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  1. Which headset and which VR settings are you using? I achieved a significant improvement by setting the supersampling rate to a value >1.5.
  2. Absolutely! That‘s why I can‘t go back to flying on the 2D screen. And landing and particularly special maneuvers like side-slipping are much, much easier to perform in VR. I do a lot of GA flying where VR really shines.
  3. I am running P3DV4.5 with a RTX2070 Super, driving my Oculus Rift S. With a supersampling rate of 1.5 to 1.6 the 2070S is often at its limit. I doubt that you will have a satifying VR experience with the 2060S, except you stick to simple aircraft and not too demanding scenery.
  4. I am fully aware of it as I owned the GNS 530/430 for FSX. But regarding the GTN combo I have kept reading the same excuse for years. It would be far more interesting to know whether we can expect cross fill in the near future.
  5. I noticed that whenever I start P3D (I am still on version 4.4) for the first time after bootup, it does not recognize the OTT settings. Consequently, I close P3D as well as OTT and restart them in the order OTT, P3D and everything works fine. I mainly set the oversampling rate to 1.6 and ASW off through OTT. My headset is the Oculus Rift S.
  6. The discussion about crossfill has been going on for years already, but the developers of the GTN addons (RXP and F1) are either not willing or not able to offer it, unfortunately.
  7. That‘s funny. I „purchased“ it about seven hours ago ...
  8. Only available for P3DV4+.
  9. My personal favorite is the PC21. Great look and great flight dynamics!
  10. The C152 is a simple airplane. There is no Avionics switch (you are supposed to use the power switch of the COM unit) and, if I remember correctly, no panel lights in the basic version.
  11. In fact, Carenado and Alabeo had updated most of their aircraft from FSX to all P3D versions (including P3DV4) at no cost at all ( unlike several other developers). So, I wouldn‘t be surprised if they updated their installers again for free. Kudos, Carabeo!
  12. There is a functional trial version available. I installed it but I couldn‘t find a way so far to let windows show up within P3DV4.
  13. I guess you mix it up with Simwork Studio‘s F-4B Phantom II.
  14. Supersampling with factor 1.8 is the killing factor. It causes a very high burden to the GPU. Try to reduce to some value between 1.2 and 1.5. How is the performance without any supersampling?
  15. Is the ignition ON? Actually, the avionics is only switched on after the engine start. But in order to show to any other airplane crew nearby you should also switch on the beacon prior to engine start.
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