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  1. ninerwhiskey, try 'Virtual Audio Cable'. Cheers.
  2. tooting, what is wrong with you? Having 'Slobodan Praljak', a convicted war criminal as an avatar is not only distasteful, but highly offensive.
  3. tooting's type of attitude is exactly the reason why stay away from vatsim. To the OP, way to go to ask a newbie question - sorry you got this type of response.
  4. Thanks for the info! Cheers!
  5. Very nice, is that Ortho? Thanks. Cheers!
  6. Aerofly FS2 is unfinished in a sense that it does not have a real weather system and only a few selected areas to fly in. They have a long way to go to make me interested, since especially weather is such a huge part of flying. But I am sure they will cut out a niche market for themselves.
  7. I agree with above. VR in an early stage when it comes to resolution and interaction. That's not to say it can not be fun for flightsim in its current stage. I for one will wait for the next generation with higher resolution. It should not be too far off. Cheers.
  8. Some of it is the community's own fault. The notion of paying for beta or alpha releases, or 'Early Access' or whatever they call it, should NOT be supported by the community. Period. I don't know if this is the case with the FF350, but it certain falls into the category of offering unfinished products with promises that are not kept in 'a reasonable amount of time'. If it is not a 'Full Release' it should not be offered in exchange for money. If it is not a 'Full Release' I certainly will not pay for anything. If the community does not pay/support unfinished products this practice will likely disappear or at least will be cut to a minimum. We can vote with [insert your currency here]. My rules of thumb paying for FS products are: 1. Only purchase full releases 2. Only purchase products with a 'money back guarantee'. 3. I do my homework, i.e. read reviews, get a feel of the stage of the product. 4. Wait a few month, until the dust settles before hitting the 'Buy' button. Cheers.
  9. J van E, I hear you! While the sims in general have moved forward leaps and bounds recently, they all have their major shortcomings and are all 'a work in progress' which seems never complete. One spends more time tinkering, downloading, installing, re-installing, hoping, then actually simming. But it is the nature of the hobby, it was always like that and I guess it will be always like that. In our life time there will be no complete sim. Each developer has different priorities and progress is painfully slow. I guess it is just the nature of this beast. Far too complex to ever be whole. Take a break, enjoy the rest of the summer and come back when you feel like it. Cheers.
  10. They have a very long way to go before it is the flight simulator of any year. I take a review from a guy who is sponsored by flight sim products with a grain of salt. There are a lot 'but no quite yet' comments in this video. Not quite yet the flight sim of 2017........? FSW has so many features missing, like real world weather - come on, really, Autogen popping, Autogen minimal radius, old ground texture issues, cartoonish looking grey bands, passing as roads.... the list is almost endless, but at least very long. They can't hide the fact that it is an old architecture with many limitations. As Mr. King pointed out, any flight sim lives from 3rd party, otherwise it will die a slow (or fast) death. Dovetails 3rd party policy is dismal to say the least, as major 3rd party developers have pointed out recently. To my knowledge nothing has changed in this regard. Until it looks like a new sim, I will not be supporting it. Cheers.
  11. FSX-MS is what you want. Free to register. Pick the AIRAC you have. is the place to find real world route as well. Simply enter Origin and Destination and pick a real world flight. Routes are only for North America. Cheers!
  12. James. I agree what you are saying and if the numeric part of your username can be connected to your year of birth, we are about the same age :-). There are a lot of immature folks around these halls no matter what age. But that's the problem of the internet - people hide behind their anonymity. You going find 'harsh' environments all over the web, no matter where you go: Facebook etc. etc. Filtering out and ignoring things is that best way to deal with it I find. Cheers!
  13. I do not have X-plane or AFS2, but I think X-plane's option with Ortho, where you can build the region that YOU want, is a much better approach, but that's just me flying A320 in Europe and North America, which is a huge area to cover with payware. Of course with Ortho too, but that is just the hard drive cost and not paying for the scenery itself. Much better flexibility than being dependent on developers. I agree that we are getting tired of land class type scenery and more and more simmers want 'Google Earth' type scenery in their sim. We are on the right track, but still ways to go for better scenery on a global scale.
  14. Nice pics of my home province! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Working for 20 years in software development does mean nothing if you lack passion and knowledge for flight sim development. And it clearly shows in the result. Now having established that you don't know what you are talking about, we can move on.....