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  1. netshadoe

    My aircraft is coming out like this

    Yep, definitely a shader modification. And if it’s the tomato shader, it’s reflection tool also modifies the paints resulting in this silver/shiny white... You’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the paint in the ops center to return the paint to normal.
  2. Yes, they are correct. I use the NWF models, and have "enable nav light on always" in the fuel section and removed the // in the LIGHTS section. I believe the nav lights are working, and the beacons are working, just very hard to see. The nav lights do cause a light splash on the ground and the beacons and strobes splash on the airframe which I assume is caused by your updated fx files. I guess I'm just used to the bigger red and green lights from the old fx files! 🙂 This is some awesome work on your part Symbol. Looking forward to what other tricks you can come up with!!
  3. Fantastic Symbol. I'm just trying to troubleshoot my FAIB models that are not showing nav lights...haven't located the cause yet. Can't find the conflict...yet. 🙂
  4. Hi Symbol, Would it be enough just to remove the effects related to the nav lights that are duplicates to the ones you have in AI Lights Reborn? The reason I ask is because with P3Dv4, there are some effects in that folder that other AI models use such as wing lights, logo lights, etc.
  5. netshadoe

    Radar Contact

    Here you go buddy...
  6. netshadoe

    Radar Contact

    Glad to hear it bud. Have a great New Year yourself! Enjoy RC! 🙂
  7. Bugs...lots of them...on the virtual window...helps it fly better with all the extra wings...
  8. netshadoe

    Radar Contact

    And now it's free...pretty good piece of freeware!!
  9. netshadoe

    Radar Contact

    I do Chris.
  10. netshadoe

    Radar Contact

    Did you search the Radar Contact forum? I just did and came up with six pages of "Run Time 75" topics. They all have different solutions more or less, so you'll have to decipher through them. Run Time 75 is a path/file access error and is windows related. Just on the off chance, are you running RC as administrator?
  11. netshadoe

    Would like to...

    Happy New Year! Bonne année!!
  12. It's the end of an era. Thanks JD for everything you've done for the community. It was and still is much appreciated.
  13. Thanks Roberto, you're a breath of fresh air in here. And, no you're not pretty much nailed it on the head. You'll get to know the "crew" of people as you are correct in pointing out it's the same people...I'm sure the list is the same for everyone who's annoyed by these folk...I'm sure Kyle holds the master list! 😄 I'm not "old" per se, but I'm definitely old fashioned, and appreciate old fashioned values that a lot of people have forgotten in the internet era! 🙂