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  1. Am I the only one pointing out he is sexxing his sim... One of the strangest quarantine effects I have heard of to date!!!
  2. TB is estimated to be 6,000 years old I'm pretty sure it didn't start from day 1 at 3,000 deaths per day...
  3. These graphs and charts being spread "for perspective" are really frustrating. Tuberculosis has been around for in some estimates 6,000 years, COVID-19 about 6 weeks. If you were to scale COVID-19 only preventable by social distancing up to even current Flu numbers it would easily surpass Tuberculosis as the #1 killer in the world. Start thinking more like the 1918 flu which killed 50M people all within months of it's outbreak. So the issue is not current numbers, the issue is if it scales and spreads the mortality rate would surpass anything we have seen in modern times.
  4. No different than every other iteration and progression we have seen in the past and makes total sense... In before the naysayers 🙂
  5. My monitor was locked to 60Hz as well @4096X2160 - 60 hz @3840x2160 -30 hz So changing my resolution ever so slowly allowed me to also change from 60hz to 30hz
  6. There is no doubt the growth is coming and stand alone system sales are up (because there is no comparative data) but it is still at a sub $10Bn market cap, I said $2Bn earlier, I meant $2Bn/quarter apologies for misspeaking. Projected to grow by 10x over 6 years. We aren't at a mass insertion point yet, we are at exponential growth because when you start from nothing that is to be expected. I've seen lots of things with huge projections that never came to fruition. Just look at the Cannabis market in Canada as the most recent example. By the time we have a $100Bn market the VR units of today will remind us of the suitcase cell phones of the 90's. Personally I think AR will exceed VR. I would and have been putting my $$ in AR which shows a higher growth return and offers more mainstream implementation possibilities. @Bluefly feel free to put me on ignore. If you feel you are better informed than 99% of Avsim why bother engaging in discourse?
  7. Actually, you have to be living in a fantasy world to think it has been blowing up. It's BARELY a $2B market cap, the top FIVE manufacturers combined couldn't even sell 1M units in Q4 last year. Yes, there is projected growth over the next 5 years but you assessment of it "blowing up" isn't backed by any data... VR Headset Sales Drop Over 40% Compared to Last Year — Why? https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2020/01/31/vr-sales-2019-nielsen/
  8. psolk


    If you weren't confused by that load of babble about EKCH being closed and large women's underwear I would be concerned...
  9. Gear looked down, looked like a normal landing
  10. Center tanks only. That's the big issue, even after they dump the centers they are well overweight
  11. I was on a full 767 which had to dump and return to EGLL. We circled for 5 hours burning off fuel after they dumped the center tanks...
  12. It's actually interesting that on some of the newer cars the nannies can not be fully disabled. Track organizations have had to ban certain vehicles with auto braking systems that can't be disabled for obvious reasons. On my track car their is a "secret" the manufacturer doesn't tell you to fully disable all the nannies. It's actually really tough with some of these new cars with all their "assists" to know if the driver is good or the car is covering up their bad habits...
  13. Just passing some high level clouds in the PMDG 777 enroute from PHNL to NZWN... Not a real life route but I saw Singapore is flying a 350-900 in there so why not a 777... Just one of those immersive moments in P3D
  14. Always wondered if this worked in P3D! Great to know thank you. Just raced at Daytona in October 🙂
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