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  1. I think, perhaps, because few fly with photoreal? Could I suggest a couple of videos showing metropolitan areas, rural areas and, perhaps coastlines?
  2. Verrrry interestingggg. You say 'it flies ten flights per day seven days a week' do that? They have a demo?
  3. Does AH2 work well for smaller aircraft like the Turbine Duke or a King Air? I like to fly small cargo and passenger routes. I am, honestly, not much on mission add-ons but, maybe, it'd be worth a try.
  4. Could it be that there are just so many lights in a sim that dynamic lighting is too much to ask given our current hardware?...or, perhaps, some code optimization is, in fact, required?
  5. Maybe, Juneau International then? Was it a big or a small airport?
  6. OG39 Longview Ranch Airport? Orbx product.
  7. I've flown the Turbine Duke more than any other aircraft over the last few months. I wonder if they could sell them (or the donation thing) if AVSIM hosted a community support forum for their aircraft. Honestly, it doesn't need much support and there are a lot of folks that have been through the issues...plenty of folks to help.
  8. Louisville o.O
  9. True.
  10. If a transparent overlay gauge could sit on top?

    He used to have a July 4th and Easter too, didn't he? Thing about having all the sales on the same weekend is you have to choose between them and everything else on sale.

    I agree...excellent airport and very smooth. Copenhagen...I dunno...wasn't as impressed as some of their others. Very rarely. I've lost some interest in them these days since I can often get airports from others on sale. Flightbeam as well. Great airports but my buck usually goes further elsewhere.
  13. Looks nice but is it worth that much more than the other offerings for this airport?
  14. That might be one very important fix...I'll be very interested in trying it out. Apart from that, some API fixes are interesting (they really need to work on the weather API, though). 4K VC texture support will be nice.