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  1. This isn't keeping in mind the same standards that P3D/X-Plane had. Most P3D/Xplane airports just had to have a decent exterior and 2D windows. Airports & scenery now demand extra features, functions, interiors, HD high-res aerial imagery, etc. etc. Thus, airports are more expensive and overall more work than prior sims. If anything, airports have even gone down in costs. MSFS marketplace store also doesn't really cater well to bundles as well.
  2. No worries, I was just wondering where the extra static was coming from. I want people to have AI compatibility for their traffic programs. Minimal usage of statics only when it fits a certain theme.
  3. Where? The only statics are on the left side of the Duncan Maintenance hangar.
  4. As of right now, I've just decided to continue on with PBI and finish it before someone else releases it before I can finish my rendition (for example, the 4-Montreals coming). However, I think I will make CMH my next big project afterwards. While working on some smaller ones such as (ALB, BGR, MHT, etc.).
  5. Nope! Still on the schedule! I'm just waiting to recieve newer high-res aerial imagery from the imagery company I use. Higher res ortho always = higher quality product, and happier customers. :) I'll definitely have to check out KRKD, what's your thoughts about KBHB?
  6. With the release of my KONT , I'd like to figure out a new U.S. airport do to along with my main project KPBI while it's in production. Preferably not one that's not being worked on already, or has a subpar counterpart. A lot of stuff has released within in the year, so I'd figured "wants" have changed compared to a year ago. I'm willing to take anything from KALB/DSM size, to regional airports (CRJ, ERJ, some 320/737s), to some cool GA airports. I was considering GEG & DSM, however both are undergoing terminal expansions. Currently what's known in development by other devs: KJAX - Fly2High KMDT - Sierrasim Let me know what'd you guys like me to do ;)
  7. Yes, I will probably be canceling BNA in light of the Feelthere version since it'll be coming out first. Simmers don't seem to be rebuying airports.
  8. Thank you for the comments Jeff. Glad you're enjoying KBOI. Was quite fun to develop. :) I think you're absolutely right, GEG & ONT would be quite nice to get done. DSM would pair perfect with both BOI & OMA. I've been looking at a possibility of KBZN. Think it would be pretty neat.
  9. I started work on BNA, waiting for terminal renovations to finish up. KAFW would be a nice choice with ONT being in my inventory as well. And according to their last FB post, they said they're working on it (was from Dec 21' but).
  10. Researching on FlyTampa doing TPA, seems like they don't want to because there's is outdated and it's not worth it financially compared to larger-scale airports.
  11. The developed one in X-Plane is coming over, personal dev buddy of mine. Looks pretty promising so far. ;)
  12. Hello everyone, Was wondering if you could help me decide on a new airport to do! Preferably small-medium in size (U.S./American airports only). Airports already in development by other companies: KPHX, KMSP, KSFO - Flightbeam KIAH, KMEM - FSDT KCVG - Skyline MCO - Hancrafted + and/or Taxi2Gate KPBI - (Not sure ORBX is still doing it since it's been 2-yrs but) My current projects is as follows: KSYR KTPA Some airports that come to mind are: KPIE KALB KRIC KISP KGEG KONT KGRR KAMA KCRP KSFB KDSM KMHT KDMT Thanks and regards, Andrew
  13. @cavaricooper KPCM V1.3 now out. -Fixed AI not spawning -Fixed runway elevation issue -Added more clutter
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