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  1. Don't worry about it, doesn't help YouTube hides that bit!
  2. It's mentioned in the description of the video. "As a note: Deep Engine Simulation is not implemented in this build - hence there is no difference in ENG 1 and ENG 2 - this is planned for later."
  3. The aircraft will be a one time purchase. We are not pursuing the subscription model.
  4. Some images that I posted into Discord yesterday after a few too many glasses of wine...
  5. Already done, it was asked for so much we built it in a week ago.
  6. To be fair, real QRH and FCOMs for these airplanes are incredibly easy to find - you can quite comfortably use the real docs on this thing. We can't distribute any of this stuff ourselves due to our licensing agreement with Airbus 🙂
  7. Hi. I own the company. You're welcome to have a look at our companies house information (all company information in the United Kingdom is public and free to view, we're registered as FenixSim Ltd.) - and I've never had anything to do with FlightFactor, unequivocally. The fact this is your one, and only, post on AVSIM leads me to believe we've done a decent job with our marketing and some of our competitors are perhaps a little worried 😉 Have a lovely evening!
  8. That's a lot of speculation. It would be a pointless endeavour to attempt doing all this work for only 400 people to buy it because we've priced this airplane into the stratosphere.
  9. Thanks! Big respect for you and what your team at Working Title have created. I will caveat that I've not mentioned anything about where or what the architecture comes from.. 🤓 To discuss a couple of other points you mentioned - this is not two simulators integrated with one another. That would be a very messy, convoluted, solution. We use MSFS's weather, and flight modelling - and use the SDK as intended for compliance. And finally - on pricing. I'm happy to confirm this much - there will be no subscription. One time purchase.
  10. It is much, much more than simply a modelling or interfacing exercise. Were it, we would have released several months ago - as interfacing with the sim like this has been possible as early as I can remember. As for the speculation elsewhere - creating something like this requires not simply code. There is a year or more of documenting behaviours, finding source material, forget about attempting to organise access to 5 (real) A320-family airframes in the middle of a pandemic. Things you do not need an SDK to do, just lots of persistence and patience.
  11. While this made me chuckle a little bit - my name is Aamir and I own the company. We have nothing to do with Lefteris or FSL.
  12. Hi Nyxx, Thanks for the kind words, we worked very hard on our textures. Appreciate someone noticing the swapped panels (this happens tonnes on service aircraft), and when you get the chance, look a little closer at some of the VC shots, especially the close ups - you'll notice the text is engraved into the panel as it is in the real airplane (to the tune of microns!) and that certain panels have "edge" wear, wherein the color has come off the edges and they've been hastily repainted - therefore appearing more blue with "newer" paint on the edges with a distinct "painted over" look - this is once again very common on service aircraft. Hi Greazer, I'm glad you see it that way - but the plan for us is to release this airplane for review to media sites and reviewers before our full launch, to ensure consumers have the opportunity to go in with their eyes wide open and as much confidence as possible. We appreciate we're new (as a company) to this scene and we have a lot of bridges to build with you all before we earn some trust - so we will do just that. As an aside, I hope that I am not breaching any of Avsim's rules by engaging with you all here - I do not want to come off as advertising our product on these forums. If a moderator could clarify, I will rest easy!
  13. I am not type rated on the A320, so I will reserve my comments for the moment and allow the real type rated guys to speak their minds when the time comes 🙂
  14. These will come. We're still in an early Alpha, plenty of content to come. Tomorrow, for example, we are posting a deep dive on the MCDU and what it'll do (things like RTA, ETPs, Step Climbs, etc. which are pretty nifty - and as yet unavailable in most A320s across any sim platform..)!
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