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  1. Is there any good Russian airport scenery for P3D4? i've already gotten driezwicky design Moscow and the Moscow airport, i Also have the simmarket UUWW, any others that are good?
  2. Is there EDDW scenery for P3D4? i've tried to manually activate p3d EDDW but.. as you guessed it doesnt work
  3. Are there any good Soviet or Russian planes for p3d4? like an An-12 or IL-76. Rikooo is down and i cant find any other ones...
  4. I dont know what happend, but i dont have any airport buildings, after i started an ORBX vector install i went for 1 more flight and thats where it began, no buildings, nothing
  5. Condor - Aerosoft A321 sharklets
  6. sem

    P3d4 scenery wont activate

    allrighty, works fine
  7. sem

    P3d4 scenery wont activate

    nope, it doesnt, i'll probably search up a youtube video if not ill ask my friends
  8. sem

    P3d4 scenery wont activate

    this is the link one of my friends gave me, it should be V4.x compatible, it was a folder called addon scenery, and i put it in addon scenery now in addon scenery there is (ICAO code)name of airport
  9. So i downloaded some japan scenery, (RJBB, RJCC and RJFF) it told me to put it in the Addon Scenery, i did, but its not showing up in the addon scenery menu or the scenery menu in P3d, and its not loaded in the game... pls help Prepar3d V4.4
  10. So i deleted my prepar3d v4.2 to migrate over to v4.4, but i forgot to uninstall my orbx products beforehand, do i have to unsinstall them in FTX central or do i have to uninstall FTX Central itself?
  11. PMDG - 737-800/900 (-700/-600 variant is a DLC) Aerosoft - Airbus A320/A321 or Airbus A319/A318
  12. I just landed in jacksonhole, but none of the scenery textures loaded, just a blurry mess, i need to reload my position to get the scenery back to normal, any fixes?
  13. So, i found the base pack for the Project Airbus a321 with winglets, in the install manual it said it needed atleast 1 livery because it doesnt come with it, so i installed a livery, and what i already thought: its not there, no a321... nothing could someone help me? i just want the thomas ruth/project airbus a318/19/20/21 with sharklets, i also have issues installing liveries, is this because i'm on prepar3d? (P3DV4.2)
  14. Im trying to find the Thomas ruth sharklets model, i cant find it anywhere...