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  1. Hence the name "Prepar3D"... 😉
  2. I like the looks. Just might use it to convince me to start flying south more often. I've always been a fan of their work.
  3. I performed the latest update ( The 1.16GB seemed to go fine and then it started the 22GB update. There it appears to have stalled. So I clicked pause on the downloading and rebooted the PC. Now whenever I start MSFS it is stuck on "Checking Updates". Currently running a timer and it is over 5 minutes. Is that normal? I cleaned out my Community folder to nothing and have tried starting MSFS through the MS Game Store site and through my local app but just keeps checking for updates. The version does say I am as Anybody else gone through this?
  4. I think you can change brightness if you use SPADnext. Check out their website, I think they might have a free trial.
  5. Just starting to research the possibilities so let me ask... is it possible to use your G1000 panel on a separate PC display on a client Win10 setup connecting via simconnect or FSUIPC using MSFS? I have been using other gauge software (individual steam gauges and glass panels), that were originally designed for FSX but have used them through the years in P3Dv1 thru v5.1 and even using them now in MSFS. The gauges are not integrated into a particular aircraft nor is required for them to work. Does your G1000 have that same flexibilty? Has it ever been tested in that framework? Thx.
  6. I agree, it is hard to go back. I switched from FSX to P3D when it first came out (boy that was a tough version when released), and never went back. Then I went to P3Dv5 to MSFS after USA update release (wanted to give it time to mature a little as they rushed release... beta? What beta?). So now I haven't been really back to P3D at all. All versions are still installed but I just slowly see myself being drawn more and more to MSFS. Granted I am more of scenery simmer than a systems simmer so I don't miss ultra modeled aircraft. What I like is how it has seemed to bring back the freeware modeler to the platform... a part of the hobby that seemed missing with P3D versions. I think good times are ahead of us.
  7. It's nice to see an update after so long of silence at least from what I have seen when I check the AIG website forums. I would post this update there as well to inform simmers if not done already. As another simmer mentioned above, what can we do to help get Asobos' attention. Isn't there a posting of most requested changes/issues the they read? Is there a link or email address we could get a little campaign going to get their attention? Thx for all your work AIG over the years!
  8. Interesting read. For clarification, for me MSFS will simply close down (no BSOD), after flying around five minutes. Is that what you guys mean as CTD? So all my issues with SpadNext could be related to simconnect? If I re-assign my controls directly in the MSFS setup and bypass outside apps like SpadNext and FSUIPC that may serve as a work-around?
  9. Before I get into the details I have submitted a trouble ticket to SpadNext but it has been a week without a reply so I thought I would ask fellow simmers if they have encountered anything close to what I am experiencing as it may not be a SpadNext issue. 1. Started MSFS with either the C172 or C172 G1000 model. 2. Started SpadNext - all Logitech panels and controls working properly. 3. I have deleted all Logitech control assignments found in MSFS to make sure there is no double-assignments that could cause some form of mixed communication issues. For SpadNext I believe I am using a mix of MSFS and Simconnect assignments but it appears Spadnext uses its own assignments for the throttles. 4. The aircraft is cold-n-dark. Spadnext freezes in either of two ways: (A) I use the CNTRL+E keys on the keyboard to autostart the engine or (B) I use the Logitech Switch panel to start the engine. 5. Interestingly, even though SpadNext app is frozen I can still see movement on my throttle/mixture inside the cockpit. My Logitech panels also light up and I can still operate the aircraft. 6. After approximately 80 seconds SpadNext app will shut down completely even though under options I have selected it not to if SpadNext loses connection to MSFS. At that point I lose all operation of the aircraft making the MSFS unflyable from that point forward. Does one think this could be a simconnect issue or MSFS issue? Just thought I would throw this out here as I am unable to fly with MSFS. Thx, Clutch
  10. Seems the streets fill up too quickly where I would think they would be "plowed". I'm sure they could filter out completely filling up roads using vector road data as a filter.
  11. Is there a way to save a drone flight so when I open it is resumes the viewpoint/location of where the drone is and not the aircraft?
  12. Thx, I moved everything out of Community (not much of anything and after several restarts/reboots it is now performing the 25 GB update whatever that is. I will just let it run and see what happens.
  13. Had installed ver and was working properly. Then it appears it tried to reinstall 25GB. As it started I stopped the app. Now I am stuck at the screen showing the desert and does not go beyond that. I see no support ideas on what to do at MSFS forum/website or re-install or how to delete? Anybody have ideas on how to proceed? I am installed via a PC game install and I do not use game pass. Thanks.
  14. Richard, you were way ahead of your time with your Georender series. I think I had some nine different airports/scenery back in FS2004? I loved letting my imagination run wild when flying in & out of these little gems. It would be a gift to MSFS (and us) to see any of these added to our "hangars" plus its nice to just see you are still around, ha!
  15. Updated to the latest. Been going to airports where there has been reports of snow. Have live weather running. What am I missing? Merry (almost) Christmas
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