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  1. How long do you think you can stay airborne in that glider without slope updrafts man? It works quite realistically, maybe a little too much
  2. Up/downdrafts along slopes are still there FYI. Just try it with free GotFriends Discus 2 and you will see yourself. So please do not spread false info
  3. I am pretty happy with the new version, my only issue is with cockpit manipulators. If I set them to Locked as the plane manual suggests, sim hangs very often for me. Not a big problem, I still use Legacy as I am lazy to learn new manipulators.
  4. To the current owners - how is the ground handling compared to other sim taildraggers?
  5. Does anybody use saitek/logitech radio panel with this bird? I can set my transponder, but can not change/swap the radio freq. Do you encounter the same behavior?
  6. Thank you JustFlight for a wonderful plane. I also found, that setting the textures to high and rudder pedals curve to linear, no dead zone helped a lot. I enjoy it immensely
  7. Yes, this is a problem, but Robert Young's turbo Bonanza is prime example, that skilled modder can fix even this behavior. Hope, he is OK.
  8. In my case it is my ED Tracker, causing the CTD with the new patch. As soon as I plug it in, MSFS CTD. When I start it before the MSFS, I CTD at Japan landmark startup screen.
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