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  1. Chock

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Well, in the same way that you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing, you don't need a weather radar to know it's raining if there is rain on the windshield (sorry couldn't resist that). I'm pretty sure in the interim you can use a pop up 2D weather radar screen, but yeah, would be nice to have it integrated for those who have a WX add on.
  2. Chock

    Vertx VS Carenado: The DA62

    Consider this: What if you already owned the Carenado synthetic vision system and wanted to practice using it, and you flew a DA42 or DA62 for real? Then perhaps you might prefer a simulated DA62 upon which to practice in which could simulate synthetic vision. Or, what if your system struggled a bit with frame rates and you liked the idea of the 'lite' version which is included in the Carenado package? Of course on the other side of that equation, there are those who might fly twins for real and who appreciate the more realistic single engine operation of the Vertx DA62, and so for those it's going to be a no brainer to pick the Vertx one. But consider too that when on Avsim, we get a somewhat skewed impression of what flight simmers want as a whole, since it tends to be populated by people who are really into their realism in their simulator add-ons, but this is only a small segment of flight sim users. There are many more people out there who dabble in flight sims who don't really care if the G1000 simulation is perfect and who really are not bothered about practicing engine out operations, and for those users, Carenado stuff will certainly float their boat because they make things which are less expensive and generally speaking, look prettier than the products of most other developers. Since the video was published to youtube, one has to consider that not everyone who views it will find it via Avsim, and even if they did, they might not be a P3D user, or even a particularly hard-core simmer. They might be considering buying a DA62 sim for their Steam or boxed version of FSX and be seeking opinions on the Carenado one, which it should be noted, also has the advantage of working in both P3D and FSX, whereas the Vertx one does not. Now, I am mainly a P3D user and since I am a real world pilot who also works in aviation, it should come as no surprise to learn that if I could pick only one of the two, I'd pick the Vertx one and I say as much on the video, but I am not so partisan as to understand that in the wider sense, flight simming is a broad church and attracts all kinds of users, and it is for all those users that I made this comparison video. For if not, then I would have simply made one looking at the Vertx sim alone. But even beyond this sound enough reason to draw such a conclusion, Vertx is a new development company and this is their first product, and one which has already been simulated by another developer, so in looking at their output it is only fair, and indeed might even be a useful straw poll for that developer, to consider what, if any reason, might compel some users to favour one over the other. As you say, it's a matter of opinion, but in attempting to be fair and helpful to all users, I chose not to simply call it a straight victory for the Vertx one based solely on my own preferences, because to do so would not have been helpful to all flight simmers of every kind of preference who might come across that video. Not that it's possible to please everyone: I notice someone has put a 'dislike' thumbs down on the video already, but let's just assume they're a miserable ****, shall we? 🤣
  3. Chock

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Just a point worth noting with this thing for those wondering about what and what this does not simulate and who might be surprised to find that a modern twin such as this does not have every system they might expect on board, i.e. weather radar, TCAS, EFB, satlink data, synthetic vision etc, etc. In producing my video where I compare the Vertx DA62 with the Carenado DA62 (which is on my youtube channel if you wanna watch it, there's a link off a post on the Hangar Chat forum) and I cover what they both do and do not simulate, obviously I had to research what the real aeroplane does and does not include, and to do that there was no better source to check than the real aeroplane. So if anyone is curious about that stuff, I can recommend looking at the Daimond aircraft website, where you'll see that although the G1000 is a standard avionics option, the avionics themselves can have additional (extra cost) options added, some of these are software and add no weight, some are hardware and obviously do add some weight, which means not all DA62s are created equal and it therefore doesn't necessarily indicate that it is unrealistic for a simulation of the aeroplane to not have for example, a weather radar, or synthetic vision or whatever. As I say, see the website (and my vid if you like) for a bit more about all that malarkey. Or if you prefer, just get in your shiny new Vertx DA62 and enjoy it, because it is a very nice thing indeed. 🙂 Also a note about sound, which some people have brought up... It's worth bearing in mind that whether you use speakers or headphones, these can have a big effect on what the sound quality is like and in particular the frequencies you do and do not hear. So, apart from not using a rubbish soundcard or rubbish on board sound (on board sound is okay providing the motherboard which is providing it is a decent one), what is important is to have, is decent audio speakers or headphones, and by that, I mean ones which reproduce the sound properly without attempting to enhance it... What you are looking for with that therefore, is monitor speakers or monitor headphones (sometimes called DJ headphones). These will not attempt to tart up the sound with super dooper bass response or any of that nonsense, instead providing a clear reproduction of the actual sound, and so you get to hear the sounds as intended. And you don't have to spend a fortune on those either, you can get a pair of perfectly adequate Sony monitor headphones for 25 quid and they will do a good job. Monitor speakers (of the kind used in studios for mixing) will cost considerably more (probably a couple of hundred quid minimum), but these too will be better at reproducing the sound as intended, than a lot of other options. This is incidentally, one of the biggest mistakes people make when producing videos for youtube and music for soundcloud etc. They will mix the sound using speakers of headphones which enhance the sound, and of course it will sound great to them, but it will sound bloody awful to anyone else who listens to it who has not got that exact same soundcard and speaker/headphone combination. Of course what they should have done, is made their audio sound good on monitor headphones or speakers, so they can be certain it will sound good to everyone else.
  4. Chock

    Vertx VS Carenado: The DA62

    Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but if you've got P3D, which Diamond is going to be your best friend? Well here's a video which takes a good look at the differences between the new Vertx DA62 and the (fairly) new Carenado DA62 and doesn't necessarily come to the black and white conclusion you might expect..
  5. And this is not the only reason to buy it from HiFi instead of Steam either: When I bought AS through Steam and then wanted to buy it for P3D at a later date, if I'd have bought it direct I'd have qualified for an upgrade discount, but since there was no way for HiFi to verify a Steam user's purchase, since it registers via the Steam account rather than via their normal registration system, there was no way they could apply the discount, so I was forced to pay full price even though it was an upgrade purchase for me personally and would have qualified for a discount under any other circumstances. Steam is convenient sometimes and I use it quite often, but this is one of those cases where it can screw you over.
  6. Chock

    Airbus A350

    Yup, Virtualcol stuff is definitely cheap and cheerful, but there is nothing wrong with that and in fairness to them they are knocking out progressively nicer VCs, so hopefully their new A220 will be like that, and with (also hopefully) the possibility to soup up the avionics a bit too. There may be other A350s in development out there of course. The one for XPlane is very good incidentally, if you are 'prepar3d' to use the other sim lol, or there is the AFS A350, which might work in P3D V4 although since I don't have it, I could not say for sure, but I'd take a guess that it would do.
  7. Chock

    Airbus A350

    Yup: Estimated beta is sometime in 2020. And whilst we're at it on forthcoming Airbuses, Virtualcol is doing an Airbus A220: Likely to be released in Feb next year, i.e. only a couple of months away.
  8. Chock

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    You are of course correct that Carenado and Alabeo add-ons are generally very pretty, but I daresay you are also aware they don't always have the kind of flight modeling fidelity or systems realism to match those consistently impressive visuals. Thus any criticism leveled at them, or if not aimed at them, then the reverse opinion being aimed at competitors, typically stems from this. Having said that, their after-release support and patching of any problems or faults which subsequently show up is not known for being that great either, being a focal point of some additional criticism they receive, to the extent that their products, perhaps more than any other developer, are frequently the subject of end user fixes doing the rounds in lieu of the developer getting around to addressing such issues. This isn't always true however, there are some Carenado and Alabeo add-on aeroplanes which do everything pretty well, but as a general rule the focus of Carenado and Alabeo stuff is to make a good lookalike and not worry quite so much about the systems realism. There have been exceptions to this, for example their recent stab at simulating synthetic vision avionics, which works well, but that is rather an exception to the general way of things. As a result of this it is, generally speaking, true to say that simpler aeroplanes with normally-aspirated IC piston engines and traditional analogue instruments tend to be the ones which are among the best of Carenado and Alabeo's output. Now having said all that, I am certainly not averse to advocating 'lite' simulations and inexpensive add-ons which don't go mental on the systems realism. These have their place too, and I am in no way snobbish about that, for example, I've got literally every single add-on which Virtualcol have made; their products are unashamedly inexpensive and simple and don't even look anywhere near as nice as Carenado and Alabeo ones either. But what they do nonetheless do, is come in at a cheap price, offer something fun to fly with great FPS, and critically, if there's an issue with them, it gets patched and the developer is helpful in responding to support queries. With all this in mind, I did buy Carenado's recently released DA62 on the strength of also having purchased Alabeo's DA42, which I do like very much, but as much as I like both their DA42 and DA62, they do follow the philosophy I outlined above, so there are some glitches with them which need fixing and the avionics included with them, whilst reasonably okay, are in no way as complex as those to be found in the Vertx DA62, nor are their flight models quite so finely crafted and customisable as that of the Vertx DA62. It's also worth noting that the Vertx DA62 does match, and in many ways exceed, the visual beauty of the Carenado and Alabeo Diamond DA62 and Diamond DA42. Which means that for an additional five Dollars, it trumps the competition in pretty much every way it can. Now it remains to be seen how it compares in terms of support and any subsequent patches because the thing was only released in the past 24 hours and Vertx is a new enterprise with no history to base an opinion on in relation to customer support, but they would be hard pressed to be as lax as Carenado/Alabeo in this respect, so it's difficult to imagine that they won't be trumping them in this regard as well. Beyond all this though, there is a level of expectation from Vertx which stems from its founder being part of what was perhaps one of the most well respected developers of old - RealAir - which is a development company whose products are still held up as being among the best examples of add-ons you can get for your flight simulator. So in the end the legacy of that experience is perhaps what matters most since it is difficult for a leopard to change its spots for bad, or in this case good; a very decent quality flight sim add-on will generally be nicer and easier to fly, it will likely have a flight model which tends to do what you'd expect it to do, because that is usually how the real thing is designed too and that was certainly true of many of RealAir's products and it seems the DA62 is continuing that legacy.
  9. Chock

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Ordinarily this is kind of true, but with regard to nav systems, SID and STAR capabilities etc on this aeroplane in particular, it's worth bearing in mind that the DA62, and the smaller DA42, are quite extensively used as trainers for airline pilots. If I remember correctly, EasyJet is a big user of them for this purpose out in New Zealand. Of course one of the reasons for this is the diesel engines, which means there is no faffing about with mixture controls and therefore they are more akin to a jet engine in terms of only really being controlled by thrust levers alone with little need to worry about mixture or prop settings, but another of the reasons for the 42 and 62 as airliner trainers is their big pair of glass PFDs which are a fair approximation of what you find in the driving seat of an A320, so for anyone who is interested in this aspect of the DA42 and DA62's navigation systems functionality in the real world, this is possibly a legitimate concern.
  10. Chock

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    It's difficult to make a comparison that would be completely fair between this and some A2A birds. Anyone who has a few A2A GA singles will probably be aware that they make a vastly better job of depicting a sideslip than any other GA add-on aeroplanes you can get for either FSX or P3D. But part of this is possible because they are singles, whereas the Vertx DA62 is a twin, so it also has to model asymmetric thrust and what would be fairly wicked stall/spin characteristics if one were to let that develop (all of this behaviour is customisable incidentally on the Vertx DA62, via a very nice utility with a good GUI). So some of what makes all that customisable asymmetric twin behaviour possible in a flight model might get in the way of how it can portray a sideslip, I dunno, but the fact is, it doesn't do a sideslip as well as an A2A GA single, i.e. it doesn't experience a significant increase in descent rate when you get it sideways, but in fairness, that is just about the only criticism of the DA62 I could come up with, in every other respect it is a good contender for being one of the best GA aeroplanes you can buy, and especially for the price.. This is another great thing about it. As complex as all that glass is and as big as it is on screen, it gets really very good frame rates indeed. Anyone who has any concerns about that can happily forget them, it's really well optimised. I think you'd be hard pressed to find something to spend thirty quid on this weekend. 🙂
  11. Chock

    Needing a jet recommendation!

    Although I completely agree with the suggestions thus far from everyone on this thread (especially Fly sim Ware; one of my favourite developers for all kinds of good reasons), I'll throw another contender into the mix which I think would suit well for reasons I'll get into below... This being the NextGen Simulations Cessna Citation CJ4 (aka the Cessna Model 525C). It's inexpensive to pick this one up, yet it has quite a lot of depth for the price, being a clever mix between realism and ease of use, so it's a good intro to BizJets, which is as you say, your goal. But among the reasons I make this suggestion, related to that goal of yours, in that this particular little add-on BizJet has one of the nicest tutorials of any manual I've come across for an airliner/business jet, with a clear and concisely written tutorial, which succinctly covers how to plan a flight route and program it into an FMC, using high altitude airways properly, so it genuinely does serve as a great intro to business jets at a bargain basement price (search about and you'll likely find it on sale somewhere at 20 quid). Add this to the fact that it gets really good frame rates, comes with 12 paint jobs and a good paint kit, includes two different variants of the CJ4, with different exterior models, has a fairly detailed simulation of a Collins Proline avionics fit plus a switchable FMC should you wish to tart it up further. Has great sounds for the Williams FJ 44 engines, has a full set of 2D panels as well as the VC, for those who like their pop up panels. I would recommend that you check out screenshots of it though before hitting any 'add to cart' buttons however because - as with Fly Sim Ware too - the NextGen Simulations CJ4 is not quite in the same league for eye candy as Carenado's offerings, which as you probably know is definitely their strong point. So if you do give it a look, make sure you look closely at the VC and determine whether you'd be happy with its appearance, which is not bad, but Carenado's are undeniably prettier to look at if this matters to you.
  12. Chock

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    In which case I'll point something else obvious out to you, this isn't a Realair product and at no point did I say it was. That was you. This is the first new product from a brand new developer, so it is to all people, an unknown quantity. But Carenado is well known to many and produce a similarly recently released simulation of the same aircraft, so it is a good choice to contrast it with in order to inform people. After all, it is a contemporary product, of the same aeroplane, with the same simulation compatibility, and is within five Dollars of being the exact same price. It does not matter how much respect a developer gained with a former company, with a different company and one which is unknown and brand new, it should not be the default position to automatically blow sunshine up its wazoo based purely on former achievements. Yes, it is likely it'll be good, but it's not impossible that this could have been not the case, for example, it might have struggled with FPS in having all that complex glass simulated (impressively, it doesn't), but many products of this ilk certainly do.
  13. Chock

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    First quick flight completed in the shiny new Vertx DA62 (Manchester departure, then climbing west out over the Irish Sea up to 14,000 feet to try out the oxygen simulation, before turning around and descending back into Liverpool). Very impressed. Sounds are great, flight model is nice and realistic (although I don't think it sideslips as well as A2A birds do, but then again, neither does anything else), cockpit looks great, has an excellent GUI, avionics functions are well simulated, frame rates are very good, even with everything ramped up to the highest settings. Having also bought the Carenado DA62 and the Alabeo DA42, both of which are priced at about 5 Dollars less than this Vertx DA62, as I daresay most people suspected, this one is in a completely different league to the Carenado and Alabeo simulations of Diamond twins, although to be fair to them also, they are certainly quite nice visually and they too fly well (some minor bugs, but no real showstoppers). Obviously a big thing which separates the Vertx DA62 is the avionics in it, which is vastly superior to that in those other Diamond twins. Thus the Alabeo DA42 is still worth having, since it is a different smaller aeroplane and no less nice for this Vertx big sister being released, however, the Vertx DA62 has just pretty much rendered the Carenado DA62 redundant. But regardless of comparisons to other versions, is the Vertx DA62 worth the hype of this and other threads? Well, I would say yes, based on that first flight with it, it is. A very nice thing and quite reasonably priced too in my opinion, considering the level to which it goes with simulating the avionics.
  14. Chock

    If/How much the simulation is realistic ?!?

    Mine too. In fact, his exact words which finally made me stop doing that were: 'Look where you're bloody well going! There might be another pilot nearby who's an even bigger word not allowed than you!'
  15. Chock

    If/How much the simulation is realistic ?!?

    Anyone who has ever been divorced might actually prefer that option lol. Or as my friend once said to one of our mutual friends who was considering getting married: 'Why don't you just cut to the chase; find a girl you don't like and buy her a house'. 🤣