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  1. So glad you solved it! I was about to post the solution to your topic. But you've been faster.
  2. There's a similar stutter region nearby around KPT VOR (Kempten). If I fly there, there's from beginning a lot of suttering, doesn'T matter which plane, weather, time, date or even setting. Only LOD seems to sure it if you set it really low. I think we have different bugs here. The stutterings around certain regions like LOWS or KPT as example are probably from single hickups in this specific region because sth went wrong with their data. Maybe some Vector problems or whatever. The stutterings we get since are different in my opinion, as they occur everywhere. But it's just wild guessing and I have no evidence.
  3. @IcemanFBW I know about your discord, but don't want to verify with my phone there to chat. I search for some variables (for AAO) for the AP etc. Is there a kind of list you can provide, please? many thanks!!!
  4. What? He gets now blamed that you guys start to speculate? ok ... back to topic. I'm out of this discussion
  5. I really do not like if people do extrapolate and interpret what someone else could/should be thinking. You guys "extrapolate" and state this as facts like Rob himself would have made that statement. Fact is, Rob has posted three month ago and we all do not know why he isn't joyining AVSIMs discussion or further develop his mods. And for sure there are a dozen other reasons that he is behaving in that way he does, instead of vanishing without a word because FM is not adequate. Maybe it is so or it is not the reason. We simply do not know!
  6. Hope you make a good amount of money with your ability to look into other humans brains! 😁
  7. I voted and yes, I have also framedrops. But a thread with fps drops in its title will attract me, when I have fps drops. Otherwise I would not pay attention. Just to make it clear, what result you will get here with this poll.
  8. I don't know what to say any more. Yes, I'm very patient, but some things start to transform into a joke. 🙈 🤷‍♂️
  9. Yes, indeed! After that experience described above, it is the first time in my long sim career that I leave known terrain. I had a bunch of scenery enhancements for the other sim(s), mainly europe and seldom left this region, because it was to ugly to look out of the window. No I start to explore, mainly desert regions. I'm "currently on my way" from Egypt to the arabian peninsula. Astonishing!
  10. Just as a sidenote and why I love MSFS so much meanwhile: I used to do some journeys through the Sahara with my Motorcycle many (too many) years ago, e.g. Algeria. With MSFS it is the first time ever I can visit these places again what is due to the political and safety situation (beside the pandemic) in these countries not possible. But I was really flashed to see the Oasis I was, even the campsite could be identified. I was flying along the exact route through the dunes we also where driving with our bikes. I really could identify dunes and could compare them with fotos. You could imagine that gives me a thrill and goosebumps to see that again. Just as example ... and I have visited other locations also in Europe I have been ... very exciting! Thats why I love MSFS ... yes, it is certainly more a landscape simulator for me curently. But I like it!
  11. Just want to say I made this survey and can report that there will be absolute no personal datas you need to share, despite gender (if you like) and natioanlity.
  12. The Development Roadmap says very clearly, that on March, the 11th, the Sim Update III will be released on March, the 9th 😆🤣
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