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  1. Sounds like an object the devolper used, and one of youre scenery adbons share the same GUID... This causes the incorrect object to load, and you colide with its colision box. Very rare, but it does happen. Without knowing witch ad on is clashing, the best thing to do, is ask the developer to assign a new GUID. Its might be a tricky fix to find, so send them as much video and pictures as you can to help them.
  2. Very thorough & complete SDK Documentation with Examples, tutorial & videos. The easier to learn the new SDK , the better.
  3. We are not comparing performance based on GHZ. It does not matter when one CPU has better IPC (Instructions per Cycle), its about efficiency. When the new Ryzen CPU does more instructions per cycle, GHZ is not a measure. Imagine 2 cars one making 500hp the other making 440 Horsepower. Witch one is faster. The 500hp one? What if the 440hp one weighed half of what the other weighed. Horsepower is no longer a valid measuring device. Benchmarks become the measuring stick. You have to run Benchmarks. Benchmarks says the new Ryzen is the obvious choice and Intel is the Choice you have to justify.
  4. The new Ryzen CPU's have a better IPC (Instructions per clock) So Clockspeed is a not a very good measure of performance. It was mentioned on Linus tech tips that a Assus released a patch on Saterday before release that solved some overlclocking issues. I dont know how many reviewers reran their results before they Published on Sunday , but they did.
  5. I fondly remember those days, all my friends had Pentium 4s and here comes me with my Athlon 64 4000+ , a cheaper processor but outperforming them. It was so hard to not be smug about it. 🙂
  6. Sorry but you have lost me litle. Thats been a Ryzen thing since the 1st Generation. You need single core performance, you use the strongest clocking Core, you need multi threaded performance, well Ryzen is a beast at multi treading.
  7. To be honest To be completely honest thats what google told me. 🙂 I am nothing but a glass half empty AMD CPU fan-boy It’s so nice to see AMD'd cup running over, that my smugness is leaking out. The IPC on AMD is amassing, Linus did a great review on all the features of the new Ryzen CPU's and the whole time I am thinking, how much of a leap this is from bulldozer, they literally leap frogged right over Intel. And there is so much more potential in this chip. And for some reason Intel just can’t catch up. AMD use to be the CPU you had to try and justify, now those tables have turned.
  8. I am on 2 minds about this. Intel chips overlcock according to factory documentation to 5ghz. 600mhz higer then the AMD's. Cool sorted. But you cant then go quoting 5.3ghz and call that a solid number if its up to the silicone lottery and how far you're wiling to push your CPU past factory specs. Also, these chips haven't been on the market for even a week. Their still getting updates & fixes. And the new Ryzen master overclocking , alows you to share settings with other people, given time to mature, I am sure we can get better overclocking results. That being said, I am not going to overclock, having a 3 hour P3d flight ruined because of overheating, or my radiator fans screaming for hours for 4 extra fps is not worth it. If that your thing, enjoy by all means, but I prefer stable, reliable and quiet.
  9. These benchmarks tell me a lot more about what the new Ryzen CPU is doing. And now i didn't pick the treads that showed AMD wining, its very close actually, what I am trying to show is the benchmarks that give you the results with the least external factors. I may be a AMD CPU word not allowed but having supported them since 2003 , I know when I have the inferior product. I know when AMD was wining with and I know when they were lagging behind badly. What I am seeing know is AMD starting to dominate Intel who have been way to complacent the last couple of years. Intel has been caught with their pants down and over Clocking the word not allowed out of their existing architecture, till they can make a major jump again. (No rumors on a new architecture from them yet. Apparently 7nm is not going well). Intel Fan Boys should be glad, this is wake up call for Intel to get their fingers out of their buts and make something great. Then all of us benefit, Competition breeds excellence and we the consumers win.
  10. Their are not a lot of reviewers as thorough as Guru 3d. https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/amd_ryzen_7_3700x_ryzen_9_3900x_review,28.html If your lazy just read the results pages and conclusion.
  11. If your talking about John Papadopoulos article don't even bother. He took thousands of results from real reviewers, Cheri picked a couple with 5% better performance and called that a conclusion. On 99% of real results AMD is on par with Intel, at a better price point. And no problematic supply shortage and no Security issues resulting in performance loss.
  12. The I7 is about 15 % faster in single core performance. Not all Moterboards are going to be comapatble with the new Rysen series. So just double check if it is getting the bios update.
  13. I will PM you some Screenshots of my P3d as well as my Ryzen Master Setings tonight. Please remember to use my settings as a starting point, because depending on your add ons results may vary. Fine tuning can take some time. P.s. What motherboard are you using?
  14. I was not expecting this amount of helpfulness. A lot of x-plane guys got pretty hostile when I asked them these questions. Kind of reminds me of that quote from down periscope. “Nobody talks about brave men in their proud simulators”. A lot of people will defend their chosen sim to the death, insisting their the most realistic, not even full motion sims feel like real aircraft. Adamantly I used to be one of those people. But I am convinced both have their drawbacks & advantages. The on rails feeling might be 2 fold. I have become accustomed to A2A planes & Flight 1 king air in P3d and they give a lot more feedback and need a lot more input. Maybe I have setting wrong, but I am giving way to much right ruder. Not that my flight instructor will agree. :-) There is so much good advice and I will try all of it. I think P3d will probably stay my main flightsim, but X plane is going to get some love as well…. At least till deadstick arrives then both are taking a backseat. 😉 Thank you guys for all the help.
  15. I recently bought X-Plane on the steam summer sale. The out of the box experience was worse then stock P3d. Looks worse, aircraft feel like their on rails, aircraft systems are very basic, sloped runways were pretty cool though. I was about to get a refund when I realized, i am not giving it a fair chance. My P3D lives on its Mods. Any suggestions? I love king air so Airfoil labs King air I am going to try for sure. Maybe a cool airport or 2 from ORBX, Juno or Maybe Ketchican., Any other mods that are must have to get the X-Plane experience?
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