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  1. I'm so impressed with all new airports that are becoming available for P3D. Yea, right.
  2. I pre ordered one from Amazon when they advertised a Dec 23rd release, and now they are back to saying the product is out of stock, so the Dec 23rd date was only wishful thinking. Just like GPU's, there are supply issues with other hardware also, and it's not going to get better any time soon. You can probably buy one from a low life scalper though.
  3. I notice the spikes when some distant scenery, such as mountainous terrain is being drawn. When complete the spikes go away and the CPU usage drops way down.
  4. P3Dv6 and another $200? That will be the end for me. Pete Locascio
  5. Unless you want to pay a low life scalper 3 times the original price, you're all going to have to be satisfied with the GPU you have for now, since it's going to be a vey long time before the newest ones are available again. Pete Locascio
  6. I had similar issues and tried every "fix" I could find. The problem for me was the unlimited FPS setting I was using. I noticed my GPU temp was jumping to around 86 degrees with an unlimited FPS setting. The sim would freeze and I would get the DXGI message. One day while in flight, I used the live graphics feature of P3Dv5 and set the FPS to 30. Within about 20 seconds the GPU temp dropped to about 63 degrees. I haven't had a DXGI problem since then. Pete Locascio
  7. Yea, that's what I'm seeing also. There seem to be horizontal bands as you look up from the horizon towards the edge of the haze. P3Dv4.5 was much better at weather depiction. This is just a guess, but I'm not sure how well ASP3D works with v5. I'm using the latest beta, but it still looks terrible.
  8. I just upgraded to P3Dv5.2 hotfix 1 from P3Dv4.5. I run ASP3D along with the sim. I've tried many combinations of settings in both programs, but I can't seem to reduce the constant haze that greatly reduces the visibility at high altitudes. This wasn't an issue with P3Dv4.5. I was an airline pilot, so I realize that there are some days when there is a haze, but not every day. So, if you know of some settings in either P3D or Active Sky that might help, please let me know. Also, it would be much easier to get suggestions from some of you on what to try, rather than having me tell you all the many different settings I've been experimenting with. Thanks. Pete Locascio
  9. I have P3Dv4 right now. I'm not sure what my next sim is going to be, but since I can't find any of the latest hardware that I want, at retail prices, for the new computer that I plan to have built, It seems I'll have a long time to make up my mind. All see at NVIDIA is "Check Availability" and "Out of Stock" when I check availability.
  10. How do you back up the FLAI files, and where are they located? Does the Xml file need to be backed up as well? Thanks. Pete Locascio
  11. Yea, I get all the weird stuff when it comes to Flight Simming, hardware, software or whatever. Anyway I got rid of the Thrustmaster software, and the problem seems to have been solved, for now at least. I think there was a conflict somewhere causing erroneous signals which resulted in the uncommanded rudder movement I was seeing. I'm still using the twist function on the joystick as a tiller on the ground, and the rudder pedals for flight. I just have make sure that I'm only inputting one of them at a time. Thanks.
  12. The driver I have installed is more recent than the one mentioned in the thread. I've gone through calibration process over and over, with no improvement. Also, my rudder pedals are similarly effected. It looks like there's no real permanent fix for this problem. I guess you get what you pay for, and the manufacturer will never admit there's a design flaw in their product. Thanks for the reply.
  13. I have a 3 piece Thrustmaster set which includes a Throttle, Rudder pedals and Joystick. Most of the time they all work well together. There are times, however, when the aircraft rudder pedals start moving on their own. During taxi it causes the airplane to suddenly veer to the right or left, and inflight the nose oscillates from side to side. When this happens it's nearly impossible to calibrate the rudder. The rudder slider on the Thrustmaster control panel calibration scale will not respond properly when twisting the joystick, which I use as a tiller while taxiing. I've tried adjusting the sensitivity and null zones in the P3D control panel, but nothing seems to help. Here's the weird part, if I move my hand near the joystick, I can see the airplane rudder move, (not the rudder pedals themselves) , even though I don't actually touch the joystick. Same with the rudder pedals, if I move my foot close to the pedals, the rudder in the airplane will deflect. I'm not aware of any proximity sensors on these components. I use PMDG aircraft. I have VR disabled, have no anti virus or firewall, have the latest drivers for the devices, and am not using Thrustmaster Target software or FSUIPC. OS Windows 10. Is anybody else out there seeing this kind of strange behavior. It's got me stumped. Thanks. Pete Locascio
  14. I guess what several us would like to know, is why is this happening with the new build? The previous one worked fine. I did a complete reinstall/clean install of this new version. Sometimes the sim will start and sometimes it won't, which makes this even more strange.
  15. Run the Flight Beam troubleshooter in the Flight Beam manager. It worked for me and I didn't have to delete files. The troubleshooter does all that is needed.
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