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  1. I just bought KPHX from ORBX and the bridges are messed up for me. I don't have any other KPHX terrain mod.
  2. Wouldn't it be great if GSX would maintain all those airport files and download it for you on demand? THAT would make it easy. Gregg
  3. That's about my experience too...improving framerate around airports like KEWR and EGLL. I'm studying the TLOD thing. I saw someone post that, as TLOD goes higher, the night lighting of large cities in the distance looks significantly better. To me, that looks to be true though I haven't done much experimenting yet. Gregg
  4. Non-stop NYC to Beijing. Woh. I do miss flying some of those Aerobask planes. Maybe, someday, I'll reinstall X-Plane.
  5. Heathrow, in real life, doesn't have blue taxiway lights.
  6. I tried but had some of those disappearing textures that I guess folks get with DX12. I'm going to sit this out until it gets more stable. Best of luck to all of you. Gregg
  7. Is DX12 up for this? Last I heard it still had issues. It's required for this to work, right? Gregg
  8. I had to shut it down and restart it. You don't have to restart the sim.
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