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  1. Careful, in a sense that you HAVE to reinstall them if any future world update has a bush trip/discovery flight/challenge included. You won't be able to install the world update without reinstalling the aircraft.... For example the last WU USA II needed the DA 40, I believe, which I deleted from the Content Manager. It would not let me install USA II without reinstalling the DA 40. Absolutely bonkers.....
  2. Thank you FBW team! Your work and continues updates and improvements are much appreciated!
  3. There are the best in any flightsim ever, but there are only cumulus clouds represented in the sim right now or slight variations of them. In reality there are many more cloud types dependent on altitude. High clouds Cirrus Cirrostratus Cirrocumulus Middle clouds Altostratus Altocumulus Low clouds Stratus Stratocumulus Nimbostratus Clouds with vertical development Cumulus Cumulonimbus It is just a lazy implementation of clouds at this point. MSFS/Asobo did many things right, but other things not so much....
  4. I heart some not so good things about this 'company'. I would be careful.
  5. Fenix runs fine, first impression are things are smoother, less stutters..... Have you turned failures 'on'? No weird behavior on my end.....
  6. That, that and that! I couldn't agree more with your post!
  7. The argument they have different teams and the WU team can not fix bugs is getting really old. It is all a matter of priority. Employ the right people for the right job.... Focus on the core sim fixes. The WU are nice and appreciated, but almost 2 years in, we still have glaring bugs and immersion killers that where there on day one. - kamikaze airport vehicles - funny road traffic behavior - AI traffic mess - ATC mess - water going up coast lines - line through the horizon - sudden shifts in weather - very limited cloud type depiction - connectivity issues to name a few. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying MSFS and some moments are really immersive and it has a lot of good going for it, but in some areas it just does not move forward at all. Just my 2 cents (Canadian).
  8. Move your pop out to a second screen and have the second screen run by your on-board video (integrated video). It helped me a lot with frame rates (you need to make sure that your on-board video is enabled in the bios).
  9. Fenix said that they are building their own engine model, as there are limits to the current (MSFS) one. Right now it is about 6% off. Also the CEO variant takes longer to go from take off law to climb law then the NEO, meaning it takes requires more time before the fly-by-wire system kicks in. Just some info....
  10. But it makes it easy to walk around in the drone cam that what I was getting at. And you can use an xBox controller on a PC via usb....
  11. Most do it with a Xbox game controller. Just to make sure you delete all flight control mapping as it will set them by default.
  12. Thanks, Amir and team!!! The Fenix is a labor of love. You can see and feel it in every detail! Keep up the good work! Your passion is highly appreciated!
  13. Nyxx is right. I recommend a youtube tutorial like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-j-JvXglDo or others from Easyjetsimpilot or V1 just follow their flights and take some notes... Good luck, its fun learning a new aircraft!
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