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  1. Sadly almost 10 weeks to the day since surgery I am going to call it quits for a while. "Most" of the time I try to keep what I am feeling (frustrated and in pain) inside, but when I notice it's spilling over, even if inadvertently it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate. It's been 10 weeks today since the operation, an absolutely brutal recovery I must say. Once I got through the first few weeks of not being able to eat solid foods and having to "sleep" sitting up in the brace sadly we discovered one of the nerves to my right shoulder is not recovering. Of course I am one of those can't do anything with my left hand righties too. I poke my eye out trying to brush my teeth lefty LOL. The nerve is so badly damaged it's to the point we are doing DC, not AC electro stim therapy to try and revive it and the shoulder has now separated (grade 3 separation) as it can not support itself anymore. It is funny watching it move on it's own under the electric current though. I REALLY try to stay positive and optimistic but it's proving a real struggle. I'm not willing to give up but the road ahead doesn't have much light at the end of the tunnel from where I am standing now so I need to keep moving forward until I find it. So that's where I feel I am at now. Time for a step back and re-evaluation. So to the everyone who took the time to respond, thank you. I wish I was sharing some more positive news but we don't get to pick the story or the ending sometimes. To add insult to injury my best friend (more like a sister) came from London to visit me and had a massive coronary and stroke while over here this past weekend. She was not breathing for 7 minutes and resuscitated 4 times. She is now in Cornell Medical Center in NYC stuck in a "stroke loop" where she repeats everything every 5 minutes asking the same questions you just got done answering for her. Kind of puts my own issues in perspective when the ER doc comes to visit her because "he can't believe she lived." It's hard to explain why I post this here. I think it's because Avsim is personal enough for it to feel like I'm speaking to friends, many of whom I've interacted with for almost two decades now with the anonymity of not feeling guilty I am burdening others. Sometimes it is just good to get it off your chest so to speak. It did help to just get this all out. Just let me know where to send the check for this therapy session.... Wishing you all smooth skies and keep the blue side up!
  2. This is one of my only large complaints in P3D... My work-around is the dome light sadly. There was a recent mod for the QW787 that does work however when you turn the dome light on with the mod it washes everything else out and is too bright. There was also a shader announcement recently that claimed to be able to do exactly this but I think the consensus was that the impact in the cockpit was minimal. I wish I could help but I can't so I will empathize instead... Hoping some more knowledgeable can comment but it is odd that it's like if the light isn't hitting the texture it's dark, there is no concept of ambient light in the cockpit...
  3. You stated nothing of the sort until questioned Ray. This ^^^ is precisely what you said originally which I really hope you can understand how without the clarification you added after can be taken as a blanket statement that without historical weather you can't have serious IFR flights to which I responded that I disagree with a poor choice of words which I have since apologized for. "Then" you clarified your comment and I clarified how I agree with the comment from Simeon within that context. I kind of thought that was it until you came back to prove me wrong then state that "no further discussion is necessary." after you got your say in...
  4. @SimeonWilbury I agree with and understand everything you said, no arguments at all, nor am I trying to "judge" anyone by how they use the sim. To the contrary, whether someone takes historical weather and implements it for a future flight to match conditions to time of day (akin to what they would do in a real world simulator) or takes the real world weather at that time and uses it we are all simulating and no one is right or wrong. Some prefer the METAR to match what it is in the real world at that moment when they look out the window, some prefer it to match conditions more akin to the time of day they are flying in the sim. Yes, even in the sim I've had to delay a departure because the temperature outside exceed my TOW unless I unloaded all my virtual passengers 🙂 With Ray's love of the Concorde the upper level atmospherics are just as critical as what's happening on the ground. I get it, I totally do. I don't discount the need in certain circumstances for historical weather I just differed in opinion that you can't even consider serious IFR without it. Forget about MSFS for a moment I've been using P3D for what I "assumed" was "serious IFR" with Live Weather in ActiveSky for years and had some very IFR flights in MSFS. Making a direct correlation that one is dependent on the other isn't technically correct and I read the comment that you can't do serious IFR without historical weather inaccurate regardless of sim platform. Of course it can, just maybe not the way some users prefer. That's my .02 which I believe is still worth a lot less than 50p 😉
  5. I would load AS with Live weather and not think about it, the same thing I have done for my 25+ years of simming or at least since AS has been available. That's it... I would get the weather that is currently in Sydney and that makes me more than happy even if it doesn't match what it "may" be 15 hours in the future. That's what I would do. So shifting the weather from night to day is unrealistic to you but moving it one day to another is realistic despite it potentially not matching the weather at all? As I have mentioned, I have always been more concerned with my weather matching the real world Metar at the current time than it matching my "flight time." Edit:: Also, you specifically said: So yes, this implies ALL IFR flights directly to which I responded. You don't make any clarifications, nothing to do with me being defensive. I simply responded a claim of not being able to do serious IFR without historical weather was "ludicrous" which it is unless you are referring to specific situations like the one described above. Those are very different things.
  6. So is the 787 no? I don't think it's FBW that makes it "easier" I think it's some of the automation logic in airbus compared to Boeing and even then I would say "different." @Ianrivaldosmith there is a learning curve, Auto throttle logic is different for example and be prepared for it to scream mean names at you as you flare for landing 😉 For me I find Boeing far easier as it is what I am accustomed to but Airbus pilots would surely say the opposite. As for comparisons to other vendors, it's not apples to apples when one used Prosim as a foundation. Not taking anything away from Fenix but they were very smart to build their visuals and sim interaction around a VERY SOLID existing foundation. I don't think there is any way they could have built the systems from scratch to this detail and depth AND delivered in this time frame...
  7. It took me a few long hauls to really notice the difference between the two. Not just visually but from a performance and data aggregation perspective as well. With 5.x I could really start to crank the settings without the performance impacts in 4.x I agree with everything else you wrote as well. Time will tell... Funny thing is I read about a new Police and Tactical response simulator being released to the Police for training. They advertise they will even come and do a laser scan of your local area for realistic "localized" data and training. To your point, THAT is what the commercial market expects, not landclass and autogen anymore. Laser scanned accuracy...
  8. I too waited and waited to move from 4.5 to 5.3 and can absolutely say it is far superior graphically even with less required add-ons. LM did a significant upgrade from 4.5 to 5.3.... Performance, graphics and even the data sources all seem to be improved... I just moved a couple of months ago as well, like you 4.5 was SOOO stable and looked fine for me I had no "need" to move but 5.3 is a significant not even just a minor step forward.... Takes some tweaking with EA etc but it is well worth it, 5.x is visually superior and performs better than 4.5. Just my .02 🙂 @Ray, I changed the choice of words, ludicrous was a poor choice of words on my part to describe someone else's opinion. Noted, changed and apologies. Also, realism is in the eye of the beholder, if you went to a full motion sim and they "made up" a weather scenario for training purposes and it's no longer "real historical weather" is the IFR training any less realistic? Of course not. So going to the MSFS forum and stating "it doesn't sound realistic to you" then coming back here to start a thread to take a backhanded swipe does nothing for the community but create further animosity. As I mentioned, I don't feel my flights are "unrealistic" or "can't be serious IFR" even over long distances with varying time changes because I don't use historical weather which is what you imply with your comment. (And that's in P3D where I us AS in real time live weather mode only)
  9. Ray, comments like this are what get people chuffed some times. Poor choice of words,, my personal opinion is: maybe you can't do "your" flights with the Concorde where you want very specific conditions but to insinuate you can't do serious IFR flights without historical weather it is flat out inaccurate. To also start a thread just to take a backhanded swipe at historical weather in the other sim is just not what I'd be expecting out of a mod. It's also been covered that what appear to be the vast majority of AS users even those doing long haul have only ever used in real time live weather mode. Myself included and that's doing KEWR-LLBG, KEWR-YSSY so the weather may not be accurate when I arrive to the time of day but it is accurate to the metar and to imply that does not equal a "serious IFR flight" is actually insulting. Oh, and I'm not talking about MSFS now, I'm talking about every IFR flight I've done in P3D which you claim "are not serious" or in your other post in the MSFS forums "doesn't sound realistic to you..." So you post in the MSFS forum that MSFS is unrealistic without historical weather, then post here you can't do serious IFR without it with a screenshot in the P3D forums just to take a backhanded swipe at those in the other camp. Things that me me go hmmmm... Funny I thought mods were supposed to diffuse situations not stir them up and stoke the flames...
  10. Have you actually landed in the grass in a helicopter only to have it be head high almost everywhere in the world? Yes, it is something that needs to be addressed and your constant nothing is wrong here and lack of capability to accept valid criticism of MSFS doesn't help anyone. Even on in some places that appear to have the grass flattened when you actually land it is still there and head high. So yes, something that could be addressed. Just halving the height of the grass would be a great start.
  11. I think that was it, I didn't have Oi4FS. Got that, ran it then launched OC4BAv5 and all seemed to work. Pretty awesome having my MCP, EFIS, transponder and radio all working in MSFS 🙂 Thank you
  12. OK, can you elaborate on how you got it running in MSFS? I am struggling. Thank you
  13. That could be a game changer for me! One of the big reasons for me to spend so much time in P3D is OC4BA and my hardware... If my modules will work with the 737 in MSFS I know what I am doing this afternoon!
  14. There is a way to adjust the default cockpit to be in the cabin, save the views then move it back to default and into the cockpit. It is a .cfg tweak that adjusts the default camera position. I used it with the DC-6 but have to find it again now...
  15. And with that a lot of speculation and assumptions have been laid to rest including the assumption the FSL Concorde would "never" come to MSFS...
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