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  1. They surely look good, but I'm not going to pay for liveries.
  2. That's what Bryan tells people when he instructs to turn wingwalkers off at German airports. And that's just wrong. They do exist. Surely not for all airlines, but they do exist.
  3. yeah, I'm not wasting my time to proove it for all of them. If you pay me 100€ I'll find and proove another ten. Deal?
  4. If you ask me, it simply feels like Carenado/Alabeo would reuse all their systems 1:1 and simply give them a slightly different look per airplane. The code, and especially the bugs, are 1:1 the same. I told them over a year ago how the speed mode in the AP needs to work and it still has the same flaws it had back then in every new airplane they release.
  5. Not at all, however you should simply not tell the public they don't exist at German airports. It's simply wrong. That's all I said.
  6. Sure, Ryanair requires them. They just closed the base at DUS, but maybe you recall it. And they do it on at least ten airports, all aprons and all airports they fly to in Germany.
  7. Proof it, for example with a startup video of one of the affected planes. There are plenty for the ATR and guess what: The Carenado is simply totally off in every aspect. 😉 But of course a Carenado guy will say different, else how would you justify that price for some eye candy?
  8. No, Carenados engine simulation is simply not realistic, in no aircraft. I tried their recent Brasilia and refunded it because simply NOTHING worked like it should. Carenado is eye candy, nothing more.
  9. Wing walker off is nonsense, in my airline we had them at any German airport I flew to so far (FRA, HAM, DUS, CGN, SXF). Some airlines want them, others don't. You can't genreally say they don't exist at German airports. Maybe your ramp agent only worked for those airlines who didn't want them 😉 At some airports like CGN on the D apron they are even mandatory and the tug driver will refuse pushback without them.
  10. Hi everyone, I bought the ATR the other day and I have severe problems rotating it. When the trim is set anywhere in the green band I need almost full backpressure on the control column to lift the nose off the ground. Once the nose is off however it simply rockets to the sky with about 7-10° per second. I tried a felt million times now and it is simply impossible to rotate with a normal constant 1.5-2° per second. Does anyone have some tricks here or even better, modifications to the aircrafts files to improve the rotation rate? Cheers in advance!
  11. I second your question, seeing you have some european holiday airports as a special package does hopefully not mean that you are not going to provide a pack for whole of europe! I'd be happy to buy a pack for complete europe, the summer destinations only is a bit to small for me to invest.
  12. Thank you Jim, that explains it. I posted the image as link instead of as direct photo to avoid this copyright issue, but I can understand why you still want to check it. Makes sense, thank you very much for your explanation.
  13. Just wondering why my post got hidden initially, was there anything wrong? Could a moderator explain please?
  14. Hi Marius, your liveries look really stunning! Is there any chance you could paint the Ryanair ATR? It's one of these planes Ryanair started on and it would be lovely to have: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/77356/ei-bxs-ryanair-atr-42/ Thank you very much in advance!
  15. Maybe a custom altimetry system for the standby altimeter would be a solution if that's feasable. You could use this opportunity to not just include the custom scale, but also the altimeter error. So far I have seen only one addon on the market which features this error and that's the iFly 747. PMDG, FSL, etc. are all far too accurate compared to real life. The primary altimeters are connected to an Air Data Computer which gives both a very accurate reading at high altitudes, usually they read within +-40ft of each other, mostly even within 10-20ft. The standby altimeter however is uncorrected and therefore usually reads about 200ft off at altitudes above FL300. I can get you some sample photos from different levels if you need some data, feel free to drop me a PM if you are interested.
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