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  1. flhx_ridr

    Clean up issues

    Yes, as a matter of fact each time the flaps didn't retract it was raining and temp would have been less than 3...the strobes only happened one time so might have just been an anomaly. I was not aware of the flaps damage prevention. Thanks for the prompt reply and also for developing such a great product!
  2. flhx_ridr

    Clean up issues

    I've been having trouble with the first officer not retracting the flaps fully during the clean up. It seems to stop at 15. Also noticed he's not turning off the strobes. I just started having this problem after many flights with no issues at all. Any ideas?
  3. flhx_ridr

    Returning after 13 years!

    Nothing can top the amazing immersion of XP11 with the lush green vegetation and landscape in the dead of the winter! 😉
  4. flhx_ridr

    PFPX V2

    I've used it without any trouble. That's kind of a broad statement to say it doesn't work and is totally unusable. I admit I haven't spent a lot of time with all the functions but I created a flight and exported without any problems. It sounds like you've spent quite a bit of time with it, can you be more specific?
  5. flhx_ridr

    How to update?

    Got it! Thanks for the prompt reply Bryan!🙂
  6. flhx_ridr

    How to update?

    I must have purchased my copy of the 737NGX without creating an account with the online store because there nothing in my previous orders section. How can I update to the most recent version?
  7. flhx_ridr

    Any updates

    I missed that..but thank you!
  8. flhx_ridr

    Any updates

    I've installed the GTN 750 in P3Dv4.4 but it will not connect to the NAV function of any autopilots regardless of what aircraft I am using and the moving map is frozen.
  9. flhx_ridr

    C310R Redux CTD w/P3D4.4

    It was the WX radio I had selected. It's working now.
  10. I am unable to get the 310 to load with P3Dv4.4. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the aircraft twice and whenever I load the plane P3D stops working (Not Responding). Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. flhx_ridr


    I'm doing the same. There's very little support at F1 and I think some of the forum cops there think the tail wags the dog. It's disappointing because they used to be top notch.
  12. flhx_ridr

    P3Dv4.4--all default Beechcraft removed

    For clarification, I updated the Client component only and still have all the aforementioned aircraft. I believe if you update the Content component you will lose those aircraft.
  13. flhx_ridr

    Solo'ed in 3.4 hours and so much more!

    That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Relax guys. You're letting paranoia control your emotions. Your P3D, FSX, X-Plane, and any other flight sim software will be just fine.
  15. flhx_ridr

    Real World Airline Trip Schedules

    Not Southwest Airlines, but this thread might give you an idea of what you're looking for... https://www.airlinepilotforums.com/regional/5651-typical-schedule-rj-pilot.html