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  1. I never experienced any VR-caused GPU driver crash in P3D. Have you tried to find the cause? BTW, VR is (almost) perfect for me; I am using HOTAS, Pedals, a small gamepad and Voice Attack, which turned out to be much more convenient than hand-controller use in XP11.
  2. I would definitely not load any flightsim session without VR any more. So, why not give Alyx a try and at the same time do the biggest possible step in flight simulation?
  3. The best way to start with this aircraft is by reading the manual. The cockpit layout can be defined in the settings menu in the FMC.
  4. Let‘s hope so. The news is exciting! And P3D is not dead (yet) ...
  5. ... and the link to the Beta purchase is even more strange.
  6. Flyfox

    New PC-12

    Great mission and great aircraft! Have fun!
  7. How about your altitude setting? Missed Approach altitude?
  8. Carenado‘s Pilatus PC-12 - with Bert‘s mods. Great VC and believable flight dynamics, but somewhat simplified systems.
  9. I have it in P3D and it‘s a great addon with very decent appearance, great virtual cockpit and convincing flight dynamics. If SSW managed to port those features over to MSFS it should be a fine aircraft in the new sim.
  10. I have the same problem when I startup P3D. My solution: I kill the (P3D) process in the task manager after a few seconds and start P3D again. The second attempt is always successful, i.e. the profile-specific settings are applied.
  11. I always run the sim in full-screen mode. It stays on top and switching windows is done by ALT+TAB.
  12. I achieve the best results with ASW off. Any other settings result in stutters.
  13. I use 1.5 or 1.6 with a 2070 Super. The result is very satisfying.
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