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  1. I'd guess this more than the other...that thing of which we do not speak. You make something, the new platform breaks it, repeat, repeat. I've definitely become convinced that the platform (p3d, xplane, etc.) that makes it easiest and fastest to create and repair content will, eventually, come out on top. Pretty much that.
  2. From what I understand, yeah, they can be as complicated as a commercial jet, if not more so.
  3. Duplicate post.
  4. In terms of Carenado, I have hangared so many, so soon after getting them that I've just become jaded about in particular. For all the hope I have for them.... Yeah, I saw the Mirage was updated...for a long time I've been hoping they'd add GTN750/650 support when they did the update...ah well. When I get a new 530/430 I'll be flying it again.
  5. Looks like they've updated it for P3D4. Too bad they didn't take the opportunity to add the GTN750/650 option to it.
  6. I saw that on a youtube video. A guy landing, I think it was a Baron, all over the runway. It would take a *heck* of a wind to push it like that in the real world. Shouldn't be much torque at that point, engines being at idle. I wonder if it would be mitigated by properly aligning the elevator and aileron...after touchdown of all wheels, moving the yoke so you're "diving into" a headwind which would push the nosewheel and one main wheel harder into the runway.
  7. It *needs* an overhaul. At the time it was made it was very well done but heavy on systems that existed then. These days it's not so bad on frames...fairly decent hardware can maintain a good framerate. But, after it was created it didn't get much in terms of updating beyond the yellow banana. It needs its textures updated, VNAV, airways and ability to save a flight plan. Honestly, I don't see a bizjet that I want coming out in the next two+ years. Maybe the Avanti from Milviz.
  8. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Flight1 Mustang hasn't been mentioned so far. It's 10 years old, only occasionally maintained, has black screen issues people have to fight through, no VNAV, can't use airways. They are working on a version for P3D4. It's really fun to fly on short trips when you get it working. The G1000 is fairly functional apart from airways and VNAV.
  9. Came here just to upvote that. It needs to be fixed.
  10. My thought to myself exactly. I have a pretty good flow but when something outside the norm is bugging me I tend to make these mistakes. In this case, I had a turn right after departure so I couldn't select LNAV and was mentally trying to work out what AP mode to select. I decided on HDG SELECT but when I pressed TOGA it shut itself off so, rolling down the runway, I'm still thinking about that instead of noticing A/T was off. What lateral MCP mode do folks use when you have a turn soon after departure?
  11. Unlimited framerate can cause these kinds of problems. The sim can't keep up.
  12. Thanks! I spent some time looking at various youtube videos yesterday...couldn't get on my sim much so I thought I'd spend time at least doing that. From what I could see X-Plane seems to have a lot going for it visually and FDEwise. I noticed that a lot of people do their youtube videos at dusk/dawn/night and it does look great(!) but looks very nice during the day, especially up at altitude where the realistic haze makes it look really nice. In terms of FDE, just from watching the vids, landing touchdown looked more realistic where landings on the gear looked more realistic...slight bounce on the wheels. I noted that there wasn't a lot of air movement on final but that may have just been that people were doing their videos in calm wind...a shame if real air movement is effective. I'm eager to try it out and see what my impressions are. I could easily see X-Plane getting a much larger customer base if it does good air movement, they fix some of the issues mentioned by Chock (I can't imagine why they don't address the torque issue after all these years), and get some third-party devs to build some things. To me, X-plane does have a great deal more out of the box than P3D which needs a great deal replaced before it's scenery, navdata, mesh, wx, textures, shaders, etc.) It's interesting that in many reviews a Carenado airplane is still a Carenado, even in X-Plane. From what I can see, the number of airplanes with decent systems is, actually, about the same as it is in P3D when you add it up...there aren't that many in P3D either where I limit my flying to PMDG and RealAir (though, there are others)...I'm not much on A2A aircraft (I think their Comanche is their best but I don't want a vintage airplane.) I have to install another hard drive and rearrange some things, then I'll give it an install and see how it goes with the default 172.
  13. Wow, well, that's good news! Did I miss you recommending a good default airplane to try out the FDE? :D
  14. Hi all, I am on a flight from TNCC to KMIA. The departure called for a turn from runway heading 113 to 344 right after departure with a hold down of 5000'. I selected VNAV with no lateral mode, spooled up and pressed TOGA. After passing 1000' I pressed heading select for the turn, the airplane started to turn, brought up the flaps and soon thereafter things went weird. Something I'm doing wrong because I've seen it before. Around 4000' the airplane started overspeeding (300+ knots) and blew through 5000' up into the 6000s. I checked that the hold down was in the MCP. I did click Speed Intervene to 250KIAS which didn't seem to help...speed came down some but held at ~300. I checked and had FMC SPD in the window. What am I missing on these heading departures? Gregg EDIT: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr #&#^^*(@@)!!. Toss the tomatoes and eggs....I forgot to turn the A/T on. FACE........PALM.
  15. That was going to be one of my questions...Navdata. I, personally, don't export much so that might not be a thing so long as everything is talking Navigraph. More than likely, I'd get a flight plan from Simbrief and enter it into the FMC or GNS. If I'm flying on VATSIM I'd just copy it from Simbrief.