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  1. PMDG 777-300ER for MSFS is OUT! Price: $77,73 https://pmdg.com/pmdg-777-300er-for-microsoft-flight-simulator/
  2. Probably first version just for support users should be in next few days (after Fsexpo)
  3. **Minor Update 1.0.43.EA** ```- Enhancement: Parking is now based on historic real life data mapped over the scenery data. This is based on your aircraft type and / or airline at the given airport. The gate / ramp / cargo spot you will be auto assigned at your destination, should typically be much more accurate and is also displayed in the info bar when you touch down for reference. A process to try and map international vs domestic gates is also in place. This is work in progress and will be improved over time. - Enhancement: When multiple frequencies exist for the same service at an airport, e.g. 4 Tower frequencies, 8 ground frequencies etc. BATC uses a second data source to try and filter the sim provided frequencies to a more realistic set. All sim frequencies can still be selected from the frequency menu (headphone icon) but the frequency ATC will hand you over to will be filtered to better reflect real life. Again work in progress. - Enhancement: If a planned STAR / SID can not be mapped to an active runway, use vectors instead rather than error. - Enhancement: Increase the distance to a runway turn off being given to allow better time to react and exit the runway. - Enhancement: ATC will no longer say that a scenery has issues with taxi or parking setup but the words will still be shown in the UI for reference. - Added regional southern accents to all major airports in the US south. - Bug fix: More runway allocation fixes to prevent 'no active runways' error. - Bug fix: Airport Ops fix for KORD causing runway issue - Data: Airport Ops New / Updated - SPZO, DTTA, KDAL, EDDL, EDDH, LIRP, LIRA, LIMF, LIBR, LIPX, LIMJ, ZGGG, EPGD, EPWR, EPWA, LTBJ, OLBA, LFST, LFMT, LFCK, LFMP, LFBZ, LFBE, LERS, GCLA, LSZH, KDFW - Rework arrival vectors to ensure descent rates are always possible. - Further TOD calculation optimizations for long STARs. - Manage occasional data issues with IF / IAF from the sim when initial approaches feed a final approach. - Fixed bug where "expect STAR" would not always be spoken if the TOD was too far from the final waypoint in the route. - Fixed bug where the descent recalculation would not trigger if the TOD was too far from the final waypoint in the route. - TOD calculation now based on distance from the straight-line distance to the waypoint not from the player aircraft, which should give more precise TOD events if the player is slightly off course. - Fixed international / domestic gate mapping for Canada and Australia in new gate mapping logic. - Added ability to request the assigned gate without needing to go through the secondary gate selection flow. By voice say 'Taxi to the assigned gate' or similar when leaving the runway. - Fixed issue where a "vector between legs" in the middle of an ILS approach would cause an error if the next vector following the vector between legs was the IF. - Added shortcutting for routes that go past the destination airport if the flight plan has no STAR. - Enhanced logging to help diagnose issues by adding player aircraft data at time of log.``` *If you own the supporter's pack and are on the Experimental branch, please switch to EarlyAccess as experimental is now behind.*
  4. **Minor Update 1.0.30.EA** ```- Parking naming corrected to accurately represent prefix - number - suffix - Improvements to requests for parking spots to match above naming and allow for example Gate 24 Left to be requested when Left or Right gates exist. This should significantly improve the ability to request the gate you want. - Fix the issue where DECT based ATIS was not working if the windows username contained a space - Reduce the low wind value in the airport ops files to improve runway to real life usage accuracy. Note - BATC always creates its own ATIS and runways in use - do not assume that by looking at a 3rd party source BATC will be exactly the same. - Fix auto tuning for the Fly the Maddog aircraft - Remove runway 35 from LPPT using airport ops definition as 3rd party sceneries still have the runway defined. - Use a lookup table for aircraft metadata rather than relying on the sim to return correct data regarding aircraft wingspan etc```
  5. **Minor Update 1.0.25.EA** ```- Added email verification to registration process. - Many bug fixes for reported system crashes. - Better gate leniency to allow for bad gate data to still be handled in the case no useable gates are found. - Fix for bindings on non-US keyboards causing a crash. - Continued work on voices. Should now allow for Irish voices on the Premium Voice Model.```
  6. Minor Update 1.0.23.EA - Added Premium Irish Voice Set. - Added more Premium Swedish Voices. - Added British Avgeek as Co-pilot. - Added FlyBy Simulations as Co-pilot. - Added error handling for program crashes. - Replaced "line up and cleared for takeoff" with "cleared for takeoff". - Center handoffs say "radar contact" or "identified" in ICAO. - Continued work on descents and approaches.
  7. So we landed at the same time 🤣 same for me, no problems with a taxi to gate C8, he even understood my answer exactly. I'm really impressed with what BATC is already doing.
  8. That's right, gentlemen, it's only $30. You'll go out to dinner and spend more. I've been doing my 9th flight since BATC came out and I must admit that it's getting better with each update. I really don't regret a single dollar spent on this product.
  9. **Minor Update 1.0.22.EA** - Fixed a bug where handoffs to tower weren't happening for specific approach types. - Fixed a bug where visual approaches would clear you down to 1000 feet. - Fixed a bug where "intercept the localizer" wasn't being called on visual approaches. - Fixed a bug where transition altitudes were incorrectly calculated on the destination airport. - Fixed a bug where go around altitudes were being set way too high. - Continued work on fixing and removing hard to understand accents in the Basic Voice Model. - Continued work and fixes for descent profiles on STARs. - Changed the way descent instructions are calculated for STARs with no restrictions; should be much better and easier to understand. - Auto reply for "Verify information X" now working correctly. - Added confirmation for new cruise altitude so you don't accidentally get given the wrong altitude if the AI misinterpreted what you said. - Fixed a bug where "X miles from IF" was being calculated incorrectly.
  10. **Hotfix Update 1.0.19.EA** - Fix for broken PTT key bindings.
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