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  1. I just posted a 3 PART FULL FLIGHT VIDEO in the Avro Jet RJ70 <<< KSUS to KBNA>>> Multi Crew Experience crew coordination software is used extensively. The flight is just under 3 hours long but segmented into three parts; Part 1 from cold and dark at the gate in KSUS to 7000' climb out Part 2 from 7000' climbing to FL310 and then descending to 5000' for final approach Part 3 Final approach to cold and dark at the gate in KBNA All phases of flight are coordinated with MCE. Voice recognition accuracy is very close to 100%. I'm still working to improve accuracy. KSUS TO KBNA: PART 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE_ps9rW120 PART 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxoGk7ldEJI PART 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_QTJ7SDDXI
  2. Replaced the prior video above with these: KSUS TO KBNA: PART 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE_ps9rW120 PART 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxoGk7ldEJI PART 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_QTJ7SDDXI
  3. I recently purchased the BAE 146 Ultimate Collection. I decided to start working on the BAE 146 Avro Jet RJ70. I finishing up the video now. Although not as feature-rich as the Q400 or Maddog, its a nice aircraft in its own right. I'm not disappointed. I've been flying it for a few weeks and its great to hand fly. ILS works great . Instrument panel lighting is very ingenious (and totally different from the Dash or Maddog). Night flying in this bird is amazing. I will be posting the daytime flight video soon. Its also a full flight (gate to gate) with no shortcuts. KSUS to KBNA with an ILS approach into runway 20R. All flows and checklists are performed including startup and shutdown. MCE is used extensively wherever possible. Voice recognition (i.e. FO response to my commands) was good but could be better with more tweaking. When I post the night flight I will tweak the flows and checklists to improve on the voice recognition..
  4. I think I have a pretty decent elegant fix for 2D panels. It was a long process but in the end it was worth it. I simply rearranged the commands in the voice script file so that all the 2D panels were group together in tandem. Then I noticed that most of the 2D panel switches were for the upper panel. So now I know when the 2D panel switches are coming and I plan for that during my cockpit preparation flows. And voila, it's not a problem anymore. Of course it's not as smooth as FSX, but it's a significant Improvement. I'm doing a video that will show this and I plan on posting it for others to consider as an option or work-around. However the after takeoff flow is somewhat of a nightmare because the switches are primarily on the glare shield and center console. I'm considering performing these functions myself and not involve the first officer because it significantly interferes with the interaction between me and the default ATC
  5. Discovered error in pack 1 and 2 switch command. It’s backwards. ______________ Voice Command: "Pack1 or 2 to off" FO Action: Pack 1 and 2 switches to auto ___________________ Voice Command: "Pack1 or 2 to auto" FO Action: Pack 1 and 2 switches to off Fred
  6. IFR Flying Learning to properly fly the Maddog and the Majestic DH8D (Dash8) is a major undertaking for me because these are very sophisticated simulations of the real aircraft. Default aircraft in FSX is too unrealistic (i.e. gamey) and I was beginning to loose interest in FSX. These two aircraft are a real challenge for me. I'm fascinated by the whole ATP experience. Just flying around aimlessly is boring. Learning flight planning, aircraft systems, flight deck flows and checklists of these aircraft is really necessary for me to keep my interest. That said, just these two aircraft is more than a handful for me. At this point I suppose I can get involved with others. I'm aware of the PMDG Boeing NGX but decided to wait and spent time with the Maddog and the Dash8 first because the actual aircraft is more hands-on to fly. Boeings almost fly themselves. VFR Flying I haven't done much of this. It has its own unique challenges and I plan to do more VFR flying now that these two IFR videos are finished. So far I don't have any payware aircraft. However videos of offerings from Carenado & MILVIZ civilian aircraft look really good. I get promotional emails from other aircraft developers as well. There is so much product out there to choose from. I'm less interested in military aircraft for the reasons mentioned above. I welcome any suggestions.
  7. I finally finished the it. Just posted the video on Youtube last night. Its a deep and verbose systems flow and checklist tutorial. I'm trying to decide which plane to do next.
  8. ibomiles


    I'm not sure I understand your issue. Are you saying Voxatc is erasing waypoints in the flight plan currently in use or all flight plans on your HDD or SSD?
  9. Thanks. I'm trying to do a video on the Majestic Dash8 Q400 now. IBOMiles
  10. The three links shown above have been replaced by the following:
  11. ibomiles

    Maddog MD80 FMC and SIDs STARs

    Wow I've been away from this topic a long time. 11/2014 was a life changing time for me so I had to shelf this hobby. Is KDEN causing CTD still a problem for some?
  12. Problem resolved itself when I downloaded the latest updates.
  13. My flows use the APU during pushback and I usually start Eng#2 at the end of the pushback. However, MCE flows will also support attaching the GPU as part of the engine start procedure. I usually fly with GSX and MCE. As such, I have an established set of flows I go through each time. I started with the flows provided by MCE but quickly realized they were not quite smooth enough. So I referred back to the MJC tutorial and other sources and managed to work out a really good flow. I now fly the Q400 w/ MCE & GSX almost exclusively. However, I find my myself in the cockpit of the Leonardo Maddog MD82 quite often as well. I really love them both. For those of you who like the process of Advanced programming in the FMC such as MNVRs for PVOR, SXTK, Defined WPTS and all the other features, there is a wonderful tutorial in You Tube "The FMC Challenge | Testing the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro FMS".