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  1. My little trick is to start Prepar3d with Simstarter with a default aircraft. That takes me to the default scenario screen and I can pick any airplane I want.
  2. ++ Prepar3D Unflat runways A less-buggy weather API with improved atmospheric effects Better night flying Weather REX Skyforce Scenery Opa Locka or Palm Beach (or both) Bahama airports Airplanes A high quality turboprop A high quality business jet (that uses Navigraph) Tools Further improvements in ATC
  3. Gosh, wouldn't you think he'd get the latest though? I mean....
  4. Heck, to me, it doesn't even have to be a Steveo version. Just a steam gauge version with a realistic set of gauges and, perhaps, options. Wouldn't it be cool to have different configurations.
  5. As much as I've never gotten the Maddog, it gives me a warm feeling to know this airplane is still around and still being supported. Good, very good, news for the community!
  6. Last I checked, the Flight1 B200 is planned to come out first, early next year (whatever that means), followed by the Mustang. Also, there's the Carenado PA46 models...I enjoy the Mirage...pressurized beautiful high flyer. But the Jetprop may have new life as RealityXP is working on the G500. (Also, I saw a video of a real world Citation S550 with the G500 and GTN750...if Carenado could be so convinced. Once again, I'll put in a plug for Carenado to make a steam gauge TBM.
  7. Good point. I tried several switches back and forth that way and I, sometimes, did get the black screens but the framerate was consistent at 30. I then restarted Chaseplane and my frames dropped to 15. I did the switch back and forth and they went back to 30. So, my hypothesis about the black screen was incorrect.
  8. I see the same issue in experimental mode, if not worse. In experimental mode, sometimes when I switch view inside to outside or vice-versa, there is a long pause with a black screen. If I get that, I know that I will have to try again. Sometimes it's instantaneous and that's when the problem with low frame rates is fixed.
  9. Okay, I flipped that switch and tried to restart but P3D 'disappeared' both crash...just disappeared. I closed Chaseplane when I tried the third time and, this time, it started. Also, until I switched the view to the outside and came back in, I was worried that my settings were too high. But taking those actions fixed it so...
  10. I can't say for sure this is caused by Chaseplane...could be something with P3D4, perhaps? I'm running the latest in non-experimental mode. Sometimes, when I start my sim, my framerates start out about 15...normally they're 30. When it happens I right click->Outside->Spot and my framerate goes back to the 30s. Then I go back inside the airplane where the framerates were 15 and now they're 30.
  11. Great news...and great service too. Looking forward to it.
  12. Jean Luc, Just to be clear, my problem and the data I provided, was from P3D4. Like I mentioned, it looked like the data from the DALT/TAS page was correct, pretty much...only the arrow pointed in the wrong direction.
  13. Any update? I can see the video but have no way to stop/pause/rewind/fastforward. Tried Firefox and Chrome on two computers. Gregg
  14. Honestly, for me, as long as they keep a way to turn it off, I'm pretty okay, mostly. I'll have to see what my PMDG performance is, though. Rob's suggestion does, indeed, help. And his point about developers carefully monitoring their performance is important. They need to be careful.