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  1. I have setup the 340 to to selected data path in Navigraph data manager. However I have never been able to get the FMC data to load on ant Carenado aircraft. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Also unable to save flight plans in PMDG 777 & 737. Have just done complete re-install due to HDD failure. Prep 3 d, v5,4, Navigraph. Also Navigraph export still not working.
  3. Had to do ful reinstall of sim, PMDG planes comes up with invalid entry for flight plan. Having to manually load plans. Navigraph not connecting unless I go through Simbrief.
  4. Can I add to the confusion please? Did a re-instal of Pre[3d v5.4. When starting up Livery manager tried to start a livery file for b737 livery file. When it couldn't locate the file it went into a general scenery mode. I use livery manager to re-install the Virgin livery. On startup, when the dialog box said it was looking the Virgin livery, dialog box went black, then ctd. Prior to this re-install I had no ctd issues at all. Does Prep3d have a repair tool?
  5. Not hardware issue, proven by many who know what they are doing.
  6. So yours has no problems, so all the hundreds rereporting this issue must be wrong????
  7. Myself, amongst thousands of others are having this problem. Message "Your device has developed a problem and needs to restart" All sorts of suggestions re the cause are offered but none of them work. e.g Try one of the many software fixes "Guaranteed to work" at a price. None of them do. Quite simple. Microsoft product is the problem. It is not your hardware, memory or other hardware issues. IT IS MICROSOFT.
  8. All working, Navigraph Support.
  9. Both. Neither work. Auto detect nor manual work. Have the same issue with Carenado.
  10. Thanks David, ND file is still empty.
  11. Not sure which is best forum for this. Have the new v3 version. Can't get the Navigraph data to update. Path is P3D V5/Feelthere/ND (ND has no data) This path was the default on Autodetect. Searched other forums but no solution.
  12. Msg is generated by the disk maint software. I will grab it next time it appears.
  13. Yes, but getting "Not enough free space" message.
  14. Yes, but getting "Not enough free space" message.
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