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  1. I have owned every flightsim scince MSFS 1. I fly P3D V4 and V5, and Xplane as well as MSFS. I purchased MSFS 2020 on 13 July. After attempts to install to my high end PC which is totally up to date with Windows Ver 2004, I called MS support several times. Finally getting to a game rep without the call being dropped, I was told first to wait 24 hours and try again. Today after seeing the same error trying to install to the pc, I called again. I was told to wait one week for a Windows 10 patch that will fix the install issue. I was polite and told the rep that paying $130 for a piece of software a month early and then being told to wait another week for an OS patch was not a good thing. We'll see in a week. I work in software development...one would think MS would have tested the install thoroughly with Windows.😬
  2. Felt it was time to stir the pot... After seeing posts below in 2017 of the JS41 being tested in P3D using the GTN750 and a FaceBook post with screenshots, there has been no communication. I made the mistake of purchasing the GTN750 for use in the "new" JS41...my bad. So, I am asking PMDG to provide a real status for the JS41...is it or is it not going to be updated and released P3D V4? There are many sim pilots who prefer to fly the smaller turbo props and the JS41 was a staple. If the JS41 is not being worked and will not be released for P3D V4 then the title of this piece of the forum should be PMDG Turbo Props (FSX). P3D has been around long enough and taken the lead as the primary sim along with Xplane as a second. FSX has been unsupported by Microsoft for years and represents very old technology. Do I still have it installed...yes...do I use it...no. Thanks
  3. EZDOK has been updated very recently to correct the ground handling issue in P3D V4.2
  4. Update 1607 deleted all previous restore points but resolved this evening. Had to manually search and delete any entry in the registry for Microsoft Flight Simulator related specifically to fsx.exe. This allowed he Remove to execute with the DVD...reinstalled FSX and activated. Installed Accel Pack and launched FSX and the validation error was back. Went into the registry and found 4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318 (key for FSX) and edited the UpperFilters setting...deleted the prtmgr value and retyped PartMgr and saved. Launched FSX and the activation window for Accel pack appeared immediately. Activated with the product key and away it went. This was a 24 hour pain...but all is back to normal after the 1607 update.
  5. Resolved,,,well it took several steps...has to search and manually delete and Microsoft Flight Simulator entry in the registry related specifically to fsx.exe. This allowed the Remove to work with FSX DVD.Then reinstalled FSX and activated successfully. Then installed Accel Pack and launched FSX...got the validation error again. went into the registry and looked for the UpperFilters setting in the FSX key 4D36E967-E325-11CE0BFC1-08002BE10318 and modified it...deleted the prtmgr and re-typed PartMgr and restarted FSX...the activation window appeared immediately, entered the product key and it activated successfully. This was a 24 hour pain...but all is back to normal after the 1607 update.
  6. Talked to them this morning no resolution yet...or answer to why 1607 de-activated FSX
  7. Launching the FSX Gold DVD only provides two options...if I launch Repair it will fail with Error 1605 - action only available for installed products. If I choose Remove it will fail with a Failed to load DLL:GameuxInstallHelper.dll .
  8. Update for Windows 10 Pro 64 to 1607 went smoothly yesterday...just had to reinstall DisplayLink driver. Started testing various apps...found the update had de-activated FSX. Tried a repair...fails with InstallShield error...usually 1628. Tried an uninstall...Accel Pack uninstalled but FSX failed with fail to load uninstall helper DLL error. Accel Pack will not reinstall as it says FSX has to be activated. FSX will still launch and work but will shut down in 30 minutes as expected since it has been deactivated. Nothing I have found on the Internet has worked. As you can imagine...many years of add-ons. Almost at the point to clean the registry of all FSX related entries. I do have P3D and started migrating a few weeks ago but all aircraft and add-ons not available for P3D yet...but most of the critical things have had P3D versions or migrated successfully. Anyone seen this issue with FSX...any recommended fixes? Dean Taunton, PE/EE
  9. My update to 1607 went smoothly yesterday...deferred for quite a while...has to reinstall DisplayLink driver as expected, Started testing various apps. Found out that the update deactivated FSX which was running fine on 1511. Tried a repair from the DVD but it fails every time with an InstallShield error. Tried an uninstall ...was able to uninstall Accel pack but FSX will not uninstall with a Fail to load a DLL for uninstall. Tried to reinstall Accel but it see FSX is deactivated and will not proceed. Anyone seen this issue...any fixes? I tried everything I could find on the Internet but nothing has worked.
  10. Does anyone have or can you point to the offsets or even LUA scripts for the JS4100 FMC buttons? Thanks, Dean Taunton
  11. Ran the update again pointing to the P3D folder and copied the gauges over to the Gauge folder. No crashing but the panel is not visible initially. I see a black flash and then I can right click and undock and it is visible works after that. Any clue why it is not visible when selected from the menu? Thanks
  12. I have read the various posts in various forums including this one. Tried the manual install. The install works mechanically but it causes a CTD in P3D V3.4.19868 as soon as you open the FS2Crew window. Really need a new version for P3D iFLY 737...worth buying again to work properly. Thanks
  13. Well...reinstalled...all is working now...who knows..have to find the TACAN and ILS mode buttons but the autopilot is working good manually.
  14. Gradual loss of altitude is immediate...it looks like the AP is dropping the nose for ALTHLD and then it settles into a -1700 FPM down. With a flight plan loaded it will fly to the first waypoint or even turn to the waypoint...has me stumped for the moment. I set the throttle for 250 knots. My be time to uninstall the a/c and reinstall. Just installed two nights ago...had to the older version but removed it prior to 2.8.
  15. MFDs are working as advertised after programming in FSUIPC! Some button don't work in T45 but the buttons do! Now I have to figure out why the autopilot is not engaging...no heading hold, no alt hold, and will not follow flight plan. After engaging AUTO and ALTHLD it gradually loses altitude until a crash or I intervene. Loading a flight plan and engaging Auto does nothing.
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