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  1. guenseli

    FSLabs A320 engines rotating while C&D

    Come on, that question is really strange. You ask to remove a RL feature which everyone is happy about. Maybe you could explain why you want to remove it? is it the sound?
  2. guenseli

    LINDA for VRinsight CDU II /FCU / MCP -Combo II

    to 3) Yes, VRInsight has unfortunately a very rude attitude. We also asked them several times for supporting us a bit, but they always denied or haven't even answered. I bet, that they sold a lot of units simply because of LINDA. But they see us more as rivals then as supporters for their hardware. to 5) Recieved, answered and very thankful about!
  3. guenseli

    Envtex vs Rex Texture Direct + Envshade vs PTA

    Hello, ENVTEX has the advantage to work with ASP3D4 and ASCAs Global Automatic mode. But I'm not sure if this could als be achieved with REX Textures, I do not think so, but I'm not sure. Loosing the Global Automatic mode would be a big loss. I really like the textures from ENVTEX but that is maybe also in the eye of the beholder. ENVSHADE does not have a performance drop here and does look very nice. But also, that is sth. I can't say for your taste. I have played a lot with PTA, but in the end, ENVSHADE looks the most natural for me. Shure, ith PTA you achieve much more dramatic and cineastic effects. But you will end up tweaking days and days 😉
  4. Recieved the update and all is working now! thanks guys!!!
  5. Hope that doesn't collide with my holidays … 😆
  6. guenseli

    Electronic Flight Bag v2 Released

    Simply try the demo. EFB v2 is much more simpler as once you have set up a flight plan (which could be also imported (from e.g. PFPX) you don't have to care any more about. All datas you need at a certain stage are shown.
  7. guenseli

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 coming soon

    I see your your point, however reality is as it is. I highly recommend to have a look at simStarter. You could (next to countless other things) make run profiles, so you start at one click all software you need … with special arguments if you like and for different profiles if you need other software for IFR than for VFR.
  8. guenseli

    C'mon man!!!

    I don't think that was the point of his post ... Check for irony!
  9. guenseli

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 coming soon

    I have tested it again and the numbers are the current usage, not averages. It depends indeed on the map how much CPU is needed. If EFB changes from one map to another I get also up to 8% usage for a second when EFB has been the first time started. And I will correct my 1 - 1,5% as I had a closer look now: Ground charts shows 0,0 to 0,2% SID and STAR and moving map need around 3%
  10. guenseli

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 coming soon

    I don't know and I haven't heard that many recommend this. Maybe it is because many do have just a single screen for their simming PC? I have 3 screens to run also that information stuff and couldn't see a big FPS drop. For EFB v2 I can report a CPU hit of 1 to 1,5% on my system. Can't remember how much EFB v1 was, but never had any problems with also.
  11. guenseli

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 coming soon

    No, you do not need to run it on two PCs, but you can if you want. I run it on my simming PC. Reagrding if an EFB is an "immersion killer": EFB is a very powerful tool and supports me in many ways in my simming environment. For me it is a kind of F/O which supports me finding/guiding taxiways, gives me the relevant Infos about SID/STARs, performance calc, weather, airport info, navigation etc. Simply reduces the workload to a more realistic manner as real pilots are not alone in their cockpits. A big advantage is it also when flying online as you have online ground traffic (even before connecting) and online available ATCs and their frequencies. So you have always the right and the relevant information at your hand. Regarding Navigraph Charts and EFB v2: I have both and use both. For me it is simply fun to look also at charts, adds bit more realism before flying. But as I said during the flight I use EFB. And if I had to choose between EFB and Navigraph charts I would choose EFB as it is much more powerful then the charts alone
  12. Just a heads up: AivlaSoft EFBv2 will be released soon after many years of new development from ground up. You can see screenshots here and could also download the manual.
  13. guenseli

    MaddogX and MCP Boeing II problem

    Hello, have you both assigned the MCP Combo buttons to anything? Could you make a screenshot of your assignments, please?
  14. Good luck with that! I have done it in the past (but not for PMDG and ORBX) but for many sceneries. The trouble starts if you recieve updates of the products. Many files like effects, sounds etc. are still in the main P3D folder and a new update will install them there or refuse to install then in your new location. And I predict that installing ORBX outside is nearly impossible as all the ORBX files are all spread over your P3D, deep inside. I ended now back to install where the addons want. Simply installing them is much faster then sort all the outside installed addons and manage them to run in P3D again and test them. But a tool which will help you is Folderchangesview: you have to select locations which will be monitored (P3D main, AppData Roaming LM, ProgramData LM, Documentsand then you'll see what is changed during an addon installation)
  15. guenseli

    REX Environment Force

    Realization: a big first step into the right direction. 👍