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    2003 - FlightDeck SFX Panel (FDSFX) for FS2004/FSX.
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  1. Wow, FSX straight to P3Dv5. I think you're in very a very pleasant jaw-dropping experience! 😀
  2. I think 3rd party developers will trend towards smaller airports as MS won't be recreating those in such detail. ANd there's 10's of thousands of those. That's where orbx made their mark. Also utilities and niche addons will continue to thrive. I create photoreal scenery, so I may be dead in the water there. 😞 Also remember, like in the past, not all simmers will drop everything to the "latest & greatest". Add the cost of the required internet speed to run MS2020 (or should I say MS2021), at full bore and a typical $59.99 app turns into one that could cost up towards $600/year?
  3. Yep... vgbaron is correct. I had the same issue several weeks ado. Took awhile but I found the two axis conflicting with each other. Just need to go through all your devices, controls, spadNext if you have it and/or FSUIPC if you have it.
  4. Thanks vgbaron for such a quick reply. Missing a texture or two somewhere. Well, another fun little project, ha!
  5. It's definitely worse than that... I mean like NO parking spaces? Just pulled up Van Nuys airport KVNY in Los Angeles, CA and I have 1 parking spot... the fuel box! Can someone pull up KVNY and let me know how many parking spots you have? This is for the default airport. THx, Clutch
  6. Seems I am missing a lot of GA parking spots at airports as compared to P3Dv4 and even tarmacs are missing. Been using KSNA (Orange County John Wayne airport) as my test but checked also Gillespie and Montgomery-Gibbs field in San DIego as well as they are busy GA airports. I am performing side-by-side comparisons and can see the missing areas. Can anyone verify this on their systems? Just not sure if it is because LM updated the airports and this is a side result of that or maybe a missing tarmac texture. Thx Clutch.
  7. Thx, Chapstick, I believe you are correct. ALways trying to find ways to skirt around proper steps which may end up costing me several days for LM to reset my activation.
  8. If I need to perform a restore point or some other fix on my Win 1o PC. Do you think if I don't it may screw up the activation when I reinstall? Asking if anyone has had to do this in the past. thx, Clutch
  9. Wow! Impressive ingenuity. What type of aircraft will it end up being?
  10. "Where can I find hardware on a budget?" Check Craislist, check Ebay, check "for sale" forums. You'd be amazed if you put in some time and effort you can word not allowed up deal. I've seen panels, yokes literally given away so long as the simmer paid for shipping. I sold my old CH Yoke for around $35 and a joystick for $10. A inexpensive way to get started. Search around flightsim forums that have a cockpit type forums to get some great ideas.
  11. I'll throw in my 2 cents. Purchased SPADnext several years ago but found it too complicated for me to use so I shelved it. Too bad for me as I have all the Logitech/Saitek panels. Then about the time P3Dv4 came out I finally decided to give 'er another go. A lot had changed in the development of the app and now things seemed to look and make more sense. Just to get the basics there is some great little vids on YouTube that gave me the "ah-ha" moment on how to set up a button/axis. I was now bouncing around setting up all sorts of switches. Plus lot's of Profiles already created by other simmers to get you started. I customized my BIP to my liking and had an extra radio panel so I converted it to show FPS, Elevation, Altitude and my Speed. Never could do this before with other apps plus its fun to set it up the way you like to fly. Currently using it with P3Dv5 HF1. Obviously I am sold on the product and highly recommend it. Clutch
  12. From my tests and what I have read it can be dependent on simobjects loading. I have 4GB of Alpha India Group AI aircraft models. When I have them active to load it takes about 4 minutes for P3Dv5 to get to the setup screen. With them disabled I load up in about 20-30 seconds.
  13. Agreed... Time to break these down into separate groups 😊
  14. "Do you see such huge performance increase as others" yes.
  15. Nice shots... yep, new to me too as I picked them up like you during the sale. Excellent value. Even grabbed Dusseldorf (used to live there), Innsbruck and Palma de Mallorca. Lot's of great new places to explore while indoors.
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