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  1. I’ve usually just stuck with default; the descriptions of the differences haven’t always been the clearest in my tiny brain.
  2. In addition to what others have said, I'd still have to see the camera system/controls revamped, the ghosting repaired, and the missing jetway connector bug (which bothers me to no end) fixed.
  3. Add me to the "preferred old layout" camp.
  4. As someone who was a diehard FS9 fan... (FSX was still "meh" to me overall - it got better just never hooked me like FS9 did) ...and a diehard fan of P3Dv4/5, who has now been converting more and more to MSFS every day since about March, this is pretty underwhelming for me. "Whelmed" at best. The showcase of almost all military, even trying to perhaps put a "light DCS" spin on things like weapons, underscores their commitment to Government contracts and associated compatibility (we knew this all along though). Definitely not a day one purchase for me, if at all - not a hard "no" yet, but sure going to take a LOT of convincing to bother setting it up.
  5. That’s how I read it, too.
  6. Any chance, anyone has determined a way to save a default slew camera; or somehow bind a hot key to slew with a more useful default camera perspective? Thanks.
  7. Is this along the lines of the old A2A 172 quality?
  8. Heck, last Expo I was at (Vegas) - the ballroom filled up waiting for their presentation to start, only for an LM rep to get on stage and say they didn't actually have anything prepared to show, and that their "session" was a few employees standing around you could walk up and talk to. That said, my shirt finally wore out and sadly I had to toss it in the trash ha.
  9. If you find a solution, let us know. Even with cfg edits, I typically don’t have lighting at airports like FSDT, LatinVFR, FlyTampa, etc.
  10. Hello everyone, I brought myself back into experimenting with enhanced atmospherics and volumetric clouds, attempting to get lighting in general a touch closer to MSFS or at least a little more natural looking. My current biggest hurdle appears to be getting night lighting looking "right", particularly when the moon is present - which illuminates ground, water, aircraft, and clouds incredibly bright compared to what I've experienced in my real life flying; and just looks "wrong" on my own setup. I've tried combinations of REX SkyForce, Envshade, and RDShade (but settled back to default shaders) without much impact and some cfg edits (which appear to be placebos). Does anyone out there perhaps know what settings directly correlate to moon lighting or night lighting in general? Thanks.
  11. If I could have found some improved dynamics for the QW757, it would have gotten a lot more hours in my logbook. CS757 as well I suppose. On top of just some weird feeling handling, right out of the gate, the surging engines on startup ruin the experience for me - where the engine basically spikes the minute you introduce fuel.
  12. COS, Colorado Springs or MSN, Madison/Truax Field, or MKE Milwaukee/Gen Mitchell
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