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  1. Batteries. I pretty much unbound everything except axis and autopilot disconnect. On the Bravo (if you have one) set water rudder to a switch for activating reverse props, and "set parking brake" still works along with the gear lever. None of the lights work. You can leave heading/loc/appr hold bound as those also work with the gyropilot. That seems to be about it without 3rd party software and a whole lot of knowledge on how to use it. I also found a quick trick of rebinding the knob used for incrementing/decrementing the various AP bugs normally and setting it to open/close all the cowl flaps a step at a time.
  2. Has anyone found or made an A&O config for this for the Honeycomb stuff? I have the demo of A&O and playing with it I found it registered a whole ton of DC6 variables but it looks like they need to be put into a script. I not only have no idea how to do that, but there's literally 100's of them and they're all pretty much just labeled along the lines of "DC6_variable3678901". That's not an exact name but basically they start with DC6, have a little text, and a number and there's 100's of them with very few having any other info on what they do. I tried to assign it to a button but it just ignores it when I do that. I played around with simple scripts in Joystick Gremlin before the fix for always on switches was implemented but that was much more simple and just activated in sim accessible keybinds.
  3. Well, if you believe MSFS's flight tracking which missed a lot when I had dev mode on for various reasons briefly, only a little over 100 hours. If you believe Steam which just tracks how long it's run (so sitting in menus etc as well), then just over 600. My guess is closer to around 300ish give or take about 50.
  4. That's good to know. I was a little worried the community folder style might cause issues vs using the ops center style install so I've been holding off on downloading anything yet.
  5. Yes, they let you manage pushback, jetways/airstairs, ground power, fuel truck, catering, etc. Basically everything you would normally have had to use the ATC menu for.
  6. Installing right now. Been waiting for that stupid World of Warcraft fix since December!!
  7. Curious about the difference between the two types. Is there a chance the community folder kind could cause issues vs the PTP version installed with ops center?
  8. Would recommend getting pushback helper or toolbar pushback addons. You can do all the ground services without having to deal with ATC which is totally unrealistic.
  9. Picked it up a few minutes ago. Won't get an actual flight in till tomorrow, but I did hop in and check out some of the ground stuff etc. Looked around the cockpit and punched the ready to go type startup state just to hear the engines. I know they said they built it from the ground up for the sim's lighting engine etc, but I can't help but feel like something seems off, like dull/flat inside the cockpit and looking out the showcase camera view over the wings some of the rivet texturing up close was a bit blury. I guess maybe it contributes a bit to the old time charm some in the end. I never really had an interest in this type of plane before. Loaded up the default DC-?? from the older versions of Flightsim years ago and just wasn't interested, but I'm looking forward to learning this. I probably bought it in large part because of who its from, but I guess maybe I wanted something a bit different from the tubeliners and little GA props for a bit.
  10. Really don’t get the hate for Discord. Maybe since it’s main/original purpose doesn’t necessarily translate as well to flightsim or something? Been using it for group gaming in MMO’s for 5 years+ now. It was a replacement for the old voice chat apps like ventrilo and teamspeak except with way better voice quality and text channels so gamers no longer need to go deal with web hosting etc to create traditional forums for coordinating things.
  11. Ooo didn't realize that was coming. That would be a welcome addition. I always have a bunch of half or totally idle cores. Would be great to have something like that to not only increase performance but hopefully allow turning the glass refresh rate up as well.
  12. You have two airplanes now because the mod has become its own stand alone aircraft in prep for, as you see, now showing up on the marketplace as a separate download. It's no longer just a mod to the default aircraft.
  13. You need the WTFPMMEPOC branch which should be the one I linked. Master and flightsim.to are NOT updated for SU4 yet.
  14. Even though I'd been out of the flightsim world for about 5 years by the time MSFS dropped, I expected a default level aircraft that was usable. Not one that fell out of the sky on landing, or stopped following and lost the flight plan, etc. (i.e all the various bugs that have plagued it since launch).
  15. Yes but you need to use the experimental version here GitHub - Heavy-Division/B78XH at WTFPMMEPOC The main branch is not updated Which version did you use? See my reply just above to Steve310002. If you're not using the experimental version you'll have problems. I haven't had a chance personally to do a test flight since SU4 but I've been watching their discord and haven't seen any of the issues you mentioned being reported. Understandably though with 3 versions out in the wild it's easy to be on the wrong one (Flightsim.to vs "Master" branch on Github vs the WTFPMMEPOC branch on Github).
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