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  1. I did not forward the time in this one as far as I remember. There is a small time interval between the APU being more or less steady and ON and the APU GEN OFF light coming ON. Could this maybe be the issue?
  2. Probably different by different SOP's, however all airlines I know of (not only 737's) turn the landing lights on when entering the runway simply to improve the visibility of the aircraft to other traffic.
  3. It IS the same checklist, it's simply twice in the quick actions index so that even the last redneck can fly that airplane. Makes it easier to find and to go to the right checklist if word not allowed really goes loose.
  4. I agree, it would be nice to have such an option. It fully depends on the airline, my airline for instance insists on the full checklist title being called to avoid confusion and probable execution of the wrong checklist.
  5. "Workload" is relative, once you are familiar with the SOP the setup won't take you longer than 10 minutes. Which leaves 15 for the briefing, paperwork, etc. before you go again 😉 Flicking a couple of switches only takes a matter of seconds, it doesn't really matter whether the PF or PM does it as long as the aircraft is stationary. Once moving SOP3 got the same devided areas of responsibility as SOP1 and 2 have.
  6. There is not a lot done during taxi. The Takeoff Briefing part is only a review of the more extensive briefing done during the preflight. It serves to refresh your mind on the most important things like Noise Abatement Procedure, SID, Emergency Turn, etc. The rest is only checking, not doing anything.
  7. yeah, just like the fuelpumps, etc. It's just all kept on to prevent the pumps from turning on/off/on/off, etc. ever so often on a day. The typical aircraft makes 8 flights a day, they say by keeping the pumps on you can keep the wear and tear lower than by switching them off and on again. The hydraulic pumps specifically also need to be on so that you can check for any hydraulic leaks during the walkaround. Leaks will be much more apparent if there's pressure in the system.
  8. Ask the guys who recently had their bases shut and who had been forced to relocate to morocco or eastern europe for half the money. 😅
  9. During our preflight flow we only set up the route, perf init and emergency turn (fix pages). Calculating the takeoff performance is only done after the loadsheet arrives, so it is the last thing before going offblock. Maybe this expedites your turnaround a little. Once you're used to them the whole procedure will take you maybe 10-15 minutes, including the setup and briefing. For the first flight of the day the aircraft is usually prefueled and catering, etc. is done over the night long before we arrive at the aircraft. This may expedite things for you a little if it is GSX that's holding things up.
  10. On a sidenote, the airline from SOP3 no longer turns the pumps off for pushback. Never. They finally got the money to pay for pins instead 😉
  11. Using SOP set 3. I waited with the APU start until the closure of the L1 door (as done in this airline in real life). When the FO asked me if I wanted to start the APU I replied okay and she started it. A few seconds later the ground crew pulled the power out, leaving me without AC power. Looks like an issue here, in real life the ground crew would never simply disconnect the GPU, they would always ask if you wanted it removed (either by hand signal or over the headset).
  12. They surely look good, but I'm not going to pay for liveries.
  13. That's what Bryan tells people when he instructs to turn wingwalkers off at German airports. And that's just wrong. They do exist. Surely not for all airlines, but they do exist.
  14. yeah, I'm not wasting my time to proove it for all of them. If you pay me 100€ I'll find and proove another ten. Deal?
  15. If you ask me, it simply feels like Carenado/Alabeo would reuse all their systems 1:1 and simply give them a slightly different look per airplane. The code, and especially the bugs, are 1:1 the same. I told them over a year ago how the speed mode in the AP needs to work and it still has the same flaws it had back then in every new airplane they release.
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