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  1. Flyfox

    P3D4.4 Desktop

    It‘s a bit difficult to help with your info. Do you have a screenshot?
  2. Hello I recently purchased Aerosoft‘s A320 Professional for P3D. It supported P3DV4.3 only, which was fine for me. Unfortunately, the latest version for V4.3 is still quite buggy. Most flights sooner or later end up with sudden faulty flight maneuvers while being enroute or on approach. But my hope for a more or less bug-free version for V4.3 was in vain. The latest version (which promises solutions to the most severe problems) requires V4.4 to run. In other words I am forced to update my sim to V4.4 if I want to successfully use this aircraft. That‘s a no go for me and I consider giving up on Aerosoft aircraft addons completely. Does anybody have similar experience with other P3D addon developers? Is the update to V4.4 inevitable?
  3. Flyfox

    Sad day goodbye A380

    Likewise! I often travel from ZUE to TPE via Dubai with Emirates and each leg is a very comfortable flying experience. I hope that the A380 will be operated for another 20 to 30 years. Besides, I also consider the look of this giant not only as impressive but also as quite aesthetic.
  4. Flyfox

    Learjet 35A Flightsim Store Issues

    Thanks a lot; will download later.
  5. Flyfox

    Learjet 35A Flightsim Store Issues

    No, I don't think that they are closing, but they still keep Version 3.0 in their download link.
  6. Flyfox

    Learjet 35A Flightsim Store Issues

    I have the same issue with PC Aviator Australia ...
  7. Flyfox

    Guimbal Cabri G2 Cyclic Trim

    Does this heli have a trim possibility at all? Edit: Yes, it obviously has, but it looks as if it were not modelled here. You may have to contact MP Design Studio.
  8. Flyfox

    Carenado Phenom 100 & GTN750: any use?

    I successfully use the F1 GTN750 in Carenado‘s Phenom 300, which is, as far as the G1000 is concerned, identical to the Phenom 100. The corresponding mod is, if I remember well, from Bert.
  9. Flyfox

    VC floodlight mod (and more)

    Looking great, Marcel! Are you willing to share your mod? Regards, Felix
  10. Flyfox

    Too high PMDG prices

    I consider the price for this addon (and others from PMDG) as ok for what you get. There is a lot of development effort in these products and the result is just amazing. If you really appreciate what you get, you will not ask about the paid price again. What I completely dislike is PMDG‘s non-existing upgrade policy. Longtime customers who purchased their addons for FSX have to pay the full price for the P3D product (which is significantly higher than for the FSX products anyway), although more than 90% of the code is, according to my experience, the same. This is really disappointing and not customer-friendly at all.
  11. Flyfox

    Real Flight Sale

    I made several download purchases so far with no problems at all. Also, the support contact I required once was speedy and helpful.
  12. Flyfox

    Error code 405

    Carenado has obviously solved the problem. I installed the S340 successfully in P3DV4.
  13. Flyfox

    Error code 405

    Hi Rich I have exactly the same problem and I am currently waiting for Carenado‘s reply to my support ticket....
  14. Flyfox

    Just Planes EDELWEISS A340 CAPE TOWN

    Thanks very much, Marlon, for your review! Edelweiss (Please check your spelling!) is a small Swiss Airline, which is now owned by Swiss International Air Lines and thus part of the Lufthansa Group. Edelweiss is the typical alps flower which is used as the airline‘s logo. The airline offers many interesting destinations and has a very good reputation. The video is indeed a joy to watch!
  15. Flyfox

    Just Flight Summer Sale 40% off on all title!

    This shop is, according to my experience, very reliable. I purchased several addons already and never had any problem. The support is also good. Does the Connington requir a serial at all? If yes, you should contact their support. I just purchased the C152 and received two e-mails from the shop, the second of them contained the serial.