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  1. Aaahhhh, all cyrillic Graphically very, very nice!
  2. Thanks for the info Or, shorter then in over 3 minutes: " Captains, Today we anticipate the arrival of Asobo's SU12 release for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We know for certain that a few changes to the 737 are required in order to preserve the user experience. We have prepped an update for the entire 737 fleet, and it is primed and ready for the testing team. We **do** need to get the final build of SU12 in our hands in ordre to validate it's fitness for purpose- and that will happen at the same time you all get the SU12 build. We recognize that a few of you may want to launch into SU12 immediately with the 737, and we just wanted to be sure that you knew there may be some lag between the launch of SU12 and the arrival of the update for the PMDG 737. This lag might be a few minutes, or it might be some hours, depending upon the results of our testing immediately after launch of SU12. We just wanted you all to know that we are on top of it, and your patience is appreciated. See you all once SU12 is in our hands." https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/244182-21mar23-short-but-important-notam-for-all-pmdg-737-msfs-users#post244182
  3. Yes, sorry. Is not my native language, obvisously. Learnt sth new now 😉
  4. Just looked: I have 390 links to different kind of addons. Even if you have just 10 countries with 3 airports each you have a lot better oversight. But of course it is no must. On the other side it is freeware ...
  5. I had a beer yesterday ... can we go back to topic now after all that irrelevant information? 😉 I can recommend REX AccuSeason as there are no seasons until now and these replacement trees help a lot. Then try the freeware FBW A320 GSX and EFB are also available for MSFS Then, you might have a look at AddonLinker to manage your addons. This is for me the most important tool. You will see your addon collection rise fast. And as nice as it is to simply put the addons in the community folder, you will very soon struggle to keep track and oversight as it is not possible to make subfolders there. With AddonLinker you can sort them as you like - countries, aircraft, landmarks etc.
  6. Like most sites, also this site does have that information when you like to find it: Flightsim.to > legal > Contact
  7. An information which should have been in the initial post. And also how long he had time to answer ... 1 hour, 1 day? Do not think I defend what he has probably done But I think this is a very, very heavy accusation you make public here. Before sth like this starts, you should be very sure to have all facts and all parties have had enough time to respond. The livery you talk about was uploaded yesterday ... seems a bit fast to get answers and reactions from all involved before making this public post in my opinion!
  8. And I have asked Raller via PM. (steps that maybe should have been done before escalating in a public forum)
  9. Do we have the exact answer from flightsim.to to Crispy why they do not want to delete the files? As long as we do not have that answer, I do not think, we should judge or start the next storm here .... If you are in contact with Crispy, please encourage him to post here his personal view of that case.
  10. When I e-mail fs.to to inform them that other uploaders use my icons (or parts of my profiles) without asking me, these uploads got deleted almost immediatelly.
  11. no, no difference here, I would say. Maybe, as promised, a bit faster
  12. I just realized that the Philips was a one day offer today. Bought it now for that price and hope it is a good one 😉 Any experiences with this monitor would be still welcome
  13. Hello, I seek through all testing sites and forums and a new monitor seems to be a difficult thing. I have a 12700K, 32 Gb and RTX 3080 system and my maximum screens size would be 43" In that league I end up always with this monitor: Samsung M7B S43BM700UU Does anyone have experience or could tell me if this screen is good for MSFS and gamingin general (no shooter, maybe soem racing games, strategy or building games)? Meanwhile I have found also the Philips 436M6VBPAB With the Samsung above I'm not sure if it starts in PC mode or if I have always switch the modes if I startup. I will use it only as PC monitor. The Philips seem to be a bit more "real" monitor ... hwoever a bit outdated maybe? But would fit my budget many thanks!
  14. I think it is finally necessary to warn new buyers about getting PRO ATC From one of the official forum mods about the current issues with activation when you buy that software: "The activations are now only weekly. This unusual behavior has been the norm for the developer for several months. As long as users buy the software every day, nothing will change. So have patience! Nothing we can change." and about further, needed updates of PRO ATC "The team hasn't had any contact with the dev for 3 months. When asked, there are insults and always the same answer. "It's about to come with the next update." That was fixed in November at a maximum of 2 weeks." I can highly recommend to not support such business behave. Meanwhile it followes the same pattern as it has been the last years: a release. some minor patches silence, no support, no updates, no communication "revolting" customers developers states, that he has computer problems or is ill (this time it is burnout, some years ago it was a damaged hand, etc) If anyone has personal contact to him, please convince him to sell the software to some more skilled developer or make it open source or whatever. Sad to see such a promising tool fall through
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