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  1. I close this topic to avoid, that people do think that is the actual module
  2. The topic was now very often on page 1 and MeekG was often active since ... he should have seen it. Maybe they are busy currently, but I hope to get a simple answer, soon.
  3. Then keep this thread up, guys
  4. I hope to get in contact with the Devs that they support LINDA. They said it once via Facebook, but I can't get any contact since till now. Need some time.
  5. Very fictional, but a kind of retro Lufthansa would be a dream!
  6. Hello Madddog-Devs, I contacted you some weeks ago regarding LINDA support via Facebook. Until now, I get an error message when I try to contact you again via FB messenger. I then tried via your support e-mail, but I have read that it probably won't get forwarded. So, my last hope is, that we could get in contact again this way. Please write me a PM where I can contact you about the LINDA support if you are still interested. many thanks, Günter
  7. hmmm, seltsam... ich habs natürlich getestet. Und wenn Du Pd und die Striche schon siehst, dann klappts ja eigentlich. Ich vermute dann eher, wir verstehen uns nicht ganz: ich meine, wenn der Steering Tiller gedrückt ist (VC_PEDAL_DISC_CPT) Ich habe als Anzeige "Pd --" für nicht gedrückt und "Pd on" wenn gedrückt. (Können wir gerne noch ändern, wenn DU eine bessere Idee hast) Hab allerdings direkt mit der Maus im VC den Tiller gedrückt... gibts da noch andere Möglichkeiten?
  8. Can confirm this ;)
  9. Hello Stefan, I have made a function for you, which you can insert into the original actions.lua The info will appear on the left side on the display (not in the middle where the weather currently is) However I do not know if you have an MCP airbus style and if so, if it will work then. I have tested it with my MCP II Boeing style. Drop me a note if it does not work. Insert this function into the actions.lua: function VC_PEDAL_DISC_CPT_show () PdlPos = ipc.readLvar("VC_PEDAL_DISC_CPT") if PdlPos == 0 then PdlPosTxt = "--" elseif PdlPos > 0 then PdlPosTxt = "on" end com.write(dev, "A/TPd", 8) com.write(dev, "F/D" .. PdlPosTxt , 8) end and insert this line under the Timer function: VC_PEDAL_DISC_CPT_show () Should look like this then: function Timer () VC_PEDAL_DISC_CPT_show () As I said, if you prefer an other solution, let me know. Note: this is just a solution for you. The public release for the FSLabs module will be unchanched. maybe we add this at a later stage Viel Spaß, Günter
  10. Same here, really good update!
  11. Damned, glad you remind me about this ... but bad timing for that update
  12. WAMA is simply one of the best tools out there. Just wanted to say thanks (again!) I have transfered (manually) my airliners from Europe and even from USA to EDDP over the last weeks to make this nice picture, what is of course just possible with WAMA. Was always a joy to land with the next plane in EDDP and see all the others parked there.
  13. I'm sure, that in future, VR will be superseded by AR (augmented reality, e.g. Hololens - EDIT sth. a bit flight related, click). However that will probably need 10 or 15 years. But imagine, you have your hardware, Yoke, Joystick, etc. in front of you and at the end of your desk the cockpit will start to "materialize", including the view out of the windows. Fingertracking will enable that you could switch and dial all knobs. In that way you can have different cockpits, 747, 777, little GA, warbirds etc. Bright future! but that is now a bit oof topic, sorry ....