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  1. Looks fantastic Gerard, if it wasnt for the crazy download caps in New Zealand I'd be grabbing these files :)
  2. Oh dear, another PMDG Dash8 thread .. jeeze .. after all this anticipation I hope they dont pull the project
  3. sorry lads, I'm not usually one to get in on these speculation threads, but this topic does interest me, so here goes my $0.02 :LMAO: The 787 has to be a given right, and just a matter of timing. I imagine the 77* & 748 projects will keep them busy enuff that an entire new project (other than the DC6) wont see the light of day this year. Seems like despite so few of the 787s are in the air that with PMDGs decent relationship w Boeing and operators (who is their partner operator?) that they'll get peformance data soon enough. I reckon there'll be pressure on them though to let the 77*/748 sell in the market for awhile before they distract buyers w the 787 so if I were a betting man I'd say late next year for the 787 release :Thinking: The Airbus family just have to be out, lets be honest, I'd bet my house (if I actually owned it) on PMDG NOT releasing an Airbus of any shape inside the next 2-years. So apart from the 787 will there be another filler project like the DC6? Regional jet wise there seems to be way too much competition in the BAE146 area. I suppose a ERJ/CRJ entry is possible, lots of variants to model and sell and I think PMDG would probably secure customer orders away from the FeelThere offerings, and there are plenty of these in American and European skies to appeal to punters. In turbo-prop land either an EMB120, Saab340 or Metroliner (one of those underway elsewhere) would be fantastic as would a Dornier 328 prop or jet but not sure there'd be that much visibility or demand for them customer wise. There is a gap re the L-1011 Tristar but that seems like a big commitment and would kind of scavenge sales of the MD11 wouldnt it? Also cant see much likelyhood of a Russian airliner release (TU134/154/204, An148, Il76/96) which are fabulous machines but would the realistic systems modelling mean virtual western pilots might be put off coz its so unfamiliar? From the videos and interviews lately it seems like the Dash8 would be a canididate (as would a replacement for the Flight1 ATR), they're clearly started virtual construction on it, but the message from Rob didnt seem overly optimistic which is a shame coz the Dash is such a great aircraft. Now I know it'd hardly be a "filler" project, but I bet that between the 77*/748 and 787 releases that they'll announce a 737 classic series. It DEFINATELY fits the "aircraft people see" criteria, hardly a day would go by when a spotter wouldnt see one, and the Wilco Evo although an improvment (IMHO) leaves a lot of detail holes to be filled by someone like PMDG.
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