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  1. Like you I've gotten disillusioned chasing "fs nirvana" countless times. But then I remind myself how things are getting better all the time. I have my HTC vive and VR presence and raindrops on windscreens and amazing cloud structures and a truly dynamic weather engine and when I can make a full flight and land on that centreline holding on by the seat of my pants I am grateful for where we are now. Also somehow VR makes the danger seem more real.I'm spending time planning safe flights,thinking about alternate airports and aircraft reliability-things I never thought I'd do. The price I pay is graphics complexity and instrument readability but the payoff in VR presence and realism is worth it for me.
  2. This appears to be related to FSUIPC
  3. I have the 717 and it's my go to aircraft now with the trueglass effects.the fmc is good and it captures the ILS with high fidelity
  4. I'm happy with P3D as it is-anything else is icing on the cake. Not so long ago I was using a 32 bit sim and watching my VAS monitors every second and dreading the fateful OOM on final approach after a long flight. Now I know I can fly from A to B with as many of my addons running and be able to exit the sim by myself at the end with a smile on my face.
  5. Thanks for the review. You may want to take another look at your TFDi717 though. It really is a very refined product now and my go to aircraft.
  6. Yup it has one or two unique attributes but she is now my go to aircraft for flying-the windscreen effects and fidelity of the autoland system are great. I prefer this one to any other jet now
  7. Ok thanks I don't have Envtex-so I take it running ASCA would make no difference?
  8. My experience is a bit different. Running AS4 along with SF and overcast conditions in Florida( using VR ) and the 1024 textures I was frightened looking up at the skies and really started questioning myself whether I wanted to take off.In the air I was making conscious decisions to fly away from those clouds out of fear. I have never had those visceral feelings before and am so glad I bought SF after getting the info from reading all the posts here. It's added a realism that works for me Jay
  9. Thank you With AS4 and SF running together,what does adding ASCA provide that SF doesn't?
  10. What's the difference between injecting and pulling? Does AS16 + ASCA inject and SF pull? Could those who own these shed some light?
  11. Thanks very much for all your testing. Does the product have a full uninstaller? Which files/folder do you need to back up to do a clean reversion in case things go pear shaped? It's a shame the rex forum issues seem restricted to paying customers
  12. I like the effects on the windscreen that ASCA provides. Is that possible when using SF?
  13. I have been following this thread as a potential customer of SkyForce. It would be very helpful if the OP / rex developers would contribute /engage with the queries raised in this forum in response to the first post. Jay
  14. vfr flightplanner -freeware standalone and awesome!
  15. Hi Martyn Thanks for the clarification! Are you able to provide an East African Airways livery? The VC10 was their flagship carrier in their heyday. Thanks Jay
  16. OK good to know! I wait with credit card in hand and bated breath😉
  17. I believe the real VC10s had CAT autoland capability for minimum visibility landings which even real pilots have to train to use if needed. I think this was introduced earlier in the Trident. A deal breaker for me and a shame if it's not modelled as it wouldn't do justice to the fine aircraft it was.
  18. http://www.vc10.net/Technical/Autoland.html The real VC10 had autoland capability which gave it an advantage at the time. So I'll pass on this until I'm sure it's modeled
  19. Does it have ILS autoland capability?
  20. It's a fantastic product! Get in the cockpit in vr and if you're flying in rain the raindrops on the windscreen will blow you away. It has a mature fmc and reliable autopilot system with autoland capability too
  21. I have airhauler 2 and am put off by its complexity and the lack of a decent manual
  22. Correct. That's the one. It allows for setting MSA in the plans as well.
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