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  1. Dan, just have to say, thanks so much for all your P3D AFCAD patches and airport fixes, I grabbed a bunch off your site for airports I have. Great work!!
  2. Thanks Gazzareth. I have the FSW Falcon 50 which is great, most likely stick with that for awhile.
  3. Ooh lots of nice suggestions here, @bob would you buy the Mustang again? I see it's on special currently and have always fancied it
  4. fantastic @drobinho - thanks for the mod AND the howto
  5. Yep I'm another in the buy-one-scenery-title-every-week-or-so for P3D camp, but am sticking to titles that were optimised for v4/v5 and only been buying them when on sale. Haven't bought an aircraft for a long while but did get the FlySimware Falcon 50 on sale over xmas and will defo be getting the iFly 737 Max in the next month or so. PS, loving this thread ... was starting to think I was the last one
  6. @AirAusquin not sure if by the same author but there is this pack for the Feelthere 145 at IniBuilds https://forum.inibuilds.com/files/file/2164-jetsuitex-e145lr-pack/
  7. Love his work, just picked up Fortaleza so now have all his P3D titles. Brazil ahoy !!!
  8. @BlueStar you must be on FSX or P3dv1-3 as the LevelD doesn't work in P3dv5, is that the case? the CS767 actually performs OK in v5 which is most likely related to the 64bit performance improvements in the platform itself, possibly less so due to the CS underlying model, but either way it's now a decent aircraft in v5 which is what the OP was asking about. @Kalnon that's interesting re the FSX mod, sadly have uninstalled that some time ago, the 727 will be another great one to see in MSFS hopefully soon
  9. Great stuff, another happy P3D-er here with a stable install and lots of add-ons, gonna grab this for sure. Super pleased to see iFly release what could be one of the last decently modelled aircraft for the platform
  10. Nice one Kalnon. I had the QW for P3Dv1-3, don't think the later version was available for v4/5 at the time I bought the CS otherwise prolly would have stuck with it. Be interested to hear how it goes. Looking fwd to a 75x coming out in MSFS
  11. Yeah the IXEG looks amazing, but OP is talking about P3D AFAIK so that's what I was meaning, sorry I didn't clarify.
  12. I haven't started buying scenery yet in MSFS, but as a current owner of most of the UK2000 stuff for P3D I'd expect they'll be close enough that I would personally support the independent developer and get Gary's UK2000 version.
  13. I have the 75 and 76 and you already have plenty of feedback on them. Main issue as mentioned is the FPS isn't great but if you dial down a few settings here or there or you have a decent GPU/CPU combo then they are definitely flyable. I bought them both on sale and at that price its a no brainer as there's no other pay-ware available for 64bit P3D. You can also use the panel/VC (which are nicely modelled) by merging it w the POSKY or TDS 767 and 757 models and there are hundreds of liveries out there for those, that's what I've been doing. Re the 737, I'm a Classic fan and its the aircraft I've always flown the most in sim so was always gonna buy it, once again captive audience as nothing else at pay-ware level avail for 64bit. I previously had the FeelThere/Wilco Classics in FSX and P3Dv3. Same thing goes for this, buy it on sale and you wont be disappointed, if your a big fan like me just buy it anyway. Modelling is great (earlier poster commented on the wing profile, not sure if you'll notice from the cockpit), performance is good on my rig, systems deep enough to fly w a decent level or realism from cold-n-dark. Can pull the same trick w the panel by merging with the HJG 737-classic external models if no livery avail for CS classic as once again HJG have dozens of nice historic and contemporary liveries avail. I haven't been able to successfully merge it with the 50-North external model as that doesn't seem to play nicely w 64bit P3D. Feel free to DM for any other info
  14. Get the 5800X3D, I'm in the same boat as you, pretty much exact same current spec but a slightly beefier PSU. Lots of gaming benchmarks around (as usual not many Sim specific) but for the small difference in price I think the 3D is a goer, if you can source one. Im gonna defer my GPU update till prices get a little more sane :-)
  15. Hey Tony. I would say go for it. I'm about to do the same thing on my AM4 motherboard but Im going from a 3600 so will see more of an improvement. Am not using VR tho so can't comment on that but all the benchmarking and reviews I've seen show it's a decent boost and the price for the 5800X3D is reasonable. This is pretty much our last shot at an update without swapping m/b also so might as well huh?
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