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  1. Sorry, never even heard of Fusiboard until now. How's the DHC2 performing for yourself ? I've been working on a bit of an update more targeted for P3D v5+ Cheers
  2. Hey greatful for your contribution 🙂 I love the A2A aircraft and their flying with consequences approch, it's a pity hypoxia and your type of oxygen gauge is not built into the sim SDK. It would be great to have the type of function shown in the vid below for all aircraft. Cheers
  3. Rogen


    What's your tone mapping values ?
  4. Rogen


    Yes the two sims are different branches of what was once the same sim, with both targeting different markets... MSFS is targeting the entertainment market and P3D targets the Commercial and Military training markets where compatability, business reliability (in the form of no need to update if the business case is not there), and senario repeatability are important considerations. But enough... I'm sure we all know where the MSFS forum is should we want to read/contribute regarding MSFS. Cheers
  5. I've only seen Carenado have one pre-MSFS major sale (during the COVID peak), it was a goodie though @ 50% off, I bought all the ones I though I might like.
  6. Rogen


    I would hardly say that... given the sim is 64 bit, DX12, with volumetric clouds, dynamic lighting and a PDK providing very low level programming access for those commercal and military developers who need that sort of low level programming access. If I was to apply the same logic MSFS would be nothing more than FSX with some pretty scenery and shiny planes. Cheers
  7. Ok, GSync would be like vsync at any Hz. I don't think you're understanding how vsync works, basically it syncs the sim to the monitor's screen mode scanrate, e.g. if your screen mode is 60 hz your frame rate will be locked at 60 fps, assuming that is... the sim can actually achieve 60 fps consistantly, if you use the NVidia Control Panel 1/2 scan rate vsync option then the fps will be 1/2 of the current scan rate e.g. 30 fps for a 60 Hz sceen mode. In anycase I see the same @ Boston, they are either too emissive or are black. Likely these are items LM need to address, which maybe they'll do for P3d v6, although more likely they'll fall into the low priority & too hard basket given the default scenery is essentually FSX with minor adjustments and LM doesn't seem at all focused on updating. Maybe enable content reporting in the P3D config and then review the resultant log file, perhaps there are missing textures. A report on the LM forum would be the best option, the LM dev crew could at least see the issue. cheers
  8. Each to his own..🙂 I've fixed and modded many a Carenado aircraft and while pretty, I would describe Carenado aircraft as having minimal depth, with the added feature of being chock full of bugs. Although... that said their later jet releases were on the improve. In any case they're both quite diffferent, the Carenado version has glass avionics and is more automated, where as the Flysimware is more focused on gauges and seat of your pants flying. I know which one I prefer. Cheers
  9. So... P3D 5.4 Adequate hardware I don't see how your vsync is going to work if your monitor is at 100hz, you'd need to be able to achieve a minimum of 100 fps in P3D for the vsync to take effect, is it a GSync monitor ? if so is GSync enabled ? Does the monitor support 60 Hz ? if so you can trial vsync on in P3D while using the NVidia control panel 1/2 Hz vsync. e.g. a 60 Hz screen mode would vsync @ 30 fps. 30 frames per second will unload the GPU and CPU and give headroom to P3D to expand it's graphic's capabilities. Have you trialled the Prepar3D.cfg settings I've listed ? For screen grabs you need to post a screen grab on a third party website and then link it back to your post here by pasting in the URL. See below, it's a little out of date regarding the embeding options but the general gist covers it. I myself use Steam as a pic repository, but there are many others. Cheers
  10. Coming from a software development background I can say all software has issues, and the more "agile" the development, the more broken functionality and new and exciting bugs that end up going go into the too hard basket 😉 A development manager once said to me, "we don't release to fix bugs, we release to make sales". Eventually software maturity and stability will be achived provided the development of said software continues. Cheers
  11. Gasp !! 😬 I think the world would be better off without it. Now if it were the "FlywareSim - Falcon 50"... that would be an aircraft of preference 😎 Cheers
  12. Rogen


    Not quite understanding the first paragraph's relevance, but yeah the second paragraph where Orbx is looking to branch out with a B2B focus would be targeting commercial use and licensing, assuming all opportunities to make $$, e.g. P3D and their existing ESP based catalogue (given P3D's commercial & business license status) and in building objects for businesses directly like the DC map and items for ASBO. Time will tell if their pivoting is successful enough. Cheers
  13. So it used to work fine when P3D was version 5.3 but stopped working post update to P3D version 5.4 ? Infact the only message regarding power in the script is, ipc.display("OXYNATOR: Can not refill when power is off!",6) the script does however reference an LVAR to determine if the battery is on. event.Lvar("L:BatteryElecPower",100,"toogle_ready") Sounds like something missed during the update, (either something missed and/or an introduced issue in v5.4), my general advice would be to go over everything step by step, as if you were completely reinstalling FSUIP6, the LUA script and the gauge. The LUA script references an IPC value to determine if it is ready to start so be sure your FSUIP6 is the latest version. In my FSUIP6.ini I have the following entries. [LuaFiles] 1=001.icefun 2=002.oxynator 3=003.Oxy_Supply [Auto] 1=Lua 001.icefun 2=Lua 002.oxynator Also check the logging in FSUIP6, e.g. it should show things happening. 1347125 H:\Addons_P3D\P3Dv5\06.Aircraft_P3Dv5\A2A\A2A\SimObjects\Airplanes\A2A_C182\C182.air 1347125 ### Mode is NORMAL 1347531 Lua threads being terminated: 1347531 4 = "H:\Addons_P3D\03.Utility\FSUIPC6\002.oxynator.lua" 1347687 LUA: "H:\Addons_P3D\03.Utility\FSUIPC6\002.oxynator.lua": killed 1347703 Aircraft="A2A C182 VH-DLL" 1348328 LUA.6: OXYNATOR: started 1348422 LUA.6: OXYNATOR: NOT ready 1350765 LUA.6: OXYNATOR: ready Hope the above helps. Cheers
  14. Yes it does... But then again they always had somewhat wonky flight dynamics, ran terrible and now maybe on life support ? They sure did look pretty though 😉 Cheers
  15. Rogen


    Actually I believe they are collecting info on how many P3D users have v6 via Central itself. I noticed whenever Central is run it performs a check for P3D v6 as the 2 x log snips show. [Simfinder] Coundn't find regval \SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v6 2024-05-10T22:28:41.384Z [INFO] [Central::AnalyticsService] - Sending installed product analytics. So Orbx won't be swayed on hearsay given they do collect actual installed data for any potential business case. In anycase Orbx are still rebuilding since MSFS's unexpected market entry hit that halted practical income for almost all ESP based sim addon producers. Here's a report. https://www.bomboragroup.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Bombora-Quarterly-Report-March-2023.pdf Cheers
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