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  1. Guys let's close this thread. We all know the most beautiful aircraft of all times will Always be the Concorde. Until another 'Concorde' is built or a better one, these type of threads are useless.
  2. Sexy ? Sexy? In what way is it related to sex?
  3. hahaha.. "Teak simulator" That was FSX lol
  4. Humm, well I am not sure why fps is so low
  5. On Nvidia Inspector, are those the only settings you need to change? Well, I tried everything exactly as in the video. But, at JFK with FenixA320, and 50% traffic I am getting a sorry FPS of 18 😞 And, of course lots of stuttering. I have an Intel 13900K and Nvidia 4080
  6. You sir are fantastic! Thank you for this video. I did everything as you showed us. I will now go fire-up MSFS.
  7. Use a pay ware aircraft and add traffic, then show us
  8. No toes were hurt,, haha.. yes they have said mid-level, but your tone implies a low quality product- it's not.
  9. Before you buy the read (read) what they offer and what they don't offer. If you like it, buy it. If you don't it and move on happily ever after. (so help you God).
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