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  1. Hate to be pedantic but it is a 787-9... There is no 787-900. Now with that out of the way, beautiful picture!!!!
  2. Stunning! What sceneries are you using if I may ask...
  3. Beautiful! What textures? Evo?
  4. Wow, it's been years since I've built a new rig. I'm in the exact same boat, 4790 @ 4.6 TitanX 1080 16Gigs DDR3 and thinking about going full bore for P3D. Sounds like waiting a bit is the prudent move. Jeez, 9K chips and 2080 video cards, where have I been LOL
  5. psolk

    When you just want to chill out!

    Haha, it wasn't an option from the dealership!!
  6. psolk

    When you just want to chill out!

    Haha, when I was waiting for my new car to come from Dresden I used that site to track my ship to it's port in the States... It is not quite as fast paced as flightradar but great if you have something on a ship!!
  7. psolk

    What was your best purchase 2016?

    A track car... And a truck to tow it back and forth to the track
  8. Come on, nobody asked how he has been using FSX since 1997??? You guys are getting soft
  9. psolk

    Just flew AeroFly FS-2 OMG!

    Your doggies bark made my doggie bark LOL
  10. Right now that would just be a video of boxes in my storage unit :( Actually debating selling the entire setup to help fund my race car's rollcage LOL! I bought a bunch of Virgin rails and old East Coast/Transpennine kit plus some old UK steamers and they run great on HO rail...
  11. HO and OO will actually share track perfectly no need for separate layouts... I run a bunch of UK OO stock on my US HO setup...
  12. Why would Detroit-Dublin be 12 hours?
  13. psolk

    Smooth panning in VC possible?

    I do, even with the iFly 747... Key is 60 FPS on 60Hz refresh rate... Everything on my sim is butter smooth Pan rate is largely affected by FPS...
  14. psolk

    Smooth panning in VC possible?

    Been using 900 for years Butter smooth panning at 60 FPS, not a single hitch or stutter