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  1. I remember watching Matt's streams. He was a driver of many of the improvements in the sims and the aircraft we all enjoy. I admired his clarity of mind. Very sad to hear this. Gregg
  2. I remember the first time I flrew the Turbine Duke in the sim. Lined up on the runway, moved the power levers forward and, I swear to god, I felt the Gs. Holy cow, what a plane. It was magical. I have no idea how many hours I flew in it. All over the west coast. Not saying it'll be day 1 for me...I want to see if you can use hardware panels with it. If so, I'll be in.
  3. Strange. Paypal doesn't even show up in my payment options and hasn't for weeks. Just checked again. They want me to use one of a ton of other payment methods. I don't have an account with any of them and have no plans to make one. So, hmmmm... Gregg
  4. Hmmm...the King Air has the same weird ball issue. What I want to know is...is this a fly by mouse airplane? E.g. Can you use hardware to control switches? The King Air is fairly difficult to program...inverters, busses. etc.
  5. There are so many Carenado planes that woutld be amazing...Cheyenne...PA46P. IF you can assign switches to hardware. If you can't then I don't see a lot of point. I don't want to fly a complex plane by mouse.
  6. So, I bought the BS KingAir over the weekend. Flies great...incredible systems depth. But, as far as I can tell, there's no way to program a lot of this functionality into hardware switches. It seems there's a lot of fly by mouse. That's a huge shame since, for many of those checklist pre-takeoff items, you really need that. Without it, I'd probably tend to fly this airplane as a "start with engines running" airplane....which defeats the entire purpose of all that depth. I'll be watching carefully about the Baron in the same way. If I can't assign any of the nice stuff to hardware, it's unlikely that I'd get them which is sad to say. Gregg
  7. My opinion... I owned the FlyTampa Tampa. For its time, it was very good and I have no doubt that an MSFS version would be excellent as well. That said, the VerticalSim version is quite good...a bit hard on frames...but the lighting, the bridges, texturing and even has detail on the two FBOs make it one of my favorites. It has a quality feel to it. His OMA is also well done. Yeah, FlyTampa has really become quiet and I, too, would like to hear its plans. Gregg
  8. Is that ORBX or VerticalSim? You should check out VerticalSim's Omaha. More gorgeous than one would think.
  9. You learn a lot about how real pilots control their airplanes...not just the A320 by watching youtube videos. I spend a lot of time watching their hands (and I wish Asobo would too...then they'd understand how wrong their turbulence is) watching A320 videos, I saw the behavior Aamir talks about...the bump and nudge behavior. I tried it out and it worked quite well. But, watch other airplanes too. There's a whole education you can get from that.
  10. And, really, that's the problem. Why would you buy aircraft from a company that doesn't fix/improve their products when there are other developers that are continually making improvements? The answer is folks that don't mind. They just want to load it up on the runway and go. If Carenado wants to expand their market into the folks that do mind then they'll have to make fixes and improvements. For me, these days, I think about more than the cost of the airplane. I think...is it worth the time to set it up...is it worth spending the time to learn its procedures? If not, I don't even think about buying it. Instead, I spend the time learning the aircraft I already have.
  11. Thanks. The Fulcrum looks like a great yoke. It has very long elevator action and 180 degree for the ailerons...pretty much exactly like you'd see in a piper or cessna;...has hall sensors. Also has a good set of buttons on it...not quite as good as this one. The reviews have been stellar and it costs about $450 USD I think. In all, to me, it's better than yokes that cost a lot more. There's a lot of demand for it and the owner is trying to keep up with demand (I should keep my mouth shut if I want to get one since, if people know, his backlog will only get worse. 🙂 ) https://fulcrumsim.com/shop/ It has a forum here at Avsim. I like the TCA Boeing because it has the same kind of full range motion and the reviews have also been good. Having both would be dreamy. Gregg
  12. I'm wondering how this yoke would be for flying biz jets like the CJ4 and Longitude. Honestly, though, I'm thinking about the Fulcrum too.
  13. Sigh. Apparently not yet. Maybe it'll come along but it seems to be missing a lot at this point. Right now I'm flying the CJ4 waiting for the Citation refreshes.
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