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  1. Silicus

    Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator news

    I will definitely try this one. Sounds and looks great. The only disappointment is the 'fictional' landscape. Why not use a real landscape from Alaska/Idaho/Canada, even if it is a small area to start off with? Dynamic weather in mountainous area can be a real challenge! Hope it is implemented well....
  2. Silicus

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    Yes, we are to blame. Because we did not buy Flight Sim World or Flight School in the numbers that they where hoping for. It is called free market capitalism... If a product is not accepted by the 'consumer' there is a reason for it. I don't buy the 'conspiracy' that he is trying to blame the failure on. There is always people for or against new products.... I still remember having a first look at Flight School. And it did not 'move my needle'. Nothing new to see here. Total lack of any new things, no WOW factor, nothing that interested me. Why should I buy it? Same with Flight Sim World. One major milestone was the 'cold and dark' release feature - really? Other than that it was a regurgitated FSX with the same old issues. TrueSky. Great. But no weather engine? So why should I buy it? I did not listen to any guru. Most flight simmers are very independent thinking individuals that know what they want. And DTG did not deliver what we want. End of story.
  3. Silicus

    AVSIM Server Funraising Drive

    Avsim used to be my favorite flight sim home. It has changed a lot over the last few years. Plenty of oversensitive moderators and censorship going on. The overall tone has become very harsh in these halls - and the subjects that are being discussed are only regarding a hobby of ours!!! The final straw was the total silence and censorship over a certain FS software company that did a really bad thing a few months back. I only come here occasionally and I certainly won't be donating as it no longer feels 'home'.
  4. Thanks for sharing this! Cheers!
  5. avsim is turning into a place that I do not want to visit anymore. A lot of angry, name calling bunch of folks without any humor - sad. Btw. Very nice picture! Thanks for posting - who cares about the title!
  6. Silicus

    Aerofly FS2: Some little known things

    For me AFS 2 is an incomplete sim without real weather. Weather is a huge part of aviation and it does not seem to be priority for them, I don't get it. Another gripe I have with this sim is that most of the world is generic. No real scenery, just patches of them - really? But no sim is perfect..... Cheers.
  7. 70% there. Still 30% needed regarding resolution. Maybe next year? Thanks for posting. Cheers.
  8. or the ultimate in flightsim builds: Cheers.
  9. Silicus

    Can someone please teach me to taxi?!

    For years I had difficulty taxiing. Than I converted a Nascar racing (steering) wheel into a tiller. It makes a world of a difference to have a tiller setup with FSUIPC! I also build a set off A320 rudder pedals. With a good combination of tiller and rudder it almost feels and works like the real thing. Cheers.
  10. We can't give a proper answer to what we would do or what would have been the proper steps, since we do not know the whole truth of the story. Everything reported in the media/press nowadays is hardly ever the truth.
  11. Silicus


    I would just do it in FSUIPC it also allows to filter spikes and set slope.
  12. Silicus


    You can use the rudder, but I find it hard. I converted a Nascar steering wheel to use as a tiller. It makes a huge difference steering aircraft on the ground. Easy to set up with FSUIPC. Video here: Cheers!
  13. Tim, why don't you show us a similar comparison to wow us? Thanks J van E for your efforts! Cheers.
  14. I have been simming since the dawn of flight sim. Noah was my buddy, but he was more into ship simulators... I consider myself a bit of a geek, forced on me by decades of flight simulators that were years ahead of the available hardware. Always tweaking, sometimes more tweaking than flying.... Now building a home cockpit, which means you guessed it: more tweaking. While I am not a genius, I don't think I am dim. After reading a lot of info/threads about SF it seems to me that it is basically a texture replacement 'system' and that REX is totally not capable of communicating this fact to the community, thus the headed discussions and disappointments? Yes? What I still have no answers for is the following: - Does SF 'inject' clouds that are as real as possible to what I would see out of the window of my real airplane according to the Metar??? - It seems to me that I have to pick the look and feel of the clouds ahead of my flight that are 20/50/1000s of miles away??? How would I do that? How do I know? - so I pick clouds that I think look pretty? I might be misunderstanding? Yes? Anyway, what I would like to see is a 'cloud simulator' that picks the 'perfect' clouds during my flight according to the Metar. I don't want to choose>tweak my clouds beforehand. I don't want to have a choice. Yes, I want 1000s of different cloud structures/looks, but a smart system to inject just the right type. To much to ask for? Cheers.
  15. I think it should be made clear to REX what most users want: We want the weather as real as possible. How can we do this if we have to pick and choose from thousands of cloud types and structures? I might find a cloud type for right here right now, but if I fly 20 miles I have to stop, load the cloud type that I see and continue???? It does not make sense if I want to fly in real weather at all. It only makes sense for people who want set up a flight scenario of a certain cloud type/structure. I am sure there are people that do this, but my guesstimate is that these numbers are low. Yes, it is super to have thousands of different 3D clouds, but I want the clouds that I see outside in real world AUTOMATICALLY injected. Not random, not the once I picked, just the once that are really there or at least very close to it. Everything else is useless for 'real' weather flying for me. So if they do this, without redraw, I am the first in line to pay a prime penny for it. For now there is one important step missing, in my humble opinion of course. Cheers.