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  1. @cavaricooper KPCM V1.3 now out. -Fixed AI not spawning -Fixed runway elevation issue -Added more clutter
  2. @sidfadc It was sent to MS last night, so probably in another week or so because of the holiday. 🙂
  3. @cavaricooper Do you mind recording a video and posting it here? That way I can see what's going on with performance and the runway bump? I don't think it's my airports. I think it's the sim and it's photogrammetry. Lots of geometry going on in the area. And CLW is in a very dense area so it could be that. SDK tools are very limited. But I've had 3-yrs building airports with higher poly counts. Only thing I'm thinking it could be is the normal maps but I'm not sure. Your vid should help. 🙂
  4. I refreshed the models on the Northwest side with whole new models instead of using the photogrammetry. Posting update to store now. 🙂
  5. @ryanbatcund Make sure to get the latest version of DYT, it should be fixed! 🙂
  6. KPCM V1.2 has been posted on the site: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KPCM V1.2 Changelog -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Fixed spawning trees issue -Improved performance -Custom taxisigns -Added proper edge lighting -Flattened out runway a bit more to be more realistic
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