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  1. guenseli

    GSX Library (1.5)

    I do not own it and do not plan this … sorry!
  2. guenseli

    ProATC and GSX parking

    Hmmm, ProAtc is not very difficult to understand. File a flightplan, e.g. with PFPX, export it, load that file into ProATCX, thats it. Or, without PFPX or similar, simply enter your departue and destination airport and ProATC will generate a route for you. The gate assignment is automatically, all in all it works relatively good. But you could also take a chart of your destination airport and preselect a gate in ProATCX. You could select several gate options. ProATCX will also keep the gate clear from AI Traffic. ProATCX also "uses" the sim AI Traffic and reacts to it. So you will get the instruction to hold short of the runway if AI Traffic is landing. And AI Traffic stops (and your hear the instruction through ProAtcX to the AI Traffic) if there is any taxi collision. So there is a kind of AI Traffic interaction like with the default ATC. So far I'm really satisfied with ProATCX, however the support is horrible.
  3. guenseli

    Linda module for A2A Bonanza available?

    No, it was released on September, 16th, not in September 2016 😉 It is misleading from the AVSIM forums, yes, but look at the two posts below which have been posted on "September 17" and "September 18" … there was not one year between them 😉
  4. Yes, but only if you change sth. in that liveries. And only the livery which would be changed is affected. But Keven told me that he found the bug and have it probably already solved. If not today, then maybe tomorrow. Great support!
  5. guenseli

    Linda module for A2A Bonanza available?

    It is for the A2A Bonanza, yes. Which one do you mean which is not yet available???
  6. Ok, I fiddled around the last days to find a solution for the following error, despite the 747 is loaded: In my case, I use simStarter to manage my liveries (and to disable the PMDG house livery). And I'm sure, some other users add and modify their liveries also in one or the other way. In general, there's nothing wrong with simStarter, but it changes the original [fltsim.1] to [FLTSIM.1] - so it is all about case sensitivity! Open your aircraft.cfg(s) and change it back to lower cases: the Immersion Manager will recognize your 747 now! I hope it is not a big task for OldProp to learn the IM to be a bit more tolerant about lower or upper cases 😉
  7. Does your immersion manager start? I have maybe a similar issue, IM is starting but says that I should connect a supported airplane. Kevin is already on it, I contacted him via mail. Hope he has an idea soon.
  8. I really don't know why we need two networks
  9. Video says "Planet Scale: from gras blade to solar system" Would make me think that you should have indeed a complete and round world. But nevertheless, we won't se it in near future.
  10. Have a look at this showreel. I would tend to say this will be the ultimative flightsim engine 😀 But I also know that we will probably won't see such things in the next decade … or ever 😢
  11. guenseli

    PMDG 747-8 TCAS logic not correct

    Ah, ok, I have just changed the TCAS_show function, but not the TCAS_Modes itself I have to test it against the 744, because there is a difference to the 748. Should then fit for both versions Thanks for the hint
  12. guenseli

    window heat: any effect without?

    Thanks for the Infos. That was what I wanted to know
  13. Hard to forget it and I had not real cing conditions till now, but does have window heat off any effect when in icing conditions? Especially with the new rainmaker feature? Same question for airframe icing ... many thanks
  14. Wow I was fast: got it even before this post 😋 Thanks for the update!