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  1. Is there any way to speed up walking around in static camera walkaround mode? It's a bit slow for my liking. With it enabled, none of the camera speed preferences seem to have an effect. Thank you.
  2. CaptKornDog

    RAAS Pro 64Bit Not holding Settings

    Was this fix ever formally released to the public to download? Thanks.
  3. Just curious, for the OP, is this all aircraft or only certain individual add-ons?
  4. CaptKornDog

    Imaginesim KATL

    Is your ADE update available publicly?
  5. CaptKornDog

    Repaint Request Thread

    Would love to see the TW Express liveries from back in the day (red stripe and globe) as well as United Express (Merger and Rising Blue).
  6. CaptKornDog

    Repaint request!

    Was there ever a Silver Airways repaint released for the FSX/P3D model? Thanks.
  7. I noticed the same and was scratching my head, thanks for posting; turning off "Cloud shadows depth" seemed to resolve it.
  8. CaptKornDog

    Darkness problem P3D v4.4

    Check your aircraft lighting and aircraft VC lighting settings.
  9. CaptKornDog

    Cockpit panning is very juddery

    Have a video or something you can show this with?
  10. CaptKornDog

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Loading screen didn’t seem to change for me, and if anything I may have lost some FPS...3-5 off of 48 locked (though I’m sure could be “in the noise”). I suppose textures outside do look crisper. And I’m sure some back-end improvements, which I’m thankful LM is still making updates for, but overall not much of the “big improvement” some folks are mentioning.
  11. CaptKornDog

    Reality XP Thanksgiving Sale

    (Disregard, page didn’t fully load on first attempt)
  12. No real differences (or problems) here in a GTX 1080 with P3Dv4 from 411.xx. Don’t see a need to revert.
  13. CaptKornDog

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    No change on 411.70 for me....still get device removed when using NI frame rate limiter. Dumped it again. Giving RivaTuner a try I've read about for frame locking at 48 FPS (1/3 of 144 MHz).
  14. CaptKornDog

    RAAS Pro 64Bit Not holding Settings

    OK, thank you. Standing by.