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  1. If you invested $1,000 on DOGE on 1/1/21 and cashed out at the right time last week you would have made 100,000-120,000 or 12,000% return. To invest 1,000 now you could either lose it all or in my opinion gain 20% at best unless there is a massive spike. Target for DOGE for example would be .70 but if it hits $1 you could double your money. If you invest at .50 it could also drop to .30 tomorrow and never recover. It's really volatile but worth a small risk if you are willing to part with your investment worst case.
  2. Well I got Doge at .12 and sold at .61 so I hustled myself enough to cover the windows in the house I was about to take a greensky loan for, decided rather than re-finishing our 2,000 sq foot concrete pool deck that we would go ahead with a full rip and replace instead, registered for a race weekend at Watkins Glen and made a nice donation to our local ASPCA, Food Bank and Ronald McDonald House. Oh by the way, a Senior Director at Goldman announced his retirement off his profits so call it what you like but I know people that have been "hustling" or had side hussles that became life changing financially. I'm still holding ethereum, that's a massive hussle with over 400% gains still.
  3. That's the story of my life. Both my motorcycle and race car have twice the amount of money in them I could ever hope to recover but it's not true that you can't buy happiness. You absolutely can and for me it comes in the form of track days 🙂 The only caveat being that "buying" happiness is VERY expensive LOL!!!
  4. Drove one at the track. Incredible machine!!! Then it started to spit transmission fluid and had to be taken away on a flatbed. Never caught up with the owner to find out what happened but while it was running it was incredible and simply stunning to look at. @Fielder is right too, used prices are through the roof. My dealership is begging to take my GTS back and put me in an EV. The new Taycan Cross Turismo does have my eye...
  5. 150 is easy, we've topped 180 at Daytona, it's those pesky walls and then having to brake in 200 feet while turning with a wall approaching as you come off the Apex. You have to be very comfortable being uncomfortable in a race car. I have a sticker on the back of the car that says it's not the speed you have to worry about it's suddenly becoming stationary that will get you. As for the Macan, hands down the best all around daily driver out there in my opinion. Handles and goes like a raised AWD Cayman, not a crossover, can tow the race car to the track then unhitch and go run laps! The most amazing thing about Porsche is their brakes... I run stock calipers on the race car with upgraded pads/rotors and master cylinder without any issues racing and pushing them to 10/10's for hours on end and the Macan weighs 4,200 pounds and on stock brakes we never once got a soft pedal or brake fade in a crossover on track. Not many cars can do that!
  6. Macan was bone stock... They are giving a point-by at a DE event because we were quicker... 2 seconds quicker than the fastest car in that groups lap times... The Macan is VERY capable.... Here is a lap of the car the Macan tows 🙂
  7. Awesome to see the original 1982 Flight Simulator inducted. It's absolutely changed my life for the past 40 years! I remember my first FS experience on my Commodore 64. Can't believe how large a part of my life FS has actually been. Great to see it get the accolades it deserves! https://www.engadget.com/world-video-game-hall-of-fame-2021-inductees-193936184.html
  8. If you want to talk about sleepers I have a crossover that does 0-60 in sub 4.5 seconds with launch control. Towing my race car I am about 6.8 seconds 0-60. If you want to see someone REALLY look shocked you should see their face when the light goes green and the guy with the trailer smokes them off the line LOL... 6.8 isn't that quick but if you get a 1-2 second jump on them when the light changes there aren't a lot of cars that can make up that difference off the line. Here is my old crossover embarrassing a number of sports cars on track... Jalopnik and Rennlist actually did articles about it LOL. https://jalopnik.com/watching-this-porsche-macan-pass-all-manner-of-track-ca-1798538663
  9. Connects the lower suspension arm. These are pretty solid pieces of metal though. I mean I've seen broken uprights on a race car taking too much curb but pretty rare on a daily driver unless it's cracked some major potholes... Leaking coolant? Is it hose, clamp or radiator? I doubt the radiator itself failed so should be easy fix. If you REALLY want to be poor buy a race car...The quickest way to become a millionaire in racing is to start with a billion... 4 sets of tires and 3 sets of brakes in one weekend. Do the math LOL Oh yeah and gas is $10-$12 per gallon and I get 91 miles to a full 16 gallon tank @ I get 4-5 miles to the gallon unless we really push...
  10. Yeah, when transacted via legitimate banking measures. Most criminal organizations and a lot of high net worth individuals tend to launder and move money around outside traditional banking mechanisms.
  11. I have been to Caso DO Brasil in Eilat! Left in a meat coma LOL!!! Just put your flag up on the table and someone magically shows up with more meat! Great shots
  12. So for those that think Crypto has no value, does it translate to value when you use it to buy a car? Does it translate to value when you pay off your entire Mortgage? As long as it is being accepted as a manner of payment there is a value to it. To argue that is ridiculous. My crypto is earning about $100/day right now. Not bad considering what I tossed in originally. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/15/jim-cramer-says-he-sold-some-of-his-bitcoin-and-paid-off-a-mortgage.html Doge, Now a Total Market value of 42B... https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/28/dogecoin-price-surges-after-tweets-from-elon-musk-and-mark-cuban.html Tweet Mark Cuban @mcuban Because Doge is the one coin that people actually use for transactions. We take many others via @BitPay . But people spend their Doge and that means more businesses will start taking it. The greatest inhibitor to it's growth is that you can't spend the Doge you buy on Robinhood
  13. Look in the distance of the two screen shots.
  14. My wife actually recognizes ATC when I'm on approach, knows once she hears the altitude call-outs it's a silent period and now understands why some planes call me a retard multiple times!!! She assumed it was a personal thing.
  15. I use the flight sims to do flights between the race tracks we are using in the race sim LOL!!! I joke with my wife how do you THINK I'm going to get from one virtual track to another; magic... She laughs, I laugh, she cries a little at her reality, I keep laughing, it's all good!!! MSFS is amazing for being able to see real world race tracks in the sim.
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