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  1. joemiller

    There is a sniff of Prepar3D V5 in the air!

    Did you eat it? Nice, Now, we'll have no V5.
  2. Thanks Rob. Yes, I've been using SSAA. Very like that's what causes it. Also when I turn on the aircraft's landing lights, the card load spikes really high.
  3. Hummm, don't know man. Not a well known brand. And is that used or new? How much is that in U.S dollars?
  4. What does it mean when your video card shows 100% ? Does it means the card is working at it's 100% of it abilities, or does it mean it is using %100 of it's RAM, and it about Crash ?
  5. Yeah, I agree, some people just want to have the latest and the greatest just for the fun or cause they have the money. True. But.... But... As P3D becomes more and more advance, so are addons; therefore, it's nice to take advantage of the new things if you can afford the hardware. I'm glad you've had a good experience with used graphic cards- that's awesome!
  6. Used? Hmmm, not a fan of used video cards. I recently bought an 1080TI on E-bay. The seller posted it as New. When, I got it, found out it was used. Ufff shipped it back the next day. These things can be misused very quickly; thus, i stay away from pre-owned cards. Exception: However, I would consider purchasing a card like this from a reputable Avsim Member, (Yep, I would consider it).
  7. Well folks... I'd like to purchase a graphics card with 11Gb like a 2080TI, but wit the current prices who can buy one of these cards? ( Well, yes Bill Gates, Bezoz, Rob, Carlos Slim, Rob.... 😄) ok, you get it. But, man $1,500 ++ for a card like this- even the older cards are tripled in price. WHEN WILL ALL THIS STOP- Or 'normalize.' This is truly insane.
  8. joemiller

    Vertx DA-62 News - Released on Dec 14th

    Toooooo small. Too Light. Not the type of aircraft for me. All others, enjoy.
  9. Another Idea: (If you steal it make sure you give me 80% of the deeds). lol How about if Motherboard manufactures start building motherboards with built-in heatsinks ? Or, how about dual built-in heat-sink linked to a liquid cooling system? (wow, I'm full of ideas, huh?) Hey if I were rich like MSI, EVGA, ASUS, etc.etc.. I would try this. I bet temps would drop an average 30-40 degrees....or I am I just dreaming too big?
  10. Good idea. Well, I'm going to order some liquid metal. This may be a foolish question or may deserve a knock in the forehead...but, is it possible to remove the IHS and sit the heat sink on the opened CPU...on the die itself. Or will it kill the die, dead. Hahaha. (No I won't try it, let me know first)
  11. Yes too hot. --- WONDERING HERE... I wish there would be some kind of liquid cooling kit that would "refrigerate" the liquid... make the liquid cold then pump it to the heatsink and radiator, or anything similar. Anyone knows if anything like this is out there?
  12. Thank you for the explanation. All great advises. So, I'll get a new CPU (same- 8086k) , and a new Liquid cooler. --- And, I'm thinking about lapping the Die, the IHS ,and the heatsink. .. Good idea, or bad idea?
  13. Forgive me Bob, what exactly does all this means, I'm illiterate to what just mentioned. LoL. Please explain.