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  1. Hi all i am just upgrading from intel to amd I have had win 11 on my Samsung 2.5 500gb ssd the flightsim on my Samsung m.2 500 gb should i swop these around so win 11 is on my m.2 or does it not matter, been thinking os should be on fastest drive am I wrong any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated
  2. just had this before update restarted pc then it was ok downloading update now
  3. thanks for reply ian guess i will leave it for now
  4. Hi just tried the new multi monitor on my setup getting the same as ianrivaldosmith instant ctd have you sorted yours out yet ian using rtx 3080 card i7-8700k cpu
  5. can the frame rate mini be made to be auto dont know much about command line etc thanks
  6. i also have a 34" samsung monitor tobi works just fine on this 1 problem i am having in airliners where you could be clicking on buttons quite often the camera moves while your head is still sometimes you end up clicking on the wrong button still trying different settings to minimise this behaviour
  7. thank you so much for this guide proberly the best tweak guide i have ever read
  8. hi has anyone out there with the fenix and bravo managed to get the auto pilot working nothing on auto pilot works for me i might be missing something or got some setting wrong would appreciate any response thanks jeff20
  9. thank you so much for your time making all your guides very much appreciated
  10. thanks for this info these guys at FBW are unbelievable
  11. you need to make sure you are using keyboard default profile then f12 and zoom will work
  12. i purchased tobii about a week ago i did have trouble at first until i configered settings in game with some users who have posted on here now it is almost perfect the only thing i cant seem to get right is looking at the overhead on fbw a320 and setting the 3 nav switches i am nearly breaking my neck trying to look up that far has anybody sorted out a setting that will let my look that far up any help much appreciated jeff
  13. the last time i tried to load a saved file about 2 or 3 weeks ago i got immediate ctd on clicking on file give up trying would love to see this working properly
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