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  1. While I have nothing against a custom tablet, X-Plane has has a generic tablet which developers can use in their aircraft and customize themselves. Seems like a wiser way to go in general for MSFS.
  2. I still love the Turbine Duke. The growl of those engines and the immense power.
  3. Coincidentally, I had zoomed in and seen it for the first time today on Google Earth. Great shots.
  4. I hope they smooth those nacelles. Maybe they can make your work easier to do. That said, it looks really good!
  5. Thank god for these efforts. Looking good Ryan! Somebody, please, do the cockpit!!
  6. For myself, I'll wait for SWS for theirs. But, I'm going to enjoy the screen shots and youtube vids people make of this one for sure!
  7. One thing I'd ask to consider... The dev has really stepped up their game graphically. It's much better than it was. Except, I'd really think about doing some work on the engine nacelle. Whenever I look out to my left...it just doesn't match the excellent quality elsewhere on the plane.
  8. Is the default fuel 10% or so? Personally, I'd gas it up.
  9. I am now. I think they changed the tail number of the plane to N100JD.
  10. After loading 1.2, it now says N100JD. Still no clickspot unless I'm missing something. Pretty cool how the ALTS mode works. Weird but cool. But, after it reaches altitude it kind of starts porpoising, I'm between 5700 and 5800. My selected altitude is 6000 and my transponder says 5600. Is the background of the autopilot black now? If you press GA nothing happens (FD doesn't respond) and if HDG is displayed you get "GAG"...kind of. On ALT mode, if you spin VS dial it changes the altitude....some. On VS mode, spinning the VS dial is very strange. It doesn't like numbers larger than 0. IAS mode spinning the dial works.
  11. I've had the mouse pointer disappear on me twice with this airplane. It clicks...you just can't see it.
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