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  1. I accidently hit a key and now the keyboard is hotkeys. How can I turn this off? This means that I can't type for flight planning etc as every key has become a hotkey. i.e changes views, landing gear, flaps etc. The is obviously a key combination to unlock this. I obviously used said combo accidently.
  2. I have the same problem. Can't fly 4 engine jets.
  3. I have tried all suggested remedies. How now? Path is Program files/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3dv5/carenadoNavigraph/Navdata
  4. Thanks for all your replies. This morning I installed once again then used autoscan on Navigraph and the blasted thing worked. Unbelievable.
  5. One of the many things I tried. Interesting that both this and another airplane with serious issues bought from Orbix.
  6. Thanks, but I have been using Navigraph for years. The last thing I need is to introduce more potential problems.
  7. I have uninstsalled and will vigourously seek refund as product is not fit for purpose.
  8. Not auto detecting, had set set manually. TRied several datapths.
  9. I have had a Navigraph subscription for 10 years+
  10. This software is obviously not Navigraph updateable. I want a refund
  11. The file that works, ver 1610, is in the design_717 folder (Replaced with latest version The Data folder has .db3 and .mdb I have tried 3 data paths, none of them work.
  12. Have found Airac version, very old so not updating. Data path: Can anyone tell me correct Navigraph data path is? tried many... no luck
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