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  1. It does make me curious as to how all the "lookup table" addons are going to do when being ported over to this blade element theory-esque aerodynamic model. Especially when it comes to Airbus aircraft. The FBW is a pretty finely tuned thing in the way it interacts with the world around it.
  2. Some really exciting changes on the way including a new UI/UX, dynamic profile sharing, on the fly tweaking, and obviously the complete rewrite by a professional with a masters degree in computer game engineering - meaning some of the tweaks are going to have improvements in functionality, others in implementation, etc.
  3. I stream. Noticed this issue only on desktop capture, my "game capture" modes work just fine. Weird.
  4. Bear with me, because I'm a tad slow, but how do I get a "borderless windowed view" on P3D? I still have the windows task bar at the bottom. EDIT: Fixed on my own after some tinkering. Didn't alt+enter
  5. Beautiful performance. Is that the new EZDok with v3 support, or is that shimmied in?
  6. It doesn't have a stock cooler. It's a STRIX. It has one of the best air coolers on the market.
  7. Just got one, but have no sim installed at the moment. Just one piece of advice, don't worry when you first start up your computer and the fans on the card don't spin up, they're not supposed to. They only turn on when the card heats up past 40*C. Going to get v3 installed at some point and have a little fun with that, but I'm waiting on EZDok to sort itself out with both Win10 and P3Dv3. (I know it's been updated but it's still broken.)
  8. Really annoyed at the lack of communication from Taxi2Gate. Have all their sceneries and VHHH on review right now. Trying to contact them via email but it's been a week or so and still no reply. Anyone heard anything about P3Dv3 from them?
  9. Awesome to hear! How will things like taxiing, take off, etc work without conflicts and the other aircraft not flying into me if it's not a controlled environment, though?
  10. Hey all! Apologise for coming across as a little slow and dimwitted on this post, but I'm in quite the state of confusion. Just putting together my new system this week and returning to simming, so on the look out for new addons etc to try. With that, I come to my question: Will this software work standalone with no ATC? I fly almost exclusively without ATC. Always have done. It's always been VATSIM or nothing for me. I feel like it's around the time I try using some AI to spice up my FS-World, but I'd really like to adhere to policy of keeping things as real as possible. That means I won't be using any FS-ATC at all, as they tend to be erratic at best. More the point: I can't actually afford any of them after dropping £1600 on a computer upgrade So, can this be used without an ATC program? Will it let me taxi, take off, and land without conflict, or is there a requirement to have an ATC program so I can be "in-sync" with the AI flying around?
  11. New Intel processors (i.e 6600K & 6700K) are inbound in early August. Wait for that before you pick up any components for your system.
  12. The bright yellow Spirit aircraft is quite loud. Reminds me of a Caterpillar Digger!
  13. Aamir

    Is it just me?

    Steam boasts an absolutely massive user base. Couple this wih the fact that the product is constantly selling for under $5 in various steam sales, and you have people buying the game to satiate their curiosity. I'm a pretty big gamer and have quite a few friends on steam. A lot of them bought the product and toyed with it for an hour or so. Some were hooked, others less so. The exposure the hobby has received after being featured on Steam (in the guise of both FSX:SE and XPX) is massive.
  14. Yep. Already budgeted $1000-ish to spend on a new motherboard and processor, just waiting like a hawk now. Also going to have funds available next month for a 980Ti. Planned to go with a Titan X but I simply have no use for the additional VRAM, since I run at 1080p. The second one will follow if P3D really follows up on its SLI profile and gives better scaling.
  15. They are much more aesthetically pleasing. I use 1024x1024 (P3D) myself. I've found the product makes my clouds look far better. It's worth the money with the discount. It's not a necessity by any means, so don't break your bank for it. I have experienced neither a performance increase, nor a performance decrease.
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