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  1. Which version do you have? As far as I know, this only works with the Steam Version.
  2. "Limited by Main Thread" is always displayed, regardless of how high I turn the graphic, nothing changes with the GPU. Wasn't that different before? https://postimg.cc/phY8B4wb
  3. How does that work with an "MP4" recording? I have an FCR file that I start and I press the "video record button" then a window opens where I am asked to save the "MP4 file", but no video is created.
  4. Don't you see stuttering? 😦 I do, it stutters from start to finish.
  5. Well, "G-Sync" works perfectly for me in P3D. 144Hz, limiter at 36 or 48 FPS and don't forget to tick "Variable Refresh Rate" in the P3D menu and set it to full screen. For example, I start with the PMDG 777 from AS-EDDF with plenty of AI traffic without a single jerk.
  6. Has anyone tried Nvidia driver 465.89, crashed instantly on me.
  7. Do you have the P3D version installed? The update takes place automatically via the PMDG Operations Center, that's how it was for me.
  8. Agree, I don't care how the Neo sounds at the moment, but the stuttering is a no-go for me.
  9. I'm using the latest version "482", works very well for me.
  10. There is an update, has anyone tested it?
  11. https://www.prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2020/11/117315/
  12. I don't see any runway lighting when the EA is switched off. Is that so, or have I set something wrong?
  13. So, somehow MSFS doesn't seem to be hooked. Changes to e.g. Limiting the FPS does nothing. The control panel ("CRTL + Shift + Backspace") does not open either.
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