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  1. If you do this, what effect does it have on addon installers that auto look for those content paths? I.e. do those usually look at the config file or is that info also stored in the Registry and installers are checking the registry for the community folder path?
  2. Anyone having issues with the Fenix EFB not saving all the options pages after changing them? Testing with the same livery every time at first it wasn't saving at all, now it just won't save the units or RA callouts settings. I'm running the latest version (the first patch that came out after initial release). I've been letting the Fenix launcher background thing auto start though when loading a flight so I don't know if I should try just manually opening the Fenix app before loading a flight?
  3. I wouldn't buy anything with less than 12 at this point especially if you intend to keep it for 3+ years. My 8GB 2080 Super runs out of VRAM all the time at 3440x1440 even without the Fenix/PMDG in high detail areas. Especially high detail airports. That freeware EGKK for example, but also Macco's EGCC pushes it and the handcrafted KATL from one of the WU's or base sim (forget which it is). That with Texture Resolution on High as well, not Ultra.
  4. I should test Windowed vs "full screen". It may be the difference since WDM treats stuff like that differently.
  5. Depends on where you're flying and what addons and graphics settings all combined. Currently at my home airport with a modest freeware update in the Fenix I'm at 7 of 8GB of VRAM. If I go somewhere like Macco's EGCC that jumps up to the mid 7's. Similarly same two airports I'll typically be mid 6's in something like the FBW or PMDG 737 at my home, but at EGCC for example it's still mid 7's. Once you go over that it starts swapping with system RAM which itself is not only slower than VRAM, but the card has to go over the PCIE bus to get to it which is even slower. VRAM usage was why I had to give up using the freeware EGKK while trying to stream. I had MSFS tuned just enough to use the addon, but the extra overhead from OBS trying to composite the scene before rendering would push VRAM over the edge and I'd go from like mid-40's to the teens. edit: So the key takeaway as to why the FPS tanks is that the card is having to sit there and wait for the system to send it whatever it needs from the system RAM. FPS tanks because it literally can't render anything because it's waiting for resources.
  6. Pretty sure this is an asobo issue. Even the default planes I've seen this issue on my 2080 Super since day 1 of the sim. Nvidia control panel capped FPS in the mid 50's (just above my monitor's 46Hz GSync compatible rating) and also on my older Asus with true Gysnc down to the 20's. Any time 1 or more gauges are popped out on any aircraft default or otherwise, FPS is cut in half. I really don't know how all those custom cockpit builders that use this feature in MSFS deal with this.
  7. I swear the lack of a manual for this thing is annoying. Accidentally triggered a random failure again poking around in the failures menus in the FMC while in the Random Failures section. From what I understand with manual failures you can just go into the system and instantly clear it, but the only way it seems to clear random that I've found is to use the "maintenance" section and literally sit around waiting for 20 minutes while it diagnoses and repairs it. Tried changing panel states (i.e. "ready" to "turnaround" etc) which I thought I'd heard was supposed to fix it as well but nope.
  8. I mean I would argue that between the two Fenix might actually be better as long as the person is ok with not having direct integration (that's already iffy on FBW) with the in sim ATC because while I love FBW, Fenix having the fuel and cargo loading all in the EFB in one location vs split between EFB and MCDU for example in the FBW, and the more complete VNAV implementation......or having VNAV at all if you don't use experimental.......might actually make it easier for a casual flyer to pick it up (ignoring the obvious price difference).
  9. Yeah I've been following him since the early days of the FBW and am pretty active on his Discord as well. In my case it's not that I need help with the actual flying, just that it would have been nice to have something covering the extra features specific to the Fenix version like how their failures/maintenance systems are supposed to work etc. edit: I'm sure 320 Sim Pilot and others will have tutorials on the failures system at some point, I just feel that Fenix themselves should have had some form of generic overview at least of their basics before the addon launched.
  10. I would be happy with manual or videos. At least provide something. My post above I called out them not detailing how to use the failures for a specific reason. I was looking through the MCDU failures menus trying to see how they worked for instance and in the Random Failures section I clicked an LSK next to what I assumed was something to toggle a trigger type for the failures but instead ended up accidentally sending 3-4 random failures into the aircraft and then couldn't figure out how to clear them since clearing them doesn't seem to work the same as say PMDG aircraft which are the only other ones I have failures experience with. edit: Just in case I missed it, do they actually have videos? Or is it "just wait for your favorite YouTuber to create a video showing you how"?
  11. Yeah I have to say I was pretty shocked. I've been buying high fidelity and "study level" addons like this since FS2000 and this is the first addon of this caliber that has not come with a detailed manual, tutorial, etc. At the very least they should have done something to cover the features and functions specific to Fenix like their EFB and the non Airbus specific stuff like the failures menus in the MCDU.
  12. That's odd, it will take a while to load the first time, probably about the same amount it took your system to load the PMDG the first time. If it's taking longer than that, maybe try uninstalling from their installer app. Then picking a version and installing again. Maybe something got corrupted and it's not removing/replacing correctly if you just switched versions in the installer. edit: Switching versions, or updates to the versions you're on will also increase loading times.
  13. Well, I think I figure out how I got into the mess last night. It was clicking "Trigger" in the Random Failures menu. I thought it was a toggle for some reason like toggling between "RANDOM" and something else. Still, seems the only way to disable a failure like this is the maintenance thing, or exiting and restarting the flight also worked.
  14. Hmm maybe because for instance I had a fuel pump fail and in the fuel submenu where it lists the pumps I could LSK a non-failed one and go into a submenu to set fail options. The failed one, the LSK's did nothing.
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