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  1. In the ini file, change the USERAISEPARATIONDISTANCE parameter to 0
  2. Airbus didn't design the A220. They bought the C-Series line from Bombardier. It's a Bombardier design. Just to set the record straight. 😉
  3. I think he meant the default AI ships. 😉
  4. Try enabling vsync to eliminate the tearing.
  5. Some sceneries are not compatible with SODE 1.7 yet.
  6. It's on the ND in the 748. It in the EFB for the NGXu.
  7. There is a tool over at AIG that might do what you want called AICompanion https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=29651.0 it has the ability to filter out traffic going and coming from defined airports as far as I can tell, but I’ve never used it for that. From what I can tell, it looks like Super Traffic Board, but it’s free. But I don’t own super traffic board, so I’m not 100% sure.
  8. Hi Roland, Turns out it's the AFCAD that is the problem. I installed an "enhanced" AFCAD from AIG, and unbeknownst to me, it deletes all AI to and from the airport between certain flight levels. Went back to Fly Tampa's version, and all operations are normal. Now I have to figure out how an AFCAD deletes AI. 🔍
  9. Good point...they are on the edge of the bubble. I'll give it a shot and get back to you.
  10. Hey Roland, I sent you this via email, but I'm not sure you received it. Nice work on the programs by the way. Been trying it out in different areas to give it a good workout. I have encountered a weird scenario though. I decided to watch YSSY for a while. I have the Fly Tampa version. I noticed that there were no arrivals at all. Watching AI on the Aivlasoft map, I noticed that all AI heading to YSSY were being deleted at about FL300+/-100 feet or so. If I turn off AIFlow, they don't delete and traffic starts to flow into YSSY. AiFlow shows that my aircraft is on the ground at YSSY. I also have these settings in the ini: AIARRIVALSPACING=10.0 AIMAXHOLDING=50 AITURBULENCESCALAR=1.0 AISPEEDSCALAR=1.0 AITURNSCALAR=1.0 AIMONITORRADIUS=200000 USERAISEPARATIONDISTANCE=0.0 INSIMMESSAGELEVEL=0 AIANTIRUNWAYINCURSION=1 AIBADAPPROACHFILTER=0 AIGOAROUNDLEAVEAREA=0 I've tried with different combinations of the two last filters, but nothing changed with traffic disappearing at FL300. I also tried it out with v1.01, and the same thing happened with that version. It's only at YSSY that I've noticed this. All other airports I've visited seem fine. Any ideas what could be the culprit? I don't use any AI traffic limiter of any sort, and I double checked the FSUIPC AI limiter just in case, which I have never used either.
  11. Also, it won’t “build” the route for you. You have to have already built a route and have it inside the PMDG 747 FLIGHTPLANS folder first. SimBrief or PFPX can do that for you. Once that is done, then the FMC can find the route once you’re logged in via DLINK.
  12. Well color me green. I've been so busy between here, the Hifi forum and home life that I was not aware! My apologies. Well, like Matt said, it will be resolved one way or another. That's the price of progress. We all can be thankful that there is a LOT of action on many fronts in the FS world after such a long drought over the past 10-15 years. EDIT: Thanks for the heads up...guess I'll be doing some beta testing with a new jet! 😀
  13. You have a v5 version of a PMDG aircraft? Wow. Lucky you.
  14. I saw this last night, but I had to wait until today to double check. At this moment, I have no less than 30 SIGMETS outside the US. Forgive my ignorance, but what other SIGMETS were you looking for?
  15. Things may still work, doesn’t mean everything is working correctly. things that the SDK controls may work fine, the “hooks” may not all work
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