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  1. guenseli

    Tracing & other programming

    If there is a module for an addon (as it is with the Comanche for example) and you do not find some functions, like gear, battery etc.then there is a chance, that they are covered by the default FSX functions. However, for the Comanche, battery does indeed exist:
  2. guenseli

    Using ProATC/X problems

    Current version of Pro ATC X is You should head over to their forum, update and ask there if there are still any problems left
  3. guenseli

    MaddogX after SP1

    Hello, yes, the devs unfortunately changed the way, how the Maddogs COMs works. Very sad! They have done this to enable shared cockpit functionality and also to not consider to give us the option to revert back to "old" COM behaviour. So far, there's no solution from our side. Maybe I could dig into the COM programing of the MCP one day, but currently, there's no knowledge or time for. Sorry
  4. guenseli


    I also changed from F1 to RXP and very happy so far. F1 GTN was unique in the beginning, no doubt. But looking at the features that brings the RXP one let me worry that I haven't changed earlier. And support is 100% better! Keep up the good work, guys!
  5. guenseli

    GSX Library (1.5)

    In general it is possible, yes... But it is not easy to explain, as it needs proper programing skills in LUA and the knowledge how to gather and find the functions from the addon itself and GSX. I would count more on the addon developer itself (PMDG), however that would be take it's time … if
  6. guenseli

    Disengage bar not working

    It really sounds, that you have a faulty hardware switch? Are you sure, that is not the reason?
  7. guenseli

    QW 146

    Unfortunately I do not have a backup, sorry. Hope, an other user does have one ...
  8. guenseli

    LINDA for VRinsight CDU II /FCU / MCP -Combo II

    The disadvantage with Mouse Macros is, that most likely with every new update from FSLabs, you'll have to start making the macro complete new again, as internal numbers will change. However I can't exactly say if it's the case with FSLabs, but I worked with macros many years ago (before LINDA, and LINDA was necessary because of the macros) and there it was, that with every update by different developers the macros internally change and have to be rewritten. So, could be used of course as long as we have no better solution, but be aware.
  9. guenseli

    Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Dual Throttle

    I would advice to buy the Thrustmaster Hotas Throttle AND stick! The precicision of the stick is way over the X52. I had an X52 also and this is day and night! There's no need for TARGET in P3D as most functions of advanced addons couldn't be excuted with keycommands. But could be used in other games and doesn't interfere with FSUIPC/LINDA once installed. I use the throttle of course for all my addons and it is supposed to be placed throttle left, stick right. maybe you get used to to place it on the opposite sides, but they are more designed to be there. You can't reach a lot of knobs if you place the throttle on the right side. And I fly a lot of warbirds (A2A) and then, the stick and throttle position makes sense again. And if you are for reality, then think about, that Boeings even do not have a stick 😉
  10. Or you could buy for 50$ a Leo Bodnar BBI card (or similar), buy some switches and have a lot more switches and you could make a layout as you like. It is of course some work, but I found this planning is a lot of fun. In the end, for half the money you have the double amount of switches and as you like them. It is not that difficult. Just some switches and a little bit wood. (and yes, I should clean it a little bit sometimes 😉 )
  11. guenseli

    Problem with A2A Piper Cherokee 180

    Thanks, you have no module installed! Please download and install from here
  12. guenseli

    Problem with A2A Piper Cherokee 180

    Can you make a screenshot, please?
  13. guenseli

    Problem with A2A Piper Cherokee 180

    Wait … you have to select the special module assignments for the Cherokee, not the standard FSX assignments.
  14. guenseli

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    That is a feature I requested many years ago already in the Pro ATC X forum. But support/development is …. you know 🙄