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  1. Faulty Ground Textures

    I don't use MT, but if it installs AFCADS that are made for FSX, they will have to be converted into P3D AFCADS. FSX AFCADS have a different flag for taxiways, so they don't appear in P3D v3 or v4.
  2. Toronto scenery recommendations P3Dv4.2?

    It is. If you buy Simaddons CA2C package, you get CYTZ along with the city of Toronto, and you also get CYOW, CYRO, CYXE, CYHM, CYWG, and CYQT. I have the package and recommend it. CYOW is pretty darn close, and CYRO is where I got my ticket many, many moons ago! Billy Bishop (CYTZ) is not far off either. FlyTampa CYYZ is very good too, as is CYUL. (all airports I’ve been in and out of)
  3. Oh! That’s awesome! Now I have to learn HTML on my own or find someone who’ll help me! No rush on the project though! The program is already awesome as it is already!!
  4. Replacement for Flight Sim Commander

    Little question!! You can find the forum here at AVSIM under the freeware support.
  5. On average, how much time do you take to get into the air?

    Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad! lol! I do like the push back feature, when it works. It actually follows the taxi line, so there''s no guessing. But for the rest of it, I prefer the PMDG set and forget service vehicles. Like you said, you set a time and it does the fueling, the cleaning trucks, the catering trucks, the lav trucks, etc just show up and do their thing. Nice.
  6. On average, how much time do you take to get into the air?

    Nothing brother...I do the same! I have GSX, but it's a pain in the butt, and only works if the planets align properly (tongue in cheek...I usually have to spruce up the gate a little) and it keeps asking me to open this, or close that...or I forget to run a sequence. The PMDG service vehicles work every single time, no fiddling around. They know the dance and we simmers don't have to set up gates, doors, etc. Set it and forget it! The only gripe I have is the lack of a paint kit for them...but that's just a small 1st world problem. Lol!
  7. Split Scimitars for the NGX

    Phew...I thought I was the only one who didn't get it! lol!
  8. PMGD 737 Engine fail.

    I’ve only seen this with a corrupt FSUIPC.cfg file. Is your oil temperature also frozen too, as in not increasing in as it warms up? Do you have FSUIPC installed? If so, you have a bad FSUIPC.cfg file. Rename the old one and let FSUIPC rebuild a new cfg file. If not, well, I’m out of ideas. Good luck!
  9. Hi Alex, I have a request for a possible future enhancement...nothing pressing, just an idea... I enjoyed Feelthere's MAP! program (basically a Collins AirShow type map like you find on passenger jets) since I used it on an old laptop running in the background. Feelthere hasn't updated it in years and does not work with P3Dv4 at all, nor xPlane obviously. Since LittleNavmap already has the flight plan information, and aircraft info such as altitude, speed, etc., and all the nice maps built in, would it be possible to have a "module" inside the program that you can activate to bring up an Airshow type rotation of information about the flight? It would have to be fancy, just a little something that would show the A/C on a map, along with some basic info about the flight. I know you have a huge "to do" list, and I appreciate what you have done so far. Thanks for your input into the flightsim community!!
  10. P3D V2 not seeing Nvidia GPU

    This post is over 3 years old brother! I’m sure the OP has moved on by now!! 😀😎
  11. There's a video on youtube of the SWISS CS100 flight to London City. The speedbrake is used all the way down to touchdown to maintain the steep descent profile.
  12. P3d v3.5

    That is true. 🙂
  13. P3d v3.5

    It doesn’t matter how high end your pc is, P3Dv3 is a 32 bit program. Once you push the VAS Oover that 4GB limit, you will crash with OOM. It has nothing to do with the amount or RAM you have in your could have 32GB of RAM, yet a 32-bit program can only access 4GB of that RAM. All you can do is turn down your settings so you don’t cross that 3.5-4GB threshold. As the others have said above, you’d have to upgrade to v4 which is a 64-bit program that can pass that 4GB VAS limitation and use all your available system RAM. Be warned can increase all the eye candy to the limit if you want without OOM, will bring your system to it knees with lots of scenery in terms of FPS if you’re too ambitious, and you can still exhaust your VRAM (video card memory)! Also, be warned if you upgrade to v4, your 32-bit aircraft may not work...most likely will not work if they are high end like PMDG. Check with the developer. Some have made them compatible. But, to solve your immediate problem...turn down your sliders (autogen, LOD radius, etc) or upgrade to v4.
  14. AS,SkyForce and P3Dv4.1

    There are a few threads in the REX forums with people who have the same issue you’re describing. If they shut down SkyForce from running in the back ground, they don’t have a CTD at all. nothing has been confirmed by REX. Just point out there are threads over there.
  15. Uncontrolable aircraft in thunderstorms

    That's what T-Storms do...that's why aircraft avoid them. Strong up and down drafts and microbursts, windshear, etc...