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  1. Beats me. Giving RTSS a whirl again since multiple people seem to swear by it recently: I observed that limiting via RTSS but setting unlimited in the sim created large swaths of missing autogen until either I paused, locked frames in the sim again, or slowed down significantly. Was also able to repeat it between sim sessions. Tried locking RTSS at 30, 36, 40, and 48 with similar results with Vsync in sim both on and off (144 Hz panel with Gsync enabled, flying in windowed mode).
  2. For those of you who do use unlimited FPS in the sim, how have you resolved autogen popping? Or simply something you've "lived with?"
  3. RT gives me similar stutters to NCP or NVI, so you’re mileage may vary. Both scanline and FPS cap in RT for v4.5. RT shined for me in FSX and early v4 builds but has seemingly lost its benefit recently for me. Again, I run windowed mode on a 144 Hz panel though. While I still have stutters, most noticeable while panning, internal limiter at 48 FPS (1/3 of 144) seems to be my “best” currently. Even setting my panel to 120 or 60 Hz appears to stutter more than 144. I can’t really tell if there is any difference with VSync or TB. Like I said above, smooth for me in between and I can maintain 30-40+ FPS in most scenarios with none of my cores at 100% load (with some Process Lasso help for programs outside of P3D, and AM=85 on my 7700K with HT on). It’s just the noticeable stutter every few seconds that irritates me, particularly on short approach or flare. It’s not really the sim freezing or hanging, maybe more of a visual artifact than anything; and happens even while I’m stationary, so I don’t think it’s a scenery loafing question.
  4. Windowed mode (But also seems in full screen), Gsync is enabled for full and windowed, single monitor, running v4.5 HF3 so I don’t have the explicit VRR check box option, Pendulum demo works fine. All CPU cores on 7700K below 100%.
  5. Tried limiting to 36 (1/4 of 144), 40, and 48 (1/3 of 144) in NCP with unlimited and Vsync off In sim (as well as on). Still can’t achieve consistent Gsync “smoothness” like some others have reported. Will be extremely fluid for several seconds with FPS over 38 or 42+, the stutter for several seconds after until I hide/unhorse the menu bar or minimize and reload the window. This is with both UI acceleration on and off in the .cfg. No real change lowering the panel refresh rate to 120, 100, or 60 also. So I’m not quite sure how the Gsync folks are accomplishing the supposed smoothness.
  6. Someday, I just hope they consider the -200 and other engines.
  7. If only I could get it working in Windowed mode. Seems to always fight with something else on my system. My sim will be fantastic and smooth for a minute or two, then stutters become noticeable until I minimize the window and maximize it...or hide then unhide the menu bar. Mind sharing your NVCP or NVI settings and sim settings that work?
  8. I'd be curious what settings folks with high-refresh panels have set (120 Hz+).
  9. Ditto. Anyone have recommendations on a "beginner" type AIO (easy to setup) that could tame a 10900K?
  10. With 445.87 I appear to have a slight flicker now (still 4.5 HF3). So I guess back to the drawing board. I'm able to run comfortably at an average of 32-46+ FPS with my latest settings, in nearly every scenario (including weather and night). And I get bursts of "smoothness", like GSync is fighting something...typically minimizing my window and reopening it temporarily resolves it but I'm no longer able to successfully hone in on which FPS limiter, GSync, or other display settings will keep GSync running the whole time to keep a smooth scene.
  11. My rig is just over a 3-year build with an i7 7700k (@4.8 w/ 1 AVX offset). And I seem to be on a 3-year upgrade cycle, so maybe the performance and the extra cores is just about at the “worth” it mark for me to pull the trigger. But, I’m running on high-end air. Maybe it’s also time I try an AIO. 1080Ti as well, but I may be waiting for the 3000 series before making that jump.
  12. A shot in the dark with an older product, but hopefully a simpler texture set would generate some interest. I'd love to add the Denver Air Connection livery (old or new) to my Metroliner. New: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9718847 https://gramho.com/media/2293916969571001446 Old: http://aeropacific.blogspot.com/2015/08/denver-air-connection-visits-long-beach.html If anyone is interested, I'd be most grateful. Thank you!
  13. An odd but brief question: is there a way to load the aircraft up with all of the passenger window shades closed? Or close them all with a button press rather than clicking each one individually? I'd like to simulate a turn where the plane's been sitting on a hot ramp for a while (e.g. flight attendants asking everyone to lower their window shades to keep the cabin cool) Thanks.
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