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  1. I had installed the full patch 6 download from the P3d site before this additional download showed up
  2. I had a small download around 128 MB show up automatically after installing patch 6-no mention on the main site
  3. Would you care to share the steps you took to do this? Thanks Jay
  4. Nothing about night lighting fixes.....?!
  5. I think there is an option on the FMC for colours
  6. I think there's an lua script that can remove the black lines on the effect on the org-not sure if you can disable it
  7. Does anyone have this running in v6? I had it installed but removed it as I suspected it altered the airport buildings and their PBR properties
  8. Yes unfortunately Orbx screws up the lights. In v6 I did a full reinstall and use default textures with living lights and they work great
  9. Hi I don't have the DC8 but would like your help with the Vc10. I tried it in P3D v6 but it refuses to climb to high altitudes and falls out of the sky making it unusable for me. Do you have any suggestions as I love the plane otherwise Thanks Jay
  10. To disable hyper threading you need to go into the BIOS where you can do this
  11. Currently Orbx textures do not utilise the night lighting in v6 or the rain effects and I find they reduce immersion rather than improve it wrt default
  12. OrbX Global on mys system gives unnaturally large round orange orbs of light as default-I am not sure if these can be customised.
  13. I've installed these in v6 and they are a game changer in my opinion
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