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  1. SuperCell

    Engine 1 always running

    Turn your game sound off then on.
  2. SuperCell

    Spoilers get stuck

    Yeah, theyre all fine. Everything is fine. Okay so yeah, closing spad was a temporary solution. It came back after a minute. I dono't think the issue is spad since even default profiles had the issue pop up. Here's a pic with spad
  3. SuperCell

    Spoilers get stuck

    Nope, I use Oh, so closing fixes it... don't know exactly what could be the culprit though. Unbinding in doesn't fix it. So yeah, something to do with spad. Every single profile, even if the profile has nothing remotely to do with spoilers makes the issue pop up.
  4. SuperCell

    Spoilers get stuck

    Often times, seemingly after takeoff in the NGX and 777, the spoilers get stuck right above the arm detent. Moving my spoiler axis works for about a quarter of a second, but the lever reverts back to this weird detent. No amount of unbinding, or unplugging fixes this issue. Worth noting I have 2 throttle quadrants, saitek radio panel, switch panel, ap panel, saitek cessna yoke, and saitek rudder pedals. Again, unplugging or ensuring everything is unbound does not help. I use Again, the issue reoccurs even when I ensure all binds to everything are disabled or when I try to use FSUIPC or Default Controls for the spoilers. Other threads: (they didn't help) This first one has a nice gif of the issue Here's a picture:
  5. SuperCell

    Speed-brake issues

    So often times my spoilers get stuck in the position shown here. Unbinding and binding the spoiler in, FSUIPC and default controls whilst making sure there are no conflicting key binds does not seem to help at all. Even just using my mouse to move the spoiler recreates this issue. If I want to move the spoiler to off... it moves to this. If I want to move the spoiler to full... it moves to this position. I have tried everything. Again NO conflicting keybinds and have tried binds in fsuipc. and p3d. It is worth noting that I have plenty of Saitek equipment. 2 throttle quadrants. saitek radio panel, saitek ap panel, saitek switch panel, saitek rudder, saitek yoke. Sometimes I dont even move my spoilers and after a few minutes, they revert to this odd position. I'm thinking maybe there is a conflict with the saitek panels being plugged into the saitek yoke usb port, though unplugging them does not resolve the issue. Also, the USB throttle quadrant is plugged in to a USB 3.0 port on my computer. The problem is also recreated with my other throttle quadrant that came with the yoke. Any amount of unplugging and replugging in does does help either Sometimes similar conflicts happen with throttle, but only in GA planes... at least that I've noticed.