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  1. Turning on cloud reflections on the water fixed it for me.
  2. Using this integration, it seems to stutter when connected. Is this the same issue the Vatsim client is experiencing with slowness?
  3. I’m a real world pilot and I chose FS over X-Plane. 🤯
  4. Am I delusional as well in that I have no stutters and have been averaging 40-50 FPS? Seems to be working just fine many people. Stop stirring up drama.
  5. Thanks for starting this thread - its nice to see some optimism and positive thoughts around here. I am loving this new sim, runs great, looks outstanding and I’m excited and thankful for Microsoft for giving this hobby a renewed future.
  6. The simple matter is this, IMO, is going to be the future sim for all of us for years to come. No other simulator has come close to what MSFS offers when you look at the big picture. Of course there will be problems at launch and probably 6 months from now. Go buy it and make your own onion. We all use this simulator quite differently and no review will be perfect for how you use it. It's $60 - about the cost of two payware airports. Go out and try it. Support the future of flight simulation as a hobby.
  7. Definitely was a monitor calibration issue - appreciate all the help!
  8. Makes sense - thank you. I’ll check the monitor and see how I can get it calibrated. 👍
  9. Thanks Rob. Not sure if these help, hard to capture these sometimes. It doesn’t appear to be weather related; tried with EA on/off, ActiveSky on/off, different weather themes but these still occur. If I take a screenshot straight up from the ground, it looks like a sky gradient that doesn’t fade in well. DR off and on didn’t seem to help either. upload image link
  10. I recall this being a problem a while back but after reinstalling P3D v5 with the new HF, I'm getting these circles/rings around my aircraft at night. I'm running Orbx Global and LC North America. Verified files with Orbx. I am running EA clouds. Thoughts? Thanks
  11. Ouch, I wouldn't call this drab or depressing. 😀
  12. Appreciate it. The cockpit textures seem much more crisp on the 25 but I'm a fan of having a little more "modern" jet. What a dilemma 😄
  13. How does this compare to the FlySimwear Lear 35A?
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