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  1. Nevermind, figured it out. Turned off GSync and it fixed it. Realized it was working just not updating video when I used the pan control on my stick and the sound was panning etc.
  2. I have no idea what's going on here. Haven't been in the sim since initially setting it up again back in August after my new PC build. It worked fine then. Loaded it up today and it's literally unusable. I start a flight and it appears not to respond to any keyboard, mouse, or joystick controls except P for pause will pause the sound and I can hit ESC to end flight. If I end flight and choose a different airport it gets even weirder. It goes through the loading process and then I'm sitting there in the same aircraft even though I changed it with the same view out the window. Uh? I've never seen this before and have no idea what to do. Running Orbx Vector, Global, regions, and DX10 Fixer.
  3. They may be big and ugly, but they're pretty much the best air coolers. They do have a newer single radiator model with fans on both sides that is pretty well reviewed and easily beats or matches lower end AIO coolers including some 240's. The NH-U12A. However, after 9 years of looking at my NH-D14 I'm with you on the big ugly heavy thing and am moving to a custom water loop on my new build. Also, amusingly even though the physical size is smaller than the D14 due to only one rad tower, that NH-U12A is the same weight. 1220g, that's nuts.
  4. I would see if the Gigabyte Aorus Pro Z390 will work for you (price depending on location, features, etc.). It's been reviewed as having a really good VRM section which those higher end 9xxx series need (vs. Asus, MSI, etc.). Not sure where you're located, but here in the US on Newegg they're within a few $$ of each other. I would use the Outervision PSU calculator. EVGA's tends to be all over the place on its recommendations and some in their forums have even noted it recommends less in some cases than the product page for their cards. I plugged a rough idea of your system into the Outervision one and it recommended around 750W. You could probably squeeze by with a 650 but that's really pushing it. That 2070 Super is essentially a 2080 non-super almost as far as power draw.
  5. Well, hopefully I can finish my tweaking in a couple weeks. Just ordered all my watercooling gear, hopefully will be installing next week. Then I can really start tweaking, trying all core OC's, etc. once my temps are properly under control and not all over the place due to currently using the stock cooler. I only used it because I knew I was going to do my first watercooling loop and it would have been a waste of $$$ to buy anything to use temporarily.
  6. I know right after release there were some modern games with affinity mask type issues with the Windows Scheduler especially on the 3900X with the two chiplets that split the cores physically in half. So that's why I was thinking some driver/Windows updates might help, the BIOS stuff was more about hardware tweaks to the performance of the chips overall (boost behavior etc.).
  7. I never used to use a mask, always got worse performance on it in disc and SE versions on my 4790K. Yeah that definitely changed with my 8 core 16 thread Ryzen 3000 series cpu. I was getting some pretty bad FPS in the NGX 737 out of Seattle with OrbX PNW. Locked a mask to cores 1-7 (left 0 open) and no HT cores and I literally gained a 50%+ increase in FPS off the end of the runway in spot view coming off 34R at KSEA where it's typically the worst. Still need to play around with different masks, and maybe see if any upcoming BIOS/driver updates help things, but yeah I'm now getting better performance than my 4790K there, at 1440p with the default boost behavior hanging around 4.15-4.2Ghz, vs. the 4790K at 4.4Ghz all core at 1080p.
  8. Yeah I don't know what was going on still with the refresh rate other than maybe something about running FSX in full screen was forcing my 144Hz monitor to match the refresh of the 60Hz one, but I had vsync forced off in Inspector either way so it really didn't make sense that it was acting like it was actually on. I know my monitors are capable of running at independent refresh rates however since as I mentioned when I run FSX in windowed, and before I installed all my scenery etc. (kills FPS), with GSync set to "desktop and full screen apps" the FPS would cap at 144 while in windowed vs 200+ with GSync off.
  9. When I was on 1080p 60Hz I ran full screen, vsync at 1/2 refresh in Inspector, and then 31 or unlocked in FSX depending on area. I found heavy dense city areas to be more stable at unlocked (would still cap due to the 1/2 refresh rate setting) and would go locked when outside that.
  10. Yeah I found a mask calculator and it had a basic and advanced version. Advanced you check the boxes for which cores and HT threads you wanted so I chose the actual cores for 1-7 leaving core 0 open and leaving all the "HT" cores unchecked. This is the result.......... [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=21844
  11. Just curious, is that P3D v4? and what resolution? I just updated to a 3700X from my 4790K and have been contemplating getting P3D.
  12. Oh forgot to mention these comparisons are vs my 4790K at 4.4 all core clock. The Ryzen was averaging 4.15 to 4.2 last night. Locking down the memory timings on it may help as well (supposed to be a big boost vs cpu clocks), but that's a new area for me so I'm kinda in the learning stage there. Many review sites were showing 10-15fps+ on demanding titles at 1080p by dialing in the memory timings/subtimings. Still no idea about the original problem from this thread of the black screen in DX9 after starting a flight from the startup screen. Seems that's just a general FSX issue though from what I can see in the Steam forums/etc. So thankfully Steve got me a working installer for the DX10 fixer. It's not the latest but matches the latest that was available to me on FSS before they went belly up.
  13. Thanks, yeah that same test flight with no mask was upper teens and blurry popping textures right off the end of the runway in spot view. Locking it to 7 cores with a mask gave me 25+. So now I just need to get those temps down to improve boost behavior and/or manual overclock for better multi-core performance and maybe play with some other masks. In addition to waiting for another round or two of BIOS/driver optimizations.
  14. Also yeah I just played with the masks a bit. Putting it only on cores 1-7 (leaving 0 free) and no HT cores (or whatever AMD calls them) gave a solid performance boost. Stayed @ or above 25fps leaving KSEA in a PMDG 737-800 which was impossible on my 4790K with the same GPU, at 1080p, and I"m at 1440 now. Some more tweaking, and cooler temps for higher boost either via auto boosting or direct multi-core OC'ing (might have to manual OC for it since it uses more cores than I was thinking).
  15. I'm guessing as the new boards get BIOS updates, driver updates, and Windows gets a couple patches, the early stuff with performance will clear up a bit too. These things have been out just over a month at this point. I think I read something the other day that the next round of BIOS code updates from AMD is supposed to bring some performance optimizations as well, but yeah I may need to try an affinity mask. Need to go find the one for the 8/16 core/thread cpu's.
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