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  1. Ghah! No wonder I’m confused...I had it wrong all along!! Curses! Now I have ANOTHER mystery to crack!
  2. I'm still stuck on the "How much wood could a wood chuck chuck" question Pete. Yours just blew me out of the water!! lol!!
  3. netshadoe

    "Error: Unknown exception"

    Hey Nico, Just an update. I turned down the UPS to 30 and I haven't seen the issue again so far. Thanks for the hint.
  4. netshadoe

    "Error: Unknown exception"

    Thanks Nico. I'll try dialing down the UPS setting. I'm also going to try other "heavy" airports to see if it is an issue of "overload", though it has only about 130 aircraft (90 parked, and about 35-40 live). I have only seen this issue in Toronto (CYYZ) so far, so it could be a location issue perhaps? Once I'm in the air an enroute, I don't have a problem. As for the wild cards, I am aware of it. I've used the option a few times while setting up my AI, but I prefer using full registration. It's just a OCD thing I guess!! lol! I'll keep you posted.
  5. Hi, I started to get this error lately... lf_checkIO_as_Thread Error: Unknown exception I don't have much running other than Active Sky and PF3. I'm aware of the missing liveries...I'm in the process of creating them slowly but surely. Could it be an overload on registration code lookups that fails PSXseecon? I have over 10000 reg codes so far, and I'm only in the "D"s for airlines (Delta and American together make about 3000 codes)!! 🙂 I've attached my log:
  6. My final guess...definitely something I can certainly take advantage of...a cure for.... MALE PATTERN BALDNESS At long last, us bald or balding people will be able to feel the rush of the wind through our hair!! YAY!!
  7. Alright...that made me spit my coffee out! lol!
  8. netshadoe

    How far has the 747-8 been developed?

    It's his cousin-father-brother.
  9. netshadoe

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    Nooooo!!!!!!!!!! That was never clear brother!!! lol!!!
  10. netshadoe

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    I'd love to see a comprehensive Disatch/ATC client complete with NavData(SIDS/STARS), ACARS and CPDLC integration compatible with their aircraft line. Dispatch would calculate the flight. ActiveSky integration (much like their weather radar link with AS) would give dispatch awareness of departure/enroute/destination weather, impacting the flight in appropriate ways (extra fuel for weather, holds, deviations, etc). Dispatch would send ACARS messages relating to fuel uploaded, final passenger/baggage weight, delays, etc. Alternatively, ActiveSky integration with ATC to make it "weather aware" and cause weather related delays and holds (thunderstorm over the field, etc). Flight clearance and Oceanic Clearances would be handled by CPDLC. ATC would be "smart" and handle AI aircraft appropriately for departure, enroute (using appropriate routes), and arrival (including taxi in and out). Pipe dream, I know. We can all dream, right?? :)
  11. netshadoe

    Faulty Ground Textures

    I don't use MT, but if it installs AFCADS that are made for FSX, they will have to be converted into P3D AFCADS. FSX AFCADS have a different flag for taxiways, so they don't appear in P3D v3 or v4.
  12. netshadoe

    Toronto scenery recommendations P3Dv4.2?

    It is. If you buy Simaddons CA2C package, you get CYTZ along with the city of Toronto, and you also get CYOW, CYRO, CYXE, CYHM, CYWG, and CYQT. I have the package and recommend it. CYOW is pretty darn close, and CYRO is where I got my ticket many, many moons ago! Billy Bishop (CYTZ) is not far off either. FlyTampa CYYZ is very good too, as is CYUL. (all airports I’ve been in and out of)
  13. Oh! That’s awesome! Now I have to learn HTML on my own or find someone who’ll help me! No rush on the project though! The program is already awesome as it is already!!
  14. netshadoe

    Replacement for Flight Sim Commander

    Little question!! You can find the forum here at AVSIM under the freeware support.
  15. netshadoe

    On average, how much time do you take to get into the air?

    Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad! lol! I do like the push back feature, when it works. It actually follows the taxi line, so there''s no guessing. But for the rest of it, I prefer the PMDG set and forget service vehicles. Like you said, you set a time and it does the fueling, the cleaning trucks, the catering trucks, the lav trucks, etc just show up and do their thing. Nice.