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  1. FlyTampa's Boston Released!!

    Much as I like FlyTampa airports (and I have quite a few), I'm not buying this one. I have the old version and no discount for existing owners? Another $30? No way at all. Not even a chance.
  2. P3Dv4 Addon Rant:-)

    I use Simstarter to enable/disable addons to reduce memory usage and speed up my load times. Last I heard, there was no way to do that if the scenery (etc.) uses the addon.xml way. As such, I avoid the new method.
  3. KA350

    Woh. That's nice.
  4. RealAir Turbine Duke control problems

    Okay, like mine then. Have you tried to have FSUIPC send the axis directly to P3D without calibration?
  5. RealAir Turbine Duke control problems

    I've done the same thing, saving my last extra piece of realism. What is the panel serialization?
  6. RealAir Turbine Duke control problems

    Well, it's interesting that it didn't happen with HDG mode. I'd still try checking your axis, especially in FSUIPC, to make sure they are all mapped correctly. Then I'd switch them to be callibrated in FSUIPC and, above all, make sure the controls are turned off in P3D. That's what I'd do. And it certainly wouldn't hurt to try @jabloomf1230's advice. Simple to try even before you do any of the above.
  7. Really, who uses dynamic lighting?

    I use it...only when I have on a PMDG long-haul where I depart during the day and land at night. I wish they would have included the old style lights so I wouldn't have to use the new ones, though. Firstly, I don't think devs know how to manipulate them well enough and, secondly, I think the devs aren't considering performance well enough. Yeah, it looks better if you're sitting still but, when you're moving it can turn into a slideshow.
  8. Good video which sums up the current sim Market

    Boy, Shane is cranking out the videos lately... I haven't flown XPlane in many years as, at the time as a new pilot, I wasn't convinced by their flight model. (I wasn't convinced about FSX either but, thought it was sufficient.) From things I've heard, not much has changed. I do think XPlane has the lighting and reflection advantage as well as some visual effects. BTW, one of the things I think is going to give a big advantage to one of these platforms is the ability for ordinary folks to make addons. FSX had several tools for scenery that you could work with directly in the sim to create scenery (Instant Scenery and Instant Object Studio from Flight 1). IOS wasn't great but it was good and the only game in town for making custom objects in sim...though, anything complex was sure to create a flashing mess. They tried to have Instant Scenery in P3D but LM kept changing things and breaking it so it died or, at least, has seriously lagged getting updates. LM would be wise to help the dev get it back up. Making stuff in the sim, by itself (like you can in Cities Skylines), is a hoot and so much could be done with countless ultra-crappy looking smaller airports that have zero chance of being created by a professional dev.
  9. RealAir Turbine Duke control problems

    And, if I recall, if you restart the sim, the problem goes away, yes? If that's the way you've always had them, I would turn off the controls in P3D and select the option to send them through FSUIPC calibration. That's the way I always do mine when I set up a new aircraft. Make sure they also have their own profile (the checkbox in the middle top of the axis tab). You tried it in HDG mode, did the problem occur in HDG mode? From the description above, I would think that either a) P3D is losing signal from your controls...the test above might fix that) or b) when the problem occurs something else is also providing input to the or hardware (check every axis on every controller, even unused ones that they're mapped to the right things). What kind of controllers are you using? Do buttons on your controllers get do the same behavior?
  10. RealAir Turbine Duke control problems

    A couple of things: Open your options, go to weather and set the thermal view to "Schematic". Go outside the airplane and see if you're in a thermal. It's a weird request but, I've seen this. Probably a better idea, go into FSUIPC and change the axis setting to "Send Direct to Prepar3D". Also, you do have axis turned off in P3D control settings, correct? Gregg
  11. RealAir Turbine Duke control problems

    Hmmm...a clue? So, in NAV mode, sometime after you leave ELVAS, you're still on autopilot...everything seems fine but, if you disengage the autopilot, the airplane leans to the right and you have to use keyboard commands to get it back under control. Or does it do it while on autopilot? I do still have my P3D3 set up with the TDuke and Flight1 GTN so I could try to duplicate the exact problem. I also have the TDuke in P3D4 with the RXP GTN so I could test that as well. Did you add a SID and/or STAR to this flightplan?
  12. RealAir Turbine Duke control problems

    Gosh, this is fascinating. So, did you fly this last flight with heading mode? My theory was that it was either the GTN (possibly corrupting something or sending the command due to a glitch) or the NAV mode on the autopilot being wonky. Looking at the fuel in your last picture, fuel looks to be about half load. Also, your fuel in the ACARS looks to be about the same?...330 on board vs. 777 full load? Maybe I'm missing something there.
  13. 777 Cadet Training Program - Released!

    In all honesty, the site appears to be broken right now and has been for a couple of months. (You can download the large files but can't really stream them.) I'm not sure what Ben's status is right now and I'm at least a bit concerned.
  14. RealAir Turbine Duke control problems

    Flight1 GTN? Also, try flying your route in heading mode.
  15. RealAir Turbine Duke control problems

    What GNS or GTN are people using when this happens?