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  1. My advice would be to check in tomorrow again and see if the store is still online (1st April, cough, but I'm not sure myself at all as it is a lot of effort for just an aprils fool))
  2. Be careful, you easily get banned from the official forums. Happened not just me. Developer is very sensitive about critics.
  3. Please release now! SImple reasons are that it surely will motivate the developer to get good feedback and good money (if its product is good!) A full release is aimed to end of 2024 or later if several betatesters have said, so still a long road. I have no problem with a kind of early access when I know what I get and I know what I can expect. That is a big difference to FSHud as example, wich released a completely buggy product, then make an open official beta, which tooks also more then a year and the outcome is still unsure.
  4. As I really hate all that plane stuff I really hope I could just use the tablet and be able to disable all the other plane stuff around. Just want to simulate that tablet as I do it with my tablet at home. No airplane around, please!
  5. Oooook .... 🤔 Why not posting "more infos" here? For an unknown one-poster you should really give us much more info about your "very good project"
  6. Doesn't sound very optiistic? Or is it still in a very, very basic stage?
  7. One wish I have: could the window position be remebered also for a multi screen setup? I have 3 screens, MSFS in the middle, primary screen, and I run Auto_FPS on the right screen. Every time Auto_FPS starts, it starts at the primary screen again. Not a big thing, but if there's a technical solution from your side, that would be great! many thanks!!!
  8. Good morning ,no, working as it should on my end. But it's a "new" plane . You have to copy your old configuration in AAO The New variables for SPD, ALT , HDG etc will be implemented the next days
  9. @Aamir please do not waste your time with that button: Use this button:
  10. please mark irony/sarcasm very clearly! Some people could think you mean that serious! 😉
  11. I also want to thank you very much for your effort!
  12. Or each week ... depends how much they use it. But it is similar to icecream, whiskey, chocolate, etc.
  13. As far as I understand, PTT needs a very small amount of transistion time. The included amount should last for years. But yes, otherwise there is no extra cost after purchase if you use just the 140 offline voices.
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