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  1. Yes, it’s all very odd. And it’s ongoing still. Navigraph is of course entitled to ask me to prove that I’m a paying customer, but in my case their servers seem to have the recall of a goldfish.
  2. Glad to see an alternative to Navigraph coming up (other then Aerosoft's now defunct half-baked effort) I'm actually happy with every aspect of Navigraph's service and don't mind their pricing (as an Navigraph Unlimited subscriber). However, the random but all-to-frequent need to re-authenticate (including mid-flight) is extremely frustrating for me. I get that it might be needed once a month or so, but I am getting this randomly a few times a weekend. I posted in their forums and followed up a few times, but I never got a fix or at least a decent answer. Others are clearly having the same issue. If the other guys manage to do better then they have my business.
  3. I hope they don’t wait. I’m far more excited about the MD11 than buying the 777 for the third time.
  4. Agreed. It’s a mystery to me why he is in the position of customer engagement person or program manager. In better news: congrats on the launch @virtuali! Incredible customer service (as always) and thank you for continuing to innovate and advancing our hobby.
  5. Same here. Very beautiful rendition of a really interesting aircraft. Curious if JF said when the update will be released?
  6. This is excellent news! Can’t wait for the next update now.
  7. There is indeed something very wrong with the sounds. It’s not just that it’s bad, it’s completely illogical. Almost as if the sound config was referencing the wrong sound files and/or volume is inverted (sound effects get louder when it should decrease in volume etc.). Hoping this gets fixed soon.
  8. Every is a critic I suppose. I watch his videos regularly and I don’t see any of the things you describe here. Frankly, I’m grateful for the content he creates.
  9. It’s not just stutters but can also be a reduction in frame rate. A great way to check for this issue is to pan the camera around 360 degrees horizontally and then do another 360 degree rotation. If this is not fluid then VRAM might be an issue. Of course there might also be a complex object in view, so I would also look at the VRAM amount to ensure that stutters are related to the stutters.
  10. Are you using DX12? I assume so, since you probably want to make use of the “Frame Generation” feature unique to 40xx cards, but asking just in case. Dx12 is known to use more VRAM and (according to my limited knowledge) the VRAM management is up the GPU, and what I have experienced with my 4070Ti (which only has 12 GB of VRAM) is that Dx12 seems to be more VRAM hungry.
  11. I have and I can assure you the visual clarity is amazing 😂
  12. For what it’s worth: I have the same issue, sometimes more frequently, some times less frequently. I raised it in Navigraph’s support forum and was told that this shouldn’t happen, but ultimately no resolution was reached.
  13. Good choice. I don’t think you can go wrong with the 7800x3d. I’d recommend to pair it with 6000Mhz RAM. Seems to be the sweet spot got this platform.
  14. The iGPU is actually only used to render the Fenix gauges (ND, PFD, MCDU). I have a single monitor connected. In essence, the iGPU frees up some resources on the dedicated graphics card, but this is a unique feature that is (afaik) only available on the Fenix A320. Regarding the 7800x3d vs 7900x3d: the former has two more CPU cores available for use by MSFS (as the 7900x3d parks half the cores during gaming) but as you pointed out, the frequency is higher. I haven’t compared the two, but I saw some benchmarks that showed a modest speed advantage for the 7900x3d, while others showed the opposite. Hard to say, and might depend on the specific situation and used apps. I chose the 7900x3d purely because I got it for a good price (probably because most reviewers hated it 🙂 ). I’m not quite sure where my bottleneck is now, but I think I’m mainly main-thread limited.
  15. I have just gone from 5800x3d to a 7900x3d, mainly because I got the chip at a very good price on Prime Day. I’m quite happy with the results and would estimate a 15 to 20% increase in frame rate and improvement in overall smoothness. Most importantly (and the main reason I did this) performance in the Fenix A320 has significantly improved, as I am using the integrated the AMD graphics chip render the Fenix displays. I’m running the Fenix at high quality and am getting the same performance as the PMDG 737. Note though that I am using PBO for the 7900x3d (which the 5800x3d is not capable of) and I’m at 1440p, not 4K. I also invested in fast RAM (6000Mhz). Graphics card is a 4070 Ti.
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