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  1. FSRealTime isn't required. It's the BGLs in TimeZone Fixer that controls the time. It fixes the time zones, and updates the STD/DST changes globally (like here in North America where the DST change is in November/March today, unlike in 2006 when FSX came out and it was in October/April. You can still use the FSUIPC sync option with no problems.
  2. SimElite Solutions fixes the timezones with "Time Zone Fixer" and is current. It is still being updated regularly, unlike FSRealTime which uses old .bgl files done by Dennis Thompson (I think that is his name) which are over a decade old now. As for the seasons...well, every part of the world would have to be redone with updated bgl files. I'm not sure if you can just "layer" a bgl for just the seasons on top of another scenery bgl. The whole bgl tile would have to be redone from the ground up. Just speculating.
  3. Hey Brian, Did you have to contact him, or is it on his website. I searched, but can't see any updates. I have quite a few of his sceneries.
  4. And planets (it has the full ephemeris for all the visible planets) and you can add any other sky objects if you so choose (comets, nebulae, etc).
  5. I use it with P3D v3...assume v4 will be the same.
  6. Check the sticky at the top of the page. It's beta testing now, may be out before the weekend.
  7. This time of year, it's definitely mosquitoes here. The national bird, a hazard to flight! ? After the sopping wet spring and the heavy flooding we had in the Ottawa area, the little mosquito bodies are literally piling up here as we commit mass mosquito murder!
  8. I for one am saving my money for now. Product seems too immature right now. Sure, it has a new "engine" that delays based on weather, but there has been no effort to improve on things flightsimmers have been requesting for years. Updated liveries...not just a rehash of the last version. A product update years later should offer more, not the same old thing. AI separation/conflict and control. If UTLive can control AI in SIDS/STARS, airways, delay them, etc....why can't it keep the AI from flying on top of each other during an approach? Why can't it set Flightlevels according to ICAO rules and randomize them? Why can't it control realistic rollouts and taxi speeds? I applaud them on having the AI fly on airways and follow airport procedures, but I can do both now with a freeware program offered here at AVSIM. Considering UT2 came out in 2009, UTLive is a disappointment considering it has been 8 years and there is nothing really innovative. just my 2 nickels (Canada doesn't have pennies anymore! Lol)
  9. I have no problems with this driver too. All controls and GSX working normally, and definitely no VAS leak. Win10 - P3Dv3.4 - PMDG QOTSII - Flytampa CYYZ - GSX - ORBX FSGlobal, Global Vector and NA LC - AS16/ASCA - probably a few things I forgot! Stable VAS between 3.2 and 3.6 during 13 hour flight from CYYZ to OMDB using PXSeecon for traffic.
  10. Do you run anything like SpyBot AntiBeacon or any other blocking software. This can cause interference to the WX radar. I ran into your problem earlier this week, and found it was caused by shutting down something. I haven't had the chance to narrow down which one. Re-enabling what I had shut down made the radar work again.
  11. I use both and haven't seen any problems that I'm aware of Mark.
  12. Yep...have that here east of Ottawa, Canada. I'm rural, and they just put it in 3 months ago. I get unlimited data at 40mb/s down, 10mb/s up for $60CDN. Significantly cheaper than my old Satelite internet!
  13. Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the livery through the ops center? Which KLM livery? I can test it out later today when I'm back from work.
  14. Are your wing lights on? Looks like wing lights to me.