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  1. Did it become too much of a mud slinging exercise ?? Cheers
  2. Heh... but it does come with a little black magic. If you use a config profile P3D makes a sort of copy of the main P3D config and places it into ~\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files The copy is a partial config file based off a "default" P3D config. What this means, is if you've extensively tuned your P3D config, your tuning won't be applied to the profile config and you'd need to manually update the file to put your tuning in place. However if you then modify the profile via the P3D UI you again loose any custom tuning. The trick is to never edit a config profile via the UI, instead use a text editor like notepad++ Something I learned when P3D seemed to be doing it's own magical thing. Cheers
  3. While it's true LM do sell to the airforces of the world and make a lot of income doing so. The sim itself is an approved and licensed for commercial use product and is used in practically all small / medium commercial flight simulators. e.g. https://melbourne.flightexperience.com.au/pages/experiences I remember the somewhat desponsive feeling when MS wound up dev on FSX, and the uplift when I found out LM took over and output P3D. Then fell back into despondancy when the pricing was announced, which initally was clearly aimed at commercial enterprises and way beyond my affordabilty. Then along came the Academic version, at just the right price point and feature set to be a viable replacement for FSX, and here we are 🙂 Also the thing about commecial use software is change is often undesirable in the short term. Change brings additional training and documentation requirements. Change would have a need for acceptance testing and potential recifications in both the software itself and in third party components. Change brings downtime that needs to be minimimised as it prevents the product and it's users earning income the business needs to survive and flourish. Essentually in the commercial world change brings unknowns that have to be costed and budgeted for, meaning change does happen, just not at pace that would overwhelm the available resources. The firm I work for releases software updates almost weekly, however customers typically update in 5 year intervals, usually when there are hardware refreshes or major operating system updates are forced upon them. LM's airforce side of things produces sims like the below pic, I believe the package is in the 10 ~40 million $$ range in todays $$ If a company make in excess of 400 million $$ a year selling and supporting these beasts I would think they would likely be continuing such product advancement. https://aviationphotodigest.com/raaf-the-next-generation/
  4. 4.5HF3 for me. I do have 5.3 and am in the throws of building a test rig to trial it all out. I've a highly modified config as a base and separate custom configs for high load situations. Also run custom shaders for the look I desire. I certainly never delete the main config itself since it's only a ini file really, that said I do back it up prior to making changes I want to test with, just in case I manage to stuff it all up and need to revert and start again. But for the most it's a super smooth 30 hz (fps) vsync all the way and in some areas 60 hz (fps) is easily achievable. The trick is to ensure your hardware is up to the task and that means the more powerful the hardware the better the operation. Trees as far as the eye can see 🙂
  5. Is MSFS a product sold and licensed for commercial use ? If not then what else is it but a toy, a nice shiny one at that, but never the less still a toy. Cheers
  6. So this weekend I thought I would spend a bit of time with the Carenado PC12. I've had it installed for a while and flown it a few times but haven't investigated for any fixes it might have needed (because practically every Carenado aircraft needs a few fixes - luckily the files are not encrypted in these releases). Well, I spent Saturday morning reviewing and so far I'm up to 14 fixes, with still a few more to go. First was a PBR exterior model fix, because the PBR mod I'm using came with incorrect radius and bounding box values making the aircraft fully zoomed out in prevew and exterior views. The others were, in the majority, syntax errors in gauges, things like no whitespace separating values, typos on var names, and just general errors like 0 == f{ when the code should say 0 == if{ There were also config issues like duplicated sections and values, and after seeing some of these errors it makes me wonder if there is ever any peer code review over at Carenado. Anyway just a few more fixes to go and it will be at a good enough level for myself with regards to restored functionality and sounds etc. Cheers Reloaded the aircraft while testing a fix. Flying into one of my fav airports NZGS
  7. Alabeo - Carenado, two words that mean much the same thing. And I think you'll find a number of Alabeo aircraft for sale at the Carenado website. For the Carenado - Alabeo group of aircraft there are often mods that improve the guts of what is typcially a good looking aircraft. I have the C421 Golden eagle and it's not in the class of A2A, that said there are some advanced physics improvements available that make it nicer. https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=221287&Name=&FileName=&Author=&CatID=root Another fav of mine is the steam gauge version of the Carenado C208B with an improved flight model mode, PBR textures and a custom set of sounds mapping. PBR can be found here https://www.liveries.nz Sorry I cannot adivse on the LKPR airport, but the free LWSK is pretty good. https://orbxdirect.com/product/lwsk Cheers
  8. Devs will go to where they can make sales and $$ with the resources they have, just the nature of business. But yeah, it annoys the c-r-a-p out of me that devs release update after update for when MSFS releases yet another update that breaks a lot of stuff, but won't update their existing P3D stuff to the minimum of at least being able to see and install to the current sim version. Although to cut them some slack, when MSFS dropped it turned everything upside down and left many devs with little to no sales income, forcing them to follow the boat that is MSFS. A drug of addiction per-say 😉 Still LM has many commercial customers besides the military, they'd the the ones most fuming @ LM and certainly have a right to feel left behind. Maybe LM could drop a few million Orbx's way to bring the P3D scenery properly up to date so as a base it's much more up to date. Anyway rant over... Cheers
  9. Hi Crew, New user to the FS2 Crew products and have just purchased the FS2 Crew All Access package for P3D (SimMarket). Question on license transfering, what's the process ? The readme mentioned the serial is hardware locked, however I do plan to build a new workstation later in the year to replace my existing machine. Just looking to get my install notes in order (dot the i cross the t) for the process when it comes up. Cheers
  10. The OP is on v4.5, but hey yes the iFly is a great plane and can be bought for both v4 & v5. ✈️ Cheers
  11. Yes it does. The QW P3D v5 forums for the 757 and 146 are locked and empty anyway, even once logged in. There is mention from one of the dev crew they had the 757 almost ready for P3D v5 but then they went quiet. In anycase the installer allows you to pick the install path so no drama about getting it into P3Dv5. However the dispatcher tool kit for loadout and liveries doesn't know about P3D v5 so you need to place a registry key as a workaround. I've used P3D v3 as a pointer to P3D v5 simply because I have both 4 & 5 but not 3, and if you've only v5 you could dummy up a v4 key. The key in my instance allows me to switch within the dispatcher from P3d v4 to P3D v3 - with the P3D v3 instance actually pointing to P3D v5. Just copy the spolier contents out into a text file, update the paths for your P3D v5, and/or make the key a P3D v4 version, being sure to rename the .txt to .reg so Windows will be able to add to the registry. And just to close out here are a couple of pics from P3D v5.
  12. Unlimited internal with 30 Hz vsync monitors are what I use. The framerate is capped @ 30 fps by the 30 Hz rate of the monitors via the vsync. If you've got GSync monitors it would likely be smoother since gsync works well down to low levels of fps. I also run SMT off and overclock to the max I can achieve with reliablity and this is where having SMT off helped as there is less heat generated and well... P3D just seems to work better without SMT (but that could be just because I'm able to maintain a higher overclock with SMT off). Cheers
  13. Thanks for the advices, I don't (hopefully) think a drop to below 18fps will be an issue, I've had a stable 30 fps vsync locked for some years now and my specs are almost identical to yours (I say almost because I'm running my original x370 Pro Ryzen MB with a 5800X). Ta, sounds like a good starting pack especially with the NEO option and FS2 Crew. And I pulled the trigger, looks like my weekend is going to be full 😁 Cheers
  14. I was considering the Aerosoft Airbus A318/319 and A320/A321 bundle, considerably cheaper than if bought separately and FS2 Crew have a 50 Euro bundle that includes the below. P3D (V1 to V5) VERSIONS: FS2CREW: PMDG 737 NGX-U EDITION FS2CREW: PMDG 777 EDITION FS2CREW: PMDG 747 QOTS II EDITION FS2CREW: FSLABS AIRBUS EDITION FS2CREW: MAJESTIC DASH 8 Q400 EDITION FS2CREW: AEROSOFT CRJ EDITION FS2CREW: QUALITY WINGS 787 EDITION FS2CREW: MADDOG X REBOOT FS2CREW: AEROSOFT AIRBUS PROFESSIONAL FS2CREW: IFLY 737NG EDITION ULTIMATE GROUND CREW X RAAS PROFESSIONAL I have 2 other Aerosoft aircraft being the twotter & PBY Catalina (unfortunately the Catalina was a relatively poor x86 to x64 conversion and took myself wading through xxxxx lines of code to resolve the issues in the majority). The twotter is fine, all I needed was an updated ASC.dll which posted by Aerosoft on their forum and no doubt is in the installer as this was some years back. I'm not after the Flight Sim Labs level of "study", would the Aerosoft airbuses suit ? i.e. not too problematicly high level and good fun flying ? Plus @blaunarwal has discovered a NEO PBR mod package with new engines. Anyone have any thoughts ?
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