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  1. There is definitely a bug in the latest RT. I get the same message 'Too many licenses running...! when I am for a fact not. After restarting RT it is fine. This is the case every time since version 10.
  2. Even flightradar24 has a 20 to 30 second delay... I think it is reasonable, since data has to be collected and parsed. Same with youtube 'live' there is up to a minute delay, if you watch anything online 'live' it is never live.... It would be nice, it is just a technical limitation....
  3. Yap, love it as well. Quality work and good FPS!
  4. I would totally empty my community folder, restart MSFS and see if any of the add-ons is causing the issues. If anything frame rates should have slightly increased over the last few updates.
  5. Because kiek is constantly improving PSXT!
  6. simple solution: PSXT and RealTraffic (sub).
  7. Even if you can access the Content Manager without SimBridge, all downloads fail. There must be a more complex issue.....
  8. The frustrating thing is that it is stuck decompressing aircraft that I never fly.... I guess patience is required here, but it shouldn't be. Microsoft is one of the largest software companies on the planet....
  9. That is one thing why you are such a great developer, Fenix. You don't rush things and you release quality products!
  10. I could never grasp the concept of a flight simulator without real weather. Unless I am missing something, weather is still not a feature after all these years....
  11. In general on the right track. Vectoring to final approach fix was too high. He had to manually catch the glide slope. It should be 'Go direct Alpha Mike 6-1-4" not 'AM 6-1-4'. I am sure the little bugs will be worked out. Love a passionate developer!
  12. Announce today. Beyond ATC will have its own traffic injector and will control AI traffic! Wow!
  13. We always got told 'MSFS is a sim for simmers'. And they keep on telling us that. I guess so many times, until we believe it. But the fact is flying is 50% weather, at least. And they never got it right. Clouds depiction is dismal. There are at least 16 main define cloud types in the real with a bunch of sub-categories. We got maybe three types, all a variant of cumulus. Here is a list of just high level cloud types that do exist: Type 1 Veils, very tenuous stratiform; resembles cirrostratus or poorly defined cirrus. Type 2 Long stratocumuliform bands, often in parallel groups or interwoven at small angles. More widely spaced than cirrocumulus bands. Bands with diffuse, blurred edges. Bands with sharply defined edges. Type 3 Billows. Clearly spaced, fibrous cirriform, roughly parallel short streaks. Short, straight, narrow streaks. Wave-like structures with undulations. Type 4 Whirls. Partial (or, more rarely, complete) cirriform rings with dark centers. Whirls possessing a small angular radius of curvature, sometimes resembling light ripples on a water surface. Simple curve of medium angular radius with one or more streaks. Whirls with large-scale ring structures. For all other cloud type and pictures visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cloud_types I believe there is a real leadership problem at MSFS. I get scolded for saying this, but the current cloud depiction is just a very lazy type of implementation 'Lets just put some fluffy white stuff up in the sky, the simmers won't notice..' We do notice and I am complaining since 2020. Thanks for bringing this up again!
  14. https://impulsesimulations.com/product/virgin-australia-vh-fnp-fenix-simulations-a320-4k/
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