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  1. Always like to see development to my friends down south (I live in San Diego, CA). Seems I can fly more North--to-South rather than always West-to-East these days... nice 😀
  2. Clutch Cargo

    South Africa?

    I would say the issue may be obtaining areal imagery to begin with, and probably even harder to obtain good HQ imagery.
  3. Clutch Cargo


    I would say they are no longer producing scenery.
  4. Clutch Cargo

    747-8 Dusk arrival to ESSA

    Like the first shot.
  5. Clutch Cargo

    Phoenix, Xplane11 Ortho4XP Photoreal

    Nice PR. Shows how immersive flat PR can be when you add 3D agn on top.
  6. Clutch Cargo

    UK PR scenery coming 2 times

    "I fail to see how anyone will be able to enjoy photoscenery in P3Dv4 with it's known issues regarding loading photo textures." I've been flying with photoreal scenery since 2004 and truly enjoy it despite some minor issues. I have found good quality PR with a good set of AGN on top will help camouflage some of the distant blurries. It's the plain, flat photoreal with no autogen on top that highlight the issue worse. I have a sneaking feeling this may be addressed with P3Dv5. 🎃
  7. Clutch Cargo

    P3Dv4 Orbx KLAX FPS Hitter?

    I have always noticed that the default KLAX is harder on FPS than an addon which you would think would be the other way around but I get much better performance with FSDreamteam's version. We are also alpha-testing with some new photoreal SoCal scenery and the combo is very good on performance (and looks too!) 😀 That's testing on an older system at 3.8GHz. with high teens -low 20's.
  8. Clutch Cargo

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    See, this plane seems almost just right for me... good looks, good FPS and light on the systems. If only it was in the $35-40 price range. There is a market out there for guys like us.
  9. Clutch Cargo

    FSX Gold Edition Acceleration product key

    Oddly, I just installed my FSX after many years last night (need for testing), and did notice two keys in the box, one for FSX and one for Acceleration. Installed FSX and it asked for the key but when I installed Acceleration it did not ask for the 2nd key?
  10. Clutch Cargo

    Embraer 190E2

    Yea, the guys may "rib" ya a little, but overall they are a good lot. I think it's just we see so many projects announced but never come to completion. Nature of the beast I guess. From my personal experience there is nothing harder than finishing a project for the first time for flight simulation. Heck, I have been working on one nearly every day now for over three years! I think I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but always some new issue one has to overcome (including life!), so I commend you on taking the bold step of announcing your plans. May I suggest you also visit the website FSDeveloper. Arno (the owner), and is site is a godsend for those into flightsim development. All I can add is good luck! 😀
  11. Clutch Cargo

    No more FSX and P3D2&3 airplanes from CS

    Even MS has to call it quits for older versions of Windows at some time. Personally, I think if I was to slip back to FSX (or even FS2004), I would still have enough planes and scenery to choose among and fly upon to last me a lifetime.
  12. Clutch Cargo

    Night time settings

    I also found a good way to get darker nights was to have use one of my presets on my display set for that type of flying.
  13. Clutch Cargo

    Photoscenery Draw area very minimal, rest blurry?

    I think since much of the photoreal scenery out there is just flat without matching agn it will be more noticeable. One way I use to help "camouflage" the issue is to add my own 3D buildings and vegetation or seek out photoreal add-ons that have it. Sounds like LM has something in the works... let's hope for a fix with version 5 🙏
  14. Clutch Cargo

    jet for low end pc?

    I would consider trying Project Airbus A318, A319. It is light on systems but better than FSX default... way better. I use it to test with in P3Dv4 when I am running at 3.8GHz. Get great FPS. Since it's a freebie maybe worth a look? Clutch
  15. Clutch Cargo

    FreeMesh Elevation problems, plateaus, cliffs etc?

    I think Orbx has some sort of tool but not sure if it is only for their airports. I would take a gander over at their site and look/ask around in their forums.