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  1. My 717 runs perfectly in my P3DV5 setup. What steps did you try already? A simple re-installation of the aircraft might solve the problem.
  2. Everybody who appreciates the many excellent P3D aircraft and doesn’t blindly follow the marketing trends newer, better (really?), more ..,
  3. Why not just keep enjoying the Q400 in P3D until day X? Whenever I fly a complex aircraft like this one, the simulator is of almost no importance to me. Majestic‘s Q400 is a great aircraft in P3D and frankly speaking I don’t expect it to be significantly better in MSFS (if at all).
  4. I chose PMDG‘s 747-400 and 747-8 over their 777. The jumbo is iconic and a pleasure to fly! I had iFly‘s 747-400 in P3DV4, but didn‘t get it work in V5. Switching to the PMDG 747 was a significant and worthy upgrade!
  5. Yes, indeed! Actually, I still keep 4.5 on my computer, but in the meantime I got 98% of my addons running on 5.4. The only exception is iFly‘s 747. Keep enjoying 4.5!
  6. I‘m a very happy P3Dv5.4 user for the same reasons. My current sim time is 95% P3DV5.4 5% MSFS
  7. I am using FSUIPC and don‘t have this problem at all.
  8. I had a similar problem with my Logitech mouse and keyboard which I run with one unifying USB receiver. Solution: From a thread about the same issue I got the hint that the USB 3.0 connector might be the problem. Consequently, I plugged the USB connector into a USB 2.0 port with the result that the keyboard and mouse lag has disappeared.
  9. My absolute favorite is SWS‘s Pilatus PC-12, equipped with the TDS GTN750xi.
  10. Even in the real life the G1000 is not the easiest to operate. Pushing and rotating knobs is sometimes cumbersome and even distracting. But let‘s have a look at the evolution of those great pieces of equipment. The predecessor of the G1000 was the GNS430/530 series with their limited abilities and even more cumbersome handling. GTN650/750, G3000, G5000 followed. With each generation of GPS system, more user experience and more possibilities regarding the hardware (faster CPUs, larger LCDs with much higher resolution) resulted in significant performance steps and more and more user-friendly operation. For me, GA aircraft equipped with the incredibly successful GTN750 are my preferred aircraft in real life as well as in the sim. The touch-screen combined with a clever operating philosophy makes it a pleasure to use.
  11. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the aircraft? I used the PC-6 in P3DV4 and it also works in P3DV5.4 flawlessly. There is a free version from Milviz available now but it might only be compatible with V5.
  12. I used all versions of EZDOK and I am quite happy with V3 im my P3DV5 installation. Yes, the learning curve might be a bit steeper than for Chaseplane, but once you have set it up it‘s s joy to use. Can‘t imagine flying without. I use VR exclusively and call several cameras by speech commands (through VoiceAttack).
  13. If you replace your motherboard and CPU, it is possible that the computer might boot again, but only if your new CPU is from the same manufacturer. But in any case you are advised to create a boot drive to recover the OS, in your case Windows 11, from your old HW and SW. I guess in your case you will have to install everything from the scratch. And yes, if you can‘t even enter the Bios, you might have to check the correct assembly again.
  14. I think the installer for v5 is faulty and as it is freeware now, we cannot expect any more support or even a flawless installer. You will notice that besides the missing lights the autopilot does not work either. However, after integrating another autopilot (accessible via pop-up window), I still enjoy this aircraft.
  15. I didn’t find a way to remove static aircraft at this airport either. And unfortunately, Flylogic has the absolute worst customer service I ever experienced. I never ever got any useful support or advice from them. Their arrogance and ignorance was unsurpassable.
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