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  1. In search of ...

    Yes, simStarter lets you export your installes sceneries to Google Earth. simStarter does also show your saved flights as KML In combination with WAMA you'll get a nice GE overview over your installed sceneries and parked aircrafts. In this screenshot you see airports in green from simStarter and orange markings from WAMA.
  2. Status of 2nd window?

    Very sad, but thanks for the answer!!
  3. Hello, to have cool CP views in a 2nd window opened in P3D would be one of my most prefered features. Are there any news about this? many thanks, Günter
  4. Module Requests - please read

    Hello, unfortunately it is not possible as every developer uses completely different methods - even with every single addon. So you have always to start from scratch. Carenado is normaly not too much system-deep any rely on standard FSX offsets. Have you had a lock into the FSUIPC documentation for offsets or controls? offset for GEN1 is 3B78 (FSUIPC offsets, page 58) and the control number is according to The 2016 List of FSX and P3D Controls.pdf maybe 67350.
  5. New user - FS Labs A320 problem

    No, it is possible and has nothing to do with macros. You have to make a LUA script and execute it then via a FSUIPC keystroke. (Or in other words, you assign that LUA script to a keystroke via FSUIPC) The difficult thing is just to make that LUA script. You could use the current LINDA FSLabs parts of the code. But you need programing knowledge and experience with LUA.
  6. New user - FS Labs A320 problem

    Ah ok, no, LINDA is not able to send its functions from a keyboard. You could achieve this however with FSUIPC. You have to read how to make LUA scripts with ipc.parameters. Then you have to make your own scripts which you could then execute with keystrokes through FSUIPC. It's a bit complicated maybe at beginning and hard to explain in short, but would solve your problem. Have a look into the FSUIPC Documentation.
  7. New user - FS Labs A320 problem

    seems so ;) ok, what you have done is to advice LINDA: when I press button 2, then send my F1 key to the sim (what is normally throttle down to zero) when I hold then button 2, execute VC GSLD FCU SPD dec function,what means SPD knob in the FSLabs AP panel You simply have to assign that VC GSLD FCU SPD dec to "On Press". You can keep it at "on Repeat" if you need it when you kepp the button pressed, o you have to remove it then. To clarify: "on press", means function is executed when you press a button "on repeat", you have the button pressed and hold it now "on release", when you release the button (important for e.g. light switches or similar when you switch things on and off.
  8. New user - FS Labs A320 problem

    Hi, what do you want to achieve? What you have assigned is, if you press a button, you e.g. throttle down to zero (F1) and if you hold then the button (on repeat), you dial the SPD in the Autopilot. Or have you reassigned the F1 key in the P3D options? Günter
  9. LUA Error on MaddogX

    Hello, do you get any errors (red lines) in te LINDA Console (opened, when LINDA is active by pressing F!. And debugging activated)?
  10. PMDG 747 QOTSII - Speedbrakes??

    I tried again, and yes, the FSUIPC spoiler commands should work. Maybe not the LINDA spoinler commands (maybe a bug), but directly with FSUIPC.
  11. Bitte um Hilfe

    Hallo "Schlumpf", Deutsch passt, kein Problem. Zunächst einmal eine Begriffsklärung: Du sprichst vom MCP-Combo von VRInsight? Welches Modell? I oder II und beim IIer, dann Airbus oder Boeing? In welchem Addon testest Du das gerade? Zunächst sollte es mal in einem der Standard Flugzeuge klappen, am besten die BB58, dann sehen wir weiter
  12. Searching for LUA Developer

    Ah, ok, now I understand what you want. It's about the gauges! Do you already use any software which could read Lua variables or offsets? Depends on the software: but I helped with a similar projekt and it was possible to throw out custom offsets to drive the gauges then. But you don't need LINDA espacially for this... but when you already run LINDA you could implement the code there also. So, let me know, if or what software you use for interconnection to your gauges. Or better if you need offsets or LUA variables? Or whatever...
  13. PMDG 747 QOTSII - Speedbrakes??

    Hmmm... When the standard functions do not work, then probably not. I had a look in the SDK and it should be possible. Will implement it
  14. Searching for LUA Developer

    Hello Ludo, no need for a double post or to be impatient. I deleted your other (double) post and moved this one to the right location. I gave you the hint to have a look here in the LINDA forums. As long as you use HID devices in your homecockpit (recognized by FSUIPC), you can use LINDA which will be the perfect solution for your homecockpit. But you have to inform yourself about LINDA. If you have then still questions, feel free to ask.
  15. Hello, why should the 747 not support LINDA? It must not support it, but LINDA supports the 747. There's no need for PMDG to make any support regarding LINDA (indeed they do by providing an excellent SDK) It is common knowledge, that loading a flight directly into any PMDG airplane will lead to several errors. Always, always load an default airplane before (I use the BB58), you even do not need to start the sim - the main menü laoding screen with a default aircraft is enough. But you have to do this. Otherwise you get all sort of errors. Not only crashing but misbehave in functions: FMC is faulty, some switches do not work and so on. And that doesn't have to do anything with LINDA.