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  1. 25, seems like I’m the youngest here
  2. I bought all the airports related to mine TFFF meaning TFFR, TLPC, (TFFG and TNCM), TJSJ, TBPB, TAPA, in North america, KMIA And in europe LFPO, I miss CYUL from flytampa, there is also some decent freeware for the other Caribbean islands. With the Fenix, I’m able to operate some nice Air France flights from the french caribbean islands, but I still need the ATR 42/72 that cruises all over the caribbean, waiting sooo badly on MS or Milviz for that, hope it will come in November. Also that PMDG 737-800 because American Airline literally flood all the region with it departing from Miami. Anyway, the A310 will allow me to operate all the Air Transat route in the region indeed. Also, the Carribean desperately need it’s World Update Asobo, it really deserve it
  3. There is issues and bugs in the plane, like there is in almost every add-on that's comes out for any sim. Like usual, some bugs will be fixed other won't, but that doesn't make the plane unrealistic or unflyable that doesn't make the sim trash either. you really seem to have some bias here
  4. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about
  5. Yeah completly agree with all of that, while MSFS clouds are not perfect, I havn't seen better. Xenvirro clouds also kind of looks good, but there is a weird blur and the clouds doenst react to the light, they just keep a white or a gray color regardless of the lighting. It's really hard to describe
  6. Look at those clouds, that's transparency right, not cotton balls
  7. Yeah, I know, but they can try to take pretty screenshot which will maybe be chosen by MSFS team in the next update
  8. The only real problem of TNCM is the really short runway. A lot of heavy planes just can't takeoff from the island with fuel tank loaded. KLM used to operate the flight from schipol with 747, but the return flight had to land to Curacao before heading back to the Netherlands. So now they just send an A330-200 which can takeoff with fuel tank loaded. Same story for Air Caraibes (my favorite airline) they have A332, A333, A359, A35X. The two A332 are still in there fleet because they need to operate flawlessly to TNCM. TNCM also lack an ILS, so when the weather is bad (it is really often in this part of the world) they have to divert, french airline like Air France or Air Caraibes use to divert to TFFR Guadeloupe or TFFF Martinique (where I live, so if an alpha tester could show me TFFF in the sim I'd be happy). Anyway the Caribbean is such a fun place to flight, there is so much to do, to see and everything is beautiful, I can't wait to see it in the sim.
  9. You can add that both, the left and the right ND are not independent and display the exact same thing. Also, the 3D model of the aircraft is great except for the glareshield, it should be straight, but it's not But don't be too arch, the development of the sim and the A320 is really early, a month ago, this plane was unflyable with tons of missing feature and bugs. the team is slowly correcting and adding stuffs, the wingflex for example has just being added. As for the system and aerodynamics, I'm convinced everything will be corrected before the release. I don't expect a FsLabs like A320 but more like the "Aerosoft professional A320", which is already quite good for a default aircraft.
  10. Je ne vois pas de problèmes avec les nuages, leur couleurs et forme sembles correct. To me those clouds looks perfectly normal, just the typical orange sunset light reflecting on them
  11. I saw undulated runway earlier, in the FsElite video for exemple, at 26:10 you can se that runway 34R of KSEA airport is undulated. Also in the discovery episode 6 you can see at 8:07 that the airport apron is undulated.
  12. Have you noticed that, now, on the ground, the wings of the A320 no longer "flex", as if the aircraft were in flight? Maybe they added wing flex Before/After
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