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    2003 - FlightDeck SFX Panel (FDSFX) for FS2004/FSX.
    2008 - 9Dragons Kai Tak Airport for FS2004
    2019 - simwestALBQ for P3D and FSX
    2019 - simwestSOCAL for P3D and FSX
    2019 - simwestSANDIEGO for P3D and FSX
    Currently 3D flight simulation design for aviation training industry

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  1. Had 'em and used 'em for years. I have a 3-unit setup... one for the chair, 2nd for my pedals and a 3rd for my yoke and throttles. I get a full body "massage" when I fly! 😄
  2. Thx guys, fired her up for the first time.... and everything worked the first time (whew!). Yea, left the pads as they were. Temps are hovering at 29c at 4.9Ghz! Granted no load on them but just happy to see the install worked as planned. Now comes the software - tons and tons of software - oh boy 😵
  3. Wow... look at all those "purty" colors. Ha, a little teasing but now I got them all in my PC too. Guess that's the latest fad on PC design. Got to admit yours looks really nice and clean. I've converted an 'ol Cooler Master HAF-X case. Plenty of room to put all the goodies in there. Just finished the "hardware" side of the install. After watching a lot of videos on the subject and a little research (gee, a whole industry on fan design, air pressure, air flow, etc., I see I had committed one of the most basic mistakes... I had my unit on the floor and on carpet no less! Only been doin' that for 10 years, ha! So that will be raised. Read even as little as 6 inches off the ground can alleviate up to 40% of dust. So up they go. Decided to keep the mesh screens on the intake fans (3), and will remove them on the exhaust fans (3). Rather clean a simple fan shield rather than every nook & cranny inside the PC. 😉 Clutch
  4. Thx guys for such quick replies. Since I am installing into one of the newer M2 SSDs a simple swap out of old PC into the new is not an option. Think I will first just copy over the Offical and Community folders and see what happens. The disk drive will be the same letter. As some of you said MSFS will do the rest. If there's issue I will then just re-download the whole shebang. Not a big deal. Really looking forward to see how the new girl performs! 😁
  5. I am in the middle of a new PC build and I am modifying a Cooler Master HAF-X (huge beast, remember those?). Anywho, I'vebeen taking out the fans, cleaning them and noticed that the front and top fans have a grill pattern and then sandwiched between that and the fan is a fine mesh. As a test, I took out the mesh and the air flow increase like 50%! So now I am thinkin' what's better to leave that mesh in place and clean it as always or take out the mesh and get that air moving? Sure I guess the whole idea is to catch all that dust but.... What do you guys think? Have better filtering or have better intake airflow?
  6. So performing a new build today... new everything and those M2 SSDs, my first encounter. I see you have these thermal pads used to stick onto the RAM. What I noticed is on one location when I place a stick and then place the cover (with the thermal pad on it), where one screws the ram secure (or in my case a little rotating switch), there is a bump from the screw into the pad. Should I worry? Should I notch out of the pad where the mounting screw sets. I even saw a vid where you are to cut the pad into twp sections - one to cover the ram itself and the other to cover the controller. Making too much of this? Its an Asus voard (see specs),
  7. Putting together a new PC build today. So that means getting MSFS on that new PC. It was bought via the MS Store. Should I try to copy the Official and Community folders to the new PC and let MS/MS Store hopefully fill in the gaps for setting up the rest or just download from scratch. Saw lots of posts/vids on moving to a new SSD/HDD but thats on the same PC. Not much on moving/installing on a new PC. I am ok doing it either way but just wanted to hear from anyone that has done somthing similar, Thx, Clutch
  8. Thx for the interest Rich. Just got the parts in and started the build. Taking my time starting with the AIO liquid cooler and customizing my PC case (HAF-X). Maybe I do a little play-by-play but I don't think one can upload images directly, one has to link and don't have time for setting up an account somewhere. Have to admit with the new World Update X for the USA, I am curious to see how it will perform on MSFS 😁
  9. I tend to agree it probably depends on where you fly. Is it easy to switch back and forth? Maybe depending on where one flies that day would determine which ground base to use? Just thinkin'.
  10. Just came across this read and Ryan got to say I luv the play-by-play as you built your PC. Even though I have built all my PCs for the last 30 years I still get a tad nervous because I don't build them every day. For me, there's like a 7-10 year gap in between. I got a chuckle when you talked about having a 2500k. I'm typing right now on my i7-2700K! So my new build parts all came in yesterday and am about to embark on the new build. All new fangled stuff... AIO liquid cooler (always swore by Noctua on all my builds), M2 SSDs, DDR5, RGB stuff, gotta get al reacquainted, ha. Threw a bunch a money into this ($4500), but I do use it for my design work and I am on the PC 8 hours a day, and I hope to use is it for many years like my last build. Just wanna say enjoyed your series here an picked up on some nice tips. 😉
  11. I needed to take the plunge as my system is like 10 years old! Still using my trusty i7-2700K! So I threw money into my next system. I didn't go with a 3090 after research so my build is: i9-12900KF Asus Prime Z690-A (without all the wireless stuff thrown in) 32GB DDR5 RAM 6000 3 SK hynix M.2 SSD (2TB ea.) 4TB Seagate HDD (for backup/storage) EVGA GeForce 3080 Ti Corsair iCUE H70i AIO Liquid Cooler UHD/Blu-ray Player/Burner (still have lots of CDs, DVDs!) Windows 10 (worry about Windows 11 later) EVGA 1300W PSU Upgraded to 1Gbps internet, new netgear modem and router I work at home and on my PC all day in development so I can rationalize the purchase. At least I keep telling myself that, ha! Naturally, curious to see how all this stuff reacts to MSFS. I just picked up a 27" 1440 display. If it the new system handles it I may replace my three 27" wrap-around displays with one of those big 'ol 49" micro LED curved displays. Speak of the devil... order just arrived. Got two PSUs by mistake, ha!
  12. "I got a feeling, that's the end life for P3d." Not hardly, they have something like a 10 year commitment with the US Air Force.
  13. Your right David,... guess I am just lucky right now.
  14. Ha, maybe they had the same issue on their end and decided "well, maybe we better hire a few new coders" 😆
  15. After reading this thought I would give a try. All good in San Diego, CA, USA. No connection problems. Sitting at KLAS as I type. Looks mine went thru a little update/fix but all good here.
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