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  1. Well, it looks nice. Some thoughts: All of the planes look exactly the same...you can't see the difference between a 747 and a C172 unless you left click on it and leave the page to go to the flight info. (or right click to 'open a new tab'). There's no mouse hover to get flight info nor is there a context menu to bring up more info while on the page. Clicking on a plane does give you all the information including the route. That's nice but it would be nice if you didn't have to leave the page (necessarily) to get the info...maybe an info box somewhere on the page? It'd be nice to be able to search by aircraft type to see where all of the 777s are...see their routes, etc. It'd be nice to be able to click on a departure/arrival route pair to see the entire route (or hover the mouse to see it.)
  2. Here it is... https://imaginesim.net/product/kaus-austin/ $30 US. There's already a KAUS at the .org store for $20.
  3. What a story. Man, I love this thread. Gregg
  4. My two favorite approaches have been: The GPS or VOR Rwy 25 at Santa Barbara KSBA. The first time I did it was in FSX years ago in the J41 and I was just stunned with how pretty it was coming in at night...the town, the lights, the mountains. I flew it again just recently and I still love it. P3D and XPlane as well. It's just gorgeous. Just coming in over the mountains from the north over LFMN in P3D. I didn't know it was the Riviera at the time. I just remember looking almost straight down at the mountains below, thinking to myself "this has to be one of the most beautiful places in the entire world." I'm looking forward to trying some of these that people are mentioning.
  5. My point was that it would take far more effort under P3D. I have the Majestic Q400 and am well aware of how much time and the love for the airplane it took to get the project done. I'd think someone could do it...but it'd be someone with that kind of desire to see it happen on P3D. Gregg
  6. That would be A LOT of work. The turboprop model in P3D is pretty bad. It'd require a great deal of custom work. Also, there's no P3D G1000 to even start working with.
  7. I can only hope that, with the release of the Duchess, Just Flight turns their attention to the Baron BE58P.
  8. I think the same issue is affecting a lot of airplanes these days.
  9. I read recently that one of the mayoral candidates wants to reopen it. Wouldn't that be something.
  10. Also, to add, in the Real World you use the ailerons and elevator to keep the airplane firmly on the ground. When the wind is coming from in front of you, you "descend into the wind". When it's coming from behind you, you "climb away from it." For example, if the wind is coming from your left front you turn your ailerons to the left and push the stick forward. If it's coming from your left rear you turn your ailerons to the right and pull the stick back. The idea is that you keep the nose firmly planted on the ground and, by doing so, enhance your ability to steer. You have to be careful to be aware of this when making a turn on the ground. Not sure how well all this works in the sim. Gregg
  11. To me, if I were going to define a "study level" aircraft, I'd probably just use this definition: Does the autopilot work right? So many of them are just skins of the default API that only loosely relate to what the actual airplane does. Also, most can only hold an ILS like apples in a wet bag. Other things are pretty much optional. Gregg
  12. I haven't tried XP11 (though I've been thinking about it). I wouldn't be surprised to see PMDG make a modern airliner for XPlane. There are some nice things about it and there are a fair amount of folks that use both sims.
  13. Good read. I still wonder if the passenger queen, or something much like it, will come back. It is one of the few planes that has a mystique about flying on it.
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