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  1. netshadoe

    Request on Release

    He was joking...hence the emoji.
  2. netshadoe

    Passenger Weights

    PFPX has a bug with pax weight. Adult weight can’t be higher than 83kg...what ever that is in lbs...185ish. The problem is documented and acknowledged on their forum...but no fix coming anytime soon unfortunately. Updates are like molasses over there.
  3. Hi Gilles, Just to cover everything: could you look on the AS map with precipitation turned on and see if it isn’t rain showers passing over you as the clouds blow by. You’ll see what you describe if you are in rain showers.
  4. netshadoe

    PSXseecon traffic win7

    No offence, sisoffi, but I think your "shouting" is out of line here. It's was a couple of KB updates issued by Microsoft in Windows7 that broke the program for Win7 users. As other users found what KB update killed the program, Microsoft issued a new update that would break it again. Since Nico does this for free for our hobby, I don't see how it's his problem to fix what Microsoft keeps breaking. (emphasis on free program)
  5. netshadoe

    Airline Codes

    Hi Nico, The new code FBZ has been updated on the site you mentioned.
  6. netshadoe

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    You're quite welcome Stephen! I have yet to try the C-130 out. I've only tried a quick and dirty flight since updating...this little thing called "working for a living" keeps interrupting more important leisure activities I'd rather be doing! lol! We have a long weekend starting tonight for the Canada Day holiday, and it's supposed to hit 36*C or more over the next week or so, so I plan on spending a bit of time in the AC during the heat of the day over the course of the weekend...I'll try to get the C130 in the air myself. Though, I will have to temper my flight time with cold brewskies and a few jumps in the pool to annoy (embarrass) the kids, of course. :)
  7. netshadoe

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    You can do it whenever you want Steve!
  8. netshadoe

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    I don’t know if it’s still an issue, but I seem to recall somewhere in the foggy depths of my mind that the pause on touchdown was caused by the effect that lays the rubber skid on the runway (skidmarks.fx). If you rename that effect, the pause was eliminated. Worth a try!
  9. netshadoe

    Shadows appear/Disappear

    With that, I do agree with you. But I submit the fix isn't as easy as it may seem with an ancient rendering engine that is 12 years old since FSX was released, which means it is many years older still. And if the rumors of the large changes in the rendering engine are true for v5 (not saying it's true, just a rumor), then fixing shadows now probably isn't high on the priority list.
  10. netshadoe

    Shadows appear/Disappear

    Nope. They taught me not to say anything when I didn't have anything nice to say. I didn't say anything mean. I was just pointing out if you feel that isolating something in millions of line of code is "easy" to fix, then call them up and offer your services.
  11. netshadoe

    Shadows appear/Disappear

    Fix it then...
  12. netshadoe

    Much better performance in P3D V4.3

    Yep...I've been on AVSIM since 1996 before this "current" forum went up (circa 2003-04) and have only seen more and more poison over the years. I've learned to filter it out and ignore the "valley dwellers". I don't mind those with constructive criticism, but some of the vitriol on here gets repugnant, so I rarely come here anymore, or offer any advise. It's not worth it. I do appreciate those who do offer constructive criticism and offer solutions, or offer ideas toward a solution rather than rant and do nothing. Deep down, you people know who you are out there, so thank you!! Just filter Stefan!! :) Like you say, it's always the same folks. Just skip them when you seem them or put them on your ignore list!! :)
  13. It was P3D 4.2, but I have since updated to 4.3 I'm still doing some other work on that PC right now, but I'll update to 10.8 (or whatever latest version is available) and will update here. Could have been a glitch!! 🙂
  14. netshadoe

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

  15. Hey Nico, Just a heads up that I'm noticing some animations are no longer working or are not in the right sequence for the stage of flight with version 10.7 Some examples I've seen: - Turboprops are not spinning (I couldn't tell if it was the OSP ATR series or the TFS Dash-xx series). I'll have to look more closely next time as I was taxiing at the time. - The FSPX A380 or the TFS A380 (again, I couldn't tell which one) was taxiing for takeoff with the spoilers also did it's takeoff run and retracted the spoilers at liftoff.. - Various aircraft sitting at the stand with beacons on or taxi lights on (definitely remember TFS A310 with taxi light on). Rolling back to 10.5 (I didn't get 10.6 before it was taken down) eliminates the issue.