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  1. I really can't promise it, I do not have the iFly 737 I assume it will work, but that is just a guess. Why not going for the PMDG 737?
  2. Thanks Manfred, fixed it. When I release a new module version, it will be added then.
  3. Hello, as far as I can see, FSUIPC v5 is currently not able to use the PMDG offsets. This means unfortunately, that 747 or 777 have some limited functionality. Some switches do not work as expected or MCP Displays do not whow (the right) values. EDIT: I have an answer from PMDG support desk: "There's a bug in P3Dv4 preventing them from working right now - it'll work after the first v4 patch comes out." Sorry for the inconvenience, Günter
  4. I have contacted them, but got a not very satisfying answer: "Hallo! Das ist die RenderingEngine des Simulators und hat mit FSGUNG nichts zu tun. Je naeher man kommt, desto genauer zeichnet der Simulator das Mesh. Je nach Fluggeschwindigkeit und Rechnerleistung ist das mehr oder weniger sichtbar. Da muessen Sie sich leider an die Simulatorhersteller wenden." Translation: "That is because of the rendering engine of the simulator. Depends on flying speed and computer power. You have to contact the developer of the simulation." In my ears it sounds more like: doesn't interest me.
  5. Yes, I did get rid of it. And yes, I do also use a X52 ... I "converted" it into a switch panel beside a Bodnar module. But I hate that X52 because it is not running well under Win10 (disconnects). Hope to get rid of it one day. But I really have no clue if the X52 was the reason for the DRIVER STATE FAILURES. I have many things connected here: printer, Network card, several joysticks, MCP Combo, Saitek Switch Panel, 3 screens etc. Or even the internal parts in my PC ... front USB hub Glad it is working now and hope you get it sorted, too. No promises from my side ;)
  6. Hello Rob, I've got a lot of DRIVER STATE BLUE SCREENS on a regular basis lately with win10 64 bit after applying the latest big patch ("creators update"?) Solution was - as hard as it is - to reinstall the OS completely new. I made that switch when P3D v4 was released, so it was a all over clean start from the beginning. But that was just my experience and as you say also, I have had the blue screens regularly with always the DRIVER STATE. It isn't for sure, that it will help in your case also ... Good luck!
  7. Hello, the walking feature is great, love it! I have some wishes for it, please: 1) Could it be that hitting the button does set the "man" on the ground directly, without moving down first? Mean, when you hit the button, the viwepoint is behind the aircraft, up in the air. YOu have to move down first, that we could walk. Would be nice to have it directly set on the tarmac. 2) Could it be made possible to assign a joystick button, so that I do not need to open the CP GUI first and hit the button there? 3) enable a setting, that one could adjust the walking speed as he likes it. Currently, it walks a bit slow for my taste. Would like to adjust this. 4) the height of the viewpoint ... is it a bit high? Currently seems like it is a 2m person many thanks Günter
  8. Hello, Thanks. I'm currently at holidays. But when the Beaver is at simMarket, it's on my list, yes
  9. I hate this and this
  11. My harddrive is ready:
  12. Hifi with Active Sky and ASCA is in and for free
  13. No need to wonder: I'm sure PMDG knows what their next project will be ;)
  14. +1 But I asked this several times some months before. Devs promised to implement it one day. I also hope that happens sooner then later, I really miss this!
  15. There was an issue with FSUIPC, but this is fixed. However I had twice again the last weeks. Simple solution is to reinstall FSUIPC.