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    2003 - FlightDeck SFX Panel (FDSFX) for FS2004/FSX.
    2008 - 9Dragons Kai Tak Airport for FS2004
    2019 - simwestALBQ for P3D and FSX
    2019 - simwestSOCAL for P3D and FSX
    2019 - simwestSANDIEGO for P3D and FSX
    Currently 3D flight simulation design for aviation training industry

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  1. Once again, Vincent delights us with his talent. I feel almost embarrassed (I said almost!), that a modeler is developing all these little gems around me as I live in San Diego. THank you my friend from one simmer/developer to another. Clutch
  2. Thx Overlord, I will give that a try. How about P3D? Anybody out there on how to activate P3D? Finally got it... it was Steam VR I needed to install. Time to go freak out!!! 😵
  3. Company gave me a set of the HP Reverb G2 to use. Bear with mind as this is my first time using a VR headset. I seem to have it plugged in correctly and found myself inside that Microsoft Mixed Reality Portal. I have P3D running on my desktop and I see there is a selection to run in VR mode. I do that and I see my desktop display splits into two identical halves. But I don't see anything other than the MS Portal when I put on the headset. How do I "switch" to see P3D (and for that matter MSFS), in my headset???? BTW, I did watch several YouTube vids on the subject but they only talk about setting up the headset, adjust settings, etc., but never get to actually running a game in the headset. WHat am I missing? Thanks.
  4. I thought it was some fluke when I checked the site yesterday. It's not? Skipping this site until they revert back. What a mess.
  5. After attending the FS Expo seminar on real aviation checklist "flows", it appears all pilots use this method to learn their checklist by memory. So my question is why aren't "flows" ( a graphical representation) included in checklists? Wouldn't that make checklists easier?
  6. I have the latest update, I have lots of airline and GA aircraft about. Airliners takeoff and land but I never see a single GA taxi-takeoff-land. Went to some of the busiest GA airports... John Wayne KSNA, Van Nuys, Montgomery Field yet nuttin'. Is this its current state with GA or is it an issue or am I supposed to add my own flight plans?
  7. Wow, overwhelming flat screen response I see. I too have a home-made cockpit with three 27" 1440 displays and a 4th 15" just below them for "digital" gauges. My company just gave me an HP VR headset as they want me to get used to using them as well. Have never used a VR headset... should be interesting. We mainly use 4K Varjo's so I am looking forward to getting one of those. We also work in mixed VR so I will be able to see all my hardware thru the headset. It will be nice to be able to do actual comparisons between the two methods.
  8. We're looking for suggestions from simmers on hardware communication panels. Maybe you've had a favorite you have been using in your own cockpit... or maybe it's on your wish list. Generic types or aircraft specific - it doesn't matter. Price is not a concern. Just looking for a good starting point in which to research. Thx, Clutch
  9. I'll go with what first came to my mind... Kai Tak!
  10. Anyone know if an MD-87 was ever produced for P3D?
  11. I agree.. but I too am wondering where are the GA flights? Need nothing complex, simple GO flightplans, touch-n-go, go arounds, AI generated would all be welcomed. I just wanna see some activity. Still luv the app tho.
  12. Thanks to all showing interest. 🙂 The position has been filled.
  13. Curious, my current version (not the latest just announced), seems to provide lots of GA AI on the ground however I never see a plane take off, land or taxi. Is this how it works right now? Do they not provide flight plans for GA but only static GA?
  14. A simple way... google "top 10" beaches and you get lots of hits and just use that as a guide to input destinations. ☺️
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