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  1. OK thanks, So I mean the main folder above "Client", which is 5.2 or 5.3? I installed 5.3 and replaced the "Client" with 5.2, but I have trees on the runway during a standard flight?
  2. Yes, of course I can deactivate individual colors, but that doesn't solve my problem. How do I get new paints into the Sim?
  3. Well, some of the flight plans are very old and many paint jobs are even older, there are planes on the way that have already landed on the junk. Is there any way to exchange the planes?
  4. Are you looking here https://www.externsteine-info.de/
  5. I am annoyed by this "sparkle" of buildings and trees in the distance. If this has always been the case, you may not have noticed that, you were busy getting the simulator up and running.
  6. Which version do you have? As far as I know, this only works with the Steam Version.
  7. "Limited by Main Thread" is always displayed, regardless of how high I turn the graphic, nothing changes with the GPU. Wasn't that different before? https://postimg.cc/phY8B4wb
  8. Don't you see stuttering? 😦 I do, it stutters from start to finish.
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