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  1. I have the exact same problem. I use Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo controls. All been working fine for the past 4 months and now these same 'increment errors' as stated here - in 1000ft and 10 degree increments, rather than 100ft and 1 degree increments. So annoying! I note on my Bravo Throttle Quadrant that buttons 25 & 28 are on all the time, yet I have NO MAPPING of these 'invisible' pushbuttons anywhere. I get the feeling they are assigned for reverse thrust, if I had the four levers plugged in. But as I say, it's all been working perfectly fine until the last week :-(
  2. Chaps, So reading the manual for this addon, only aircraft that had Air stairs as an option in the real world, got them in this product... Does anyone know if it's possible to enable air stairs on all liveries with the Avro, or is it just a select few models in game? If its possible to enable air stairs regardless of the livery, how do I go about enabling them? Even though it wouldnt be accurate to the airlines in the real world, I'd like to have the Air stairs enabled on all my liveries. I asked on the QW forum yesterday, but yet to get a response, so going to see if anyone here knows. regards
  3. Hello All, After many years away from FS, I have become very interested again and installed FSX Steam Edition and logged many many hours over the holidays. Over the past two weeks I have been looking for a good solid working freeware add-on for a B777, preferably -300ER but a -200 will do (as a GE Aviation engineer my preference is a model with GE90-115B engines :smile:). I have done extensive searches and have found lots of links to POSKY and MELJET models, and have found some that have no VC, others that have a VC that only has about 2 functioning buttons, one where the engines were "blacked out", several where gauges are blank, etc. I have spent countless hours looking at various sites and trying instructions on how/where to configure and place panel and gauge folders, files, etc. and am at my wit's end. This is my last ditch effort... is there a known B777 freeware add-on out there with a working VC and similar features of the default FSX aircraft? I have no desire to pay for PMDG, nor do I want or need that level of immersion. I am fine with the level of detail in doing starts from cold and dark cockpit in default FSX aircraft. Barring any good advice from the knowledgeable experts of AVSIM, I will just continue to use the dinosaur B747-400 for my long hauls, which would be a shame. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hallo und guten Abend zusammen, ich poste hier in deutscher Sprache da mein Englisch nicht ausreichend für die Lösung meines Problemes ist. Die Forensuche gestaltet sich daher auch schwierig; ich hoffe auf euer Verständnis. Ich möchte mit Hilfe von Linda mein Vrinsigt MCP Combo Panel (Boeing Type) programmieren. Daher habe ich das PMDG 777 Module Vers. 1.3 downgeloadet. Jetzt meine Frage: wohin genau und wie muss ich den Download kopieren, damit das programmieren der PMDG 777 funktioniert ? Linda findet beim Start die 777, Joystick, Vrinsigt Combo und FSUIPC configs stehen alle auf grün. Wie schaffe ich es jetzt z.B. den _Speed Knob zu progrmmieren; bisher wird die Veränderung des Speeds am Panel nicht im MCP der 777 geändert. Ich denke, ich habe einen Fehler bei der Installation der 777 Module gemacht. Für einen detallierte Hilfe bin ich sehr, sehr dankbar. LG Claus
  5. HI, just recently I am having issues with the drop down menu commands. Clicking on anything - changing views etc - results in the ping noise and no action on the sim, it just freezes. I haven't changed or added anything - I also use a VR Headset and the same issues. Any ideas Gentlemen? Thanks Colin
  6. Being relatively new to FSX, although flying FS since the early 80s, I was struck by the rather blurred scenery when viewed from the cockpit. Lots of discussion on this subject across the forums and after searching through these, I came across this video and this from Hovercontrol http://www.hovercontrol.com/artman/publish/article_103.shtml This is all probably old news for most of you, but I'll post it anyway. :smile: Notice the mountains on the left of the horizon ..........
  7. Dear simmer,I am proud to announce that my freeware Terra Emergence Project final v1 for FSX/P3D is now available here: Download (2 Gb) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzTKE8AjNyeCWjBrR3ZnQVJfU1E/view?usp=sharing Terra Emergence Project is a pack of ground replacement texture for FSX & P3D (Cities and villages are not affected by this texture pack.) IT can be use alone or on Global Orbx base pack (Don't change FTX regions) or GEX or other global product. A pack of trees is inclued for best color. Read carrefull the readme file before install. Visite my FB page or Youtube channel (see links in signature) for more medias. Enjoy ! Aimé
  8. https://blog.tfdidesign.com/2016/12/21/release/
  9. I was trying to solve why my laptop which has a better graphics card in it than my PC is giving me the blurry textures. It auto set everything to ultra high, which is kind of funny considering the warning I got after changing the aircraft detail to low and then closed FSX. I have a GTX 1060 on the laptop, so that shouldn't be the issue at all. So I ask here, what prompted this warning? Do I not have graphics drivers installed or something? This warning occurred after I hit x to close the simulator. I was flying in FTX's Scotland near Edinburgh with the VRS superbug, that might have something to do with the issue possibly. I haven't tested my laptop fully yet however.
  10. Up until last week I was using fsx gold edition with windows 7. I now have windows 10 with edge and still fsx gold edition. AS usuual prior I used to have fsx on its own separate drive. Now I have fsx gold edition with the same 3 cd's for windows 10 but my problems is fsx does not install into the right drive. \My c drive is for the operating systems but refuses to go into my D drive which would be the only drive for fsx. Why am I having this problem ? My new d drive has over 1,000 Gigabytes, and for the operatingsystem on my c drive has 500 gigabytes. How do I get my same fsx gold edition to go into the new D drive only for fsx. appreciatel any help Ronny spergel have 3770K processor 780 gtx once again the only thing I did was change the operating system and the 2 new drives c-500gb and d-1,000gb.
  11. To date I haven't used any real VATSIM people or any addon ATC packages for FSX:SE so I bumble along using the default ATC which as we all know has limitations I do inject real world METARs via FSOpen Clouds though, but the sim usually integrates that in quite well - ATIS gives an appropriate runway use based on the wind. I was flying back from Chambery to Leeds Bradford (Freemium 757). The weather was foggy over parts of England. ATC told me to expect vectors for visual RWY14. OK fair enough, it might be clear When I got the last vector telling me how far I was from the airport and to report runway in sight.... there was just a blanket of fog around and below me.. When reporting runway not in site, all the scripted ATC did was to re-iterate my position in relation to the airport. When I opted to select another approach, the only other option I got from the ATC menu were Visual approaches to the disused 9/27 runways. (closed in 2005 I believe). No ILS for 14 or 32 were given. The only other option was to generate an IFR plan to another destination. Perhaps the program doesn't take account of the enhanced fog generated by FSOpen Clouds to combat the stock fog appearing out of nowhere? I declared missed, got vectored back around and let the ILS do its job - I lied to ATC, said I could see the runway and carried on the approach...the runway appeared out of the murk much nearer to the minimums It seems ILS is not always a valid option in sim as far as ATC is concerned when it thinks the airport is visible for miles. No one said the ILS was inoperative that day.... All good sim fun!
  12. Hello all, I've just started using VFR Flight and have a basic question that I can't seem to find an answer for. How do you zoom in/out of the maps? I see how to select the different maps but can't find a zoom function. Probably something that's right in front of me!! Thanks in advance, Bob
  13. SInce I reinstalled FSX and P3D I'm not able to pan or scroll smoothly in the virtual cockpit..I have great FPS but when panning with the mouse/hat switch or scrolling with the middle mouse button or keyboard, it is jerky. I didn't have this issue before I reinstalled so I am guessing it is something in my configuration. Looking for help. Thanks.
  14. I tried doing a couple google searches but couldn't seem to come across anything like this. Basically what is happening is I am getting strange out of place tiles under most of the default airports, where the background should be. As you can see from the pictures it can be water, roads and just different texture tiles. Another strange thing to note, they change as you fly/slew over the airport. I have tried disabling all add-on scenery as well as disabling GEX and UTX. This is at North Las Vegas- KVGT https://postimg.org/image/vys7h5isx/
  15. Hi folks, I've recently upgraded my PC and am busy reinstalling stuff, checking each time of course. Florence is proving difficult. My FlorenceX from Aerosoft won't install correctly and when trying tore-download I find it is now withdrawn by Aerosoft. I think it was originally an FSDreamTeam scenery, since Addon Manager lists it, but i can't activate it there either. So, I gave up and looked for a alternative. The only one I found was RFSCENERYBUILDING - LIRQ FLORENCE which seems later and more detailed. So I've installed that. But there's an altitude problem. Runways, taxiways and buildings are 10 feet higher (and probably correct) that some of the ground underneath. the buildings are floating 10 feet of the lower ground beneath them, and there are gullies between defined taxiways. Surrounding trees and so on are fine, planted in the lower level ground. I tried using ADE to lower the airport altitude in the AFD BGL but that didn't help at all. I've eliminated all other BGLs which mention LIRQ in the name, and also shown in Airport Scanner that there are no other AFD conflicts. Has any one any ideas? Unfortunately there's not much of a Support turnout for RFScenery -- the only forum type interaction I found is all in Cyrillic. Pete
  16. I am doing a clean install of FSX / Acceleration, ORBX Global and NA (then possibly vector) on a Win 7 pc dedicated to flight sim use. I'm admittedly not terribly tech savvy so excuse my questions in advance. The setup includes a large suite of Saitek controls and instruments. My questions are: 1) (FSUIPC versus. SPAD): Is one better -- easier to use; and more stable -- than the other? Is it necessary to install both?; 2) (Saitek device drivers): Is it necessary to install the related Saitek drivers if I am using FSUIPC or SPAD?; 3) (Install Sequence): If using either FSUIPC or SPAD, should I install it before or after the FSX install -- does it matter? Also, Should I install it/them before or after the Saitek device(s) install? And; 4) (Operation / Use Startup): If using FSUIPC or SPAD, do I launch it before launching FSX? Thanks all, Brian.
  17. Is there a consensus on which is currently the best mesh for FSX/P3D ? I'm aware that Justin is back in business, but no idea how the quality compares to old stuff, or any others. Great as FreeMesh-X is, especially it being FREE, its definitely not as good as the old FSG mesh. I need to repurchase, as I lost mine in a backup disaster some while ago. Cheers
  18. How many references to display settings are normally set in the FSX config file? I had three references all basically stating the same settings. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hey online pilots! Is anyone knowing a good website that shows active stations on vatsim, but working on mobile phones or tablet? All the apps in the Android store seems to be crap. Thanks
  20. Hey guys, I've seen at least two other posts about this issue but none was able to help me. Everytime, at night, when I go through a fog layer (through clouds) or land in low visibility, the sky turns white. Somehow the fog color changed into white. This can be interesting while flying "hey, the landing lights are reflecting on the clouds!" but on the ground it is totally disruptive. According to previous posts it probably is shader related but I am not sure how to check that and how to restore to the original condition... I was using Mogwaisoft Shade (from simmarket) (as it changes the color palettes!) and crosire reshade. I have uninstalled Shade and tried to remove reshade (manually by removing files and SweetFX folder from FSX). Maybe Shade didn't uninstall correctly and its changes were made permanent? I am using also Steve's DX10 Fixer. This happens both in DX9 and DX10. I tried to rebuild the Shaders folder (by creating a new FSX.CFG file and deleting the hidden shaders folder, with no change. I've tried to delete the ShadersHLSL folder, in FSX main folder, but that just makes FSX unable to render anything. Any help is much appreciated! (pic taken at midnight) Alex
  21. Hi all, I am not sure if this is the correct forum here but will ask away and you can move the post if necessary. I recently bought FSDT Memphis and thought it looked a bit odd with no Fed-Ex traffic, their major hub I think. I use World of AI packages, which I think are pretty realistic, and also has amazingly little performance loss, I thought I would try and find a Fed-Ex package, except there isn't one. I did some research and learnt how to put together my own package for Fed-Ex using AI aircraft and paints available here and some Fed-Ex AI flight plans, also available here. Amazingly when I had finished, it all worked perfectly, I was almost in shock! One thing I have been wondering about though. I have downloaded both Summer 15 and Winter 09 flight plans for my Fed-Ex package, thinking that summer flights will only show during summer months and the winter flights during the winter months, or do the months not really make any difference. If this was the case I would probably be seeing double the flights that I should be seeing in FSX. I know it is important to make sure the flight plans work on the right day of the week, but I don't know if the season is important. Thanks for any help and advice.
  22. Hello, i'm Aaron and i was wondering how i uninstalling FTX central and PNW? it is not in the uninstall or change a program section, unfortunately my pc, even the beast it is can not handle the PNW scenery and just disabling it has messed up some terrain at some airports. any help is much appreciated.
  23. Dumb questions I have some payware addons and ground ATC(Standard) doesn't work at each gate. I ask for ifr clearence to the runway but nothing, silent! It works but the don't reply! Thanks Max
  24. Hi, I just uninstalled my FSX, addons, etc. etc. etc. so I could do a clean install. I followed all available info I could find on this subject on this forum but now when trying to reinstall, it refuses, giving the following - 1628 - install failed. I am stumped. Many hours going through my files and registry over and over with no joy. Any help or suggestions would be most welcome and very much appreciated. Richard
  25. Has anybody come across this problem, know a resolution to this problem where the snow on the ground appears to be in tiles. See in the screenshot below - the snow-covered ground ends, behind the aircraft, in a straight line.
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