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  1. holliwutt


    You use the AS Airbus, that looks exactly like me. The PMGD 777, however, runs superglatt.Hast you have it already with other aviators z.b. with one of the default aircraft? Grüße Kalle
  2. There is no uninstaller in the demo ? Grüße Kalle
  3. holliwutt

    Update 1.10.8383.0: Autobrake RTO in flight

    For me the following: Make an autoland, when setting up on the runway the Autobrakes do not attack and the thrust remains unchanged the nose stays up. Only when I self brake the 777 the nose.
  4. holliwutt

    P3D V4 (FedEx AI Models)

  5. holliwutt

    VSYNC P3D V3

    Not quite right, scroll down to "Frame Rate Limiter V2", where you can set it. If you have a NVidia-Maxwell card, you can still use "Other" "FRAMERATE_LIMITER_2_CONTROL_ALLOW_ALL_MAXWELL"
  6. holliwutt

    VSYNC P3D V3

    Why is 30.5 FPS limited in NI and not 30 or 31? Gruß Holliwutt
  7. holliwutt

    FSRecorder replacement?

    Sorry, but that does not work. Runs the tool as well as in Win10?
  8. holliwutt

    FSRecorder replacement?

    I have locked in the Sim FPS at 50 and it runs smoothly, when playing with the tool I've sottern. What do I have to adjust when "Sample Rate"?
  9. holliwutt

    P3D 3.4 Experience Thread

    Settings>>General>>Screenshot Format :smile:
  10. holliwutt

    Small pauses but 30FPS all the time

    Yes , Cockpit tool tips are disabled . FPS Unlimited gives stuttering , VSync is On .
  11. holliwutt

    Small pauses but 30FPS all the time

    50 FPS / 50Hz I get the best plan found on my system with all standard - aircraft , also Aerosoft Airbus and ORBX - FTX Global and LC Europe . No stuttering even with off / landing at 50 % AI Traffic and Road Vehicles . In PMDG 777 I have translated 51 FPS , same result . If I put exactly 50 FPS as with other aircraft , no stuttering , but brief stops .
  12. holliwutt

    Small pauses but 30FPS all the time

    With me the same problem : PMDG 777 FPS ( Intern ) locked at 50 at 50Hz . Each default aircraft is running smoothly , with the 777 I have this short stopper , like so: ... Stop ... Stop ... Stop ... etc. Have FSUIPC installed but unregestriert because it is supposed to not auto-save function give . Sorry my English !
  13. holliwutt

    Hyper Threading Off?

    Which CPU you have, I5 or I7? Only a I7 CPU has HT function!
  14. holliwutt

    Hyper Threading Off?

    Go into the BIOS (reboot button DELETE) there select Settings Overclocking and bottom CPU features there Hyperthreading Enabele or Disable.
  15. holliwutt

    Prepar 3D v3.3.5 traffic

    You have no AI addon installed , only the default AI ? Kalle