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  1. This for sure. Having to update the rolling cache every four weeks or so due to an update is NOT user friendly, especially for the 'internet speed challenged'.
  2. Look in the Content Manager (Main Menu>Profile) and update the packages that need updating. It is unbelievable that flights get disrupted because of this. Very user unfriendly the whole process.....
  3. You might have been switched to 'offline mode' check if you are in fact 'online' under 'Data'. Not your fault. MS messed it up.
  4. Flight simming since the 1980s. Not a casual simmer, but rather hardcore. Building a home cockpit as of writing (A320). Asobo/MS can we please, please NOT be forced to update when YOU choose, rather when WE, your customers chooses!?? Every update since release broke things. The only improvements are some eye candies, i.e. 'World updates', which are great in general, but not if other qualities of the sim decrease! I know that having different versions amongst the users can create support nightmare, just do not offer support for people, that do not have the latest version. The majority of software these days, from Apple iOS to Windows 10, or the apps on my iPad/phone/PC/X-Plane give you a choice, when to update, so this suggestion is in no way a out-of-the-box thinking. The user experience should be your priority, do not force things down our throats that are not well tested and solid. By the way, I am a fan, a huge fan! You build a tremendous, next generation sim and growing pains are expected. But I am dreading the next update. My 2 cents Canadian.
  5. This sim is broken with this since update 3. Frame rate is expectable after the latest 'hotfix', but not like it was before. Something is putting the brakes on! I guess we have to wait for another update, which might brake something else, but no, I am staying positive!
  6. I can not for the life of me understand why a multi-gazillion company has no backup in place for this!!! It seems MSFS is on very thin and shaky ground. Well I guess this is common practice now to have a services that only works some of the time (granted most of the time, but not always). I am used to it with my internet, but I should not. Beeeehhhhhh.
  7. Move into the right direction with the beta testers! Thank you. I still like to see a 'voluntary' or 'opt in' update feature, which would allow me to be one or two updates 'behind'. The update experience has not been good, since release to say the least. I still have major performance issues since world update 3. Popping out a window (i.e. PFD, ND) decreases frame rates by 10 fps for each window. Which was not the case before update 3. Otherwise. Keep up the good work.
  8. I am a fan. A huge fan. But after the latest update, now closing in on 14 days, frame rates are horrible, I dare say the sim became 'unsimable'! Asobo/MS please give us a hotfix! I tried every tweak known to men. Something is bottlenecking the sim. I do not understand why you release an update, which such bad performance. Why are things not tested before release?????? At least give us an option to roll back and do not force untested updates on us - a bad practice from a user point of view. Just saying - I am still a fan.
  9. Their is a 'Flight Recorder' (free) on flightsim.to for very basic, but stable replay. Easy to set up flyby view with the replay and drone camera.... I know it is not native, but it works!
  10. Close to 400 hours on sim here. Spawn with 'Clear Skies' onto gate/runway. Only then select 'Live Weather' from the top menu. It takes a few moments, but Live Weather will load. For a second flight you need to restart the sim and proceed as above. Works for me every time.
  11. Here are things I have notice. Spawning at a gate, it takes at least 30 seconds before frame rate increases to normal. From low 20s to my usual high 30 at dense airports. After yesterdays update I had low fps as well. Here is what I did and it fixed it for me. I put the graphic settings to low. Quit the sim, did a restart. Opened the sim, put it back to 'High' settings (my normal). Quit the sim, restarted and fps were more fluid than before the update. Something changed in the config or setting files during the update, but that is just my 2 cents, what do I know...
  12. Try this, it works for me every time, never had live weather not loading in 350 hours of MSFS: Spawn onto gate/runway with 'Clear Skies' from the main menu. THEN select live weather. It takes a moment (max 15 seconds) and live weather will load.
  13. I just had fog and haze at LFPG. Had it quite a few times sitting at an airport and the fog rolled in. I am not saying it is perfect, but it is getting there.....
  14. Airport looks great, but with the animated people - we are not quite there yet. They walk and move like zombies..... but its a start
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