everything 3 year later…..that doesn’t makes any kind of sense…you want to build UPON, that’s what P3D does, that what Xplane does, that’s what MSFS will do
  9. That’s exactly the right way to behave, positive guys. The negativity around this announcement is honestly so sad to see. Asobo and MS are currently doing a fantastic job, MSFS the best thing ever happened to the flight sim world, those guys showed multiple time they where listening to user. What we saw today is the announcement, the product is coming next year MS have pleinty time to give the community all the bells and whistles about this new product. Msfs 2020 will not be abandoned, compatibility is taken into account …. Chill guys, simply wait and see what is comming
  10. Yes some said the graphics where good, that is true. But a LOT, a LOT of simmers immediately rejected that Ms reentry into the Flight Sim market, « this is a game, they will cut access to the servers, I’m going to stick with P3D or Xplane » so much concern the MS published an Update 1 week after the trailer saying « MSFS2020 is a simulation oriented product » here 3 years on the same story again an again
  11. Nope, everyone said the exact same thing’s when MSFS2020 trailer dropped out of nowhere… « oh they are here to make a game, another MS Flight they will abandon 2 years later, MS will cut accès to the servers steeling photogrammetry… » this is simply the way MS comunicate, deal with it and wait for them to update you with more info…don’t make assumptions, that’s not how the world works
  12. Without more information what do you know about it? How can you be 100% sure about what you are saying? They already said MsFS2020 addon would be compatible, why would servers be the same for exemple?. All I see is complains even before MS and Asobo gives us more info (probably at FSExpo)
  13. Honestly as a company or a community manager it must be SOOO hard to work with the simmer community. Criticism, bashing every single time, cannot you guys simply wait to get more information before complaining. I remember 3 years ago the first reactions to the MsFS2020 trailers was negativity and complain. 3 years on, MSFS is the best thing ever happened to flight sim but look at you again…….oh I don’t want to be Jorg or Wloch dealing with so much negativity
  14. It was obvious from the start that every addon was going to be compatible. otherwise why spending so much ressources in word update, avionics updates, A310, famous flyers, discounted ATR, paying dev such Gaya or NZA to make amazing handcraft airport free of charge. I mean come on, flight sim is a market, to be ahead you have to deliver content a tons of it. At release MSFS was behind Xplane on that department so to be successful MSFS2024 has to release with as many content as possible. Meaning OF COURSE CURRENT MSFS ADDON WILL BE COMPATIBLE The trailer himself is gives you some clues, the aircraft’s showcased look to be the same as MSFS2020 with the same avionics (that will probably be updated by WT probably at the same time they update it for MsFS2020) but with some improvement, opening doors, better systems probably, attachment for action (rescue or cargo op..) The way I see it is that MSFS2024 will be sort based on MSFS2020 (same server for scenery streaming, weather, multiplayer; same avionics update; same world update) but a few improvements: (avatar mode, improved default aircraft, crisp airport ground texture, true 3D trees, propwash interacting with the environment, better particules systems, better interaction with object to allow some kind of action pack). I think all of those improvements are impossible currently in MSFS2020 because of design choices, it has limitations. Releasing a better sim build upon the MSFS2020 core but with a better design allowing more. MSFS 2024, is MSFS2020 but improved and with fewer limitations, those limitations, everything we asked for or complained about, the wishlist has been taken into account when designing this sequel, ATC, AI traffic, DX12, particules system, Ground Physics, windshield wipers and raindrops, avatar modes, opening doors on all default aircrafts…everything MSFS2020 could not do will be in this one while maintaining compatibility with current addon
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