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  1. Hi all, Can’t seem to figure out this puzzle - this happened in P3D but affecting any sim. Had some CTDs happen so I installed the latest Nvidia driver (and deleted P3D cfg). I always use full screen mode (P3D, Xplane, MSFS) and use 2k resolution in the sim (2560 x 1440) but after the update, now I get black boxes in full screen mode, which doesn’t take up the full screen. Nothing else changed - monitor the same, display port, no windows update. The only difference is a new driver. If I switch to the 2k resolution (from the native 3440x1440) in Nvidia control panel, I get the same non-full screen view with black boxes. Going into the settings to change aspect ratio, I can override it to “full screen” but then the image is stretched and it’s not crisp/proportional to the monitor. I have a 1080TI with this monitor (https://www.lg.com/hk_en/monitor/lg-35wn65c-b) but can’t figure out why this changed all of sudden. Tried to roll back to previous drivers, three different ones in fact but still same issue. appreciate it if anyone has any thoughts on this - thanks!
  2. Not claiming to know all the answers.....this approach they’ve taken is not going to lead to progress. Says you 🧐 I think if all of us took a glass half full approach we would be a lot more civil and helpful instead of always complaining.
  3. Oh man, if I had a dollar for every expert that knows all the answers.... Progress, not perfection.
  4. Had it happen to me last night. I use ForeFlight connected to MSFS and it would typically show about a 500ft difference in Altitude than what my plane was showing (29.92 alt). It would change the altimeter like it was “catching up”. For what it’s worth, it was in the Aerosoft CRJ.
  5. I don’t get your point. Are you saying flying those procedures are any different between sims? Autopilot is not required to fly any of that. You can fly any unpublished hold, without gps.
  6. Go into your CFG file, find HDR=1 and change to HDR=0. HDR is now off, although Auto Exposure still will be on.
  7. Turning on cloud reflections on the water fixed it for me.
  8. Using this integration, it seems to stutter when connected. Is this the same issue the Vatsim client is experiencing with slowness?
  9. I’m a real world pilot and I chose FS over X-Plane. 🤯
  10. Am I delusional as well in that I have no stutters and have been averaging 40-50 FPS? Seems to be working just fine many people. Stop stirring up drama.
  11. Thanks for starting this thread - its nice to see some optimism and positive thoughts around here. I am loving this new sim, runs great, looks outstanding and I’m excited and thankful for Microsoft for giving this hobby a renewed future.
  12. The simple matter is this, IMO, is going to be the future sim for all of us for years to come. No other simulator has come close to what MSFS offers when you look at the big picture. Of course there will be problems at launch and probably 6 months from now. Go buy it and make your own onion. We all use this simulator quite differently and no review will be perfect for how you use it. It's $60 - about the cost of two payware airports. Go out and try it. Support the future of flight simulation as a hobby.
  13. Definitely was a monitor calibration issue - appreciate all the help!
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