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  1. I have Technobrain ROAH & RJCJ/RJCC. Got 'em on sale and am vy happy with them. FPS 25 to 45, no lags. JASDF AI is smooth and well done. Bldg's a little FSX-ish but not a deal breaker at sale price. max
  2. Works great but I have the red X's over the jetway locations. xml is in the SODE/xml folder but no mdl's available. There is a terminal.bgl that is to be used for SODE but nothing other than that. Rgds, max
  3. Recently DL'd SkunkWorks (SKW) F84, F104G & Tornado fm SimMarket; they were free. They do not come with textures-liveries; one must go to their website to DL them, however website is unreachable as it always errors out... 404. Does anyone out there have any SKW aircraft? Were you able to DL liveries? What website did you use? Thanks, max
  4. Figured as much. I got my Alpha right away (3 weeks ago) from Sporty's Pilot Shop. Ordered Bravo at same time and they have not charged for Bravo as it is on B.O. till 'who knows when'. Rgds, Walter
  5. Going with FSUIPC 7 on P3Dv4.5. Thanks for the input. Will try the Simhanger youtube though. Walter
  6. I'm moving from an old CH products yolk to the honeycomb Alpha. I have MOST of my PMGD, Qualitysim And areosoft Airbus Keypresses programmed through FSUIPC for the CH yolk and TQ.; I'm accustomed to it and I like it. Just got my Alpha yesterday and wonder... is it better to program through FSUIPC or the Honeycomb configurator? (My Bravo TQ is on backorder from Sporty's) Thank s in advance, Walter P3Dv4.5, 9900k, 2080Super, 32Gb RAM.
  7. Very interesting... I have had ImagineSim ZSPD installed since it came out and never have had a RED X before. This morning it started. Nothing was changed. Working on it...
  8. Pete, I figured that log file guess of mine may have been a coincidence. I did leave task mgr open while trying to run FSX to see if there was something running that would indicate a second incidence of FSUIPC4 running; there wasn't - that I could tell - no 2nd instance of FSX. I also cold booted and it still happened. The only way I could get through without the dupe error was to re-run the FSUIPC.exe and that was after I uninstalled the QW757 and all its remnants. I haven't tried re-running the FSUIPC.exe with the QW757 still installed. My FSUIPC4 is a paid version, if that matters.
  9. Thanks Jim, Roger that. I tried the simflt forun but it must have been down for some reason. Antway, I solved the problem. It was a duplicate FSUIPC4 log fie that caused the problem ( or seemed to). I compared a backup module folder that I have with the currrent one and a file called FSUIPC.1.log showed up; it wasn't in my backup modules folder, so I deleted it and all is well again. I hope this helps someone else... Thanks agn, Walter
  10. After installing QW757 I go into FSX and I get an FSUIPC4 duplicate notification error. After doing a Windows search and a manual search for the elusive dupilcate FSUIPC4.dll ... there isn't any duplicate. No re-named FSUIPC.dll's - nothing. I'm guessing that when I installed the QW757 it wanted to install an included copy of FSUIPC4 and I stupidly allowed that install. I checked the dll.xml and the proper FSUIPC4.dll entries are present (compared against a backup copy). I don't know where else to look, any ideas? Thanks & rgds to all, Walter
  11. Bought Combo Dec/08; got update in March/09. Uninstalled as required. Went to re-install after replacing mobo and PS and HDD and received error on validation: Error number: 0x800C0005. Correct email, order # and password entered. (Probably because of the new HDD???? maybe???)Using Win7/64 with UAC off and running as Admin. Problem #2:Tried to submit support ticket and my normal login did not work; didn't recognize my email address. Then tried to re-register and kept on getting a msg to re-enter the anti-bot string.In summary, my normal login to the main PMDG site works... However, when I go to the support tab to submit a ticket it won't recognize me and it won't let me register.I'll be out of town for a week or to so I won't be able to respond to any questions. In the meantime, thanks for your anticipated assistance!!42
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