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  1. I just saw that, but I don't really feel that's an acceptable solution. Do we have to do that using a DIFFERENT email address to get it to work? Does that create a second Axis account? If we use the same email how does that even work? I already have an Axis account I should just be able to log in with it. Going to wait on their official response to my Axis ticket.
  2. Same thing here. It ran once, took my login just fine, installed some stuff, tried to run it again and I started getting the license error.
  3. I think part of the problem is organizations trying to use it for things it was never intended to be used for. Discord's devs have added new features to try and make those activities easier but it's obviously led to confusion. Its original purpose was basically Ventrilo/Teamspeak with text chat channels. Users have managed to try and make their discord servers do so much more. It's the perfect thing for gaming clans/guilds for example though. You have great sounding voice chat for group game nights, and text channels to store strategies in or just socialize in when not in voice chat. The problem is when companies try to use it for something like tech support. It's really just not designed for something like that. edit: the issues someone mentioned about not being able to post any messages is many large public discord servers require you to go to a specific "rules" channel and read and react to the rules with a specific emoji reaction, or post in a specific channel, and possible use some specific reactions on posts in order to unlock roles that allow you to chat in the main channels. This prevents spam bots etc from showing up and just spewing out junk.
  4. I did finally get it fixed. Took well over a month+ to get it replaced under RMA (I had 3 months left on original warranty when I contacted them). I had to send the entire original unit and accessories back to them, then they sent me a brand new retail unit. Supposedly they've modified the design internally from my original model to prevent the wiring issue so we'll see. Either way, not planning to buy anything from them again any time soon until I hear that their customer service in the US has improved.
  5. No documentation because that would have made sense, but the settings tab in the EFB has a "pop up" graphic that shows the clickspot locations for the screens (they're not touchscreen IRL).
  6. LOL after the horrible experience I had earlier this year trying to get my Bravo RMA'd yeah I can attest to the fact that their customer service is non-existent or horrible at best. Never buying anything from them again.
  7. Ok picked it up. Haven't had a chance to test for any navaid issues (having Navigraph installed might make that irrelevant?) but other than the odd glass at night (it's there just not lit right) I think it's pretty decent. Even has moving trams from the terminal to the gates.
  8. I was curious about this as well as I've been using the freeware one. I guess I'm getting the payware one. DQCA updated the info on the free one and mentioned they need to stop developing it for some personal reasons and have actually starting using this payware one themselves and said in the updated info on fs.to
  9. Great, thank you so much for the explanation. I’ve watched channels like VR Flightsim Guy talking about reprojection vs running with it off and it was unclear if they’re talking about the sim setting or HMD specific. With a 4090 I should have plenty of GPU power for ASW.
  10. Replacement showed up this afternoon (was scheduled for Monday after Fedex didn't receive it from HC until Thursday afternoon). After some user error on my part attempting to test functionality in the Windows Game Controllers panels, in sim I verified the new unit works correctly for all switches, levers, and buttons and multiple throttle handle types (GA, Boeing, Airbus). Considering this issue closed, but yeah never buying from these guys again until/unless they demonstrate some serious lasting improvement in their CS and communication.
  11. Thanks again everyone. I'll definitely be keeping all these in mind to eventually replace my Bravo. I finally got an RMA replacement from them after over 6 weeks of their poor CS and lack of communication so I have something to use for now and can take my time to look at the options you've all given and/or wait for some of that new stuff that's coming.
  12. Not sure, I haven't seen those in a while, though I do remember getting them during some very busy times. I didn't see the other note that's being mentioned about content ownership though. That's a little concerning for sure.
  13. My understanding from reading the article on their site a few days back was that nothing is changing for those downloading addons if you choose not to pay for premium access. You just get to bypass ads, timers (which you still got even with ad blockers), and faster downloads which is good during those peak times especially after a patch. It's also not a recurring "membership". You pay for however many months you want up to 3 and that's it. I think of it as a way to donate to their costs, which they already had a donation thing I believe, but get to have some extra perks for it. That's just my opinion though, and like many here I definitely hope they don't actually change the free membership from what it was and start pushing people to the paid one. I think the fact that it's not a recurring membership with no option to make it so kind of points to them not trying to do that, but that's just how I'm seeing it at least.
  14. Hi guys, working on getting my Quest 2 tuned well for MSFS and exploring the possibility of using some sort of motion reprojection instead of just disabling it everywhere as I've heard people tend to do. I'm kinda confused on the diffferences between the various options for it though. I know in the debug tool I can set the Oculus equivalent of ASW, but then I noticed in the sim in the VR display settings there is also a "motion reprojection" option with two settings that have like zero explanation as to what they do. I see the in sim options of "depth" or "depth and motion". Every time I set it to the combo it has set it to depth when I go back in. If I wanted to run reprojection on, should I use ASW, the sim settings, both? I don't really know what happens if you turn it on in sim while having ASW as well. I know it will do it, but I couldn't tell what the difference was when I did it. I was using the built in Oculus performance display to check FPS and it didn't really change with any of those options.
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