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  1. All working, Navigraph Support.
  2. Both. Neither work. Auto detect nor manual work. Have the same issue with Carenado.
  3. Thanks David, ND file is still empty.
  4. Not sure which is best forum for this. Have the new v3 version. Can't get the Navigraph data to update. Path is P3D V5/Feelthere/ND (ND has no data) This path was the default on Autodetect. Searched other forums but no solution.
  5. Msg is generated by the disk maint software. I will grab it next time it appears.
  6. Yes, but getting "Not enough free space" message.
  7. Yes, but getting "Not enough free space" message.
  8. Thanks pgde, just need to get the courage to make the changes.
  9. I am running PSD v5.3 with ORBX, PMDG, Majestic DASH 8 and a few Carenado planes and weather. HD is 475gb with 92gb free. Disk full warning pops up but not all the time. I have a second drive 475 gb. Can I uninstall any addons and re-locate them to the second drive, and if so, will this cause issues?
  10. Autopilot goes into roll hold and won't disconnect
  11. I accidently hit a key and now the keyboard is hotkeys. How can I turn this off? This means that I can't type for flight planning etc as every key has become a hotkey. i.e changes views, landing gear, flaps etc. The is obviously a key combination to unlock this. I obviously used said combo accidently.
  12. I have the same problem. Can't fly 4 engine jets.
  13. I have tried all suggested remedies. How now? Path is Program files/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3dv5/carenadoNavigraph/Navdata
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