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  1. I just checked and SimToolKit uses anywhere from 0.1% to 3% (during brief periods) of my 12 core/24 thread CPU, which tends to be about the same as ActiveSky. That is acceptable to me, but depends on your system of course. SimToolKit also works with Simbrief in that you can create flights straight out of the tool (which is awesome as SimToolKit includes real world flight plans) via Simbrief, or you can simply one-click import any Simbrief flight plan created outside the tool. My favourite feature is that SimToolKit then also presents you a loadsheet displaying the Simbrief info as a always-on-top window which I sue during the prep phase of every flight.
  2. I gave Volanta a go about 4 months ago (paid version) and found so many issues and bugs that I seriously questioned if this was ready for release. I contacted the developers via Discord channel and they eventually confirmed that these bugs were either known or were new and had been added to the bug fix list. I use the excellent SimToolkit Pro now (https://simtoolkitpro.co.uk) which is 100% free, gets very frequent updates and has less bugs. Gets my votes for best freeware of the year and I’d heartily recommended it.
  3. Can see it now as well. Thanks! I must have looked at an older cached version of the site earlier.
  4. Sounds very interesting indeed and I managed to find a screenshot on their Discord, but can’t seem to find the file on their website. Could you point me in the right direction Gary?
  5. My apologies in advance for what is likely a naive question, but does this work with P3D?
  6. Love the support FSDT are giving their customers. I own nearly every product they have released, and I have been able to use some of them for years and years with compatibility updates usually released the moment a new sim or sim update is released. Getting additional features such as this one is fantastic and greatly appreciated. Exemplary support!
  7. Two observations that bother me slightly: 1) Many if the SODE jetways are placed too far from the parking position, so many won’t actually dock (SODE error that aircraft is out of range). 2) The texturing and especially the night lighting on the new terminal building are quite a bit worse then the original terminal.
  8. Purchased the scenery yesterday and I have to say that I’m quite happy with it, especially considering the price point. No crashes, good performance, and finally an up-to-date rendition of the airport. Would have been nice if there had been some basic interior terminal modeling, especially given the size of the windows and the internal views these afford, but that’s a minor gripe.
  9. Thanks for the tip! Will give this a try and see if it works for me too.
  10. Issue has been solved some time back. I’m running Win11 with a B550 MB and 5900x and am having no issues. Just grab the latest BIOS version, chipset drivers and Win11 updates and you’ll be fine.
  11. I still can’t open EnvDir so I won’t be inclined to spend more money with TOGA until they fix that.
  12. I gave that a try but no joy thus far. Might need a reboot though, which I'll try next. Edit: tried a reboot and repair again, and still not working for me. Here are the exact steps (on Win 11 Pro) in case someone would like to replicate: Press Win + I to open the Settings app. Next, open the Apps tab from the left pane. Under the Apps section, click on Optional features. Scroll to the bottom, select "More Windows Features" A seperate window will open (Title: Windows Features) Click on the "+" in front of ".NET Framework 4.8 Advanced Services" to expand the selection Tick ASP.NET 4.8 after which an installer will start
  13. I have the same issue and been trying for weeks. Used various versions (including the downgrade offered on their forum), used the repair script, installed latest version, reinstalled latest updates all to no avail. Shame, as my experience with TOGA was very positive up until now. Hope they can get it fixed soon.
  14. Using a 6800 XT here and I think it’s important to call out a couple of issues Radeon cards have with P3D: 1) Some aircraft (NGXu, some CaptainSim aircraft like the 767) show artifacts (bright line of pixels) on the glass instruments. This is only on the edge of the display, but is quite noticeable when it occurs. 2) Toga’s EnvShade will case DGXI crashes unless the original HDR shader file is used (see Toga forums for details). 3) Most addon airports show visual artifacts in the far distance on runways and taxiways. Other then those issues I’m very happy with the card, largely due to the generous amount of VRAM. For my next card I’d bias towards NVidia though, unless price and/or VRAM of the next generation cards is unfavorable.
  15. Glad it worked out in the end. Enjoy the 717!
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