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  1. So with the release of 5.4 I actually think that is probably "it" for P3D as we know it. Do not misinterpret that to mean P3D is dead. What I am saying is LM promised backwards compatibility in regards to P3D. They have delivered that with 5.4 At the same time we know in parallel there have been articles referencing LM using the Unreal Engine. Never was it stated that was a V6 that would maintain backwards compatibility. Being that it took so long to deliver 5.4 I am personally (just my worthless opinion) thinking that the P3D code train maintaining backwards compatibility will end at 5.4 or maybe 5.4with a few HF's... I personally don't see whatever is "next" as a P3D V6 running on Unreal and maintaining backwards compatibility. At some point it becomes a P3D Unreal (I should trademark that 😉 ) built from the ground up and that means breaking backwards compatibility. This is of course purely speculative and to be honest would not hinder me if I could maintain 5.4 while a next gen P3D matures. Then the question becomes do the Dev's come back with high quality add-ons eventually or is this "next gen" version strictly for their commercial customers... All speculation of course but it would make a lot of sense to sunset this iteration on 5.4 so the next gen platform doesn't have to maintain backwards compatibility anymore. Who knows though, 5.3 was fine for me though so I am happy 🙂
  2. It is already a procedural trainer across air, land and sea. That's what it is at its core. It was never a flight simulator, flight simulation was a feature that it provided if that makes sense but it has always also had much greater capabilities. I don't mean that as a bad thing. I think V6 should update the world to 2023 standards meaning landmarks, POI's are all updated accordingly. Fix the lighting issues (dark cockpits) EA, and some of the half broken features still evident in 5.3, update performance to truly leverage latest standards while maintaining compatibility with 3rd party add-ons and increasing performance simultaneously and I'd be happy. I don't expect a complete re-vamp with V6 but I don't need one to remain content in P3D for what I still use it for.
  3. Wait, is he really back to you don't need AA in 4K again? Holy full circle batman....
  4. My guess is that is why most of us are still in this forum. Semantics with verbiage but I view it as a choice rather than a compromise. When I decide which OS to boot it is inevitably P3D because of the 777 and 787. So my sim choice is directly influenced by either aircraft choice or specific features for that session... 100% P3D still logs the most hours because of the 777/787 though. For me FS9 was the same way... I held on until all my favorite aircraft were migrated to FSX/P3D. I do miss the LVL-D767, PSS 777, PMDG MD-11 and others though!!
  5. The other thing I have noticed is all services immediately disappearing after the marshal waves me off. It used to be I could sit and watch him walk back to the gate but now I get the wave off and GSX just disappears immediately.
  6. Well if it cost 90K in development costs then not so much... Bookings vs revenue are completely different numbers...
  7. It seems we are indeed a mythical beast LOL. I'm off for a P3D flight today 🙂
  8. And i guess we have it straight from the source so no need for any more endless debate...
  9. It's all over the place here this morning. constant 503's server not available
  10. But but Everyone is dreaming this up there is no issue You can't see AA at 4K anyway it has no impact Your pixels are too small for AA You are looking at your screen through a magnifying glass AA will only fix images that look just like "this one" LR will never implement 64X AA HDMI can't do 4K/60FPS And for the final argument: A video of the TV show House!!! I mean it doesn't get much more convincing than that.... This is really what someone has been arguing for 7 pages now... #facepalm
  11. Are we still arguing AA can't have any effect on 4K because you can't see an individual pixel or is there another video from a TV show coming to try and deflect coming? What's the latest argument now to explain why everyone else is wrong?
  12. Nah, AI infers intelligence. Maybe AO, Artificial Obstinance... 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ Welcome to the "Did I really get sucked into that" club LOL
  13. I had read that they went from flaps extended to flaps up without stopping incrementally and they dropped due to being out of correct flap/speed configuration but again, speculating... If so they would have bypassed the gate at Flaps 1 so I'm not sure this would be the case but apparently the recovery maneuver was almost 3G's so pretty sure everyone would have known "something" was up...
  14. A pause could be a system lockup in the background so if it happens in Prime95 or 3DMark then it is indicative of a larger system issue. Not pointing at your system by any means but this is the best way to test the system itself "outside" MSFS...
  15. They will run the entire system continuously for you and stress test various components to see if the system locks up outside of MSFS...
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