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    my discord is T5su7pTz, just put discord.gg/ infront if it in your browser, thats where all my stuff is.

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    I use Prepar3dV4.4

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    my discord is T5su7pTz, just put discord.gg/ infront if it in your browser, thats where all my stuff is.

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  1. always wanted the -200 on the aerosoft vc, so i got to work. basically the stuff i do with the other tomruth aircraft. new pk and pbr ^notice satcom 🙂
  2. https://www.flightbeam.net/product-page/lfbo-for-prepar3d Flightbeam/Jetstream Design's LFBO is out, i've tried it and i cant say anything but wow, not only a reason to fly Beluga's and whatnot, its a well needed airport we were missing in europe.
  3. Now that LFBO is out, ill put out the Beluga after the weekend.
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jI3aULnYvts37xkNCk_3-PofAoe5mzGG/view?usp=sharing
  5. Added some PBR and bumps to the old SSP 76, i never liked the cs 76 and certainly cant afford it when i can use the 15 buck qw75 vc for all my needs This isnt even custom for all parts, just a really-really-really good general green texture with a great Alpha on it. Absolutely love this model, and absolutely love the 76 west of the Rio-Grande
  6. some more pics, redone the interior pbr, and lit textures a310 coming within the week, or a couple of days. I just have to make some liveries to finish it off for the final rollout. Reworked the GE engine textures.
  7. https://liveriesnz.wixsite.com/home/a300 https://liveriesnz.wixsite.com/home/a300-600 Officially released! Ill come with an fsx version out pretty soon, a310 will be out after that, beluga, and then the classics
  8. Just so everyone knows, im accepting some people to test it before i release it, i currently have a somewhat stable version ready for handouts
  9. just one more shot cause i love the look of this thing so word not allowed much
  10. i feel like teh a310 is largely finished now, added some effect to the bump maps to give it a sort off ''oil-canning'' effect, i've noticed with aircraft that are pretty old and that have gone through a lot of pressurization cycles kind of get their fuselages warped, has a great effect on the look together with the new pbr And offcourse, her GE sister Hope you guys like these shots, i just uploaded the bunch of them, if anyone wants to submit themselves for some alpha testing, hit me up int he DM's, P3DV4.4 - 5.2 and anything in between
  11. As for the aircraft themselves, i'll probably upload them once i feel they're done enough and i made some liveries for them. i cant find a good way of making a drag and drop that works so still working on that. and it requiring ISG Here are some more shots The pax variant in its monarch colors Unpainted paintkits
  12. Nope, P3D v4.5 with some nice pascal sky textures and a custom made tomato preset.
  13. Those old models can look so good with a little love
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