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  1. I'll try my very best ;)
  2. Working here also. Do you maybe ave some special default state loaded? The NGX doors do ver yseldom not initialize properly, so GSX/maybe LINDA do not see the correct state. If you try again and make sure that you have opened and closed the doors via the NGX FMC properly?
  3. No FPS drops on my side from multilegs.
  4. No problem on my end. Have done several multilegs with different PMDGs, also with switching view inside/outside etc. as you like. Never had any OOM since v4
  5. My Opinion on REX products is: graphically they are really nice, but the company is not able to solve their problems technically. Simply the fact that you need update orgies with countless hotfixes and SPs where you have to fiddle out the right numbers instead of using an straight forward updater. And: everytime I installed REX I have had shaders or texture problems, because it was affecting other things. At least: ASCAs standalone feature is the ability to dynamically change clouds etc, and you will loose this with REX But: just my opinion ...
  6. Hmmm ... unfortunately I have to say I still haven't got it. All what I read seems to be the same experience as with the early Aerosoft Airbus: you fly the plane and wonder "is this a bug again or does the real airplane behave so also?" ... mostly, it was a bug I was really unsatisfied late then with the Aerosoft Airbus. I had - also many years and development stages later - countless bugs and issues. "Emergency dive", lost LNAV, incorrect VNAV and so on. I was more busy to monitor the plane to prevent eventual bugs as to "fly". All things which I do not have with the FSLabs Airbus. And now I read the same bugs over and over with the CRJ again .... hmmmm... Oski, convince me if I should get the CRJ despite these bugs ...
  7. Does anyone still visit ADX?
  8. Sent many hours before
  9. Thanks for the Replay feature!!! Made a first short test and it is working good. I also have a few first suggestions: Would be good to have in the replay window itself the ability to choose the data visualisation (and recorded time) Otherwise I have to open now two windows Would be good to have also Altitude above ground also as Data to choose from. Imagine you fly through the mountains and the valeys and want to seek for the lowest point of your flight where you have nearly hit the ground ;) many thanks
  10. The most important question for me regarding the replay feature is: does it work with advanced addons like A2A. Till today, if you record an A2A plane (as example) despite what record tool you choose, you'll get an engine failre or big smoke or whatever as accusim gets confused. Is this sth. CP Replay covers???
  11. Thanks for letting us know. Test, test, test that we get it as early as possible!!!
  12. I use it a lot longer now and also without any drivers, LINDA and not any problems
  13. It is not. Devs could buy an implementation of TrueGlass into their own addons, like MilViz have done already. Waht you hope is reality: TFDi IS licencing TrueGlass. The other question is, which and how many developers will do this or try it on it's own.
  14. Lufthansa started a 747 shedule between Berlin and Frankfurt now. So, all my simulated short hops between German cities or other short european hops do make sense now. A very satisfying feeling that reality follows simulation!