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  1. I was saying to myself, yesterday, after Sim Update 3, that Asobo wasn't even making as much progress on the G1000/G3000 than the WT guys...that they (Asobo) should just get out of the way and let them do it. This is a huge win for FS2020 and the community. They weren't going to be successful *at all* and I do mean *at all* with the sim in the long run without the navigation systems that are already available in P3D and X-Plane. And the work WT is doing on the CJ4 is just stellar. Good move. Very good move.
  2. Is a new season or the old one? The old one was pretty good.
  3. It's cuz MSFS tools keep screwing up. I suspect he'll do smaller ones in FS2020 for a bit while things keep getting sorted out. Love to see Sarasota and Tampa brought over!
  4. A lot of truth in that. The default airplanes have quite a few problems but at least they're fixable and folks are working on them. With time, I think they may become fine aircraft. Carenado planes will, likely, be stuck in their usual place with broken or unimplemented things in them with a single cockpit layout and no way to fix them. Just Flight is higher quality stuff but I'd like to see them take on more mainstream aircraft...aircraft that Carenado has done but left half-finished. One lesson in that is the Hotstart TBM 900 (X-Plane). Carenado did the 850 which was pretty horrible but Hotstart released theirs and, despite it's price, it really sold. Torquesim's SR22 (also X-Plane) seems to be following the same path. Listen, I'm not here to bash Carenado...they have done their part to get airplanes out there that, at least, look good. But them making an airplanes doesn't necessarily mean that somebody else can't release it down the road.
  5. This will be an important update and I'm eager to know what they've fixed in the G1000/3000 and autopilot. They need these things!
  6. I haven't tried the plane yet, but what are you setting flaps to?
  7. As a Piper pilot, it sounds pretty accurate to me...like it would if you were in the airplane wearing a full-ear headset...which you definitely would be...or you'd go deaf. 🙂
  8. I actually mentioned this to the devs a long time ago. It wouldn't exactly model his aero club model, but there are cockpit configurations where it's on the upper right of the big six....mostly newer models.
  9. I unquarantined mine and this morning it quarantined it again. Using Windows Defender. The good news is that, after I unquarantined it again, disabling and reenabling the GTN with the sim running brought the unit up without having to restart x-plane.
  10. Have to say...that's really going above and beyond to help someone. Good on you!
  11. This might explain why reinstalling is fixing it. It puts the file back until the next scan. The exclusion should keep it from happening again.
  12. My suspicion is they didn't put the right signatures in the files to prevent this. Nobody can make the decision for you, but, personally, I'd exclude them from the virus scan.
  13. Just in case it helps someone. I removed the 2 plugins (rxpGTN and rxpGNS) and reinstalled the plugin again with the same installer. For some reason, that fixed it for me. Gregg
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