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  1. Unfortunately, I absolutely empathize with the OP as well. This is one problem I’ve never been able to solve and perhaps in my top 3 or 5 gripes about P3Dv5. No matter how much shader or texture manipulation through ENVshade, manual editing, ChasePlane HDR, etc, I’ve never been able to come up with an acceptable solution. I’m definitely tired of paying for shader tools to try and fix it with minimal effect. Good luck, please let us know what you go with.
  2. Can you provide direct links where these files may be downloaded? I haven’t really found many yet.
  3. I’ll also add I have issues at RNT with the static 737s, at least several of them, floating underground (gear/struts under the surface).
  4. Have this issue as well; I basically pestered the developers to please take a look at this until I was blue in the face to no avail. I finally gave up on it. I do not have PNW or Vector, only global. I sort of was able to smooth it out with some flatten files but it’s nowhere near perfect, couldn’t even fully explain what I did since terrain editing is definitely not my expertise; but unfortunately still an issue for me. If you’re able to fix this or get the developers to have another look, certainly please let us know.
  5. Hello, I’ve been browsing through the manuals and reference documentation in the forums, I was wondering though if there was some gouge out there on takeoff thrust settings; or perhaps reduced thrust takeoff procedures? I certainly know the plane has a pretty short roll and rapid climb, but cross checking with what videos I can find also, it seems that there may be some reduced settings out there in terms of ITT or N1/N2 some operators use. Just curious what information may be out there. Thanks.
  6. These are generally my sentiments as well. While it has improved since launch, it sure seems to have hit a plateau quickly. For me, the main driver is lack of systems depth. While they somewhat mimic what’s there in reality, it feels very shallow combined with seemingly recycled internal generic sounds for many buttons, switches, systems, and ambience. The 3D modeling itself is fine to me. Just lacking refinement in general, as if the plane is a bunch of simplified systems stitched together. I know the systems are intended to be somewhat basic (as I know some QW products are targeted for), but it feels there’s not much interaction among them and they can easily glitch out if you do anything incorrectly or abnormally; same for flight automation. Only my thoughts. As for something what features I want? I suppose definitely start with displays (look and feel, refresh rate, etc) or any other polish; I’ll take what I can get at this point but I’ll not too hopefully for much further P3D development on this product.
  7. Oh wow, I hadn’t noticed that.
  8. Thanks. Would have loved to see it compatible with the other variants. Oh well.
  9. If you’re desperate for a CRJ, it’s a decent deal. But I agree with some of the sentiments above, it seems mostly abandoned for P3D or at least very stagnant. It was so close to having some of that extra polish and bug fixes to make it more fun for me, but mostly sits in my hangar now.
  10. Have been on the fence with FSL for a very long time. Especially with MSFS future offerings, and just how much value I’d get out of their fleet and how much longevity is left in P3D. If the price ever came down on a sale, I’d probably pull the trigger on at least the 320 and 319. But alas, I continue to wait; have never seen a sale. Would be nice someday.
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