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  1. I encourage you to write to QualityWings as I have, to let them know of the issue.
  2. Don’t get me started on dynamic reflections with EA on haha. Another can of worms entirely that is long overdue for a fix from LM. Flying with a solid chrome aircraft killed EA for me too.
  3. This is definitely what my biggest frustration still is.
  4. Well, funnily enough, the installer would make you believe otherwise: Installer even has 2 separate radio buttons, one for v4, one for v5. Fooled me.
  5. With the QualityWings 146 v1.5, I have no exterior lighting with a freshly-installed 146 from the Flight1 Agent. It detected and installed into v5.1 it seems without any issue. The interior lighting seems fine and the exterior night lighting textures appear present in the common texture folder. By chance, is anyone able to offer any insight, or have gotten the 146 looking correctly in v5? I would have expected landing lights, logo light, wing lights to illuminate as they did in v4. Verifying texture.cfg and folder structure, I can't seem to pinpoint why night textures aren't being called properly. Thanks.
  6. You can always back up your files and give it a try yourself to see if it improves anything.
  7. I see, disregard my post then; may be a different problem.
  8. The whole runways disappear? Or just runway markings? (I have the disappearing issue in v5 with just runway markings; haven’t been able to figure it out.)
  9. Fingers crossed an updated MCO is on the drawing board. One airport that’s sorely lacking really any options (even a freeware AFCAD that’s compatible) in v5.
  10. PCIe Gen 4 is also nice to have for future use. While commonly available now, not sure I’d take a step back 1 generation for the 2 extra cores at a step down of IPC and loss Gen 4 with a 10900K, putting me right back into 11900K vs 5900X territory. A year ago, if I was able to get my hands on one, absolutely would have gone for a 10900K. I’ve read 5900X’s can hit 5.0 on some cores; but it’s been a mix of how many (and I can’t seem to find anyone with reasonable cooling has hit 5.0 all-core). Of course, the one seemingly positive review of the 11900K on Micro Center’s website specifically references MSFS haha. Again, what a non-mainstream hobby we have.
  11. Hello everyone, Been in the middle of trying to upgrade my 4 year old machine for a year now. (And what a year it’s been.) I’m primarily a P3D user, eventually getting into MSFS. I’ve been primarily using Intel for the last 10+ years on my machines, having been extremely disappointed by AMD in the past. I had been considering a 5900X as an upgrade to my 7700K (@4.8), but they’re simply not available in my area like most others’ experience. Considering AMD again was something I have certainly been debating recently. However, it seems 11900K’s are starting to pop up in limited numbers locally. Something I’d at least have a chance of getting my hands on at a reasonable price. I’ve always believed clock is king in FS/P3D, so seeing some 11900K’s with good cooling hit a 5.0+ GHz all-core overclock now sounds just as tempting, especially if I can physically get one. Currently have a 1440p/144 Hz panel paired with a 3080. This leads to my question: does someone have direct experience with the 11900K? Nearly every reviewer has criticized it, but flight simming is an extremely niche use case. My system is for some limited photoshop productivity, but mostly gaming (with emphasis on flight simming); some light streaming, however no video editing. I do tend to multi task a bit while at cruise. If anyone has direct experience with P3D/FS and an 11900K, I’d certainly appreciate any input? Or if you have experience with both an 11900K and 5900X perhaps. Thanks.
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