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  1. Many thanks, Steve! Takes a while till I'm back home fortunately :) Looking forward to your CRJ paints! And for the 747 LH Cargo, too. Could you probably make two registrations for her? If you also need names, then Berlin and Wilmersdorf ;) Sorry, a lot of patience is needed still for new modules
  2. One hint: HDR on causes also shimmering with 8xMSAA (in my system) 8xMSAA without HDR ist a good compromise here.
  3. Hello, Im not completely unable, just very reduced ;-) Earliest will be late September/Oktober. PMDG DC6 have to be done first.
  4. Try WAMA where is my aircraft One Feature is, to add static objects and aircrafts
  5. Dear PMDG Team, many thanks for the DC-6! I was really waiting for her ... (but thats valid for all of your other products, too!) As long time A2A User it was not difficult to get her up and running from cold and dark without any instructions ;) I'm on holidays now till mid September, so: bad timimng. But will create a LINDA module for her afterwards. Enjoy flying!
  6. Hello, I'm aware of the release of the DC-6. But bad timing: I start into holidays tomoroow. So you will not get a DC6 module before mid September from my side. But I'll do my very best when I'm back home! Sorry
  7. Hello, I'm aware of the release of the DC-6. But bad timing: I start into holidays tomoroow. So you will not get a DC6 module before mid September from my side. But I'll do my very best when I'm back home! Sorry
  8. It depends ... but could give a hint if maybe an certain DLL will crash something of your video card driver have problems or whatever. You could also try to backup and disable your scenery.cfg to see if it's then working. And if so, then insert your old scenery.cfg and disable Vector etc in the scenery library to see if it works then.
  9. I do not have any crashes with vector. Have you checked the windows error report?
  10. Hello, in this little tutorial we try to explain how to install a LINDA module. (not all steps are 100% valid for older modules. But the main handling remains the same) This tutorial IS NOT about installation of LINDA. That means at this step, LINDA and FSUIPC etc. is already installed, tested and running! 1) Download First step is to download the files. We provide DropBox links, which will lead to the DropBox site with further download instructions. The files you download are ZIP or RAR Archives. You need one of the countless (freeware) tools to unpack them or WIN10 has one built in. 2) Folder structure Inside the archives you find to following folder structure: 3) Installation: It is not a real installation, just copy. Copy all stuff inside the top folder (folders linda and linda-cfg) simply into your modules folder (the Modules folder is found inside your main FSX/P3D installation) If you install a module the first time, there should nothing be overwritten. If you update a module, you could overwrite, but make a backup before!!! Best habit is before making any changes to backup the complete modules folder! 4) MCP Combo default assignments If you are an owner of a MCP Combo, especially a MCP Combo II, LINDA uses pre-defined cfg files. Inside the linda-cfg folder you will find 3 config-mcp(X).default files. If you have a MCP Combo but no assigments, LINDA will use the matching config-mcp file and will rename it. No action needed from your side. If there is an assignment already, LINDA will not overwrite. Technical background: most modules are created by Andrew or Guenter. We do not use the older MCP Combos (I), and mostly (especially Guenter only) the MCP Combo II Boeing style. Therefore we could not provide full compatibility to other Combo models or styles. However LINDA is cabable to transfer the assignments, so you could use e.g. Guenters MCP Combo Boeing assignments also for Airbus or MCP Combo I. But they do probably not match 100% as they should. An other point is, that these MCP Combo assignments are just our personal favorites. They do probably change from time to time. So, using our provided Combo default cfgs, will change your personal assignments. Thats why there should be a backup. It is no problem to test our assignments and then copy back your old assignments if you don't like them. 5) Thats it! Sounds complicated, but it is a very basic tutorial, which covers hopefully all beginners questions. Installing a module should always be done with Sim and LINDA not running. Have fun!
  11. Hello, this is the module for the TFDi 717 TFDi_Design_717_v0_9 Installation: copy all files inside the "TFDi_Design_717_v0_9" folder into your "Modules" folder. As this is a new module, there is nothing to overwrite. Later version will probably require some files to overwrite. Make a backup first! To use pre-configured settings for your MCP Combo, please change the according files inside the folder: Modules\linda-cfg\aircrafts\TFDi_Design_717 from config-mcpX.default to config-mcpX.lua config-mcp --> Old MCP Combo I config-mcp2 --> MCP Combo II Boeing style config-mcp2a --> MCP Combo II Airbus style This version 0.9 is a kind of beta version. It does contain many, many functions, but no MCP Display functions. It's holiday season now, so don't expect more feature for the upcoming months. Have fun!
  12. Thanks for your answer, Nico!
  13. Hello Nico, it is really incredible what you have managed with Live traffic till now! However, my main issue with it is the "chaos" on ground. And as you have explained several times, its just the incorrect datas from the transponders. My question is now, if there's techincally any chance in the future if you are able to take control over the AI Aircraft as sson as they have landend and guide them on correct taxiways to a gate? Same for departing? Do you think this could ever be accomplished? I assume not, so there's a suggestion: does it make sense to make a kind of "dual mode", where on the ground a AI traffic program is working (e.g. UTL or MyTraffic) and up in the air, there are then the real flights? So, all ground movement is done by the AI Traffic programs and once up in the air they get deleted and the Live aircraft just show up? Or is there any other idea to solve the ground movemen problem? Many thanks for answering, Günter
  14. And it seems indeed to be released?! EDIT: ah, no. PMDG OP Center says P3Dv4, also on the Web Shop, but the downloaded Installer is still P3D v2 or v3
  15. As SSAA is killing my frames here with dynamic lighting (GTX 970) I use 8xMSAA without problems. It is not as good as the 4xSSAA I was used too, but a good compromise if you want DL. BUT: the best tip is to diable HDR which produces on my system a lot of shimmering! HDR off and 8xMSAA is quite good. Using PTA does also a good job without HDR then.