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  1. Because I was looking to upgrade my 4790K to an 8700K this year when this whole thing came out I took a serious look at AMD since I haven't had them since 2007. Threadripper looks great for multi-threaded but the fastest AMD chip still shows 25% slower in single threaded benchmarks than even my 4790K which is important of course for flightsims or at least FSX. So I really don't know what to do other than wait at this point maybe for an Intel 9 series chip or something.
  2. Well, guess I'll never see the full performance impact. I have the MS patches and patched Nvidia drivers but my Asus motherboard is NOT receiving a new BIOS (Z97 series ROG board) so I'll never really have the fix that might truly impact my 4790K Haswell. With just the software patches installed I've seen zero changes in 3DMark11 and Firestrike benchmarks.
  3. Just patched Win10 Pro. Ran a Firestrike benchmark and actually got a minimal INCREASE in score across the board (GPU, CPU, combined) i.e. basically no change really and definitely not a performance hit. From what I could tell reading various sources the performance hit is mostly going to affect virtualization stuff.
  4. Yeah it's going to be probably 6-8 months easily before I buy anything actually. I have some other $$$$$ stuff that needs to be upgraded first this year (15 year old home theater stuff). I had been planning on the PC upgrade after that. Of course that was also before my video card died and I unexpectedly had to replace it since the video card is a big part of why I wanted to upgrade I could probably hold off some now since the single thread performance of 4790K vs 8700K is pretty close. From what I've read about the exploit thing though the patches will mostly affect datacenter type applications and single user desktop PC's really shouldn't see much/any impact. Of course we'll see once stuff goes live. Good thing I updated 3DMark benchmarks last weekend now I'll have a reference.
  5. Just double checking that the 8700K seems to be the current CPU to get for FSX:SE and other sims? It shows as highest single thread performance on passmark which I'm assuming is still important for stuff like current P3D and XP? I'm still running FSX:SE only but I'm looking to upgrade my 3+ year old 4790K in the next year. When I built the 4790K I was kind of wanting to get a 6+ core CPU for more multi-thread performance for video/photo editing but it seems like the 8700K will satisfy that even though it doesn't score nearly as high as Skylake in the multi-thread benchmarks? Whatever I get would be paired with a new 8GB GTX1070 (my 780 died last weekend) and 16-32GB of RAM along with a 500GB SSD for sims and OS.
  6. flyinion

    Anniversary update broke Nvidia Inspector?

    Yep I did a full uninstall + clean install of the driver. NI itself doesn't actually install though. edit: My only other thought is if this is some kind of Steam Edition issue or that in combination with something.
  7. flyinion

    Anniversary update broke Nvidia Inspector?

    Well, complete removal and reinstall of the drivers didn't fix it for me. Tried both the .3 and .6 versions of NI as well. I don't know if it's a window 10 update issue blocking NI from doing stuff if other people really are getting it to work, or if it's just the driver issue that I found for the newer (but not the newest) Nvidia drivers (posts from last fall). No matter what I do, vsync is NOT working. Ugh, guess I'll have to set that in the Nvidia control panel AND live without SGSS and changing the bias on LOD. This sucks. I'm not running two drivers that's ridiculous.
  8. flyinion

    Anniversary update broke Nvidia Inspector?

    Hmmm, I'll give that driver a try. I"m on 365.19 and that was reported as when the profile changed and broke it. Maybe it was an error and they changed the profile back in the newer driver.
  9. flyinion

    Anniversary update broke Nvidia Inspector?

    Woops, forgot to mention this is on FSX:SE Ugh, looks like I just found the problem thanks to some Googling and Reddit. Hopefully an NI update will fix it. Apparently I need to get on FSX more so I notice this stuff. Turns out the latest versions of the Nvidia drivers changed the profile name from "Flight Simulator X" to "Flight Simulator 10" and even creating your own profile and assigning the .exe to it doesn't work. Only way to get anything to work is through the Nvidia control panel.
  10. Not sure what is going on, but I updated to the anniversary update tonight. Noticed I had to re-import my Inspector profiles, set back up some other Nvidia control panel settings etc. As far as I can tell everything is working EXCEPT the refresh rate control. In the Inspector profile it's set to 1/2 refresh rate. In the sim it's anything but locked. Not sure what to do here.
  11. flyinion

    possibly moving to FSX-SE, have ?'s

    Well, I'm definitely impressed with the small performance improvements DTG made. Especially considering the default TBM is now 160 and I didn't modify it. I was nearly able to run the NGX through downtown Seattle with Orbx PNW addon and pretty cranked up scenery settings. Just a bit low on fps and slightly stuttery (about 24fps when locked at 31+half refesh rate), so I'll keep the dialed back LOD, autogen, and scenery density for that in those kinds of areas, but yeah the improvement for something that heavily taxing was noticeable. FSX Acceleration would drop to around 18 with that kind of test and maybe even get a few blurries still. Just for reference, that's on a 4790K with all cores running at 4.4 under load (vs. 4ghz on all cores stock) and a GTX 780 in DX10 mode with the Fixer.
  12. flyinion

    possibly moving to FSX-SE, have ?'s

    Ah ok thanks, well that works
  13. flyinion

    possibly moving to FSX-SE, have ?'s

    Ok guys just finished reinstalling my PC with Win 10 and of course migrating over the FSX-SE. I realized I have one more question. I understand occasionally DTG updates FSX with a few tweaks and bugfixes (or has in the past after it was released on Steam) so that leads me to the obvious question. Do i need to worry that an update will overwrite things like scenery.cfg or manually/otherwise installed addons that are not Steam DLC purchases (like the gigs of Orbx stuff I just installed)? So far I'm liking it out of the box....just finished installing all the Orbx stuff so haven't really seen it yet....looking forward to seeing how the NGX performs with heavy scenery addons it it. Was nice only having to add the wideview tweak to fsx.cfg, oh and LOD radius to 6.5 lol.
  14. flyinion

    FTX Forum error ?

    Same error here.
  15. flyinion

    possibly moving to FSX-SE, have ?'s

    Awesome. I'm sure my OrbX scenery will seriously drag the FPS down lol, but the improved base performance should help. I also double checked and the one aircraft installer I was concerned about.......the NGX...I already have the March 2015 update installer that gave it FSX:SE compatibility.