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  1. I wanted to pay with PayPal, but instead I have bought Twitter now ... 🙄
  2. "£9,999,999.99 GBP" 🙄 what comes next? "SOON™"? ;)
  3. The complete catering stuff is not simulated and animated? I've seen no stewards serving drinks and food in the streams. Who is brewing coffee? Also, on the airports parking lot, the ticket automates needs proper displays and system simulation! So many things to do!!!
  4. thx, fingers crossed that it will be possible ... and easy 😉
  5. One little caveeat is, that there is no MCDU as remote (for tablets e.g.) available. I asked that if it is planned, but they gave no answer if or not. Would be a very important feature for me ... more than having the EFB as remote. Hope they consider it and do that soon ...
  6. So that should clearly be a release before the weekend then!!! 🤗 Let me check my weekend schedule: - childs birthday (canceled) - my own wedding (canceled) - body hygiene (canceled) - sleeping (canceled)
  7. Not really. There have been indeed hops between EDDB and EDDT in reality. However EDDT is not anymore. Of course this have been transfer flights without pax. Also there was for some months a short 747 connection between Berlin and Frankfurt after Air Berlin has vanished. Also very unusual for a 747 Oh, and if you seek for a legitimation to make unusual flights, imagine you are a rich 737 BBJ owner or transport special, expensive cargo 😉
  8. I do not think that is possible with either program as the range is set from PMDGs side. You enter reversers with F2 (throttle dec). The throttle itself has the full range without reversers. But making a script covering this would be possible I think.
  9. Hello, I do not have experience with Spad.Next, but can just talk for AAO. In AAO nearly everything is possible and you can find the scripts for lights already in my AAO scripts here: PMDG 737 AAO Scripts & StreamDeck XL Profile (Alpha!) » Microsoft Flight Simulator
  10. PMDG 737 is rolling out as a free but mandatory MSFS plane!
  11. Does not mean a release. Could be just the next news.
  12. thx Andy, do you have a link for me, please. Can't find it
  13. Can "old" ipc.control numbers transfered into sth useful with AAO? e.g. ipc.control(69656, HDGvar) thx
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