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  1. The flickering of the menu was already there before the handler. I wonder that no one has noticed yet. Thought that would be fixed with the HF, that annoys me immensely. Greetings Karl
  2. I have 1080Ti, can select it in NCVP and it works. I scale from 1024x768 to 2K!
  3. Ah, that's great. I am also very picky, but that looks very good, see no difference to the "original"
  4. How should I get to the driver setting when I'm in full screen mode?
  5. Yes, it looks good, but only in windowed mode. When I switch to full screen to enable G-Sync I only see the lower resolution. Prost
  6. Ok, thought that would work. Grüße Karl
  7. Hello people, have my self-created AI traffic as an add-on XLM file in my P3Dv4 integrated (Thanks Simbol for the instructions). Now I want to assign the whole by batch command a specific CPU core, but have no idea how to do that. Can someone help? Grüße Karl
  8. You use the AS Airbus, that looks exactly like me. The PMGD 777, however, runs superglatt.Hast you have it already with other aviators z.b. with one of the default aircraft? Grüße Kalle
  9. There is no uninstaller in the demo ? Grüße Kalle
  10. For me the following: Make an autoland, when setting up on the runway the Autobrakes do not attack and the thrust remains unchanged the nose stays up. Only when I self brake the 777 the nose.
  11. Not quite right, scroll down to "Frame Rate Limiter V2", where you can set it. If you have a NVidia-Maxwell card, you can still use "Other" "FRAMERATE_LIMITER_2_CONTROL_ALLOW_ALL_MAXWELL"
  12. Why is 30.5 FPS limited in NI and not 30 or 31? Gruß Holliwutt
  13. Sorry, but that does not work. Runs the tool as well as in Win10?
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