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  1. Based on changelog and nature of particular addons, only 3 addons need the update: - FS Labs - ChasePlane - ActiveSky Other addons (PMDG, other aircrafts) should work
  2. Info from their Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/justflight/posts/pfbid0yQyswcB6ziEHQGcDRZiuYv4X8q2SVgMTkCG8Hdk74oF8VZeMWm4ubqPkcn3oEBmPl
  3. Here is the screenshot from my Spad.Next and the example of "ready to implement" preset for Leonardo Maddog for Logitech panels
  4. Once again I will recommend spad.Next - many ready profiles for any device and for every aircraft. Additionally some brilliant tutorials from Res O'Reilly:
  5. Thanks for info. What about Asobo ATR 42/72-600? Maybe cause its developed by Hans (he also developed AS CRJ) - would be possible?
  6. As Fiorentoni said, you most likely need the third party software. I am using Spad.Next (~25 bucks) to setup my Honeycomb Bravo (with autopilot panel) and Logitech Radio Panel. Spad.Next has sth called "online profiles", so you can easy download them and use with your device
  7. Agree on this, I wonder why nobody (apart from FlyByWire) haven't implemented that
  8. Good guidance, I am thinking what about freeware airports from flightsim.to? In that case it is good way to exclude also these airports in GSX?
  9. Honestly, from guys, who are nearly 30 years in the business I expect more, much more. After 30 years in Flight Sim business, PMDG should be a vision creator in terms of new features, etc. Right know, their only achievement is porting 737 from P3D to MSFS - of course without any new features, like CPDLC integration, but hey, we are PMDG, right - the best of the best in the business right? I will not mention the EFB, and Global Flight Operation, because it is already a joke. Company with such track record, "knowledge" and experience should not diverge so much from the timeframe it initially assumed re EFB (nearly 1 year of delay)
  10. As far as I am aware there are only 2 options for autosave - FSUIPC and Volanta. I had done research and it works the same, I am using FSUIPC. Prefer "one time" purchase instead of subscription base model (Volanta). I also use Volanta for tracking my flights (free version is fine for that). To conclude, FSUIPC autosave function works well with PMDG
  11. Nice accusations, as "additional proof" please see the Twitch Streamer LondonController from his stream today: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1799519518 Exact moment: 02:58:44 Here is the screen from this moment Maybe LM was testing the website and forgot to delete v5 I'm looking forward to the comment that it's still fake
  12. It was deleted it seems, but everything stays online
  13. https://secure.prepar3d.com/solo/products/ProductOption.aspx?ProdOptionID=1145
  14. I am using my iPad for remote CDU. For PMDG 737, Leonardo MD-80, CRJ - I am using aviaCDU. Does anyone know if there is any app/solution for remote CDU for iniBuilds A310?
  15. New pics from Aerosoft Forum, looking good:
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