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    my discord is T5su7pTz, just put discord.gg/ infront if it in your browser, thats where all my stuff is.

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    my discord is T5su7pTz, just put discord.gg/ infront if it in your browser, thats where all my stuff is.

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  1. Hello guys, Skysimulations' website seems to have been taken down and all the files went with it.. including the only place to get the paintkit. i used to have the files but no longer do. i clean my pc from time to time and this must have gone with it. now wanting to scratch an itch i want to paint a livery but cant. Skysimulations MD-11 Does anyone here have the paintkit still on their pc? would love to know.
  2. another fully custom livery for the cs77 i promised a friend a cathay livery, so this is what came of it
  3. A livery i made using AIRLINESIM’s beautifull base textures, together with some of my own tweaks and metallic maps The arrow’s shadow is a little to dark and the name/headstamp and gear reg mismatches but i’ll fix it when i get permission from AIRLINESIM to upload it. Early morning landing into bangkok
  4. they can try but nothing will beat tomatoshade & reflectionmaker, nothing.
  5. loved that one too. great weather and great flying, so good infact i reloaded the pc and flew straight back
  6. nothing a few mods can't fix, - Latest Salty mod (revamps the 748 entirely) on github - salty compatibility mod (theres several but i always grab the one thats on the first page) the aerodynamics are a bit wonky but its a small price to pay for visuals like this. and secondly i dont really mind it compared to other people. i just like the look of my sim haha. all about that eyecandy👀
  7. Havent flown much or at all lately, but still managed to get some flights in, here are the shots all the liveries i create using custom paintkits and pbr. since i think the default cs ones look a bit crappy, and all the liveries i find are extremely compressed and have artifacts JAL ROAH-RJTT CAT HK-LA-HK
  8. The person who uploaded the youtube video (and the custom views on flightsim.to) hosts a renowned flightsim piracy platform on facebook, and sells eula protected models, textures and files for around 15 euros per link. i dont think the guys behind the maddog fully knew this. (also why fselite took down the video & article)
  9. QW 75/ JF 75 freemium kind of deal. i always liked the simpler planes. being able to load in and setup a flight in 10 minutes in the qw is always fun
  10. https://forum.tropicalgroup.org/files/ My liveries and base textures could be found here
  11. Took this while testing a livery, i couldnt tell what i was looking at, looked absolutely real added the jetphotos logo, looks about real right? 😉
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