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  1. Ahhhh.. I want to cry. 😆 But it's true.. who in the world has the money, and resources to develop a brand new flight simulator? Are you kidding me? \Yes, I have been guilty of getting upset, too. We easily forget, that what ever we paid for this sim is not even a penny of a penny. It takes millions over millions of dollars, and brains over brains to accomplish something like this. Thank MS-Thank you Adobo- Thank you Mods....
  2. Has anyone tried this newly released aircraft from Just Flight? Can you share your experience, please?
  3. Well, we all have what we like and what makes us happy. Of course most of us would love to see the airliners in MSFS2020. This new sim was widely improved in lighting and scenery. What we really need are airplanes- not airports. Yet, most developers are making airports. Why? Maybe, because it's easier to develop? Maybe. The main component of flying is an airplane. So when people see a pretty scenery and no airplane they like, it becomes a disappointment. Yes, others are very happy (or pretend to be) with a Bonanza, or a Cessna, or some other little airplane? Why? Well, there's no payware a/c. So, folks keep flying on P3D or other platform. That is fine; especially after a massive investment in add-ons, tweaking, OC, and computer built.
  4. I'm not a fan of these tenenie weenie airplanes but it looks like new. But, I fee like somethings missing- Bugs. Yes, it needs to some bugs on the windshield. Take it out for a spin.. let it catch some bugs.
  5. Reminder : This is QW Work-In-Progress ! Please do not compare a unfished product to the default 787. Still at least a year to go,
  6. Ahhh. That makes sense. So, I'm guessing that AMD's technology is getting so good that even @4.8 it can still beat..... say an Intel's 5.0+ Ghz Well, I am definitely inclining for an AMD 5900.
  7. Wait but @ 1080P ??? Who plays anymore at 1080P ? Most people are moving to 4K .Why did AMD keep comparing at 1080P ?
  8. Well, the important thing is that YOU are happy- and not trying to make someone else happy. I love the scenery of the new simulator; unfortunately, all my favs a/c add-ons are not there. So I reinstall P3D and boy how beautiful it is to fly those brilliant a/c again. I'm sure MSF2020 will catch up in the future. However, I have nice scenery and air ports like ORBX in P3D, and I'm enjoying those gorgeous airliners. Stay Safe ...Stay Happy... and keep flying !!
  9. Good Question: I was not planning in uninstalling her. Howeve, the promises of Love by my new lover, were very good. So, I dumped the first lady, and got a younger and more beautiful girl. Unfortunately, the second lady, though much more beautiful, suffers from Bi-Polar Syndrome.. some days she's happy and acts well.. others she's totally dysfunctional and grumpy. (Don't have the time for this). I need someone I can ride (and fly) without having a mind-of-it-own. So, When she's all cured and functioning @ a minimum 90%, I'll propose marriage and we'll get back together. We'll have some beautiful 'add-ons' (and fly) her around the world like she's never seen before.
  10. Obviously MSFS2020 global scenery is beautiful' however, we're unable to enjoy an airliner in all it's glory at this time; hence, I have decided to reinstall P3D V4.5 and and fire-up all the beautiful sceneries (add-ons) I have, and MOST importantly, all the major Airplane add-ons I have. I will also expand even more on my ORBX such as True Earth. I'm sure I will; be very happy. Yes, MSFS2020 is the future, but there's a lot, a lot to be improved. Hopefully in 1 year, things have been matured with Asobo and the third-party developers. My best wishes for all of you ! Enjoy what you like ... Like what you enjoy !!! Cheers
  11. I believe the CRJ has been the least sold a/c for Aerosoft. So, I imagine they're pushing this out first so people can get it while the rebuild the Airbuses. Honestly, I believe the new sim has brought lots of different feelings for everyone. "We are happy with the beautiful car, but at times the wheels turn and times it doesn't- but it's beautiful." So we are left with.. do I keep flying here or go back to where I have so many beautiful and nice add-ons? We are a long way to go (at least a year), before the major developers bring their add-ons to MSFS2020. In the mean time, it tough to be flying a Cessna or even the Airbus or 787 that came with the sim, as they are ... well.... default and behave as default. Honestly, we came , we see.. and .. well.... I say do what your heart makes you happy.
  12. CRJ .. ? Nobody needs a CRJ.. People need the Airbuses .
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