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  1. I think (I may be wrong), but MS sold rights to ESP (so for the engine). What we can see on trailer, this is definitely a new engine 😉
  2. Until FS Labs A320 came out, Majestic Q400 was definitely the best and most immersive airliner on P3D platform. Have all PMDG aircrafts and imho Majestic Q400 and FS Labs A320 are 1 level above PMDG in terms of immersion. Must have buy
  3. So my question is: Why is it so hard for LM to implement auto update feature, as X-Plane 11 has?
  4. Hello Virtualflying, Please keep an eye on this topic, I think I had similar problem as your's...
  5. Hello guys, after trying different things, I decided to upgrade my RAM from DDR3 1666 mHz to 2400 mHz with full Windows reinstall. So far so good, stutters went away. Unfortunately, I still don't know what caused those stutters... Best, Arek
  6. HT off/on? Did you try both? If yes, did you notice any difference? Thanks
  7. What kind of heat? I think my temps of CPU and GPU are normal? Thanks for sugestions, will try. When I got stutters, I disabled chaseplane, but stutters were still here. You suggest to completely disable chaseplane before flight and check after 3-4 hours is it was a problem? 1) Thanks, didn't try this. I've only make settings lower while getting stutters. Will try default settings before flight. 2) Will monitor temps Forgot to add that I have tried without tweak, no luck Sorry for asking, but how can I check that? Is there any program that could verify if my hard drives are ok? I have 3 SSD hard drives atm: 1) for OS and programs 2) P3D&X-Plane; 3) Other games Didn't use AF tweak So I assume that my RAM speed could be a bottleneck in my setup? Thanks guy for help, many useful tips. Unfortunately, it seems that I have to spend xx+ extra hours to find out what's going on Best, Arek
  8. Hello Guys, I have read tons of topics about stutters, tried to implement solutions into my sim, but it didn't work... That's why I decided to open new topic, because my "stutters" problem is kinda different I suppose. Problem: My problem are stutters, which appear after 4-5 hours of the flight. Taxi, take off and first phase of flight is smooth, but after few hours (can't say excatly when, because meanwhile I am sleeping or doing other things) I am getting micro stutters (freezes every 3 seconds I think). As for today I've made 6 long hauls flights, and the scenario was always the same as I described above. PC specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K (no OC) GPU: EVGA GeForce 1080Ti Motherboard: MSI Z97S SLI Krait RAM: Crucial Ballstix 2x8GB DDR3 1666 mHz PSU: Corsair RM 850W 80 Plus Gold Monitors: Philips 4K 40'' as main; AOC 23'' as second (for charts, EFB) OS: Windows 10 64 BIT Flight Simulator and addons: P3D v4, PMDG 747/777, ORBX sceneries; AS16+ASCA; Chaseplane; Aivlasoft EFB; ACARS software P3D settings: http://imgur.com/a/fkA28 http://imgur.com/a/D1RGy http://imgur.com/a/V1GcW http://imgur.com/a/CMz0l http://imgur.com/a/Et1oC Other settings: Nvidia Control Panel - monitor refresh rate changed from native 60Hz to 30Hz P3D.cfg - one tweak: TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 CPU/GPU utilisation during flight: CPU utilisation: http://imgur.com/a/puiGz However CPU #3-7 tend to fluctuates from 20%-80% for 5-10 seconds, then all 3-7 cores stay at 100% for 2-3 seconds and then start to fluctuate again GPU: http://imgur.com/a/ClXco What have I triad to get rid of stutters: Delete shaders/CFG file - no result I tried to change monitor refresh rate (from 30 to 60 Hz, etc) tried to use vsync on/off - no result I thought that it may be FSUIPC/simconnect issue - so I disabled FSUIPC, autosave, didn't use EFB aivlasoft, ACARS software - no result Tried to lower my settings, especially: AA from 4SSA to 8xMSAA; texture resolution from 4096 to 2048; tried to disable shadows/dynamic reflections - no result I suppose that there is problem "outside the sim" because I am getting stutters after 4-5 hours of flight. However I didn't find in task manager any processes which seems to be strange... or maybe I haven't noticed? As you can see, I wanted to include as much info as possible, because this is very annoying. I really consider to reinstall my OS... I will be grateful for any tips Best, Arek
  9. Hello Guys, I wonder if due to the fact that VAS is not a problem anymore, would it better to turn HT on? In the past, everybody recommended to turn HT off to save some VAS... I am curious about your opinions. Best, Arek
  10. Hello Guys, Thanks guys for the kind words :) I will try today (in few hours I will try to update the list) Thanks for info about "Theskylounge" list. I also noticed that FS Elite updates their own list. I have made the spreadsheet open for everyone, so you can modify and add new things :) However, in my opinion keeping all info in excel spreadsheet is good idea, because everyone can participate. Thanks! Arek Edit: Is there any way to edit my first post to include information from this one?
  11. Hello, In my opinion it will be a good idea to create and update on regular basis the excel file (based on google docs) with addons which will be updated to P3D v4. In the future, we could also make "transfer" the list into the pinned topic and update regularly once a week for example. I divided spreadsheet into 4 categories: Aircrafts Scenery (other than airports) Airports Utilities Each category has the same layout, such as: Addon Developer name Product name P3D v4 compatibility with 3 states: compatible pending (addon developer mentioned that product will be compatible in the future) no info (we have no info about possible compatibility) ETA (possible date of the product update) Pricing policy: free upgrade (no upgrade fee for existing customers) upgrade fee no info (we have no info about pricing) Reference/Source (links about relevant posts/announcements about compatibility with v4) If you are interested, please write down information about new products in the format I listed above, and I will update the list every few hours :) LINK TO SPREADSHEET: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NqrnrO-LOna7TWBYwC2PNfqlFrlyUNRa0E2VLkwpK1o/edit?usp=sharing @Moderators I would be grateful if the topic would be pinned Arek
  12. Hello, unfortunately the same problem here. Restarting CP and P3D doesn't work
  13. Hi Guys, I am going to buy TFDi 717 and would like to join Delta Airlines as it is the largest 717 operator. Which one do you recommend? There are like 5 Delta Virtual out there, and would like to join the most realistic one. Thanks!
  14. Our flight sim market and community is so small... Because of that I will be more than happy to repurchase most of my current addons if P3D becomes 64 BIT and we will have to (depending also on Deweloper strategy) to support our community.
  15. Hello, I am a happy owner of many FMCs from Virtual Avionics. I have question, because we can expect new 747 from PMDG in few month. Are you going to offer a free update of version 1.0 FMC for iFly or are you planning a completetly new app? Best regards, Arek
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