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  1. Do we talk about VRAM CTDs eclusively or are there meant other CTDs? Currently I only have the device hang message due to low VRAM
  2. Haven't tried it till now in v5, but have had it with v4 and was satisfied. One question remains: does this als help with using less VRAM or is this comeplete unaffected? thx
  3. Hello, I'm very interested in opinions from users of P3D v5 with older PC systems! I have 12Gb RAM and a i6700K @4.2 Ghz and a GTX 970 So, if someone switches with a relative similar system from 4.5 to v5, please let me know, especially how a full sim with addons behaves. P3D v5 is the first version I will not switch on day one, but think if it makes real sense with my system? many thanks
  4. I'm very surprised that there is no module as I have thought I have uploaded it a long time ago. Anyway, here is it:
  5. Here you can download the module version 1.2 for the A2A P40 (I'm a bit suprised as I thought, that I have uploaded already a module. But can't find it. Anyway here is it now as requested) http://www.awginfosys.net/LINDA/Downloads/A2A_P40_v1_2.zip To install the module: Download and expand the zip file into a suitable accessible location (ie. desktop). Open LINDA and ensure that the aircraft selector is not Sync-ed to Sim and --Aircrafts-- is displayed. Click on the Maintenance option. Under Import Aircraft Module click on Select Source Folder and locate the folder AA2A_P40_v1_2.zip. Click on Select. Click on Install/Overwrite A2A P40 Module button. Open your Flt Sim and click on Sync To Sim (ensure A2A P40 displayed and outlined in orange). Enjoy. Details of available functions are contained in the A2A P40-Functions.txt file in the /module/linda/aircrafts/A2A P40/. Standard default library functions may be used for many operations (eg. landing gear and flaps). Please report all issues and suggestion under LINDA Support.
  6. Doesn't matter. This is just from someone who has access to the beta and after the NDA lift yesterday everybody is free to show content. No need to call it "leak"
  7. That he gets an error message and what he should do now. Seems to be very clear in my opinion. In your forums there's the advance to update to the latest version, that is why I asked him which he has currently.
  8. Pro ATC X is unfortunately not really supported and thzere is no further development since a long time. Nevertheless it is also my favorite ATC program Which version of the program do you run? Latest Version
  9. Wasn't there already a screenshot showing Poi's?
  10. Hello, I haven't had the DC-6 installed for a while now ... and do not have that time currently. So,out of my mind I have no solution, sorry
  11. You could use simStarter and make different profiles with different startup conditions for programs
  12. Some thoughts: As touch works all in all on this tablet and also with other websites, maybe we should think into another direction. AviaServer behaves there like it has no valid licence, meaning just show data, but no input is possible. Could it be, that there's a licencing issue? I have tried to switch of (windows defender) firewall and also set the right port. Any ideas into this direction? EDIT: current workaround: I uninstalled New Edge on that tablet. Old Edge still works
  13. Hello Mark, I was not simming since some weeks, tried it again. meanwhile, the new Edge Chromium browser is official. I still have the problem, that I can't use AviAServer, I tried with Edge, Chrome and firefox. I also found this thread: But that doesn't also not help ... and I do not have settings like "Touch Events API" in chrome and in Edge there seems to be nothing simliar. Has anyone has any hints (beside using another tablet - no money for this)? many thanks EDIT: the other Laptop I mention above does not have a touch screen.
  14. Hello, that is, because things are not as easy as they seem 😉 On isse is, that you probably have now two functions named NGX_APU_on (). Only one is working then. Be sure to name them differently. If this is not the case: You could probably use the already existing functions ad combine them: function NGX_start_and_on () NGX_APU_on () ipc.sleep(300) NGX_APU_start() end However, I haven't tested this, but should work
  15. Do you talk about the NGX or 747 from PMDG? If so, is there a flightplan properly set in the FMC?
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