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  1. Did you turn on automatic crash reporting?
  2. Okay, first recommendation I have - uninstall the product, reinstall it with defender turned off - it can sometimes just outright delete files and do some generally odd things. Then add exceptions for the Fenix folders and try again. There's a how-to here: https://kb.fenixsim.com/efb-showing-as-blank The other thing to do is use the Alternative renderer. I'd start there before I mess with Defender.
  3. Do you have an anti-virus or something like that running? Windows defender, even.
  4. A couple of things to try - untick Display Sync and tick "Alternate Renderer" - failing that a set of log files and a support ticket would be the next go-to.
  5. Hey! This sounds like something we got a good chance of solving, but only with your help - these crashes are quite sporadic and getting logs from someone is always valuable in figuring out how to fix it. If possible, could you send your logs in so we can take a look at fixing this for you? Thanks!
  6. In classic Airbus fashion, some stages will give you notice, others may not.
  7. So, this is an interesting one - but we're finding out users that are unable to engage AP are in AoA Prot submode, which stays engaged after it has kicked in, even if you're no longer in that situation - in order to disconnect AoA Prot submode, do the following:
  8. Just bear in mind a common mistake a lot of people make is to set their curves at +20, not -20, so just make sure and double check your sensitivity curve is truly at -20!
  9. For sure, but I'm just curious to see if I can help - but I do need to know what you mean by "weird" - is it too fast? Too jumpy? Too heavy, or too light? Not precise enough? Also an idea of your sensitivity and SDS setting would be great - along with the sort of hardware you're using. I might be able to give you a couple of suggestions.
  10. Pretty much any sort of feel is now possible - you can make it as heavy or as light as you desire. The recommended sensitivities are a good starting point with SDS. Perhaps post the sensivity you're using here and what desired outcome you're looking for and I can see if there's something easy you can do to make it better.
  11. You guys are taking a message way out of context. That only had to do with David's post about liveries - he was waiting for a sign-off from all livery makers that they were happy with the text and screenshots used. It literally has no effect on the software whatsoever, you just can't see what he's responding to because it's a screenshot of a chat. Not an announcement or anything.
  12. That's just for Dave's little extra informational post - not the build itself.
  13. This is our new display render tech we developed for V2 - it's in Block 1 in a "hidden" form because we wanted to use it to troubleshoot this stuff with users having issues with old builds and to generally see how it behaves. We will be making this standard with B2 and switched on for all - but, similarly, it appears some people using Frame Gen mods are encountering issues, so there's a conflict there. It's sporadic, but it's there - so the option to use the older renderer will be made available.
  14. It may be quite important to note that visual artists don't work on system stuff. Which is why when we do previews and show one aspect of the airplane, it doesn't mean we haven't done other stuff. It's right in the very post - we will do a systems deep dive next.
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